Aura Kingdom Yarnaros’ Q&A


How do you go about training?
How can I become as strong as you are?
  • Strength must come from within. You need to train the body and the mind as one. Because of this, I spend as much time meditating as I do practicing for battle.
  • Even the most basic training regiment is not a wasted effort. So long as you are pushing yourself, you will make progress.
  • Hmm… You must have knowledge, understanding, courage, and diligence. If all of these attributes work in harmony, you can achieve anything.
  • We are all so different… I can only give you so much advice. What works for me might not work for you, so feel free to experiment to find the best method.


Do you have any weaknesses?
Are there things that you fear?
  • We all have weaknesses, and some are difficult to admit. I carry a poison inside of my body. I can cope with it, but if it were to be released it may endanger many lives.
  • I fear that one day I might not be able to fly any more. To be confined to the ground again seems a fate worse than death.
  • I worry that I am already the fastest dragon in the world. Wouldn’t that be just awful? There would be no one left to challenge.
  • I fear losing my abilities. What if I could no longer control the winds? I suppose I would adapt after a time, but the thought still worries me.


What do you think it means to be powerful?
What is strength to you?
  • Ha! That you have to ask shows how different you and I are. The answer, friend, is speed. Speed is power! What good does all the muscle in the world do if you cannot hit your target?
  • I will swear by speed over outright strength. Those who can dance around their opponents can control the battle as they please.
  • I am of the opinion that simply avoiding attacks is far more powerful than suffering them. Put on some nimble gear that ups your EVA and see for yourself!
  • Ha! I control entire battles simply by being nimble! How about you, friend? What is your definition of power?


What do you like doing in your spare time?
Tell me about your hobbies.
  • I love to eat snakes! Few things are as wonderful as chowing down a slithering handful of serpents… Delicious!
  • I love the mountains. Whenever I see a tall peak, I must fly to the top and let out a huge howl. It’s wonderful stress relief! Next time I will take you with me.
  • Ha! Um… This is a bit embarrassing, but… Who needs hobbies when they have an Envoy like you to travel with? I could do this all day, every day!
  • You know all of those adventures you and I have gone on, all those monsters we have faced? In my spare time, I’ve been writing all of them into a journal!


Do you like riddles?
Are you good at word games?
  • Ugh! I don’t see the point. I have no patience for those sort of games.
  • If it means that much to you, I suppose I can play along. But if you ask me to bet with real money, I swear I will leave and never come back. Seriously.
  • I really don’t understand the point of them. At all. Why waste so much energy with trivial, pointless matters? It boggles the mind.
  • It’s difficult enough to speak clearly and concisely; why someone would deliberately obfuscate their speech is beyond me.


What's so special about Ventos Prairie?
Can you tell me anything about the Ventos Prairie?
  • I’ve been to the Ventos Prairie many times! I love the sound of the wind as it rustles softly through the tall grass.
  • The Ventos Prairie is very beautiful, and is home to the strong and proud Makar tribe. However, the Makar also seem to be quite arrogant, and don’t get along easily with outsiders.
  • An ancient circle of stones in the Ventos Prairie is used as a combat arena. There the Makar hold great tournaments to compete for their tribe’s highest honors.
  • In a dark corner of the Ventos Prairie is a mysterious building called the Wrathborne Temple. Surrounding it is a strange aura, as if there was some terrifying and otherworldly presence inside.


What do you think the Cube of Gaia is?
Tell me about the Cube of Gaia.
  • We Eidolons hold the Cube of Gaia in the highest regard. How could we not? It created this world and all the life in it.
  • The Cube of Gaia created me, and gave me the powers I have. Sometimes I do stop and think what might have happened if I was not given these powers… What would my life be like now?
  • The ability to create life is so strange, almost mythical. That is why people all across the world want the Cube of Gaia for themselves.
  • It’s impossible to imagine what the Cube of Gaia might be like. How big is it? What would it be like to touch it?


Tell me more about Secondary Classes.
What's up with Secondary Classes?
  • When you reach level 40, you can learn how to use a Secondary Class. This allows you to use a second weapon type and all of it’s associated skills!
  • Certain combinations of classes will allow you to perform devastating Dual Skills. Take a look through your Envoy’s Path to see what ones you can learn.
  • Once you pick a Secondary Class, you’re stuck with it! Make sure you have carefully considered your fighting style before you choose your Secondary Class.
  • Choose a Secondary Class that complements your Primary Class, and you can become much stronger!


I'd like to learn more about skills!
What do you know about skills?
  • Some skills just deal damage, while others inflict debilitating effects. Sometimes both! Are you saying you didn’t know that? Are you sure you’re qualified to be an Envoy?
  • There are fiends out there with truly vicious skills; some that can even wipe you out in a single hit! Fortunately, you have plenty of skills of your own to counteract these.
  • Raising your SPD stat also decreases the cooldown time of all your skills! If you want to use your big-hitting skills as often as possible, you’ll need plenty of SPD.
  • Every Eidolon has a Combo skill that is supremely powerful, but with a very long cooldown. You must use your head to determine the best time to use these skills.


Tell me what you know about Fame Quests.
What's so special about Fame Quests?
  • Such enthusiasm! I didn’t know you were interested in Mirabelle’s charity group. Or are you just interested in the rewards?
  • Fame Quests can be found posted on Mirabelle’s Bulletin Board. All sorts of interesting quests can be found there; investigations, rescue operations, treasure hunts… You should check it out.
  • Fame Quests get posted every day on the bulletin board in each zone. If you don’t see any suitable quests to undertake, try again the next day.
  • Of course, no Fame Quest would be complete without a luxurious reward from the requester. It’s even been said that occasionally someone will offer rare gear you can’t get anywhere else!


How fast can you fly?
What's your top flight speed?
  • Some people think that I utilize the wind in order to fly. This is not the case! I fly so quickly that I create the wind itself! What could be faster than that?
  • Ha! At top speed, I am even faster than sound. Even the sound of my roar is left behind me.
  • I fly so quickly, it’s impossible for someone to focus on me. I appear as just a green blur. This is how I earned the nickname of the Emerald Tempest.
  • Haha! Don’t you worry about a thing! My speed is more than enough to keep you safe on the battlefield.


Can you tell me the secret of your golden wings?
What is so special about your golden wings?
  • My wings? There are no other wings like them anywhere! They give me the ability to launch through the sky at top speed, and then come to a stop immediately. My golden wings give me both speed and the ability to control that speed.
  • Ha! Since you asked so politely… My wings aren’t just for mobility; they also let me engage many enemies. If I flap them with enough force, they can send out shockwaves. How cool is that?
  • My wings can transmute some of the poison inside of my body, then release it to power up my allies!
  • I can’t go giving away all of my secrets, can I? I suppose it doesn’t matter. What would someone like you do with my secrets? Ha! It would take you centuries to learn how to fly like I do!


Tell me about your claws.
Is there anything special about your claws?
  • Tell you about my claws? Okay… Actually, I think you might still be too weak to understand. My claws are infinitely profound; only the most wisened mind can grasp their true nature.
  • A long time ago I received a blessing from a dear friend, which allowed my claws to harness the wind.
  • My claws? Ha! There is nothing sharper in all the lands! In my youth, I would fly about so recklessly… If a mountain appeared in my path, I would just slice it in half and keep on going!
  • With just a turn of my palm, my claws can summon the wind to them. That wind gives me incredible speed and strength.


Have you been surrounded by enemies before?
How do you deal with being surrounded by enemies?
  • Ha! If I am ever outnumbered, I will just spread my wings and fly away!
  • Let them try! I can stir up a ferocious wind that will blow away any number of enemies that try and surround me.
  • To be surrounded assumes you have let someone get behind you… Which has yet to ever happen to me, thanks to my unbeatable speed!
  • I must admit that this has never happened to me. My speed and my ability to fly has kept anyone from ever getting the drop on me. Sometimes I wonder how I would handle it if I were to be surrounded…


Tell me about the other Eidolons.
What do you know about the other Eidolons?
  • Sigrun is a bold and noble warrior who is completely uninterested in anything mundane. She never beats around the bush; she laughs when she is happy and shouts when she is angered. I appreciate her straightforward nature, and have always enjoyed our conversations.
  • My friend Aelius is a tremendous artist, gifted in music and poetry. He just always looks so sad under that hood. I wonder what’s eating him.
  • Oh, Bel-Chandra… You might want to keep your distance from her. Outwardly she seems beautiful, and dances with an unmatched grace. But she is truly frightening when she is angry! I still have nightmares…
  • Kotonoha is beautiful and kind, and in particular loves all small animals. It’s strange, though. Other than foxes, animals don’t seem to like her very much. Huh. I wonder why that is.


How does it feel to harness the wind?
What does it feel like to manipulate the wind?
  • Hmm… It’s a unique feeling that’s difficult to put into words. How about this… When you have some free time, I’ll take you for a ride up in the sky. You can experience for yourself what it’s like to fly!
  • To harness the winds is like ruling the world. When you are in flight, all the creatures of the world can only watch and admire you!
  • It is like I have become one with the winds, and I breathe as the world itself breathes.
  • It is a very comfortable openness. It is a sense of freedom unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Plus, doing loop-de-loops is an incredible amount of fun!


Where do you come from?
Where did you live before now?
  • I used to live in a palace on the highest peak of a steep mountain very far from here. One wing of the palace had a tower that reached up into the clouds… I smile whenever I think about it. Those were good times.
  • The palace I once lived in is far more magnificent than anything you’ve seen built on the ground. The ancient sky-builders were far more advanced than any architect you have now.
  • It was a mysterious palace, full of huge murals inside and out. These murals told stories of events that took place many millenia ago. I wish I’d taken the time to learn them all…
  • Is it really that important where I lived in the past? My life in the present is happy enough.


Do you have a partner?
Do you have many friends?
  • Yes, I do. My longtime friend and ally is a great and powerful king. We have both saved one another’s lives many times.
  • My closest friend is a powerful king of the old lands. He’s very much like you; a human with big dreams.
  • I had many allies in the long years of feuding and wars that preceded your known history. It would take many months to tell you all of my stories!
  • You remind me of Ruyi, a friend of mine from long ago. He passed his draconic powers onto me when he passed away, which is why I can control the wind.


Why do I never hear you roar like other dragons?
What's the secret of the dragon's roar?
  • My roar is unbearable. The noise is as frightening as the chilling cries of battle-field crows, only a hundred times as loud.
  • I cannot roar without releasing some of the poison trapped inside my body. It would put you, and everyone else, at risk.
  • If I were to roar, I would release a toxic vapor. Soon the entire world would be covered in poisonous clouds, and would become a wasteland.
  • It’s not that I can’t roar, it’s that I choose not to. If I roar, I will also release a deadly poison. I can’t bring myself to do this.


What do you plan to do once our adventures together come to an end?
What would you do if we were to part ways?
  • Yes, one day we will no longer travel together, but we will still remember one another, right? Just take a look up at the big wide sky… That’s me waving to you!
  • I’ll always remember our friendship, and I’ll still root for you even if the whole world separates us.
  • I think I’ll take some time to fly around and enjoy the feel of the wind before I decide what to do next.
  • Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever, does it? We may part, but I believe we’ll reunite again at some point.

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