Aura Kingdom Alucard’s Q&A


Do you have a preference in food?
What do you like to eat?
  • Don’t worry about it – human food doesn’t really work for me.
  • I don’t like the creatures with scales – it reminds me of my dragon form.
  • Whatever you offer me, I will gladly accept.
  • You don’t like fish? Good, I don’t like fish either.


What's your strongest memory?
What's your most unforgettable experience?
  • Meeting you!
  • I once met someone who made me understand the meaning of life. He promised me we’d will go on an adventure together when he grew up. But human beings are just too weak – he got sick and died, and we never got to travel together.
  • Compared to you and other humans, I’ve lived such a long time. Time takes away a lot of things: youth, vigor, life… and memory. A lot of things that you thnk you’ll remember forever are eventually forgotten.
  • I can clearly remember your face when you first saw me as a dragon!


What do I do when I run into a strong enemy?
Tell me the best strategy for facing a powerful enemy.
  • Ha! Not many people dare fight me. I wouldn’t worry about it!
  • Whatever kind of enemy, I will fight by your side.
  • With me here, why worry?
  • This reminds me of the first time we fought together… I was surprised, because your skills are the best I’ve ever seen in a human.


Do you have a favorite animal?
What do you think of animals?
  • All creatures are the same to me.
  • Humans are complicated creatures. They have the potential to do such good or evil. Humans… they’re never boring.
  • Animals just do their thing – they don’t care what I think.
  • I’ve seen humans feed and care for animals sometimes. These creatures lose their wild nature, and become tame. Is that what humans like? I just don’t get it.


What do you think it means to be powerful?
What is strength to you?
  • Power? My whole existence is power!
  • Ever since I was born, I’ve been the most powerful of creatures. Power is me. I am power.
  • The law of the jungle: kill or be killed.
  • Humans believe that power is not only in the body, but also in the heart and soul. A human told me this once. Do you agree?


What are your thoughts on the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium?
What do you think of the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium?
  • Terra is a blessed place. The way Terra changes over time makes it very beautiful.
  • Pandemonium… is similar to a place I once lived.
  • I heard that there are angels and creatures with white wings in the Aura Kingdom. White wings… something I hate also has white wings… …something covering up a massacre, all in the name of justice…
  • Compared to those in the Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium, the creatures of Terra are tiny. But the creatures in Terra give off the most dazzling light.


What do you think the Cube of Gaia is?
Tell me about the Cube of Gaia.
  • … You don’t know what Cube of Gaia is? That’s surprising… Your knowledge of things seems a bit shaky!
  • I heard that this dimension was created by the Cube of Gaia. This makes me very curious. If the Cube doesn’t have consciousness, how does it make life? Or maybe someone used the Cube of Gaia to create the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium…
  • It’s made of powerful energy. It takes a strong being to bear this energy.
  • This mysterious Cube of Gaia… its energy feels familiar. Perhaps the Cube of Gaia is from my dimension.


What's it like in Navea?
What do you think about Navea?
  • It’s a place where many different races live together. It’s easily the biggest city in Terra.
  • The city isn’t that big, but it’s filled with creatures from all the races of Terra. I admire the tolerance that the inhabitants of Terra show to each other.
  • Whatever I say would just be an outsider’s perspective. Why not go and see for yourself?
  • It’s a lively place filled with fascinating creatures. I can’t remember ever seeing a more vital city.


What can you tell me about PvP?
Tell me about the Arena.
  • It’s a place where humans fight each other and rank themselves.
  • The Arena made me see that humans are a contradictory race. They all say they want peace, but they enjoy fighting as well.
  • It’s a place where humans test their battle skills and fight each other. You should go have a look. Hone your skills and practice with others – you might learn something!
  • Even with all the enemies around, humans are still fond of fighting each other. For as long as I’ve been watching humans, I still don’t understand them.


What's the point of joining a guild?
What are your thoughts on guilds?
  • Guilds are human organizational groups. They’re a good way to meet people. If you feel like being more social, you should join a guild.
  • Weak creatures always form groups to help each other get through life.
  • Human organizations… I barely pay attention to them. I heard that Eidolons appear in Guild Manor, but only at certain times. I’m very curious to learn more about this.
  • Instead of listening to me, why not join a guild and see for yourself?


Where are you from?
Tell me a bit about where you're from.
  • You’ve asked me this question before. Perhaps you’ve forgotten? It was in a different dimension, where I had a different appearance.
  • If you’re talking about the place I was born, it’s a hard place for the weak to survive. Only the powerful can survive in such a hostile environment, where you’re always under attack. My hometown seems a lot like Pandemonium in this dimension.
  • You might still not know that I am not from this dimension. I traveled through many dimensions searching for you.
  • The most significant difference of my dimension is that it has five realms. Heaven, Earth, Humans, Demons and Monsters… The creatures in different realms have agreed on mutual nonaggression.


Your weapon is awesome!
Would you like to introduce your weapon?
  • This is my other half. It’s called “Domesday”.
  • The blade in my right hand can cut through space. I came to this dimension with its help.
  • The blade in my left hand can cut through time, and lets me travel to different eras.
  • Ha! You seem to like my other half. But your human body can’t handle the power, so you’d better not touch me!


Do you prefer human or dragon form?
What's your favorite form to take?
  • Dragons are too big to move around freely. If I need to move quickly, it’s better to be in human form.
  • The dragon incarnation you’ve seen is not my true form. My real dragon incarnation is immense – as big as Navea!
  • Dragon form is best when the situation calls for power. This is the form I was in when I was born.
  • Whatever form I take, it’s all me – like it or not!


What's the reason you came to Terra?
Why did you come to Terra?
  • I’m here to find someone. To fulfill a promise I made.
  • The person I’m seeking says, “immortality is pain.” Time exists only in Terra. That’s why I’m here.
  • I once promised a child that we would go on adventures together. We never went on our adventure – the child died while still young. I need to find the child’s reincarnation and fulfill my promise.
  • Dragons take promises very seriously, which is why it’s rare for them to make promises. I have made a promise to someone, and I’m here to fulfill it.


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Can you dish up some great gossip about the Eidolons?
  • The first time I saw Kaiser Zeta, I thought he was just like the robots made by the Dwarves. I was surprised to find that he thought and acted just like a human. I wonder how Daedalus was able to make such a human-like robot.
  • Every time I see Serif, I think about you at that age. When I first met you, you were the age Serif is now.
  • Even after all this time, Hel still has the innocence of a child. Even I can’t stop the erosion of time… It makes me admire her.
  • I feel a great kinship with Bealdor. I used to be hot-blooded like him…


Is it doomsday already?
I've heard you only appear on doomsday... I hope that's not true!
  • Don’t worry about it – it’s just a rumor.
  • Ha! When I was younger, many considered me an incarnation of doomsday. But that’s all in the past. People are dazed and confused when they’re young. I was no different.
  • What, you actually believe those rumors?
  • To some of my foes, I’m doomsday indeed.


I've heard that you're looking for someone.
Are you looking for someone?
  • Oh? Are you offering to help? Thanks for your kindness, but I’ve already found the person I was looking for.
  • Your appearance may have changed, but the color of your soul hasn’t. You still look like you did when we first met. I’m very happy.
  • Yes, but I’ve already found that person. And that person is in front of me right now.
  • I came to Terra to find that person’s reincarnation and fulfill my promise.


When you change form, where do your clothes go?
What happens to your clothes when you turn into a dragon?
  • Ha… Next time I change form, you must watch carefully.
  • I’m the pride of my clan. My form and appearance change together. When I’m incarnated as a human, I wear clothes. When I appear as a dragon, I wear armor.
  • Ha… No matter how old you are, you always ask the same questions. The first time I met you, you’d just turned 10, and you asked the same question.
  • Ha… Instead of asking me so many questions, why don’t you find out for yourself? It’s much more fun.


How old are you?
I hear you've been around for a long time...
  • Ha… In terms of human life, yes, I’ve lived for an extremely long time.
  • By the standards of my clan, I’m still young – barely an adult. Our kind don’t have many children, and I’ve never seen another clan like ours.
  • The life expectancy of my clan is very long compared to most creatures. We sometimes wake from a dream to find that several hundred years have passed.
  • The life expectancy of my clan is extremely long compared to most creatures. As a result, we try not to get involved with others. Imagine waking up to find all your friends had died. It’s a terrible feeling.


What would you do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we separated?
  • Destiny may tear us apart, but it may also bring us together yet again.
  • Without you, I have no reason to be here. I would leave this place and return to my home.
  • Don’t worry too much about it – you’ll find out soon.
  • Don’t worry. I will always be with you, until the day you die.

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