How To Get Free Bird Mount

With the new maps implemented, you can now obtain exclusive bird mounts, a Move SPD +45% for 3 Days, a Move SPD +60% and a Move SPD +90% version. The steps are rather simple, but it may also be time consuming depending on your RNG. Anyways, here is how you can get the bird mounts for free!


A quick overview on the map where you can find related NPC and receive related Daily Quests. In short, Candetonn Hill is where you will be spending all of your time questing. With that said, you must have at least gained access to this map.

candetonn hill area


You can receive up to 3 Daily Quests. The NPCs that hand out quests vary every day, and so there will be different objectives; but it all comes down to talking to certain NPCs, and kill a certain number of monsters. Here is one example.

quest from calvin


For each completed Daily Quests, you are awarded a Candetonn Hill Reward and a Candetonn Specialty Soap. This Soap is basically the only thing you need.

candetonn specialty soap


Go ahead and find the Adventuring Mage, Angelica. She is located in Candetonn village.

angelica location


You can exchange each Soap for a Candetonn Collectors (M) Lucky Pack or a Candetonn Collectors (M) Lucky Pack. Whichever you pick does not matter much, because both have equally the same chance of getting mounts.

exchange lucky pack


Each Pack contains various items, the costume’s version between male and female varies depending on the Lucky Pack you have picked up; items including:

  • Custom Windrunner’s Cap (M)/(F)
  • Custom Windrunner’s Suit (M)/(F)
  • Swift Snapper Bird
  • Snapper Bird
  • Snapper Bird (3 Days)
  • Monster XP Book (Non-Tradable)
  • Eidolon Emblem Treasure Chest (Non-Tradable)
  • 10 Loyalty Points (Non-Tradable)
  • Dragon Point Crystal: 10

candetonn collectors lucky pack



The mounts’ colors are predetermined, sadly. So if you prefer the green or yellow one, you will have to get the Move SPD +60% or the Move SPD +45% 3 Days version.


To put this in short, you will need:

  1. Do all 3 Daily Quests in Candetonn Hill.
  2. Receive up to 3 Candetonn Specialty Soaps when you complete all 3 Quests.
  3. Exchange each Soap for a Candetonn Collectors Lucky Pack.
  4. Open the Pack and repeat the above process until you get the mount!


And last but not least, it is all about RNG. I have kept doing these Daily Quests for a few weeks before I got the Swift Snapper Bird. You may get it earlier or later, all depend on your luck, so you will have to be patient! For an exclusive bird mount, it is definitely worth the effort; especially if you are getting really tired of Beebis!XD

swift snapper bird mount


Alright, that is about all!

Good luck and have fun catching the birds!

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