Aura Kingdom Bel-Chandra’s Q&A


Are there any types of people you think well of?
If you were to date, what would be your criteria?
  • Obedience is a necessary quality in a good subject. But to those who obey, my hand can be surprisingly gentle.
  • I think well of those who put my needs before their own. That said, one who does not cultivate and consider their own opinions would not be a partner worthy of me.
  • I would find it most capricious to find a partner skilled in dance, that we might perform complex steps together.
  • Know your place. When I feel like telling you, I will.


What's your favorite beverage?
What is your favorite thing to drink?
  • I enjoy bitter and spicy drinks; drinks with pungent aromas. Sweet drinks do nothing for me.
  • An envenomed wine goes down easily. My lips tingle with every sip.
  • When I tire of beverages, I sometimes eat live arachnids. There’s a tickle, then a crunch, then a smooth center. Simply delicious.
  • It seems all my favorites are too poisonous for humans. Alas, it’s unfortunate that your kind are so fragile.


What do you do in your free time?
What's your favorite leisure activity?
  • What a imbecilic question. Have you taken no heed of my rank?
  • At times, I climb high into the mountains and meditate to strengthen my powers. I want the thunder I call down to be able to ravage entire countries – worlds, even!
  • Think about it – I wasn’t born such a graceful dancer. The control and form I’ve achieved has required much training.
  • I seek out weaklings and etch into them an understanding of how pitiful they are.


Do you have a dream?
Tell me about your goals for the future.
  • Need you even ask? I wish for all to bow before the peerless beauty of my dance.
  • I aim to become the finest dancer in this world or any other.
  • My stark grace is a gift that should be seen by the whole world. Don’t you agree?
  • As a dominator of worlds, I shall need someone to manage my obligatory fan club. Without a doubt, you are best-suited for the position. #8232#You must proselytize others and win them over to me without fail. I trust you will tackle this endeavor with your customary gusto.


What should I do when I face strong enemies?
How do I deal with powerful enemies?
  • Strong enemies? Even the mightiest men and beasts crumble under the torment of my heavenly thunder!
  • When I meet a foe who dares to defy me, I take great pains to ensure they suffer for it. As their body writhes in pain, they will have just enough awareness to realize the mistake they have made.
  • For those enemies who actually merit some manner of respect, I will dance my dance of destruction before them. As my body shifts and gyrates, we will lay armies low before us.
  • My dance is a peerless wonder. If we are not victorious, the fault must lie with you.


What's special about the Oblitus Wood?
Could you tell me something about the Oblitus Wood?
  • Once, the Oblitus Woods were a beautiful forest where those who wished to forget their troubles would go. Look now at how it has fallen to ruin – spider webs everywhere, miasma in the air… It sounds like a delightful place to visit.
  • I have heard that the Varan have established a presence in these woods. Shall we amuse ourselves by pulling the tails off of those lizards?
  • Just hearing the name “Oblitus Wood” bores me. Let us speak of other things.
  • It’s said that a mournful wind shrieks and moans from around Ghostsweep Cave in the Oblitus Wood. Perhaps such sounds would be the perfect accompaniment to my dance!


What do you think of Terra?
Tell me what you think of your time in Terra.
  • Sadly, Terra is an inferior plane to Pandemonium, or even the Aura Kingdom, because the march of time means that all will eventually decay. However…I suppose there’s a certain beauty in that sense of transience.
  • The land you inhabit is not all that exists in Terra. Across the sea is another continent, even larger than this.
  • What is Terra to me? A trifling world, fragile as glass. Were I to dance with the fullness of my fury, I could obliterate this world.
  • After I win the undying love of all Terra with my dances, I will use this realm as a base from which to achieve renown in all worlds.


What's the function of the Community System?
I'd like a few tips on the Community System.
  • Community System? I have no need of friends. Perhaps such a system would be of use to you, though. Yes…go and make new friends, and tell the worthy among them to join with me.
  • It is unfortunate to see you fight alone. I know my company is all one might desire, but… Banding together with others is a part of your human nature, is it not?
  • If you ask me, I think you chatter with your friends too much, when your attention ought to be focused on me.
  • It appears one can get “loyalty points” by greeting friends who are present. Why am I mentioning this, you ask? Think for a moment. If you accrue these points, you can trade them in for gifts befitting of my splendor and beauty.


I want information about Secret Stones.
Tell me the lore of the Secret Stones.
  • Secret Stone can stimulate one’s latent potential, enabling their strength to surpass natural limits. Perhaps they would be an asset to you, if you intend to overcome the handicap of your humanity.
  • Must you really ask me such a trifling question? There are merchants in every town and province that can answer your mundane inquiries.
  • If a Secret Stone is upgraded, you can no longer trade it. Consider yourself forewarned.
  • You may reap a substantial harvest of XP from Energy Secret Stones, so do not cast them away like a fool.


Do you know any secrets regarding Elemental Symbols?
Please tell me more about Elemental Symbols.
  • Eidolons can increase their strength by consuming Elemental Symbols, so be sure to give all you find to me.
  • These crystals, each inscribed with a symbol for one of the eight elements, contain extraordinary power – for those who know how to extract that power.
  • Eidolon spirits may sometimes receive Elemental Symbols by connecting with Gaia, but the process sounds too tedious for my liking.
  • Elemental Symbols are an important catalyst for Eidolon evolution. For my sake, you must endeavor to gather many.


Tell me more about your cool third eye.
What's the secret of your third eye?
  • When I open my third eye, destruction and torment flow from me like a mighty river, so I usually keep it closed. Woe is surely upon the one against whom I open that eye!
  • My third eye is the focal point of my power. Even in Pandemonium, its destructive potential is feared.
  • When I open my third eye, I can call down mighty thunder from the sky, racking enemies with pain. Be glad that I wink with it at others, and not at you.
  • It is impossible for a mortal to stand against the power of my third eye. Those who tried did not live to regret their foolishness.


Tell me about your giant fists.
Let's talk about how cool your punches are.
  • My body alone grants insufficient leverage to destroy enemies with my fists, so I guide them with telekinetic power.
  • My arms are able to hold manipulate the thunder from my third eye, allowing me even more variety in my attacks.
  • These giant fists can attack from any angle, and as I dance, my speed and power flows smoothly into every attack. It is through constant motion that attack becomes defense, and defense shifts effortlessly to offense.
  • Are you questioning the subtle beauty of my attacks? #1001$#Perhaps we should hold a sparring match. I sense you would quickly understand through experience.


Can you tell me about that fabric fluttering behind you?
What's that blue fabric that trails behind you?
  • It is just an accessory. I find its beauty enhances my own. You must have your eye on me, to have noticed it…
  • Not -everything- about me is mystical. The cloth is just an accessory.
  • Beautiful, is it not? I hand-selected the bolt of cloth myself. When I dance, every piece must serve to accentuate my graceful movements.
  • As a first-class dancer, it’s only natural to have a favorite accessory, like silks or ribbons. It adds to the exotic appeal.


How did you come to dress like that?
Let's talk about your unique fashion sense.
  • My armor is made of an alloy found only in the realm of spirits. It cannot be compared to Terra’s menial metals.
  • My armor has been tempered with defensive runes that blunt the force of magical attacks used against me. But of course, it also looks excellent on me. Form AND function, dear.
  • I designed my shoes myself – no others held up to the rigors of my dancing. A stable balance and a sure grip are an asset, whether in dance or in battle.
  • #824$Red and black have been a fetching fashion combination since the ancient days. Surely you’re aware of that.


I want to know secrets about other Eidolons.
Can you tell me something interesting about other Eidolons?
  • I saw Aelius gazing up at a full moon with an expression full of sadness. The look of loneliness writ upon his visage was…surprising. I almost did not think him capable of melancholy.
  • I have heard of a trickster sorceress named Kotonoha who is able to use strange magic to quickly restore one’s life. I do not yet understand the workings of her art, but I can appreciate its skill.
  • It is said that Yarnaros can fly faster than the west wind. Impressive for one with such a hulking form. I wonder…if his unstoppable flight clashed with my thunder, which would prove stronger?
  • Sigrun’s sword has been blessed over time by the souls she has ferried to the worlds beyond, making it able to cut even spirits. You know what else is sharp? Her catty tongue. Scarce do I witness her equal in arrogance. If I must contend with her haughty airs any longer, it will come to blows between us.


Why are you so passionate about dancing?
What's the reason you stick to the dancer's path?
  • Interacting with normal people bores me, honestly. However, even the lowliest clod can recognize an amazing dance when they see it.
  • The art of movement is within my spirit, and dance is an outgrowth of that, equal parts beauty and battle.
  • As one dances, the rhythm of the body is like a pendulum that swings in time with the pulse of the world. If you understand an entity’s life pulse, you also know how to destroy them utterly.
  • Dance is one of those things you can only appreciate by experiencing it with your own body. Perhaps…someday, I will teach you a few steps.


Tell me some tips for looking fabulous like you.
What's your secret to having such a toned body?
  • Regular exercise is the key. Even kings grow weak if they make the throne their nest. By the look of things, you could stand to lay off the cake yourself…
  • Oh? Do you finally wish to have a perfect body like mine? Dance with me, then! If you embrace my ways, one day you may have a body as desirable.
  • Your request is sincere, but I am unsure whether your human body is prepared for a Pandemonian weight management plan.
  • Being a spirit has its benefits, like not getting fat from this realm’s food. If the world were to end, I might lament the loss of your chocolate confections.


What's the reason you cover your eyes?
Why do you keep your eyes covered up?
  • Covering my eyes helps me block out distractions and concentrate. In doing so, the power released by my third eye is capable of causing even greater torment.
  • I I were to unveil my eyes, my beauty would drive the world’s women to inconsolable tears, fraught at their own appearance. Tsk…such a simple answer; you ought to have known that.
  • My beauty has a way of catching wayward eyes, so I block others’ gaze from meeting mine. Thus, whatever I do, I can do with my full attention. ‘Dance like no one is watching’, as your culture’s saying goes.
  • My gyrations are enough to send any audience into a frenzy. Letting them catch sight of my eyes would inflame their desires beyond what I wish.


Why is your skin is blue?
How'd you come to have blue skin?
  • Darling, it’s all the venom I drink! A glass of venom a day keeps the angels away! Why not try some yourself?
  • Are you interested in acquiring my unique complexion? Maybe if you add more spiders to your diet…
  • Long ago, I had a dusky shade of skin. But my diet in Pandemonium turned my skin this color, and now I can’t picture myself any other way.
  • Well, in nature, colors like this serve both to attract a mate, and to signal the danger of a poisonous creature.


If we ended our pact, what would you do next?
If we had to say goodbye, what's in the cards for you after?
  • If the day came when we had to part, I would send you off with an unforgettable dance of farewell.
  • Even if you cease to be my most loyal fan, I will continue to dance. I will continue to battle, and I will continue to torment those who stand against me. That is my way.
  • You’re not all that useful, but as humans go, you’re one of the most interesting I’ve encountered. If we were to part ways, it would likely take me a great deal of time to find someone else as amusing.
  • I would hope that long after we parted, my image would remain burned into your memories. Perhaps then one day, it will be I who summons YOU.

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