How To Get Free Shark Mount

With the new features of the Housing System, you can now obtain exclusive shark mounts, a Move SPD +60% and a Move SPD +90% version. The steps are rather simple, but the whole process is very time consuming. Anyways, here is how you can get the shark mounts for free!


A quick preview on where you can find these mounts. In short, you can exchange them inside the Adventure Encyclopedia.



They are located under the Special Item tab, in the Special Reward category, among other items. Scroll down until you find them. Silverwave Shark and Great Ocean Shark are what you are looking for!






To exchange these shark mounts, you will need some Core of KnowledgeSilverwave Shark requires 10 Cores, and Great Ocean Shark requires 30 Cores. Sounds easy, right. Well, kind of, but not really! How do you get them? Here comes the process that is very time consuming.



First, let’s go through a Housing function quickly. No in-depth information regarding the Housing System is given here, that is intended for another guide!

Now, assuming that you have already unlocked the Housing function, you can enter a Farm, where you will be doing most of your hard work.



You will then be teleported to your Farm, Thousand Water Marsh. There you will find a few School of Fish, and a Cottage Fish; you don’t need to worry about it as for now, we will get to it soon!



Your main focus now is on the School of Fish. You can fish up Perch, Warrior Perch, Wise Perch and Noble Perch. They all contain various of items, including items that you can consume to increase your Housing Level. Of course, the Noble Perch has the item that is relevant.



By fishing up Noble Perch and opening it, you may obtain Crystal of Knowledge and Spirulina with Shrimp, among with other things.



Spirulina with Shrimp is the bait you need in the next step, so do not sell them! You will need to collect as many Crystal of Knowledge as you can for now, you will need them very soon! You should also be very careful handling them, because you can consume them to increase your Housing EXP; so be careful not to click on them accidentally!



After you have collected 10 of these Crystals, it is time to move on to the next step! Find the Anglers Anonymous Agent, Nidal near the lake, talk to her to exchange 10 Crystal of Knowledge for 1 Fish King Hatchling Bag. Be careful not to exchange for a normal Hatchling Bag in the first dialog, just navigate to the Next!



In the next dialog page, you can exchange for 3 different types of Fish King Hatchling Bags. They contain different levels of Fish King, but it does not matter which one you pick, unless you also want to fish up higher level Fish King.




Whichever you pick, as long as it is a Fish King Hatchling Bag, you will have a chance of receiving a Royal Perch Hatchling, which we will raise to Fish King. All of them have the same chance of getting the Royal Perch Hatchling!



Now it is time we use our Cottage Fish. Right click on the Cottage Fish, and a Hatchling window will open up. Insert the Royal Perch Hatchling you have just received to start growing it. Different types of Fish King require different times to grow, they usually take about 2 to 3 minutes to complete the growing process. For our Royal Perch, it is 3 minutes grow time.

Click on Fortify to begin the process, and come back after 3 minutes. During this time, you can leave the area, and even go offline. The Fish King will remain there when you come back.



When it is completed, you can now equip the bait Spirulina with Shrimp you have obtained earlier. Other baits will not work! Click on the Cottage Fish to open up the Fishing interface, and get ready to fish. Here you always have 3 Fish Kings, it is a fixed amount and applies to all types of Fish King.

Be careful not to click on the Release button, because then you will release your Fish King, and the counter will be reset to zero.



We are getting close! After you have fished up Royal Perch, open it and you have a chance of receiving a Core of Knowledge mentioned earlier!



Finally, repeat these steps until you acquire 10 or 30 Cores, depending which shark mount you are going for, and exchange them in the Adventure Encyclopedia!


To put this in short, you will need:

  1. Fish and open Noble Perch to obtain Crystal of Knowledge.
  2. Every 10 Crystal of Knowledge can be exchanged for 1 Fish King Hatchling Bag.
  3. Open the Fish King Hatchling Bag to obtain Royal Perch Hatchling.
  4. Each Royal Perch Hatchling spawns 3 Royal Perch.
  5. Open Royal Perch to obtain Core of Knowledge.
  6. Repeat the above process until you collect enough Cores!


And last but not least, it is all about RNG. Best occasion I had was receiving 1 Core of Knowledge per 3 Royal Perch, other times can take up to 10, even 15 to get one. So you will have to be patient. For an exclusive shark mount, it is definitely worth the effort!




Alright, that is about all!

Good luck and have fun catching the sharks!

21 thoughts to “How To Get Free Shark Mount

  • Myou Lumi

    Do I need some sort of special strong rod to catch the final fish? The one that gives the core. My friend tried and it told him his rod wasn’t strong enough he used a lvl 40 green rod.

    • Le Pei

      It’s not Fish King, so you don’t need some of the top tier rods, but higher quality rod generally makes the process easier. So I’d recommend getting a rod that’s Secret (orange) or Rare (yellow) tier.

  • Adam

    Le Pei My friend, God bless you.

  • Nick

    Why don’t I see farm in the housing menu?

    • Le Pei

      I think they have renamed the button to “Enter Marsh”.

      • Della Ade

        Where is “enter marsh” ? Please i don’t know 🙁

        • Le Pei

          They have renamed the button to “Enter Estate”.

          • Della Ade

            Where i can find this button “enter estate”, i just see enter house and enter right T.T sorry i’m really a newbie in this game. My house still rank 2

          • Le Pei

            The button “Enter Estate” should be located between “Entry Rights” and “Enter House”. My House Level is 5 though.

          • Della Ade

            But there isn’t.. Do you know why this happen to my account? Can you tell me if you know about that.. Thanks.. T.T

          • Le Pei

            What’s your character’s level? And can you enter your house? Otherwise, it might have to do with your House Level.

          • Michael Luxton

            It has nothing to do with house level as even a level 1 house can enter the estate.(never really crafted furniture to level mine) If you can’t enter the estate either you are trying to enter an alt’s or somebody else’s house, your character’s level is not high enough or you are bugged.

          • Le Pei

            I see! Then I’m not sure why this was happening to Della. I guess the best is to report to GM then!

  • Haith

    Thanks for Guide
    but how to get noble Perch while afk
    as it can’t get strong orange fish in afk mode. manual only :/

    • Le Pei

      All Secret tier (orange) fish require manual fishing.

      • Haith

        oh so it gona be hard XD
        Thanks any way for guide

        • Michael Luxton

          Not hard at all just afk fish while reading a book or watching a movie next to your PC or laptop and when you hear that tug on the line which means you have a strong fish there quickly reel it in

  • Drag

    Thanks for the guide! Very clear, now i know how to get the fish mount ^^

    • Della Ade

      Can u tell me how to go to farm?

      • Michael Luxton

        Farm has been replaced and renamed to Estate. Open your house menu by clicking the icon on your minimap and click Enter Estate


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