Aura Kingdom Aelius’ Q&A


What are your thoughts on family?
What does family mean to you?
  • No one knows you better than family. Not only do they support you, but they are the most important people in your life.
  • I consider anyone that cares about me and anyone I cherish to be family.
  • You should really trust your family. Regardless of their faults, they always have your best interests at heart.
  • Family are those who you will never betray, no matter what.


What kind of weather do you like?
What kind of weather makes you feel most at ease?
  • I adore those warm, sunny days. Nothing graces the land with such tender warmth like hearty sunshine. Such days inspire me to strum a little tune, sing the joys of love and laughter, and relax.
  • The breeze on a brisk autumn day is like a waltz – comforting and invigorating.
  • I feel most content under a clear blue sky. The sun blankets the landscape in unflawed, comforting warmth.
  • I dislike the rain. Storm clouds blot out the sky like a cloak over my heart.


Are you an effective liar?
How good are you at deception?
  • If you can successfully lie to yourself, then you can successfully lie to anyone. However, if you cannot trust yourself, who in this world can you trust?
  • A person’s mood gives clues to their heart. Pleasantries always offer plenty of distraction. A person that succumbs to your flattery is like putty in your hands.
  • Lying always turns against you in the end. Why would you want to learn more about it? Instead, why not be truthful? Sometimes it takes more skill and courage to say what is really on your mind.
  • I told a lie once, to someone dear to me. If only I knew how much that lie would hurt her…


Do you like to shop?
Do you like to go shopping with people?
  • I am indifferent about shopping. To me, it is a necessity best performed at a leisurely pace.
  • I don’t mind shopping with others, but I typically do such a thing by myself.
  • Usually others will not shop with me, not the other way around. I radiate too much heat. It makes others around me too uncomfortable.
  • I used to go shopping all the time with someone quite dear to me…


Have you ever joined any clubs?
What is your experience in community service?
  • I was once part of an orchestra. Oh, those lively days… At that time, we were… modestly famous.
  • My role in the orchestra was playing the harp. I’m normally not one to boast, but I do recall my music compelling even small animals to dance…
  • I was lead harp in my orchestra, and was even a part-time conductor. Every time I was chosen to conduct, our performance was a hit.
  • It would bring me great joy to play the harp for an orchestra again someday.


What do you think is special about the Altar of the Moon?
What do you know about the Altar of the Moon?
  • The Crescent Gem to which the Altar of the Moon is consecrated has enough power to unravel the seal. The land’s history is plagued with battles between tribes vying for that Gem.
  • Perhaps this is just my selfish, but I’ve always liked to imagine that the Altar of the Moon could one day return my sister to me.
  • Every year, Lunarin throws a magical little celebration at the Altar of the Moon. Aside from receiving the blessings of ancient warriors departed, they share energy with every resident of the village.
  • Perhaps the Cube of Gaia took special care with this place while creating the world. It would explain why the Power of Gaia saturates the Altar of the Moon.


Do you know anything about rare elite monsters?
What advice do you have about rare elite monsters?
  • Rare elite monsters are stronger than normal monsters, thus tougher to defeat. Defeating one of them requires a bit of skill.
  • Despite how difficult it is to defeat rare elite monsters, there is a benefit in it. There is a much greater chance to obtain very rewarding items from them.
  • Garrison members are stationed at every village. They oversee the demise of rare elite monsters. Simply report your kill to one of these garrison members, and you will receive a generous reward.
  • So many monsters roam the lands these days, including rare elite monsters. As such, if you see someone struggling with a rare elite, do your best to lend a hand!


What do you know about point allocation?
Give me some advice about point allocation.
  • Investing your Attack Points to SPD can effectively shorten casting time with certain skills.
  • There are no restrictions to attack point allocation. Use them where it best suits you!
  • Allocating your Defense Points to HP is an effective way to increase your HP!
  • There are no conditions to resetting your points. Freely play around with your stats to what best suits you!


Do you know anything about Set Bonuses?
I would like some info on Set Bonuses.
  • Collect and equip matching set gear. When you have a full set, you unlock special abilities!
  • Gear of the same set will be labeled with the same name.
  • You can find gear of the same set in a general store. Feel free to purchase them at level.
  • Nothing is more bothersome than knowing you are one piece away from gaining a full set bonus!


Can you give me some advice about dungeons?
What do you know about dungeons?
  • Daily raiding times are limited, so be sure to come prepared before entering.
  • Keep in mind that monsters in dungeons are much more difficult to defeat than ones out in the world. I wish you luck!
  • There is a chance to obtain very good, rare items from defeating monsters in dungeons. I find this quite enticing.
  • There are few things that bring more joy than surviving a dungeon to its end.


Have you ever slept in?
How do you normally wake up in the morning?
  • Lately, I rise as the sun just begins to peek over the horizon. Do you find this unusual?
  • I can proudly say that I’ve never wasted a day by sleeping in.
  • I tend to rise earlier in the summer and later in the winter.
  • There are times when I actually wish I could sleep a little longer, but I don’t think that’s possible. I can’t imagine missing a sunrise, to not start my day with such glory.


Do you have any regrets?
What is one thing in your life you wish you could change?
  • Everyone harbors regrets in their hearts. It’s how one deals with those regrets that’s important. I’m certain that you, too, have done something you’ve regretted.
  • Dwelling over regret is rather pointless; you can’t take such actions back. Instead, it is best to learn from those mistakes to prevent similar situations from occurring again.
  • Please forgive me, my sister…
  • I’d… rather not discuss this right now…


What instrument do you play the best?
What is your favorite instrument?
  • I can play many different instruments, but I am best at the harp.
  • Every time I brush my fingers against those harp strings, surrounding animals stop to listen, transfixed by such beautiful sound. Just thinking about it soothes my heart.
  • I excel at the harp, an instrument with its origins in my hometown. What is truly astonishing about the harp is that you can use it as both an instrument of music and an instrument of war.
  • I sigh with both heart and soul whenever I hear melancholy sounds from a harp.


Why do you cover your face?
Is there a reason why you don't show your face?
  • I have vowed to never show my face until I have fulfilled an oath I’ve set long ago. I will not remove this cowl until my oath is fulfilled.
  • Indeed, there is a reason behind this…
  • My crimson cloak symbolizes the blood oath I took long ago. It is a constant reminder of what I must fulfill.
  • I promise you, sister, I will find you…


What do you know about some of the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about one of the other Eidolons!
  • I’ve found Kotonoha to be quite charming, with a kind heart and a tender singing voice. I can understand why many are so fond of her.
  • I have heard that Yarnaros can manipulate poisons and that his greatest joy is flying.
  • Sigrun gains most of her power from the runes etched on her sword and shield. Her fighting prowess is like a raging snowstorm, such chilling efficiency.
  • Though Bel-Chandra’s dance is graceful and beautiful, every movement of her body brings forth thunder and destruction. I find it difficult to respect her talent because of that.


What goals do you have?
What do you want to achieve in life?
  • I have hurt someone very dear to me. I would like a chance to apologize to her and atone for my sins against her.
  • I will find her without a doubt. This is my ultimate goal.
  • I wish with all my heart that I can undo the mistakes I have made. I cannot think about or do anything else before I atone for those mistakes.
  • This world is full of people weighed down by remorse and regret. By shining sunlight into their hearts, I hope I can guide them from the darkness of despair.


Is your armor enchanted?
Why do you always wear that armor?
  • This armor brings forth the the light of healing.
  • This armor is forged from my repentance. It helps me bring warmth to this dark world.
  • This armor holds my sins around me like a heavy shackle. Only when I have finally washed away my sins will I be ale to shed this heavy burden.
  • These tainted hands carry too much blood to justify healing anyone with. Only through my armor can I mend the hearts and souls of others.


How hot do you get?
How hot do your flames get?
  • With maximum power, the heat that generates from me is comparable to the surface of the sun. Most enemies incinerate with that much heat.
  • Though my flame can melt stone, I cannot risk hurting someone with it. I use such heat only as a last resort.
  • Rather than burn, my flame soothes the soul, casting a light that chases away the darkness in one’s heart. This is my method of healing.
  • No matter how effective my flame is, it does nothing for personal matters of the heart.


What do you do at night?
How do you spend your evenings?
  • My sister rules the hours between sunset and sunrise. She only appears when the stars are out. I try to see her every night, but she always eludes me.
  • Nothing reminds me more of my biggest mistake in life than these long, dark nights.
  • I do my best to keep a tranquil peace of mind after sunset, but my thoughts always drift to a certain dark period of my past.
  • I do my best to reduce my body heat at night so as to not disrupt the balance of nature – the cooling of things after sunset.


If you and I were separated...
What would happen to you if we ever parted ways?
  • You are an outstanding Envoy of Gaia. As long as you continue to work hard and stay true to yourself, you’ll have the power to change the world. Should we ever part, I know that you will lead a glorious life.
  • After we part, I will travel the world, playing sweet melodies to those that will listen. It is my wish to deliver warmth to people’s hearts.
  • If such a time truly arrives, I will play music of utmost honor and respect in your name.
  • Should we part, I will continue to look for my sister. I will not cease until I can finally rest my eyes upon her and voice my words of apology.

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