Aura Kingdom Muse’s Q&A


What's your favorite leisure activity?
What do you do in your free time?
  • Master! Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask about a superstar’s private life?
  • Hmm… reading, singing, and dancing! Those are my favorites! It’s a pretty standard set of leisure activities for a diva like me!
  • As long as I have the time, I practice my dance moves! I often trip over Yates when practicing new moves… Don’t worry, though. On stage, my moves will never fail! You’ll never see a more perfect performance!
  • It seems that Yates wants to say something… What? No, I never spy on master! No way! I didn’t! Bad Yates!


What about your combat skills?
Are you a good fighter?
  • When you’re in combat, I’d be glad to play some music for you! That way, you can take enemies out in no time! Yates and I will stay behind and support you!
  • I don’t like fighting… Why can’t everyone be nice and get along with each other?
  • I was born to sing, not fight! Huh? What? Why can I still fight like other Eidolons? Err… I have no idea.
  • Because life is a battle! Master! What? That’s an old-fashioned saying? I actually say it a lot…


Is there anyone you have a crush on?
What sort of people do you like?
  • Of course not, master! You don’t ask a singer something like that! Hmm… I’d have to say people like you and Yates.
  • If you want to know the answer to that question, you’ll have to purchase my next ten albums and become a VIP of my fan club first!
  • I like someone who’s warm, gentle and strong… Everyone should have a partner like that… And it just so happens that there’s someone like that right here! What? You say you don’t know anyone like that? That’s a shame…
  • There is actually someone that I care a lot about. I wouldn’t call it a crush, though. He helped me through some troubled times and guided me into the world of music! Sadly, there’s nothing I can do for him now, even though he’s suffering…


You should have a concert!
When are you going to have a concert?
  • Everybody! Thank you for all your support! Thanks! Huh… Hasn’t the concert started yet? I’m sorry…
  • Cesela’s concert? I’d better prepare a gift… What? My concert? Eh… Anyway, thank you all! I love you, too!
  • There’s a lot of preparation involved in putting on a concert! Design, promotion, ticket sales, and a lot of other little details… What? You say it’s canceled? That’s so unfair, master…
  • But… I don’t know where I should perform now… You want to hear me sing, no matter when and where? Really? That makes me so happy! I’ll perform a private concert just for you, master… I hope you enjoy it!


Do you like art?
What do you like about art?
  • Literature, painting, singing, instrumental music… I like them all! Art enriches life, don’t you think?
  • A good drama is always moving… Don’t you agree? I knew I was right about you, master!
  • Every form of existence is a work of art! That’s why I support every artist who commits themselves to their work! They call me a goddess… of inspiration! Stop it, Yates! That’s such an exaggeration!
  • It’s true that artists often visit me… They all say that my songs lift their spirits in times of frustration. Nothing makes me happier than helping others!


Let's talk about some of the different races in this world.
Can you tell me about other races?
  • I’ve heard than the mermaids are excellent singers. I’d like to meet them someday… Huh? What? You say there are no mermaids left in the world? Only the Sarpa? And they all look terrifying? Is that true? How sad…
  • Master, have you ever seen Alessa? It’s said to be an Eidolon that soars through the sky! How beautiful is that? I wish I had wings, too… What? Alessa doesn’t have wings?… How does she fly, then?
  • This world is still strange to me… But if there are any places you’d like to visit, I’d be more than happy to go with you!
  • What? Other races? I don’t know anything about them…


Where would you go if you had a vacation?
What is your favorite vacation destination?
  • Hmm… a singer like me has almost no time off. I actually have no idea… What about Yates? Yates, where would you like to go? Sunhunter’s Vale? That place is swarming with dinosaurs! You’d get eaten alive…
  • I hear that sunbathing on the Helonia Coast is pretty popular! Just imagine lying down in the warm sunshine… Wonderful! Sorry… I was thinking about something else… I’m fine!
  • Why do you ask? Are you planning a trip? There are plenty of places and things that I want to see! Like the Crescent Ceremony… I still need to record my new album… Master, I don’t think I can go with you…
  • Rumor has it that there’s a plateau in Triatio Highlands where you can see all the stars at night. Do you think that’s a good idea, Yates? Master, will you go there with us?


Do you know anything about Pandemonium?
Do you have any info on Pandemonium?
  • Pandemonium? Loki? Do you mean THAT Loki? No… I’ve never heard about it…
  • Not many people know about Pandemonium at all, but master, you even know the Lord of Demons’ name! Impressive! Err… No… What was I going to say? Something about Pandemonium?
  • This world consists of three realms: Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium. Pandemonium has been plotting to take over Terra, which is located in-between the other two realms. They want to use it as a strategic position to attack Aura Kingdom later. What a headache… Why is Pandemonium behaving so aggressively? Why can’t we all just get along?
  • The demons of Pandemonium often come to Terra via dimensional rifts. Why do they have to come here? What? To come to my concerts? Really? Master says that’s not true! Quit joking around, Yates…


Do you like card duels?
Let's have a card duel!
  • Haha! I thought you’d never ask! Actually, I’m pretty good at it! Trump card!
  • Heehee! I guess you could call me a pro! Have you played against the Grand Bishop yet? The Abyssal decks are pretty hard to deal with! You lost? Sorry! I didn’t mean it…
  • Card duels are a great source of inspiration! Next time you have a duel, I’ll sing a song to support you!
  • Hm… Huh! My new piece is almost done… I only need you to lose one more duel!


What can you tell me about the Culinary Club?
Do you know about the Culinary Club?
  • You’re interested in cooking? I want to learn how to cook! Huh? You say the Culinary Club doesn’t offer any cooking classes?
  • I’ve heard that the Culinary Club sometimes commissions special quests. I’d like to try one of them! What? You say those quests are only for professional cooks? Aww…
  • It’s said that the Culinary Club is headquartered right in Navea. I’d be more than happy to pay a visit! What? Nothing special about it? Ah… I see…
  • What does the Culinary Club do? Why, they collect epic kitchenware and fight against the forces of culinary darkness, of course! Huh… they don’t? I’m sorry…


Are you a singer?
Is it true that you're a vocalist?
  • My name is Muse! Thank you for supporting me! That pretty much sums it up… That’s right! I’m a singer!
  • Yes! I love singing, and I have a lot of enthusiastic fans… That pretty much makes me a singer, right?
  • That’s right! Do you like singing too, master? We should sing together at my next concert!
  • Yates is a vocalist, too! That is to say, we’re actually a vocal group, right? Anyway, we always perform together!


What's that little sprite with you?
The creature next to you—what is it?
  • Yates is a good friend of mine! Yates keeps me company and offers a lot of useful advice. He’s a true friend!
  • During my concerts, Yates even transforms into powerful loudspeakers! No matter where I sing, Yates makes sure that everyone can hear me. Master, if you have a crush on someone, Yates might be able to help!
  • When Yates needs to rest, he just stays in my gemstone pendant! Huh? What does he eat? Hmm… I’ve actually never seen him eating anything.
  • Yates says that tomorrow will be a good day… What? Can’t you hear it, master? Oh… It seems that I’m the only one who can hear Yates’ voice!


What instrument do you play the best?
What kind of instruments do you play?
  • I like drums! They can give you an intense, punchy beat. A good drummer can evoke all kinds of emotions in the audience. Do you want to see me play drums, master? Bring it on! You’ll have to sing, though!
  • Actually, I play the harp, too! Would you like to hear? I can play a piece of music for you!
  • In the end, I prefer singing! No…? But… I love singing so much…
  • I can play all kinds of musical instruments! How did I learn to play them? Hmm… I guess I was born with those skills.


You outfit is cute!
The gemstones on your outfit are beautiful!
  • Haha! This outfit was specially designed to maximize concert attendance! After all, I am a professional singer! I’m happy that you like it too, master!
  • Thank you! Thanks for your support! I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me… I really shouldn’t talk to you like that… After all, you’re my master, not a fan…
  • Thank you, master! Yates helped design this outfit. I like it a lot!
  • Master, have a look at these gemstones. They’re the same color as Yates! Beautiful, aren’t they? Yates actually lives inside the stones. Why does he live in the gemstones? Hmm… Maybe it’s because he’s a Gemstone Sprite…


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • Ayako, Hansel, and Gretel occasionally invite me to join their tea party… All the finger foods are so delicious! I wonder why they never put on any weight…
  • Master, did you know that an Eidolon used to help me practice singing? Can you guess which one? Good guess! Master, you’re so clever!
  • So, Cesela still doesn’t want to join me? I don’t know why she’s being so competitive. I just want to be friends… Why doesn’t she like me?
  • Merrilee is like a little sister to me. We talk about our hair all the time… What? Beautiful hair is very important to girls!


Do you have many suitors?
What do you usually do with your suitors?
  • Yates, what should we eat tonight? What did you say, master? I couldn’t hear you!
  • Thanks for your support, everyone! I love you, too! I’d probably say something like that… What does a real relationship feel like?
  • I like it when he chases me… Huh? What am I saying? Never mind… Is my face turning red? I feel so hot all of a sudden…
  • Sometimes, my fans get overenthusiastic… I try not to let it bother me… You say you’ll protect me, master? Great! I knew you were the best!


What were you doing before your debut?
What did you do before you became a singer?
  • IT’S A SECRET! I won’t ever tell anyone, even my master!
  • If you knew that I was a bad kid, would you still like me, master?
  • Let’s just say that I like my current lifestyle better.
  • Those old days were pretty monotonous… Now I have you and Yates… I’m really happy!


Why did you come to Terra?
What brought you to Terra?
  • I’m here to promote my new songs! Of course, you’ll get an exclusive, autographed copy, master.
  • I was always trying to cheer others up, but I never found anyone who could do the same for me. Thankfully, I was able to find that person here!
  • I hope my songs can motivate everyone and bring you inspiration. But here I’ve found a beautiful soul who encourages me to keep moving forward… And who is that? Don’t you know?
  • It’s someone who helped me! He taught me how to sing and made me who I am. I wanted to help him too, so I followed him to this world. I hope that one day the light will shine upon him once more…


Are you always so cheerful?
Do you ever feel depressed?
  • A singer has to spread happiness and joy, so I’ve got to have a positive mindset! You and Yates are always there for me. Even when I’m feeling sad, I know I’ll be back to normal in no time!
  • Master, guess what! Happiness is contagious! I want to bring a smile to everyone’s face…
  • Of course I’ve had some bad times, but everybody does at some time or another. I think it’s fine. If you’ve had a tough day, I can sing a song to cheer you up!
  • My life was… unfortunate. Luckily, I met someone who warmed my heart and taught me everything about music. I’m really glad it turned out the way it did. Now, I want to spread joy and happiness with my own music!


Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • Even if we part ways, I’ll continue to support you, master! Though I don’t want to be away from you, I would support your decision, master! But don’t you think our fans would be upset?
  • No matter when or where, I’ll always support you, master. No need to worry about me, master. Just do whatever you want!
  • Perhaps I’ll write some new songs… I have a feeling I could write scores of songs about you, master!
  • Even if we part ways, I’ll still be me. I’ll continue to devote myself to music! I would definitely feel lonely sometimes… But I won’t let it get me down! I would certainly invite you to my concerts as a special guest, master!

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