Aura Kingdom Alessa’s Q&A


What do you like to do for fun?
How do you usually kill time?
  • I adore exercising! It’s so good for your health, don’t you agree?
  • I just love moving as fast as I can! As long as you push yourself, it is so easy to forget all your worries!
  • Hehe! That’s a good question! My answer is, of course, exercise!
  • I just love to fly! You should come with me next time!


What is your favorite food?
What do you normally eat?
  • Not carrots. I’m normally not that picky, but please don’t confuse me with a normal pony!
  • Hmm… what do I like to eat… A nice, crisp salad is always pretty tasty.
  • Grass shoots with morning dew are my absolute favorite! They taste even better after a good run!
  • One can never have too much fiber and vitamins in their diet. As such, I love fresh picked vegetables and fruits!


What do you dislike?
What kind of things do you hate?
  • Hypocritical people are just annoying. Why can’t they stop?
  • I really hate liars. How wonderful this world would be if we all stopped lying.
  • Sin in the name of virtue is like poisoned sugar – it’s sweet, but still fatal. False righteousness is absolutely unforgivable!
  • The most annoying thing is when I’m outside and it starts to rain all of a sudden… My mane becomes such a mess, and it takes forever to fix. Ugh.


What do you think friends are for?
What do you think of friendship?
  • Friendship is like a flower with light fragrance – a pleasant, long-lasting scent.
  • Friends should care for each other. You already knew this though, right?
  • Friendship is a wonderful, but elusive, thing. It’s rare, and, if you miss it, it may never come back to you. So, make sure you cherish your friendships!
  • Lovers and family can also make good friends. Such a connection can never be imitated.


What do you think justice is?
What is justice to you?
  • Justice is praising the good and punishing the evil.
  • Justice means no favoritism and no impropriety.
  • Justice is like my Horn of Judgement. It will not forgive sin!
  • People like you, with a full sense of right and wrong, are already the best embodiment of justice!


Let's talk about the other races.
What do you know about some of the other races?
  • This world is very large, with so many different kinds of life! Don’t assume that every other race is just like Humans!
  • The Makar are very proud, and look down on everybody else. I’m not very good at getting along with them.
  • The Dwarves have developed some amazing technology! No other race can match them!
  • Gnomes may not look very impressive, but they’ll ruin you if you underestimate them.


Where do you like to vacation?
Tell me of some good tourist spots.
  • Many fierce monsters live north of Midgard. Oh, wait, you asked about GOOD sightseeing locations….
  • Is the Silverash Shore at the Helonia Coast really made of silvery ash? I’d really like to see it!
  • I would love to take a stroll through the forest near Port Skandia.
  • Shopping in Navea certainly satisfies even the pickiest consumer! With such a large business district – and an auction house! – you can definitely buy quality goods.


I would like to know about skills.
Please tell me about skills.
  • As you gain levels, you’ll gradually learn new skills!
  • The Bard’s healing skills are really helpful, especially for adventures!
  • You can learn new Masteries when you conclude contracts with Eidolons.
  • Some monsters may have weak attacks, but they can still surprise you!


What good is a backpack?
Please tell me what to use my backpack for.
  • You can disassemble useless equipment into Fragments.
  • Every competent adventurer should have a durable backpack to carry their loot in.
  • If you run out of room in your backpack, you can always buy a bigger one from the Item Mall.
  • You can use the Automatic Stacking function of your backpack to quickly organize it.


Let's talk about equipment.
What do you know about weapons and armor?
  • The Sword and Shield works for both offense and defense. They are very reliable during an encounter.
  • The equipment you buy from the store has a chance to include an enchantment!
  • Those who use Dual Pistols can shoot in two different directions at once. I think that’s amazing!
  • As long as the same equipment is fortified, its strength will improve.


How do you keep your hair so soft and silky?
Can you give me some tips on how to keep my hair looking great?
  • Hmm, my hair is quite shiny! I’m so glad you noticed! I feel proud for having such beautiful hair. It makes me happy every time I feel the breeze roll through it.
  • The key to great hair is diligence! I spend a lot of time on it each and every day. That’s why it looks as good as it does.
  • Ah, you are not the first one to notice my gorgeous hair. The last person to praise my locks wanted to open a salon in my name!
  • Let me give you some advice: wash your hair every morning and let it air dry. You’ll definitely see results!


What is the purpose of your horn?
What are some of your horn's abilities?
  • Despite what my family may say, my horn is not used to dry clothes! So, next time you’re doing laundry while I’m around, don’t even think about it!
  • Its main function is to pass fair justice to all under trial.
  • Sometimes, when I walk in the dark, my horn will shine, making it easy to move in the proper direction!
  • Sometimes my horn will glow on its own, out of my control. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wondered if my horn is its own entity.


I wonder what it feels like to fly.
What is it like to soar through the clouds so freely?
  • It’s a shame that you can’t fly. It looks easy, but it’s actually quite difficult to master!
  • Once you get down the basic mechanics, flying is a breeze! It’s…hard to explain, though.
  • The only thing that makes me happier than flying is running. I love the exhilaration of a good gallop. Oh wait, I guess I fly and run at the same time…
  • People ask me all the time how I can fly without wings. I don’t understand why they would even ask that. I mean, isn’t it obvious?


Let's talk about your thoughts on responsibility.
What is your drive in life?
  • Responsibility? I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for such a serious discussion.
  • Well, have you ever pondered about your place in this world? Perhaps now is a good time to give it some thought!
  • Everyone has responsibilities and obligations; that’s a fact of life. No matter what your purpose in life is, the most important thing to do is to make the most out of each and every day.
  • To me, properly representing divine glory in the justice I carry out makes each day meaningful. That is my purpose in this world.


Let's chat about your fondness for running.
What's it like to run so freely?
  • Running is not just a physical exercise, but an emotional one as well. When I want to get away from it all, I just take off, letting my physical pace match the rhythm of my heart!
  • If galloping leaves you exhausted, then you have not realized its full healing potential.
  • Galloping with all you have is so invigorating! I feel fortunate that I’m able to enjoy it so much.
  • When you keep at your fastest pace, everything around you is a blur, freeing your mind from distractions. You focus on your racing heart, your pounding soul, your thoughts clearer than they’ve ever been!


What do you know about some of the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about one of the other Eidolons!
  • Oh, so you’re in the mood for some gossip? Let me share a few stories with you…
  • It’s always nice talking with Grimm. He speaks with such vitality! It’s too bad that he can get childish at times. Every once in a while it’s funny, but usually it’s just annoying.
  • Serif is a very reliable fighter. He’s so agile and nimble; I can always count on him when I’m in a bind. One of these days, I’m going to ask him for some combat advice.
  • There’s this… intensity about Merrilee that always makes me feel a bit nervous…


What do you think is better about having four legs?
Is there anything special about your horse shoes?
  • You know, you’re the first one to ask me anything about my wonderful hooves. Why is that?
  • I suppose the only real benefit about having four legs is that you run a lot faster.
  • My hoofbeat clops like the hammer of a gavel, thrumming the pace of justice! Perhaps I should become a poet! Do you agree?
  • I run three times faster than the fastest normal horse! Isn’t that amazing? I think so! O-oh, my proof? Hmm, well, I don’t have that on me right now, but I’ll show it to you later…


What do you think about while we're fighting together?
What do you think about fighting?
  • I always think about how lucky I am to fight at your side. It is my greatest honor.
  • Senseless violence only brings hurt and shame. Unfortunately, life flourishing without the need for defense is unavoidable. It’s a necessary evil, I suppose. Such a pity.
  • I dislike fighting; so much pain and sorrow comes from it. However, I will not hesitate to use Holy Skewer if it’s to defend against evil!
  • If it’s for you and justice, I will give my all with every fight!


Tell me about your armor.
What do you think about wearing armor?
  • Children seem to love my head gear with its bright colors! It makes me chuckle to think about someone else trying to wear my armor.
  • My gold armor is my favorite for defense. That and my agility are what protect me from major harm.
  • My armor is so light! That’s why I can move so freely. Imagine how much faster I could run without all this gear on!
  • Some people say I look better without the armor. Do you agree?


If you and I were separated...
What would happen to you if we ever parted ways?
  • Can we not talk about this? It’s so sad!
  • If we were ever to truly, permanently separate from each other, I would probably disappear from this world.
  • If I were to disappear, please don’t be sad. My spirit will always be with you.
  • On the day we part, I want you to know that I wish you happiness.

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