Aura Kingdom Amaterasu’s Q&A


What's your favorite weather?
What's your favorite season?
  • I’ve experienced all four seasons, and the one that left the deepest impression on me is Winter. Snow swirling through the air, everything covered in ice and frost. I feel as though time stands still in moments like that. I bet you prefer the brighter and warmer days of Spring and Summer! I guessed right, didn’t I? I knew it!
  • I’m normally pretty apathetic about the seasons and the weather, but I do hate those rainy days. I heard that the Fiery Angel isn’t a big fan of rainy days either, but at least the raindrops don’t affect the Divine Flame… That’s interesting… Perhaps I should learn more about the Divine Flame from the Fiery Angel!
  • The seasons? I prefer when there’s a balance between hot and cold, and I can’t stand the wind and rain. You think that I’m too picky? No, I think that you just don’t even care about that. Yep.
  • It’s always sunny as long as I’m around. I am Amaterasu after all. Haha!


What do you do in your free time?
How do you like to kick back and relax?
  • I’m usually too busy to just relax… Yes.
  • I’m busy learning new things and assembling equipment. I’ll go and fine Kusanagi whenever I’ve got some free time. I’m really concerned that the Spirit of the Sword is in the mortal world!
  • I spoke to the Eidolon in the Eidolon Menu and I heard some interesting things… Yes. For instance… Bealdor seems to have a crush on Hel… What?! How did you already know!?
  • I’m occasionally visited by the Spirit of the Sword and it tells me some interesting things… Yes. For example, Gretel once accidentally blew up her house when she tried baking an apple pie… Ah! Make sure to keep it a secret. She seems to have told her brother that it was blown up by the Divine Flame…


Are you a good fighter?
Do you like to fight?
  • I’m not much of a fighter, but during a battle… I’m definitely not going to lose to anyone!
  • Fighting? I know a lot about fighting! There was a time when I had a long fight against Typhon… You must realize that it’s a life or death fight. Even with a huge advantage, you can never let your guard down! I won because Typhon was careless.
  • Why do you ask? Do you need my help? Of course I can help you. It’ll be an honor. Yes.
  • Are you telling me that you’re not good at that? I see. But I always thought that you were very strong… Or are there lots of people who are stronger than you? Haha! That’s impossible!


What are your thoughts on life?
What about death?
  • Life is like fire, when the oxygen is used up, the fire dies! Yes. But what I love about humans is that they do their best to shine during their short lifespans.
  • I have seen so much throughout my lifetime, but I have no idea what happens when you die. Yes.
  • Since you’re asking me, are you worried about death? You shouldn’t worry. You will die in glory.
  • Alternatively, you could try to live up to my age! Haha!


How does one deal with a powerful enemy?
What's the best strategy for dealing with a powerful enemy?
  • Don’t worry! Just say my name and he won’t dare hurt you! …? Not many people in Terra know that I… In that case… Nevermind! We have to face the enemy straightaway! We can beat anyone if we stick together! Yes.
  • Never show your fear to the enemy. I will always be there to protect you. But… If things take a turn for the worst… It’ll all be up to you… Haha! Just joking! Yes.
  • Able to survive under the rays of Helonia? I don’t believe such a creature exists. Yes. You’re truly one of a kind! Yes. Haha!
  • I’m here to protect you. Control your fear and never give up! If we work together and fight, we are invincibile.


Tell me about Candetonn Hill.
Do you know Candetonn Hill?
  • Is there anything I don’t know? I am Amaterasu… Yes. There’s nothing that I haven’t heard of. So, what are you asking?
  • Candetonn Hill? That’s a very normal question. But for someone who just arrived in Terra, there are bound to be things that I can’t be too sure about. Perhaps you can enlighten me about this Candetonn Hill that you’ve mentioned.
  • That place contains some mysterious powerful energy, even I can feel it from afar… But I still have no idea about how to go about investigating the source of that energy. Perhaps I need to use the Power of Gaia that you were talking about.
  • There is an ancient magical power there, but my own power isn’t strong enough to investigate the mystery behind it… And yet I am able to feel the effects of this power on the world. How mysterious…


Do you know what the Cube of Gaia is?
What's the Cube of Gaia?
  • Thanks to the Cube of Gaia, I am able to use my power here on Terra. It must be fate that this mysterious power has brought me to you. Yes.
  • Even if I cannot find out the origin of that mysterious power… Where do we come from and why are we even here? I don’t have a single clue about this. Do you know anything about it?
  • Oh? If you know anything, could you tell me? No matter how much knowledge I have acquired, there are bound to be many things in this world that I don’t know. Yes.
  • Since we’re talking about the Cube of Gaia, I remember having had a fight against Typhon a long time ago. I caught a glimpse of what seemed to be something like the Energized Crystal from the Cube of Gaia within his body… Very interesting… Yes.


What can we do to help people in need?
To help the people in need...
  • I’ve heard there’s an organization called the Mirabelle Association… The group gathers requests from people in need all over the world. I’m also very interested in that. Yes.
  • You are a kind soul! Me too! I knew it! Though helping people in need is important, don’t forget to take good care of yourself.
  • I didn’t know that you could be so kind and generous… Isn’t that what is called “going the extra mile”? Or… you are just doing it for the benefits? Ah! Don’t tell me I’ve always been wrong about you!
  • I will help you if you are in a tight spot! Provided that the sun shines there! Hahaha! Yes, yes. Just kidding. Yes.


Do you have your own Guardian Knight?
Do you know of the Guardian Knights?
  • Aren’t… YOU… my Guardian Knight…?
  • Guardian Knights… Don’t tell me that you do not have one? In this case, I am willing to be your very own knight… Yes.
  • Guardian Knights… A very interesting system, truly. I heard that once you have established a protective relationship with someone, there will be tasks that require both of you to complete… But this is just hearsay. I think it would be good for you to try it out!
  • There’s something I’ve always been curious about… don’t the knights have something to ride? Don’t tell me that the Guardian Knights ride on one of the guardian soldiers… Haha, just kidding! Yes.


What are the benefits of joining a guild?
Tell me some tips about guilds.
  • I heard that humans will join this type of organization and lead a life of helping one another. If you think you are lonely or need help, join a guild!
  • I don’t quite understand why the humans gather there… Maybe it is a good place to make friends? Do you lack friends?
  • All guilds will have their own territory, where the merchants come and settle from all over the world. Yes. Sometimes I wish that other Eidolon would go there to visit and challenge the guilds… These Eidolon love to fight…
  • Are you saying you don’t have your own guild? That’s shocking…


What does Amaterasu usually do?
What does your job involve?
  • Illuminating the Land of Sun and spreading light, warmth and peace. Hmm? Aelius and Bealdor are also… Why do you compare me to those children?
  • Protecting people in need, that is my job.
  • What about you? What’s your job? What do you usually do? Haha! I am very interested in your questions… Yes.
  • Humans tend to see things in a similar way. What do you think?


The story about three cultural relics.
Could you tell me about the cultural relics?
  • You’re asking this question, and that means you must have known about these things! Guess what the three cultural relics are.
  • Hmm… One of them is Kusanagi! Just speaking about this makes me miss her again… Ah! Never tell her what I said! Otherwise I’ll be angry! Yes. Otherwise I’ll be angry! Yes.
  • Kusanagi, the Sacred Mirror, Yasakani no Magatama… These are the three cultural relics… Haha! I’ve always brought them but never checked the numbers. I’m so clumsy!
  • Hmm. Instead of talking about my cultural relics, let’s talk about your weapons! You’re very skilled in handling weapons… Have you been practicing since you were young?


learn to imitate how other Eidolon speak!
Could you imitate other Eidolon?
  • Aelius is nothing but a despicable, shameless… I don’t want to meet him! Haha! I have some experience in imitating that lunar hare! Hmm? Serena isn’t who you think… Hahaha! Really?
  • I have had this power ever since I was born. The power is above all living creatures. Haha… the snake has lots of self-confidence, but when it comes to acquiring power, there can be no doubts. If you say so… but I think that the snake has to submit itself to Helonia before I do. Yes.
  • Me? Why imitate me? What is it that you do not understand about me?
  • You… Are you joking? I’m not just some three-year old kid! Yes.


Your relationship with Kusanagi?
How are you related to Kusanagi?
  • Haha! You actually know about me… Scary! Kusanagi and I have known each other for a long time… Even before that girl was born. This story might go on for days.
  • Kusanagi? The girl used to be evil! Yes. Inheriting Yamato no Orochi’s evil character, knowing only of violence…
  • Haha! Kusanagi isn’t just my sword, she’s also the child that I’m most proud of! Yes.
  • Do you know?! What do you think of Kusanagi? Cute? Charming? Humorous? But… It doesn’t matter how much you like her, You will never be allowed to marry Kusanagi! NEVER!


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about other Eidolons.
  • Want to know the secret behind the Divine Flame Angel’s wings? Haha! I’d never have imagined that you gossip so much… I’ve heard that the wings were originally white, but they changed color for some reason… Hmm? The relationship with Bealdor and Alucard? I think you’re a bit odd… Yes.
  • Hansel is a boy that loves his younger sister, and behaves like an older brother! But I don’t get along well with Tsukuyomi… Don’t you have siblings too?
  • Diao Chan comes from the magical east, Vermilion comes from the southern sky, while Shirayuki comes from the cold north… Hmm. I am starting to get a bit curious… There must be some mysterious place to the west. Yes.
  • Kaiser Zeta… That child is still so rash. If you have time, you should remind him! If he loses something again… There’s nothing I can say about it… Yes.


Your catchphrase...
Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • Ah! That’s too much! How dare you poke fun of me! That’s something I picked up a long time ago, I can’t just change it… That’s why… Yes! Don’t make fun of me! Yes!
  • Do you have problem with my way of speaking?! It’s not that I’m soft-tempered. Yes. I shall forgive you this time round, but if you do it again, I’ll make sure you regret it!
  • What?! You actually discovered my catchphrase… Don’t try to spread it around or make fun of it! If Kusanagi knows that still can’t get away with my catchphrase, she will laugh at me!
  • Hahaha! I don’t quite understand it, but what is it? Y… you! Oh… no! You can’t make fun of Amaterasu, or I’ll be angry!


Who's Tsukuyomi?
Do you have an older brother?
  • Let me think… Are you referring to that rude, violent, unreasonable, no-sense-of-courtesy-having Tsukuyomi? Don’t talk to me about him! I’ll never accept an older brother like that!
  • If I represent the Land of Sun, then Tsukuyomi is the Land of Moon, but I really don’t think Tuskuyomi takes good care of that Land of the “Midnight Snacks”… Har, har, har…
  • Planning on replacing me already? Just tell me who it is! Who’s better than me?
  • Tsukuyomi… Tsukuyomi… Yes, I do know him. We used to be as one before I was born. How are you related to him?


Do you know Aelius?
Do you know Bealdor?
  • Hmm. It’s not that you shouldn’t ask this question, but he and I are not on the same leve. Hahaha!
  • Aelius the Knight of the Sun and Bealdor the Bringer of Light? That’s interesting! Before I came here, I never noticed if there were any other rays of light in the sky!
  • Of course I know… He’s a good child!
  • Hmm. Why would you think that I wouldn’t know this?


You have a very special weapon.
I've never seen anything like it before.
  • Interested in my Sacred Mirror? You have quite a good eye. Yes. I wish I could lend it to you, but the mirror will revert to its original size once it’s out of my reach, and that could destroy Navea in an instant! Yes.
  • My Sacred Mirror can illuminate things! The lights can illuminate the entirety of Midgard. Yes.
  • The Sacred Mirror can show the ugly side of humanity. Do you want to try it too? Eh? What’s that? No? Haha! Are you guilty of something?
  • The Sacred Mirror contains another world. Yes. What you see in the mirror world will be the direct opposite of our reality. For instance, your alter ego in the mirror world… Would they be someone who is bent on destruction?


Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?
What would you do if we had to say goodbye?
  • Even if I am not by your side, the rays of Helonia will bless you.
  • I haven’t thought much about it… Unless you’ve had enough of me. I can’t pretend that I didn’t hear that. Yes.
  • I don’t think you will give up on this place so easily. Are you a weakling? Besides me, you have me as reinforcement!
  • I believe that I can make my own decisions, so you will not leave this place in this shape. I can see the world, hope, and future in your eyes.

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