Aura Kingdom Grimm’s Q&A


What's your favorite season?
Do you prefer any particular season?
  • Not that fond of winter, I gotta say. Cold weather makes me want to just eat cookies and hibernate.
  • Huh? Why are you asking me this so suddenly? Is this a pop quiz?
  • Summer’s my favorite season. The heat really gets me fired up, y’know?
  • Summer makes me feel all energetic, like my flame can burn even hotter!


What kinds of things do you dream about?
Let's talk about dreams.
  • Wellll, I did have this super bad nightmare the other night. I dreamed that instead of fire, I could only breathe soft, gentle clouds. Yuck!
  • Did you know that not just humans dream? All the sentient races dream. Even spirits can dream.
  • When I was still in my egg, I dreamed of this big fireball. It had giant burning eyes and blew stuff up all the time! It must’ve been my very first inspiration!
  • Dreams? Our adventures together are more action-packed than anything I’ve dreamed about.


What do you think 'adventure' really is?
What does 'adventure' mean to you?
  • I’m too tired to talk about adventuring… maybe we fought a couple bad guys too many today.
  • Adventure is about pushing yourself, but not overdoing it. If you push yourself too hard, you’ll be too exhausted to go on more adventures.
  • Fighting with your friends, sharing the great times and the not-so-hot times… Yeaaaah, that’s totally the spirit of adventure, right?
  • Any time I’m with you is a real adventure.


What are the benefits of traveling?
What can we learn when we travel?
  • Is it bad that I had to really think about the good points of traveling with you?
  • New lands to explore, new folks to meet, new combustible things to burn… That’s what I like best about traveling!
  • It’s all about changing your pace! If you don’t like where you’re at, you can just hit the road and leave it all behind to find somewhere new!
  • When we travel, we grow. Every day we travel, we’re wiser than the day before, right?


Do you like animals?
What do you think of animals?
  • Before we talk about caring for animals, how about taking care of me?
  • Animals kind of annoy me. Because of them, too many people think of me as a pet. C’mon, the all-time greatest Eidolon isn’t gonna fetch a stick, people!
  • Animals and humans share the world. Humans shouldn’t take advantage of animals so much in ways that benefit only them.
  • Best animal of all time? Dragons, obviously. One day, when you look up ‘awesome dragons’, my picture will be right there.


Heard any good gossip lately?
Have the spirits said anything about what's happening elsewhere?
  • Do you know what Port Skandia’s garrison is up to? They sure put in a lot of effort for such a small village.
  • Recently, I heard that something happened that really dropped the Templars’ morale to an all-time low.
  • The Mirabelle Group is an organization that hires people to solve clients’ problems. If you have the time and skill, you can make good money helping folks in need.
  • There are rare monsters all over the world! If you defeat them and bring proof, the regional guards will give you a nice reward.


Tell me about the Cube of Gaia.
What do you know about the Cube of Gaia?
  • I feel like part of my existence is tied to you, but the other part’s tied to the Cube. You and I both have the power of Gaia, but it’s something else, too…
  • The spirits say that the Cube of Gaia helped make a buncha worlds. Each one has its own rules and laws and stuff.
  • The Cube of Gaia is what inspired people to discover all the magic and technology the world has today. Neat, huh?
  • All spirits who become Eidolons know of the Cube of Gaia, but none of us know why it’s here.


Let's talk about Quests.
Could you tell me more about Quests?
  • Look for exclamation marks on your map – that means someone wants to make a request of you.
  • Helping people in need always feels good deep down inside. That or I have some bad gas today.
  • Click on the little image beside the map to take on quests you haven’t taken yet!
  • Once you’re level 25, you can take on quests posted on Mirabelle’s Bulletin Boards all over the world!


What are Secret Stones used for?
Tell me more about Secret Stones.
  • You can use the Energy Secret Stones that monsters drop to fortify other types of Secret Stones!
  • As your own level goes up, so will the maximum fortification level of your Secret Stones.
  • You can sometimes get Rare Secret Stones from killing bosses, so let’s be sure to kill a lot of them, okay?
  • The Secret Stones you can buy from Secret Stone Merchants all over the world sometimes have strange magic properties. That’s super cool!


What's the point of the Eidolon Area?
Tell me about the Eidolon Area.
  • You just might become cool enough that other Eidolons think you’re worth lending their power tot. If you wanna learn more about them, that’s where you’ll wanna look!
  • Once an Eidolon’s level is high enough – and if you’ve got the right items – they can evolve! Once an Eidolon evolves, they’ll become even more powerful!
  • When you’re not fightin’, you can change who you’ve got with you in the Eidolon Area.
  • You can gift XP Crystals to Eidolons by feeding them, and you can also give Elemental Symbols to improve an Eidolons’ skills!


Do you like the sun and the moon?
Do you like our world's cycle of day and night?
  • When I’m in a huff, looking at the sun or moon makes me feel better. Dunno why – maybe their gravity just pulls my problems away.
  • Well, any day’s a pretty good day if we can relax and enjoy the sunset, right?
  • Sometimes, I feel like maybe if I focus real hard, I can control the sun and the moon. Maybe one day it’ll come true!
  • This world depends on the balance of day and night. If you didn’t have that, things would get outta whack pretty quick.


What's it like to be a fire expert?
How does it feel to play with fire?
  • Sometimes breathing fire is an problem, y’know? I’ve burned up more things by sneezing than I can count.
  • When it comes to handling fire, I’m the tops! Or, y’know, top three at the worst.
  • It’s like every battle is a barbecue!
  • Imagine if you could suck all your anger into your lungs, then blow it at bad people. It’s kind of like that!


Do you have a bad temper?
Do you ever get really mad?
  • H-hey, what’s with that question? We’ve been together long enough that I’m sure you already know.
  • Well, you know how sometimes I go wild during a fight and beat foes into the ground…
  • So I get frustrated sometimes. So what? I keep it under control. Mostly… Are you still mad about the burns?
  • When I get really angry, I just want to incinerate someone! It’s like hitting them with rage that makes them go away forever!


You're kind of sensitive about your size, right?
Will you ever get any bigger?
  • Even you’re calling me small now? My #1 partner who’s supposed to have my back? Say it ain’t so!
  • I totally endorse that ancient saying: “Size doesn’t matter.”
  • I’ll be as big as a tree someday – no – even bigger than a tree! Then, no one will call me small, ever!
  • Once I grow up, my fire will burn so hot I’ll be able to melt rocks or magic rings! Everyone will want me as their Eidolon then.


Tell me about the other Eidolons.
Heard any rumors about the other Eidolons?
  • Next time I see them, I’ll chat and dig up some dirt for you.
  • Merrilee tries to look all dainty, but she can be a real thug! She keeps healing people so they can beat up their opponents forever!
  • Alessa never misses a chance to boast about how fast she can gallop. She IS fast, yeah, but she doesn’t have a pair of wings!
  • Keep it under your hat, but Serif has had a huge crush on Merrilee for aaaaages! Merrilee’s so oblivious to his feelings, though.


What sort of power do you have hidden within you?
When will your powers fully awaken?
  • I sure wish I knew… I look forward to when I become a full-fledged dragon.
  • It sounds weird to say, but I feel like as long as we stick together, I have unlimited potential. I just hope I can control unlimited potential!
  • I can feel my power getting stronger as we fight. I hope it’s a sign that I’ll fully awaken soon.
  • When I fully awaken, you’ll have the power of a super dragon on your side. Who’s gonna win against us?


Let's talk about Dragons.
What do you think of Dragons?
  • There are tons of different kinds of spirits and creatures out there, but dragons are totally the best.
  • I’m glad I was born a dragon. Anything else would’ve been like a silver medal.
  • There’s an old legend that says if you climb to the top of a certain waterfall, you can become a dragon. I think it’s just a metaphor for overcoming challenges, but it’d be rad if it was real, huh?
  • There’s always someone who thinks that dragons are just big, flying lizards. What are they smoking? If I meet those people, I’ll set ’em straight – with a little flame, maybe.


What do you think is the most incredible thing in the world?
What's your most marvelous experience you've had?
  • Uh… just between you and me, I’m amazed every time I realize I can blow fire through my nostrils!
  • Whenever I can feel the power within me growing, it’s really strange, but in a good way. It’s hard to explain with words.
  • Meeting you, of course! Don’t you think our destined meeting was totally magical and stuff?
  • I’m always amazed by the way people keep searching for happiness. They go through so many hardships, but hope keeps them going each day.


Have you ever actually walked on your legs?
Can you walk? I've never seen you do it.
  • Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever tried.
  • If you could fly all the time, would YOU bother walking?
  • Whoever told you that I scoot across the floor like a lame duck, that’s 100% false. How uncool!
  • I guess if I had to walk, I probably could. Maybe we’ll find out one day.


What would you do if we had to say goodbye?
What plans do you have after we part ways?
  • You ‘n me, we’re friends to the end. We’ll never be apart, right?
  • I guess I’d continue traveling to new places. My biggest dream is to explore everything in the world!
  • Isn’t it a bit too early to think about things like this? There are really important questions we should focus on, like whether pancakes or waffles are the superior breakfast.
  • It’d make me sad, but who can say what destiny has in store for us? I’d remember our time together fondly and face the future without dragon my feet!

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