Aura Kingdom Archaeology Guide

Aura Kingdom Archaeology Guide will get you started and familiarize with the digging system. This guide will walk through the basic steps and mechanic.

The archaeology system has some decent rewards, such as rare mounts, masteries, costumes, Eidolon and more!

Additionally, each dig site's location, spawn schedule and their corresponding colors to loots are also available here, so you can keep track of what is spawning during the days of the week. This is also extremely helpful if you are working on Achievements and Medals!



In order for you to be able to starting digging, you must have the following two item equipped:

  1. Archaeology Pickaxe (Costs 10 gold). Archaeology Pickaxe
  2. Identification Tool Set (Costs 5 gold). Identification Tool Set


Both items can be bought from any Archaeologist Merchants, and they are rather inexpensive.

purchase archaeology tool


Archaeology Pickaxe

The Archaeology Pickaxe is used for digging up artifacts. You can use it as many times as you want, and it can be stored in your Shared Warehouse.

archaeology pickaxe


You can place it in your skill bar for faster access!


Identification Tool Set

The Identification Tool Set is used for verifying the artifacts that you have dug up. . Unlike the pickaxe, it has 100 Durability; each verification consume 1 durability, that includes incorrect identifications. So after you have verified 100 artifacts, you will have to buy a new one!

verification tool set


This tool set is equipped in your Character, Fishing Gear tab


And there goes the preparation, now you are all set to dig!¬†(‚Äė ‚ąá‚Äė )b



Dig & Verify

Dig Site

First of all, you must know where to dig!

All dig sites are located near¬†the¬†Archaeologist Merchants. To find out the merchant’s location, open up your Regional¬†Map¬†and check for the Relic Collector icon.

icon on map



When you are within a dig site, you should be able to see spots sparkling and glowing on the ground around you for a very short period of time, and that is where you should be digging.

glowing spots



After you have dug, there are 2 possible results:

  1. If you have dug the correct spot, an artifact will appear, and you will gain a small amount of EXP for digging it up too.
  2. If you have dug the wrong spot, nothing will appear, and you will see the following message¬†on your screen: “This doesn’t feel right. Try digging somewhere else.“.


If you have dug the correct spot and an artifact appears, you have 30 seconds to take actions; if you do nothing, the artifact will disappear!


Don’t you worry about other people stealing your artifact. If you try to verify artifacts that were dug up by other players, the following message¬†will appear: “Hmm… I don’t think this item is mine…“.



Right-click on the artifact, a large round button will appear. It has a similar style as the one you see during the fishing process.


After you have clicked on the button, your artifact will start glowing, and a skill bar with 3 skills will show up, in random order, with 3 different color frames:

  1. Skill Analyze in yellow color frame.
  2. Skill Clean in red color frame.
  3. Skill Repair in blue color frame.

skill icon


You have to take action based on the color your artifact is glowing:

  • When it glows yellow, you should use the skill Analyze (with¬†yellow frame).
  • When it glows red, you should use the skill Clean (with¬†red¬†frame).
  • When it glows blue, you should use the skill Repair (with¬†blue¬†frame).

You get the idea!

color glows


If you have used the correct skill, you will received a reward with a certain tier. This can depend on the glowing color, type and location of the artifact. The identified artifact can only be:

  • Normal¬†(Slightly Damaged).
  • Magic¬†(Well Preserved).
  • Secret (Top-Quality).
  • Non-tier item (Damaged), if¬†you identified incorrectly.


You may also receive Rare unidentified item, which can be identified into a piece of various equipment, trophies and accessories, ranging from level 50 up to level 65, including:

  • Mysterious Mud-covered Necklace.¬†Mysterious Mud-covered
  • Mysterious Mud-covered Ring.¬†Mysterious Mud-covered
  • Mysterious Mud-covered Cloak.¬†Mysterious Mud-covered
  • Mysterious Mud-covered Trophy.¬†Mysterious Mud-covered
  • Mud-covered Ancient Relic.¬†Mud-covered Ancient Relic


Additionally, you have a chance of receiving Wisdom of the Ancients, which can be exchanged for some special items in Adventure Encyclopedia, or used to obtain 1 Dragon Points.


Another item you may receive is Mysterious Treasure Map Fragment, which can be exchanged for a fortune bag with the Relic Collector, Vera in Navea. More about this late!



A video guide is also available on YouTube!




Archaeology Token

The artifacts you have just identified can be sold to any Archaeologist Merchants for Archaeology Tokens (AT). Different tiers are worth different prices:

  • Non-tier can be sold for 5 Tokens.
  • Normal can be sold for 15 Tokens.
  • Magic can be sold for 25 Tokens.
  • Secret can be sold for 100 Tokens.


Both the artifacts you dug up and mysterious mud-covered items you found can be sold to an Archaeology Merchants for Tokens. There are also different Merchants that sell different items, you can only exchange items with them if you have the required Archaeology Level.

basic archaeology merchant


Basic Archaeology Merchant

Everyone is able to access the Basic Archaeology Merchant. You can buy various items here.

These¬†are used to¬†obtain EXP, the amount is relative to the character’s level. The higher the character level, the higher the EXP reward.

  • Soul Orb¬†(Costs 50 tokens).
  • Abyss Orb¬†(Costs 450 tokens).


These are used for Weapon Fortifications and Armor Fortifications up to +9, respectively.

  • Jade of Beasts¬†(Coasts 200 tokens).
  • Ancient Shell¬†(Cost 200 tokens).


These are used for Weapon Fortifications and Armor Fortifications up to +20, respectively.

  • Ancient Dragon Fang (Costs 1800 tokens).
  • Monster Coral¬†(Costs 1800¬†tokens).


These are Armor Secret Stones, neither can be upgraded.

  • Azure Glass¬†(Costs 15 tokens).
  • Rainbow Crystal¬†(Costs 50 tokens).


This provides EXP to your Eidolons, similar to the Experience Crystals you feed your Eidolons.

  • Crystallized Energy¬†(Costs 20 tokens).


These¬†are used for increasing your Eidolons’ stats, with a decent amount.

  • Breath of Nature Emblem¬†(Cost 500 tokens).
  • Energized Emblem¬†(Cost 500 tokens).


This is used for finding Treasure Chest across the World of Gaia.

  • Mysterious Treasure Map Scroll (Costs 1000 tokens).


Intermediate Archaeology Merchant

In order to access the intermediate merchant, your Archaeology Level is required to be level 3 and above.

From this merchant you can start buying specific area map. This is good for you who want specific map based on the Mastery you want to obtain!

  • Unidentified Area Treasure Maps¬†(Costs 1500 tokens).


A Two-star suit your Abraxas to make him look awesome!

  • Abraxas’ Two-star Suit¬†(Costs 20500 tokens).


With the Housing System implemented, you are now able to buy materials for your furniture crafting here as well.

  • Broken Bone (Costs 300 tokens).
  • Black Iron Ore (Costs 500 tokens).


Advance Archaeology Merchant

In order to access the advance merchant, your Archaeology Level is required to be level 5 and above.

These are exclusive costumes for this Profession.

  • Elite Mining Helmet (F)/(M)¬†(Cost 22000 tokens).
  • Elite Mining Suit (F)/(M)¬†(Cost 99000 tokens).
  • Custom Elite Mining Helmet (F)/(M)¬†(Cost 52000 tokens).
  • Custom Elite Mining Suit (F)/(M)¬†(Cost 198000 tokens).




Treasure Map

When you have gathered 10 pieces of Mysterious Treasure Map Fragments, you can exchange them for an Unidentified Treasure Map. You can only exchange with the Relic Collector, Vera in Navea.


Talk to her and tell her that you would like to exchange the map fragments for a whole map. Make sure that you have 10 piece of fragments in your inventory!

exchange with vera


Now you will receive a Mysterious Treasure Map Scroll, it contains 12 different treasure maps (excluding Navea) that will lead you to the treasures. Open it to see which one you get.

Mysterious Treasure Map Scroll


You will receive one Unidentified Map randomly.

Unidentified Ancient City Plan


Open¬†it into a Map that shows the treasure’s exact coordinates.

Ancient City Plan


Hidden Treasure Chest

Right click on the Map you have just opened, and it will lead you to the coordinates automatically. There you will find a Hidden Treasure Chest, destroy it to receive your treasures!

hidden treasure chest


The chest contains various exclusive items, including various mounts, Eidolon and more!

Six exclusive mounts. They increase Magic tier increases Move SPD +60% and Secret tier +90%.

  • Rhino Raptor.¬†Rhino Raptor
  • Treasure Transporter Chibani.¬†Treasure Transporter Chibani
  • Longear Badger.¬†Longear Badger
  • Mining Master Kampa Niela.¬†Mining Master Kampa Niela
  • Exploration Mech.¬†Exploration Mech
  • Raging King Janus.¬†Raging King Janus


The only available Eidolon you may get is Abraxas. Learn more about this Eidolon here!

  • Abraxas’s Key of Gaia.¬†Abraxas's Key of Gaia
  • Abraxas’s Key Fragments.¬†Abraxas's Key Fragments
  • Abraxas’s Heroic Blade.¬†Abraxas's Heroic Blade


You can also find other item such as:

  • Mysterious Armor Emblem (Non-Tradable).¬†Mysterious Armor Emblem
  • Large Experience Crystal.¬†Large Experience Crystal
  • Pure Experience Crystal.¬†Pure Experience Crystal
  • 10 Loyalty Points (Non-Tradable).¬†Loyalty Points
  • 50 Loyalty Points (Non-Tradable).¬†Loyalty Points


Additionally, you have a chance of getting different types of Secret tier Masteries, depending on the area indicated by your map. For example, in Cactakara Forest and Star Sand Desert, you can find Paragraph of the Katars and Symphony for Harp masteries.



A video guide is also available on YouTube!


Masteries Collection

Here is a table that shows you what Masteries you are able to find in different areas.

Location Mastery
Port Skandia
  • Paragraph of the Pistols
  • Paragraph of the Sword and Shield
  • Holy Sword Trick: Execution Dragon Slayer
Helonia Coast
  • Paragraph of the Grimoire
  • Paragraph of the Axe
  • Dialogue of the Shuriken
Crescent Hill
  • Paragraph of the Cannon
  • Paragraph of the Staff
Cactakara Forest
  • Paragraph of the Katars
  • Symphony for Harp
Demarech Mines
  • Paragraph of the Battle Bow
  • Paragraph of the Pistols
Triatio Highlands
  • Paragraph of the Tachi
  • Paragraph of the Grimoire
Candeo Marsh
  • Paragraph of the Sword and Shield
  • Paragraph of the Cannon
  • Holy Sword Trick: Execution Dragon Slayer
Ventos Prairie
  • Paragraph of the Axe
  • Paragraph of the Katars
  • Dialogue of the Shuriken
Oblitus Wood
  • Paragraph of the Staff
  • Paragraph of the Battle Bow
Star Sand Desert
  • Symphony for Harp
  • Paragraph of the Tachi
Vulture’s Vale
  • Paragraph of the Blades
  • Paragraph on the Scythe
  • Dialogue of the Shuriken
Blizzard Berg
  • Paragraph of the Pistols
  • Paragraph on the Scythe
Rainmist Reach
  • Paragraph of the Blades
  • Paragraph on the Scythe
Emerald Marsh
  • Paragraph of the Katars
  • Paragraph of the Battle Bow
  • Holy Sword Trick: Execution Dragon Slayer
Starstruck Plateau
  • Paragraph of the Sword and Shield
  • Symphony for Harp
Silent Ice Field
  • Paragraph of the Cannon
  • Paragraph of the Blades
Port Morton
  • Holy Sword Trick: Execution Dragon Slayer
  • Paragraph of the Grimoire
Candetonn Hill
  • Paragraph of the Axe
  • Paragraph of the Blades
  • Dialogue of the Shuriken
Viridian Steppe
  • Paragraph of the Tachi
  • Paragraph of the Pistols
Desolate Valley
  • Paragraph of the Staff
  • Paragraph of the Sword and Shield
Tanglevine Cascades
  • Paragraph of the Tachi
  • Paragraph of the Pistols
Sunhunter’s Vale
  • Paragraph of the Staff
  • Paragraph of the Sword and Shield


And that brings us to an end! You are now ready and set to dig, find treasures and rare items!

Good luck, and have fun digging!


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Paul John Suarez

hey lepei is this guide still updated? :))

Le Pei

I haven’t updated this guide for a while, but I don’t think they have added anything new neither.

Reiji Kazuto

where can you get buried radioactive stone?


by anychance can you include the color results eg red gives top quality etc?

Victor Kostiono

oblitus woods saturday gave me marine fossils not rare minerals

Ayase Yato

Thank you so much for this o/


Hello im stuck in level 2 pls help me why i dont get exp

Rubens Xl Drunkenpoet
Rubens Xl Drunkenpoet

You need to get the Dig! Medal… Press L and go to the achievements tab, then select Medal on the filter, and voil√°. There you can look for that achievement and see which ones you’re missing


Could you aslo make a guid for like what Masteries are found in each location?


thx a lot for sharing! luv this guide <3


Hey there, just wanted to note that


Tuesday’s Sasha is in Helonia Coast, not Port Skandia. Thanks for the guide.


Hello! I am a reasonably new AK player, having started in mid-to-late September. I’ve a good handle on the mechanics of the game and some respectable items to my name (Kaiser Zeta wooooooot) Anyway, I was wondering what the difference is between locations and times in terms of loot. Allow me to elaborate: When digging pottery, does it give anything better or worse than animal bones, for instance? Or, does location-hopping make no difference at all?

Of course. One trend I’ve noticed is that there are slight differences between locations and their artefacts, but that may be quite a small one. Anyway, animal bones tend to be yellow, with the rarer drops being red. Blue is mostly Wisdom of the Ancients etc regardless of the variety of artefact. This may be so that logic isn’t sitting in a corner crying, or just a way to mix it up. Regardless, I’ve been digging daily now and not noticing differences in token drops, usually sitting at anywhere from 900-1600 per 100. (However, my identifier sometimes breaks at 96-99… Read more »