Aura Kingdom Hel’s Q&A


Do you like to travel?
How do you feel about traveling?
  • I love traveling, and looking at all the beautiful scenery! I like traveling as much as I like you!
  • I like traveling, but sometimes I can’t find my way back to Hellheim. Gram used to find me when I got lost… I miss him so much…
  • Aren’t we traveling right now? Or would you not call this traveling? Or maybe… Is this what my brother would call eloping?
  • I love traveling with you! What about you? Do you like traveling with me?


What kind of person do you like?
What kind of person would you want to date?
  • My oldest brother wants me to date someone smart; my second-oldest brother wants me to date someone strong; and my father says… He says… actually he’s said a lot of things… I can’t remember them now. But my second oldest brother told me that I should just ignore my dad. So I guess that only leaves the first two conditions.
  • Gram says he’ll find me whenever I get lost and take me back to Hellheim, he also says he’ll convince my dad and my brothers, he also says… Huh? You don’t want to hear any more? But there’s still so much I want to tell you…
  • I like Gram, and my two brothers… My father? Uh… If my my father gave me more freedom, I’d like him more. Ah, I also like you! You’re like my big brother!
  • Hmm… The things I like are shiny and cold… You mean the people I like? I like snowmen!


What's your favorite color?
Any preferences about color?
  • Black, red, yellow, purple… I like them all… But my favorite color is shining gold!
  • Well… Should I dye myself so we’re the same color? Your face looks so red. Are you unwell? My second-oldest brother said that this would make you happy. He didn’t tell me that you might get sick.
  • What color do I like? I like your color!
  • Uhh… Let’s just say I do NOT like your color… It kinda reminds me of my second-oldest brother’s vomit. I don’t like it.


What's your favorite season?
Which season do you like best?
  • We don’t have seasons in Hellheim. The weather is always the same…
  • I like all four seasons in Terra, and their different sceneries. Flowers in spring, summer breezes, falling leaves in autumn and snow in winter – I like them all!
  • Gram always hated winter. A lot of people die every winter, so it’s always busy. Gram always complains about how much he works in the winter.
  • Hmm… My second-oldest brother also hates winter. He says that he always feel exhausted during winter – all he wants to do is go find a warm place to sleep.


Do you have a favorite animal?
What do you think of animals?
  • I like deer, wild boars and pheasant – they’re all delicious! Oh, you didn’t mean to eat? Then what was your question again?
  • Gram once had a huge ox twice his size. Then, one day, my oldest brother came to visit, and we never saw the ox again. I still remember how happy my oldest brother was that day.
  • If you were my pet, I could discipline you… Not interested? But my second-oldest brother told me it would make you happy…
  • Gram once had a beautiful golden python. Then, one day, my second-oldest brother came to visit, and we never saw the python again. My second-oldest brother was so angry when he left.


What's the Sky Tower like?
Have you heard of the Sky Tower?
  • It’s the tallest building in Navea. Word is, it has 100 floors!
  • I wonder what it’s like inside the Sky Tower. Let’s go have a look together!
  • I hear that there’s a mystical potion at the very top of the Sky Tower that can cure any illness. I never thought humans could make such an amazing potion. I’m impressed!
  • Hmm… I’ve heard there’s lots of weapons and armor inside the Sky Tower. If you want some new equipment, you should go have a look!


What's the Cube of Gaia?
What do you think the Cube of Gaia is?
  • You don’t know? The Cube of Gaia is what created the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium.
  • I don’t know… You should ask Gram, I’m sure he knows. … Ah, I forgot again… Gram is gone…
  • The Cube of Gaia created everything. So it’s fair to say the cube is the mother of all of us… If you think about it that way, you and I are siblings!
  • Lots of people want to use the Cube of Gaia’s power for evil… Just like the other Envoy of Gaia you were chasing, remember? It was that guy with white hair who always wears black and rides a black horse!


What's the Mirabelle Group?
Have you heard of the Mirabelle Group?
  • Hmm… If I recall correctly, the Mirabelle Group is a “problem-solving” agency.
  • There are Mirabelle Group Bulletin Boards in nearly every town and village. If you’re feeling up to it, you should help out some people in need!
  • Hmm… All the Mirabelle Group’s customers seem to be young humans… That used to give me the impression that young humans were frail and helpless. But now, I know that’s not the case!
  • Uh… I remember Gram once said… The Mirabelle Group is an agency that “dumps” people’s problems onto other people… That’s not true? But Gram told me so…


What's "Connecting to Gaia"?
What purpose does "Connecting to Gaia" serve?
  • Hmm… According to Gram, it involves me asking the Cube of Gaia for gifts.
  • Connecting to Gaia is a wonderful feeling. Mmm… I don’t know how to explain it… Once you become an Eidolon you’ll see for yourself!
  • What, do you want to connect to me? Eh? Your nose is bleeding… Is blood the present the Cube of Gaia gave you?
  • “Connecting to Gaia” is achieving resonance with the Cube of Gaia and creating items from the cube’s energy. But, sadly, I never get what I want…


What's "Tanuki Turmoil"?
Have you heard of "Tanuki Turmoil"?
  • Gram told me once. Let me think… … Oh, right! He said “Tanuki Turmoil” is when humans get involved in the affairs of mice, instead of minding their own business.
  • Uhh… If I recall correctly, it’s two different groups of mice fighting over giant corn. The huge, golden corn always looks so beautiful. I bet it’s also delicious!
  • Not just Gram, but also my second-oldest brother, said that! He said, “If I could just try that corn, all my troubles would cease.”
  • I’m not sure… Why don’t you check it out and see for yourself!


Who's Gram?
Tell me about Gram.
  • Gram is family. He’s the person I love most. Then it’s my second-oldest brother, then my oldest brother and my father.
  • Gram was always there for me, even after I went to Hellheim. I thought it would be always like that – Gram and me together. But he’s gone… I miss him so much…
  • It’s not just me – my brothers also like Gram. Every time they come visit, they hang out with him a lot! It’s strange, though – Gram always looks so tired after they leave.
  • Gram is actually a sword, but in the form of a dragon. But, sword or dragon, it doesn’t matter: Gram is family to me and I love him the most!


What's Hellheim like?
Tell me about Hellheim.
  • It’s a land of lost souls. It’s dark and gloomy. I doubt humans would like it much… Even I didn’t like it at first… Luckily, I got Gram for company.
  • Picture the darkest, gloomiest and most desolate place you can imagine – that’s Hellheim.
  • It’s a gloomy and desolate place with nothing to see. But regardless, Hellheim is my home, and I like it there.
  • Hmm… According to Gram, it’s just a desolate wasteland of bones.


Do you know Bealdor?
Bealdor always wanted to meet you.
  • Bealdor… If I hadn’t met him, maybe Gram wouldn’t be…
  • The God of Light? Of course I know him! After all, everyone loves the light and hates darkness…
  • Bealdor… I’m not sure if I should see him again. I just miss Gram so much…
  • If I could turn back time, maybe… maybe I would do things differently…


Can dead people be revived?
Can you revive a dead person?
  • Whoever or whatever you are, dead is dead. Nothing can change that.
  • Hmm… I remember it clearly: some lost souls were complaining about being dead. Gram scolded them harshly… He yelled, “Shut the hell up and get back in line, or I’ll make you suffer!” I still remember how well those lost souls behaved after that…
  • Well, being alive again is out of the question, but you can still live in Hellheim, which isn’t so bad… When the time comes, I’ll find you a nice spot in Hellheim!
  • Hmm… if Gram is right and we can be revived, what do we need Hellheim for??


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Can you dish up some great gossip about the Eidolons?
  • Vayu and Gram look so alike… Only Vayu is whiter… Hmm… Do you know where we could find some black dye?
  • Alucard and Vayu are both dragons, but they look so different. I guess I like Vayu better, because he looks like Gram!
  • I like Endora… Her blonde hair is amazing! Justine is also super-cute. Too bad Endora never lets me touch her…
  • Shirayuki, from the Winter Lands? I wonder how she tastes… Maybe like a snowman?


I heard you have two brothers?
Do you have any siblings?
  • I have three siblings. The oldest is Ayako, the second-oldest is Jormungand, and Gram is like a brother as well!
  • Fenrir loves training with Gram. But every time they do, they leave Hellheim a mess. Fortunately, Jormungand always shows up and makes sure Fenrir cleans up. Jormungand is the best! Whenever Fenrir gets into trouble, Jormungand is there for him.
  • And don’t forget Gram – he’s also my brother. Gram always says he’s just a servant. But in my heart, he is my brother!
  • Sometimes I wish I had a sister too… Don’t let my two brothers know about that… They might get upset.


You and crows both like shiny things.
Why do you and crows share the same interest?
  • An Eidolon once made similar comments… My two brothers happened to hear the comments, and invited him over for a chat. Strangely, I haven’t seen that Eidolon since…
  • Sadly, there are no crows in Hellheim… Could crows be the same as carrion birds? But carrion birds don’t like shiny things…
  • I feel a strange kinship with crows. I have lots of shiny things I could share with them!
  • Shiny things are the best! Don’t you agree?


What are the duties of the Netherworld Queen?
What does the Netherworld Queen do?
  • Hmm… Manage Hellheim, deal with the Lost Souls, serve the oldest and second-oldest brothers, go out and enjoy the view… Uh, I think the last few don’t count. Oops!
  • Sigh… the lost souls are always so dark and gloomy. They’re not pretty at all. Watching at lost souls all day is pretty boring.
  • When Gram was around, I’d just go for a walk and he’d find me. But Gram is gone. I really miss him…
  • Hellheim without Gram is so big and gloomy…


You're pretty skilled!
What sort of training do you do?
  • Normally, Gram helps me train. I don’t know why, but every time we train, he always wears a lot of heavy-looking equipment. I always help him take off the equipment after we’re done, and he always looks at me gratefully.
  • I used to have Gram to train with. Sadly, he’s gone now…
  • At first, I trained with my second-oldest brother. After awhile he got too busy, so I trained with my oldest brother. But then my oldest brother also said he was too busy, so I started training with Gram. Well, even though my brothers are both busy, they still visit me a lot!
  • Sigh… my brothers are even more skilled than I am! Every time we train together, they always let me win. I think they just do it to make me happy. They’ve always been so nice to me. I love them both!


What would you do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we separated?
  • Hmm… Go back to Hellheim? I don’t know…
  • Don’t worry, I’m sure we will meet again. Why? Because all dead people come to Hellheim. I will be waiting for you.
  • I have to visit my second-oldest brother first, then my oldest brother. My father? He has so many rules – you can’t wear this, you can’t sit like that, you can’t this and that… Maybe I’ll visit my father next time…
  • Leaving… like how Gram left me? Forever? I don’t know… I really don’t know…

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