Aura Kingdom Cyril’s Q&A


How do you like to spend your leisure time?
How do you usually kill time?
  • I am the best at tracking and hunting. My greatest hope is to defeat the creatures of evil around the world and bring peace to all.
  • As a knight, helping those in need is my duty. I constantly train myself by fighting against evil.
  • When I have time to spare, I often travel to different cities and towns. Future trips will be more interesting with you by my side!
  • My only goal is to serve you as a dutiful knight. If there are any leisure activities that you like, I’d be happy to try them with you.


Have you ever joined any clubs?
Do you participate in any groups?
  • Once I was the leader of the Knights Templar. All of our members excelled in their duties and had a strong sense of justice!
  • For a long time, I led the undefeatable Knights on many campaigns. Countless evil creatures fell under our swords…
  • Hmm… sometimes I miss the days when I fought side by side with my fellow warriors…
  • Every time I join arms with you in battle, I’m reminded of those days. There’s nothing more reassuring than the mutual trust of letting someone watch your back.


Something incredible
A fantastic story.
  • It is said that there is a mysterious lake in a faraway land. I’ve heard that someone once saw a woman’s graceful arm emerge from the surface of the water. Don’t you think that’s incredible?
  • Once I heard that there’s a place in Terra called ‘The Pure Land’. Living creatures have to abandon everything to enter and obtain eternal happiness. What an amazing place… I’d like to see it with my own eyes.
  • It’s rumored that beautiful fairies live in a lake surrounded by marshland and mysterious forests. The fairies are gifted with magic and protect a legendary sacred sword.
  • As an Envoy of Gaia, you must have traveled to many different places, right? Tell me something interesting in return, then.


How would you define justice?
What is justice to you?
  • Justice is chivalry, and chivalry is justice. Aid for the helpless, mercy for the unfortunate – that’s justice.
  • Justice means treating everyone equally. Justice means helping the disadvantaged fulfill their true potential.
  • Justice means keeping an upright, uncorruptable heart. Sticking to one’s principles no matter what – that’s the true meaning of justice.
  • Justice means promoting the good and punishing the bad. Treating everyone without discrimination is the highest form of justice – something we can all aspire to.


What should I do when facing strong enemies?
How do I deal with powerful enemies?
  • One should show one’s true colors in battle, and fight the fight of the brave. Only in doing so can one fulfill the honorable destiny of a knight!
  • Even the strongest of enemies have their weaknesses. All you need to do is find the right strategy to beat them.
  • If you are pitted against enemies that exceed your ability, reply with courage and determination. The victory always favors those who stick it out to the very end.
  • Retreating is also an option, when faced with overwhelming enemies.


Have you ever heard of Ventos Prairie?
What's Ventos Prairie like?
  • Ventos Prairie is a perfect place for hunting. Its open fields and flat terrain can be crossed at a swift gallop.
  • Apart from the Makars, who have been living there for generations, a group of cunning Gnomes have also made it their home.
  • Not far from the Makar Tribe, there’s a network of underground caves. There lies the flame-drenched Infernal Abyss created by Zaahir.
  • Ventos Prairie… it’s a beautiful place that reminds me of my homeland…


What do you think of Terra?
What can you tell me about Terra?
  • Not everyone in Terra is kind… but there are a great number of helpful people. Humans as a whole aren’t such a bad lot.
  • There’re a lot of places in Terra that haven’t been discovered by humans. Those places will be the key to unlocking the secret of the Cube of Gaia.
  • Because of the shackles of time placed on Terra by the Cube of Gaia, all living things have to face the ravages of illness and death. But it’s precisely because of mortality that numerous cultures can coexist in Terra.
  • Terra was created by the Cube of Gaia. Aside from Terra, there are also the Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium.


What's the Mirabelle Group?
Have you heard of the Mirabelle Group?
  • The Mirabelle Group was founded a group of just and charitable explorers. Their mission is to help anyone in need. As a group, they share much in common with my code of chilvary.
  • The Mirabelle Group has branches in every village. You can find out who is in need simply by looking at the Mirabelle Bulletin Board.
  • You can accept all kinds of quests from Mirrabelle Bulletin Board. A splendid reward is given to those who help complete these quests.
  • The Mirabelle Group seems to be a very resourceful organization. Judging from the number of quests they post every day, they must also have a huge membership.


Tell me about Guild Instances.
What do you know about Guild Instances?
  • As more and more evil creatures began to appear on Midgard, The Church issued an order that all guilds take up arms.
  • Your Guild must reach Level 4 to participate in Guild Instances. You can register through the Guild Interface.
  • Personal contribution points can be accumulated by completing Guild Instances. Rare loot can be obtained by those who accumulate enough contribution points.
  • More and more Guilds are participating Guild Instances. You should consider joining a bigger Guild. The more members there are, the easier it is.


What's the Sky Tower like?
Have you heard of the Sky Tower?
  • The Sky Tower is the central landmark of Navea. It is said that all kinds of rare treasures are stored at the top of the tower.
  • The Holy Spirit Potion is the first thing people think of when the Sky Tower is mentioned. Rumor has it that the Holy Spirit Potion cures all illnesses; some people even say that it can bring the dead back to life.
  • The Sky Tower is under the strict control of the church. It is crawling with legends and secrets. What on earth could it have been built for? It’s such a fascinating place!
  • The entrance to Sky Tower is normally sealed by an impenetrable magic seal. The seal will only be removed at a preordained time, allowing the selected Envoy of Gaia to enter.


What is chivalry?
How does one become a real knight?
  • Self-discipline is the key premise of becoming a knight. A knight does not fight without a meaningful reason.
  • Knights are honorable and chivalrous toward ladies. Learning how to help a lady in distress resolve her problem is the very first lesson for every knight.
  • True chivalry cannot be defined in a few words. A dutiful knight must watch his behavior and live by his word.
  • Nothing can keep you from becoming a knight. All you need is a merciful heart.


Did you receive any guidance from others?
How did you become so wise?
  • Heh, heh… I was once reckless and impulsive, too. Fortunately, I received many lessons from an elder, who was well-versed in magic.
  • The one who taught me the real meaning of chivalry was an elder who treated me like a family member. He saved me from danger many times.
  • Sigh… I wonder where he is now…
  • My teacher was a very famous old mage. It’s said he had demon blood coursing through his veins, allowing him to use all kinds of magic.


Would you like to introduce your weapon?
What makes your weapon special?
  • My weapon is called Sword in the Stone. It represents justice.
  • Sword in the Stone can make short work of any evil or obstacles in my way. If, however, it is not used for just ends, the sword will immediately break in two.
  • The Sword in the Stone was not originally of this world. It only arrived here after the Cube of Gaia created Terra.
  • The Sword in the Stone was once firmly inlaid in the Cube of Gaia. When I extracted it from the cube, I gave it its name.


Do you normally sit down to rest?
Do you sit down when you're tired?
  • As a knight, it’s essential to be courteous. So I always stand, even when I’m exhausted.
  • A knight must be vigiliant. I even sleep standing up!
  • I don’t need to sit down to rest. The strength of my resolve in protecting my companions is enough to keep me upright!
  • A knight like me doesn’t need to sit down to take a break. You’ve been taking longer breaks recently… are you a bit overworked?


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
I want to hear gossip about the other Eidolons.
  • I heard that Kusanagi’s true form is a sword. Perhaps… perhaps she could communicate with the Sword in the Stone…
  • Serif is the one I like the best. He understands the true meaning of chivalry. He keeps a respectful distance from both Endora and Merrilee.
  • Bealdor’s Claymore emits a pale light with even the gentlest of movements. Well… my Sword in the Stone will have to concede to him… on this point…
  • Nazrudin is modest and erudite. He never fails to remind me of my own teacher.


Are there any wishes you would like to see fulfilled?
What do you desire most?
  • My wish is to fulfill your wishes. My wish is to serve you well as a knight possibly can.
  • I’ve heard that many places in Terra are still suffering from the invasion of monsters. One of my wishes is to eliminate those evil creatures so people can live in peace.
  • It is said that an artifact called Holy Grail exists in Terra. Supposedly, it can bring peace and happiness to the world… If I could find it… I’d be able to help even more people.
  • My wish is to help as many people as I can.


Do you have friends you really trust?
Who do you trust the most?
  • You, of course! I am proud to fight by your side!
  • Once I was part of a group of reliable knights. Even today, I fondly recall the days we spent traveling the world, fighting for justice.
  • Once upon a time, I was one of the knights of justice. We endured countless trials together.
  • A knight learns to place all his trust in his friends! He who hopes to find true friendship must learn to place his trust in others.


Are you really a lord of the Round Table?
Are you really a lord?
  • Heh, heh… my comrades-in-arms call me “lord”.
  • Indeed, all the members of the my group used to call me “lord” when I was their commander… The title stuck, and many call me “lord” to this day.
  • There was an interesting story about the Sword in the Stone: “The one who can extract it from Cube of Gaia will become a lord.” The title stuck, and many call me “lord” to this day.
  • Maybe I was once a lord who led many knights. However, now I am just a knight who wants to fulfill your wishes.


How do you train yourself normally?
What's your training regimen?
  • Apart from practicing my sword technique, I often look for those who need my aid. Implementing chivalry in every part of one’s life is the best way to train oneself.
  • Chivalry is a good training method unto itself. Doing everything, every day, with a merciful and righteous heart: that is how I train myself.
  • The path of justice is not easy. However, as a knight, every step I took was a part of my training.
  • Why, are you also interested in self-improvement? How about a practice battle with me?


Have you ever thought about what you'd do if we had to part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • If one day we must separate… I’ll continue on my path of justice.
  • It’s always fine if you want to select another path. All the adventures we’ve experienced won’t be forgotten.
  • A knight doesn’t feel bad about parting ways. It’s a necessary step for our eventual reunion!
  • I’ll travel around and see everything the world has to offer.

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