Aura Kingdom Zashi’s Q&A


What makes you happy?
How do you define happiness?
  • Happiness comes from a place of satisfaction and fulfillment. I hope I can bring you happiness, too, master.
  • Happiness is not having to get up early for work!
  • Shirayuki told me that happiness is all a matter of mindset… Are you unhappy, master? Why don’t you let me cheer you up?
  • Even if something bad happens, don’t be discouraged. Everything passes with time!


What do you do in your free time?
Do you have any hobbies?
  • Does staying in bed in the morning count? Huh? What’s so great about staying in bed? Well, where else would you want to sleep? Speaking of which, I’m feeling pretty sleepy right now…
  • I also like doing housework! Having a clean room is so relaxing! *Yawn* The only thing is… I’m always so tired after doing the cleaning…
  • *Yawn* If I’m not sleeping… You’ll probably find me cleaning or playing around with Orbie.
  • I find some pretty amazing things while cleaning the house. I once spotted a bird nest on my roof! You should try it too, master!


What's your favorite food?
What kind of food do you like?
  • I like senbei! Do you know what that is, master? It’s a type of delicious rice cracker.
  • I like both the sweet and the savory kinds! Spicy food? No, I don’t like spicy food.
  • I like candied fruit skewers. Don’t you? What? You’ve never had them? How can that be? They’re amazing!
  • *Yawn* Food? Well, I definitely don’t like soup… Picky? What do you mean? Soup is always either too thin or too hot!


Which season do you like best?
What's your favorite season?
  • Of course I like winter! Winter really highlights just how warm and comfortable it is in my bed.
  • Hmm… I like all seasons apart from summer… Why? In summer, it’s too hot to stay in bed!
  • Winter is my favorite season. Actually, I think autumn is pretty good, too. What about you, master? Which season do you prefer?
  • Even though spring isn’t the best season for staying in bed, I do like the flowers that bloom everywhere. Not bad at all!


Are you a good fighter?
Show me some moves!
  • I’m not the best at fighting, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help you in battle!
  • Actually, I’d rather stay in bed and sleep than get in a fight… But if you ask me for help, I’ll do my best, master!
  • I don’t like fighting… *Yawn* I’m so… sleepy… Why don’t you put down those weapons and take a nap with me?
  • *Yawn* Fighting? I don’t want to get my clothes dirty… Hmm… I really hate fighting, but sometimes there’s no other option…


What do you think of Principia?
How do you like Principian culture?
  • *Yawn* The continent of Principia? If there’s no summer in Principia, I think I would like it very much!
  • *Yawn* You can only get there by airship. Hmm… Airships are scary! I don’t like them at all…
  • *Yawn* I’m tired… Good night, master…
  • I’ve heard that they have a very individualistic culture there! I’m pretty independent myself, in case you were wondering. *Yawn* I don’t even need a bedtime story to… fall asleep… ZzzZzzz…


What do you think of Sunhunter's Vale?
Can you tell me anything about Sunhunter's Vale?
  • *Yawn* Huh? What did you say, master?
  • I have no idea… I don’t get around much… If you find that place interesting, why don’t you visit? Don’t forget to take me with you!
  • A vale? Sounds windy. I’d better make sure I have enough blankets if we go there!
  • *Yawn* What? Did you say Desolate Valley? Oh, no, I’ve never been there.


What do you think of Tanglevine Cascades?
Can you tell me anything about Tanglevine Cascades?
  • Tanglevine Cascades? It’s a pretty cool place. Sometimes it’s a little too humid… My blanket gets sopping wet in no time!
  • *Yawn* There’s a marsh in Tanglevine Cascades. It’s a sure way to get your clothes dirty beyond all hope! Last time I was there, I just ran through and got home as cleanly as I could.
  • I’ve also seen a lot of crystal balls in the forest. They’re so beautiful! Too bad that they’re so big and heavy. I would have taken some home by now if I could!
  • *Yawn* I remember that there’s a huge… What are those things called? Hmm… a reservoir?


Can you tell me about the housing system?
Do you know about the housing system?
  • You mean your home, right? Do you already have a housekeeper? If not, I’d be glad to do the job! Your house will always be spotless on my watch!
  • You can put all kinds of furniture in your house. If I were you, I’d make sure there’s more than one bed. *Yawn* That way, I can sleep whenever and wherever I want…
  • Your house… sounds like a safe, cozy place… *Yawn* I’m getting sleepy again…
  • I like your yard and your lawn! It would be even better if you had some flowers. Master, you like flowers too, don’t you?


Can you teach me about the Sky Tower?
Do you know anything about the Sky Tower?
  • The Sky Tower… is too high for me… It scares me silly! I would never go there!
  • I’ve never actually been in the tower. I’ve heard that it’s loaded with treasure, though. Even though I’m curious, I still don’t want to go there.
  • Hmm… It seems that the Sky Tower keeps records of past adventures. If you want to go there to write your own history… I’ll just wait for you outside. Be sure to tell me all about your daring deeds when you get back!
  • *Yawn* I’ve never been there. I have no idea. You should ask Eternia. She knows everything! *Yawn* Maybe I’ll just take a nap while you’re gone…


Your temari ball has a beautiful pattern!
Can you tell me about your temari ball?
  • Orbie has a pretty cute pattern, right? Oh, that’s my temari ball’s name—Orbie!
  • My temari ball skills are out of this world! It’s easy when your weapon is your soulmate.
  • I love the natural beauty of the world’s plants, so I tried to make Orbie’s patterns as colorful as theirs.
  • Sometimes I look for inspiration from the flowers. Why? Because I want Orbie to be even more beautiful, of course! Master, look! I designed all these patterns myself.


What are you doing?
Are you hiding something?
  • Huh? No, I’m not hiding anything… Okay, you got me. There actually is something! Here, have a look!
  • Huh? It’s nothing… I was just eating some dessert. Hehe! Do you want some, master?
  • What do you mean? I’m not hiding anything…
  • Master! Look behind you! A huge rice cracker! Hmm… it didn’t work…


Do you communicate with other Eidolons?
I want to know about the other Eidolons.
  • *Yawn* One time, Yumikaze and Ruffles came to visit me. I was lying in bed under the blanket, and they could only see my face. Ruffles thought I was a monster! It was so embarrassing…
  • Hmm… The way that Ayako looked at Orbie was weird… She looked like a starving wolf! *Yawn*… Maybe she thought Orbie was a huge piece of candy.
  • *Yawn*… Uriel looks energetic every day. I’m sure he always gets enough sleep…
  • *Yawn*… Once I accidentally fell asleep on Eternia’s shoulder… When I woke up, I asked my sister how long I had slept. She told me that the passage of time is an illusion. What do you suppose that means?


You seem really sleepy.
Are you tired?
  • *Yawn* It’s just… I kind of want to sleep… I used to sleep twelve hours a day. Zzzzz… I get too little sleep these days. I’m still not used to it…
  • Zzzzz… Rice crackers are so yummy… Ah, I was falling asleep… What? Did I talk in my sleep? I don’t believe it!
  • Eh? Do I look tired? That’s probably because I only slept for eight hours last night…
  • Master, you look tired, too. You didn’t sleep much either, did you?


Where would you like to live?
What does home mean to you?
  • I like places that are warm… and cozy!
  • *Yawn* Those big, luxurious houses make me really uneasy. It’s so difficult to keep everything clean and tidy in a big house!
  • I’d much rather live in a small cottage in the countryside.
  • *Yawn*… Home is where you feel warm and relaxed… What more do you need? *Yawn* I’m getting tired again…


I've heard that you can bring good luck.
Is it true that you're a symbol of happiness?
  • Everyone says my smile can bring happiness… But that’s true of everyone, isn’t it? Master, you should smile more often!
  • You can be symbol of happiness for me, too!
  • *Yawn* I’m not quite sure, but… I think if everyone else is happy, I’ll be happy, too.
  • Having enough food is also a way to reach true happiness. Don’t believe me? Just look at Ayako!


Your mask is very special.
Can you tell me about your mask?
  • Cute, isn’t it? I like its eyes the most!
  • I really cherish this fox mask… Because it’s a gift from a friend!
  • Master, do you want to try it on? You would look awesome!
  • Some people seem to be afraid of it. I don’t know why. I can’t think of anything cuter! What do you think, master?


Do you like to sing?
Can you sing a song for me?
  • Shall I sing a nursery rhyme for you? What do you think?
  • Would you clap along, please? Master, sing along with me!
  • Master, are you good at singing? Okay, you go first! Heehee…
  • Back in my hometown, I often sang songs with my friends and danced in a circle. *Yawn*… It’s a lot of fun, but also very exhausting…


Is there anything that scares you?
What are you afraid of?
  • *Yawn*… I’m most afraid of waking up alone. But because you’re here with me, I’m not afraid anymore!
  • I’m not afraid of anything! My fear of heights? Okay, I guess that counts as one.
  • Hmm… Is there anything that you’re afraid of, master? If you’re ever scared, just let me know, and I’ll protect you!
  • I can’t stand a dirty room… So much dust and dirt… Disgusting! Horrifying! If you live in that kind of environment, you’ll get sick for sure!


Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • As long as I get to travel with you, I won’t mind sleeping a little less… Please don’t talk like that, master…
  • *Yawn*… Huh? Did you just ask me something? Sorry, I didn’t hear you!
  • Why would you ask me that? Are you unhappy that I sleep so much? I’m sorry! I won’t do it again… Look! My mind is clear!
  • Hmm… I’m not going anywhere!

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