Aura Kingdom Serena’s Q&A


What kind of food do you like most?
What's your favorite food?
  • Carrots! I like carrots most!
  • I like carrots, but radishes are also delicious.
  • Aside from carrots, I also like sweets. Candies, cakes… I love all of them
  • Anything from you, I like. Carrots from you are my favourite!


Do you like books?
Do you like reading?
  • I don’t like books. Books give me a headache.
  • I don’t like reading… Will you like me less, now?
  • This is not a book. This is… is…Whatever! But it’s not a book!
  • Huh? I don’t like reading… What about you?


Do you have a crush on someone?
What kind of person do you like?
  • Of course it’s you! I have a crush on you, now!
  • I liked someone very much, once, but he is dead because of me…
  • Uhh… I don’t know… What about you? You tell me, first!
  • I love rabbits and carrots!


What animals do you like?
Which animals do you like most?
  • Little Bunnies! Little bunnies are so cuuuuuuuuute!
  • I looooooooove little bunnies! I want to have a little bunny so much…
  • Well… I like all kinds of animals. But still, bunnies are my favourite!
  • What about you? I want to know about you, first.


What's your favorite season?
Do you have a preference among seasons?
  • Serena likes winter, because the nights are longer!
  • I don’t like summer, because it’s hot and wet. And we have to sleep late in summer! Bad!
  • Uhh… I like spring! Because there are plenty of carrots!
  • I also want to know your favorite season! You first!


Tell me about the Creation Myth?
What's the story of  how the world began?
  • Uhh… I don’t know… Do you know? Tell me!
  • I heard that the Cube of Gaia is the source of everything. But no one knows where the Cube came from.
  • Terra, the Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium were all created by the Cube of Gaia. I don’t understand why the Cube of Gaia created terrible places like Pandemonium.
  • The Cube of Gaia is the mother of life. Me and the other Eidolons are also from the Cube of Gaia!


What's special about Port Skandia?
Can you give me an introduction to Port Skandia?
  • Are you testing me? You are from here! I don’t like tests.
  • I remember there’s a huge lighthouse!
  • Port Skandia is your hometown, right? I know everything related to you!
  • Do you miss home? I’ll go there with you, don’t be sad.


Do you know that every place has its local specialties?
I hear that every place has its own unique, famous dish?
  • You never bring me along. I don’t know!
  • Are you hungry? I’m hungry, too.
  • Is there any cuisine cooked with carrots? If there is, you must bring some for me!
  • I often smell something nice. I imagine it must also taste delicious.


What function does the auction house have?
I would like to know information about the auction house.
  • I know a place where you can buy a lot of carrots.
  • Hmm… I remember that you can sell the items you don’t need anymore to others. Is there a carrot seller?
  • Find anything you want in the auction house! But nobody sells carrot cake…
  • You have to pay first, to sell anything from auction house. But I have never tried it, so I have no idea.


I would like to know about Fame Quests.
What's so special about Fame Quests?
  • Uhh… I heard that it is run by a girl called Mirabelle. They seem to offer commissions for services to help people who have problems. I don’t remember very clearly.
  • Hmm… I don’t know. What do you know?
  • I know! Fame Quest Bulletin Boards in different regions have various fame quests.
  • After finishing a fame quest, a reward will be given! I would like to have a carrot gift box…


Do you know the Goddess of the Moon?
Have you ever seen the Moon Goddess?
  • I have never met the Moon Goddess. But I know she is a goddess, living in the eastern world.
  • I heard that she lives on the moon. Is the moon of the eastern world habitable?
  • I heard that she has a pharmacist rabbit! I really want to see that rabbit! It must be very very cute!
  • I have never met her. But I really envy her. I also want a rabbit! a pharmacist rabbit!


Why won't you meet Aelius?
Aelius is looking for you, do you know that?
  • Did. You. Mention. Aelius? How dare such a despicable and shameless pest want to see me?
  • Didn’t I tell you not to mention him in front of me? I will forgive you this time. Just don’t do it again… We will need to think about what to do with your tongue again…
  • Didn’t I tell you not to mention him in front of me? Is something is wrong with your ears? If they don’t work, then there’s no reason to keep them…
  • I know he is looking for me, but why should I meet with him? I have made an unforgivable mistake because of him. What qualifies him to meet me? And why should I meet such a guy?


I want to touch your ears.
Can I touch your tail?
  • Uhh… The Mother Goddess said they are untouchable… But if it’s you… I guess it would be fine.
  • Uhh… But I’m very ticklish… If you really want to touch it… I’ll allow you, but just this once!
  • The Mother Goddess said only the one who will take care of me forever can do that! You will take care of me forever… Wouldn’t you?
  • Well… Then I get to touch you!


I heard that you are quite old.
How old are you?
  • Well…That’s a secret.
  • Huh? I’m not old at all! I am as old as you!
  • Hmm… Did Kotonoha put you up to this? It must be her! She likes playing jokes on me!
  • I don’t know your age! You tell me, first!


I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons.
Tell me some interesting tidbits about the Eidolons.
  • Grimm is so tiny and cute! I want him as my own Eidolon… can I do that?
  • Tigerius Caesar is my good friend. Some times he carries me to catch the wind!
  • Uzuriel often gives me candy. I like playing with her most.
  • I don’t like Kotonoha, hum!


When do you normally go to bed?
Do you always go to bed late?
  • I go to bed very early, everyday! As soon as the sun rises!
  • Don’t you remember? Eidolons don’t need to sleep!
  • Hmm… I’m tired…
  • I don’t know… I am going to bed.


What is the book in your hand?
What's in the book?
  • Huh? ! It’s… it’s a dictionary! The dictionary is very, very boring… You won’t be interested in it!
  • I don’t want you to know about it. Stop peeping!
  • This is not an ordinary book, it’s my sketchbook.
  • I should let you see it, if it is your wish… But I don’t want to…


Are you and Aelius siblings?
I heard that Aelius and you are brother and sister.
  • Brother? I have no brother! After that shot, my brother was already dead. The guy you’re talking about was only someone who looks like my brother.
  • Younger Brother? What kind of brother would mislead his own sister making such a horrible mistake? I don’t have such a brother! And I don’t want to!
  • Who are you talking about? Is it that the coward, who covers his face with a cloak all the time? That is not my brother. Just a pathetic, dirty worm…
  • Remember to never, ever mention Aelius in front of me. If your brain doesn’t work well… Then I will help you remember it. With pain.


May I sit on your moon?
Would you allow me to sit on your moon?
  • Hmm… I think…There is not enough space for you…
  • Huh? You want to sit on my moon? But… It’s only designed for me!
  • You’re too big for it. I worry it will break.
  • Huh? This moon is totally un..uncomfortable! And… and it hurts your bottom!


Have you thought about your life after we part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • You don’t like me anymore? You don’t want me be with you any longer?
  • I’ll do whatever you say! Please don’t leave me!
  • I just want to stay with you.
  • Uhh… I will be a good girl, please, don’t leave me…

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