Aura Kingdom Faust’s Q&A


Thoughts about knowledge.
Is knowledge power?
  • Knowledge is fascinating. If you don’t use it wisely, it won’t ever become power.
  • Since you asked, do you want to earn the power of knowledge? You have such a strong curiosity… You certainly are worth following.
  • Knowledge has a power that is greater than you can imagine, but it is limited. From my experience, most people never use knowledge to its full potential.
  • If you spend your life locked in an ivory tower with your nose in a book, you’ll never accomplish anything of merit. I have personal experience with this.


How do you view destiny?
Thoughts about destiny.
  • Destiny can be altered through hard work and determination. However, even those who do so may not earn destiny’s favor.
  • Destiny’s influence surpasses that of any other, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be… influenced. From what I can see, you possess the power to alter your own destiny, Master.
  • Sometimes destiny brings beautiful encounters. The way we met, for example… … Why was I not able to speak to you for a while?
  • We’re all puppets of destiny. It makes people do absurd and desperate things. Fortunately, I cut those strings so that I could have true freedom.


What do you like to do?
Do you have any special interests?
  • Transcribing knowledge is one of my obsessive… Do you want to see what’s in my records? This… Oh that’s not finished. Sorry about that.
  • The records are perfect. They’re like a meaningful conversation. It’s like your words and thoughts, Master… No, I didn’t spy on you. Please let me explain!
  • Record anything interesting that you see before you… What’s that? How do I record without pencil and paper? That’s… that’s a secret.
  • I also love listening to beautiful music. … What kind of music do you consider beautiful? I like vocal music. Your voice, for example, is music to my ears.


What kind of art do you like?
Is there a type of art you prefer?
  • I love majestic operas. It’s the combination of music and singing, with the added bonus of theatrical performance. The soul of these stage performances is intoxicating.
  • Poetry and literature are beautiful arts, but I prefer opera as it directly impacts the soul.
  • Master, you are the most profound artist in this world. It’s your presence that intoxicates me and keeps me by your side… Can I ask where you’re going? … I can’t go with you? Why not?
  • Opera is a supreme art form. You know, it’s often used to venerate people. I hope that one day I will have an opportunity to write a verse for you, Master… Wait… where are you going?


Do you have any unforgettable dreams?
What was your most memorable dream?
  • I once dreamt that I saw a utopia. It was such a beautiful scene. I didn’t want to wake up.
  • Seeing you makes me feel like I’m dreaming again… You want to know if I have any way to wake myself up during a nightmare? But you’re awake now!
  • I once saw a kingdom that was the perfect combination of utopia and reality. That utopia… has only ever shown up in dreams, however.
  • Seeing ideals become a reality is… a sublime experience. I only understood what it was like to have a dream come true after I saw you.


Do you know what the Cube of Gaia is?
Thoughts about the Cube of Gaia?
  • The Cube of Gaia is a supreme presence. It’s a power that no one has the right to meddle with.
  • Asking questions like that… It seems you really do have a thirst for knowledge! The Cube of Gaia is the origin of the world. It has a power that can’t be explained… I sometimes wonder if this power controls destiny as well…
  • I’d like to research this question. Can I invite you to join in me in this search for answers?
  • The Cube of Gaia is the starting point for all power. It’s a power that no one can possess if it’s only for selfish reasons.


Have you heard of the centaurs?
What is your impression of centaurs?
  • They’re rumored to have mastered the art of astrology. I, too, have studied the stars. I hope to someday have the opportunity to discuss astrology with their foremost experts.
  • The possibilities are mind-boggling. It’s rumored they can even use it to predict the future! Frankly, it’s inspirational. If you go visit them, please take me with you.
  • I’ve heard that the Tree of Life that the centaurs guard is shrouded in mystery. I’d like to study this tree if I ever have the chance.
  • Their tribe lives on the Continent of Principia, and they’re masters of astrology. I’m very curious about the extent of their astrological knowledge… If you have the chance to interact with them, please tell me.


Do you know about Desolate Valley?
Please tell me more about Desolate Valley.
  • It’s rumored that half of that valley is shrouded in sandstorms. It’s a withered grassland inhabited by ferocious monsters. Its extreme weather makes it inhospitable to most normal life forms.
  • Since half of it is concealed with wind and sand, most creatures have either died out, or now avoid the area. However, legend has it that deep in the forested mountains, there lives an ancient race. If you’re willing, please go with me to have a look!
  • I would like learn what they know in person. I think it’s best to experience a place for one’s self.
  • It’s so much more informative than reading about it in a book. Should we go have a look?


Do you know about the Gaia Chronicle?
Please tell me about the Gaia Chronicle.
  • It’s rumored to contain a very unique history. It’s not only a chronicle of the past, present, and future, it also tells of alternate dimensions! The pages are scattered, so you must piece together tiny fragments if you have any hope of completing the work.
  • It seems that only Envoys of Gaia can study this history. You can seek out the Chronicle Researcher in Navea if you want to know more. I’m sure he’d be very happy to explain the details to you.
  • I’ve heard that it holds records of the histories of alternate dimensions. It even includes events from various Eidolons’ histories.
  • I’ve heard that it holds a wealth of Eidolon histories within. I wonder if it contains record of my past…


Do you know about Card Duels?
Want to have a Card Duel?
  • Are you talking about that magical card game? It’s so simple, even a child can control the magic and battle other players. It’s surprisingly innovative.
  • The cards that you can battle with are really fun. If it were possible, I’d love to battle a round with you. It’s just a pity that only humans can use the cards.
  • They’re just paper cards, but you can battle with them… Don’t you think that’s a really fun invention?
  • I really want to study the mysteries of the cards. I’ve heard that Navea has a special card association. If you have the opportunity to visit them, please take me with you.


Do you know about making pacts with demons?
Have you made a pact with a demon?
  • Once, as my life was ending, I made a pact with a demon. I wanted to continue striving towards my dream to build a utopia, so I offered my soul.
  • There’s nothing in this world that can’t be bought and sold. But if you’re willing to sell your soul, you need to find someone who can afford grant you what you desire.
  • It’s an extremely dangerous trade. But this power is what allowed me to meet my master. So… I don’t regret it at all.
  • The pact was a turning point for me. Deep down, I knew it was a trick. Usually, nothing god can come of making a pact with a demon. But if I didn’t make it, I’d spend the rest of my life rotting away in an ivory tower with my nose in a book! I made the right choice.


Do you know about Helen?
Do you know Helen?
  • Are you talking about the legendary beauty of the distant past who launched a thousand ships? I’ve seen her. All I can say is that her beauty is deserving of its reputation.
  • She is the combination beauty AND truth. I’ve always thought I’d never see anyone more beautiful, up until I met Master… However, after I met you, it all came clear to me. I know what it feels like to be in the presence of perfection.
  • I once desperately pursued the Helen in a quest for truth and beauty. However, I didn’t glimpse the meaning of life until I sacrificed my own. Today I was surprised to wake up and find truth and beauty standing before me…
  • I once successfully summoned the remnants of Helen’s soul. However, they only came together for one night. She disappeared without a trace when the sun rose the next day. But, even seeing that beauty for an instant is enough to remember it for an eternity.


Tell me about your utopia!
What type of utopia would you like to build?
  • I want to build a free and equal country. A place free of pain and sorrow. That’s what people have in mind when they refer to utopia.
  • Utopia is perfection, and that perfection is sublime. Even though most say it’s impossible, I’ll never give up until I achieve my goal.
  • I was once very close to creating my utopia, but in the end I failed due to my own foolishness… Yet even in that failure, I saw a glimmer of hope. I’ll never give up. I came back to this world to discover new possibilities.
  • I wanted to build my utopia. I’ve suffered so many hardships and setbacks, I almost gave up. Now seeing you has restored my hope and fighting spirit.


Are the rumors true? Do you have the power to control demons?
I heard that you have the power to control demons...
  • I once made a pact with a demon using our souls as collateral. The demon broke the pact, and its power was granted to me. However, due to the terms of the contract, we are inseparable. I will never be free of him, nor him of me.
  • If you count that as a win… The short answer is yes, I can control demons. However, I paid an unimaginable price…
  • Mephistopheles lent me his power and lured me on a journey. He showed me a glimpse of my utopia. Even now that it has come to an end, I am satisfied.
  • I feel like power is neither inherently good nor evil. Demonic power, if used for good ends, is perfectly acceptable.


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • I heard that Eligos is the king of an entire nation. I’ve long thought about how to discuss my utopia with him.
  • Nazrudin has a unique perspective of etiquette. I have to say his understanding of it trumps mine.
  • Ghodroon is surprisingly cheerful, even though he’s been toyed with by fate. Somehow, he takes it all in stride. I really appreciate this.
  • I love watching everything you do. I don’t need anyone else… Wait! Don’t take that the wrong way… I still respect your privacy! You have to believe me!


You cloak looks really special!
Your cloak is so special!
  • This is proof of the demon’s power. It’s also a reminder of my past folly.
  • This is proof that I beat the demon and earned his power. I gave it the name of the demon, Mephistopheles.
  • This cloak is a manifestation of the demon’s power. I have given it the name of Mephistopheles.
  • Even though this cloak is a symbol of evil, you still seem to look it with appreciation. You truly are a noble and perfect master.


Can you perform some magic for me?
Can you perform some magic for me?
  • I’m sorry to disappoint you. I can’t just use my magic to perform tricks whenever I want. The magic is dark and dangerous.
  • I channel a demon’s power to perform magic. It’s too dangerous to use it for entertainment’s sake.
  • If you want to see someone pull a rabbit out of a top hat, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. I’d be a fool to use demonic power for simple parlor simple tricks.
  • The magic is used for destruction, not for show. Unless, of course, you enjoy seeing life force consumed by dark magic.


So, you were once a scholar?
What did you study before?
  • I used to lock myself in an ivory tower and bury my nose in a book. My hubris was unmatched. I vowed to understand and master all the knowledge the world had to offer. What a fool I was…
  • Books used to be my life. That was the case up until the day of my death. Only then did I realize that knowledge is useless if you can’t put it to practical use.
  • I was once called a doctor. It was an honorary title for scholars. In reality, though, I was but a prisoner staring at shadows on the wall of a cave.
  • I read quite a few books, but even if I read more, I still couldn’t put that knowledge into practice.


Is it true? Can you predict the future?
Can you predict the future?
  • The future that I see may just be an illusion—a possibility. It may not come to be… Do you want me to speak more directly? This… To put it simply, the future that I see may not necessarily happen.
  • I have seen various possible futures, but the ones I have seen are not set in stone. I finally had an epiphany. I realized that the future is depends entirely on your choices in the here and now.
  • The future that I have seen bypasses destiny. This means it isn’t set in stone. It can still be changed. I find that fact comforting.
  • Since you asked me… Do you wish to know your future? The things I have seen are not good, so I suggest you think about this.


If the time has arrived to say goodbye,
what plans do you have after that?
  • I will continue to pursue the dream of a utopia. I will never give it up. You wouldn’t abandon your ideals would you?
  • Why did you suddenly say that? Did I do something to offend you?
  • I hope that day never comes. You’re so wonderful, I want to always be at your side.
  • I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be rude… Can we not talk about this? It’s upsetting.

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