Aura Kingdom Archaeology Dig Site Schedule

Aura Kingdom Archaeology Dig Site Schedule, previously as a section of Aura Kingdom Archaeology Guide, has now made its own page.

This guide contains daily Archaeology dig site locations on each area, and the artifacts that are available respectively. Identifying colors and respective item ranks are also included. Great for keeping track of Achievements, Daily Achievements, and for you are after specific tiered items for Eidolons' Wish, or simply want to dig up specific items such as Mysterious Treasure Map Fragment!

Note that the new dig sites and respective NPCs will be reset at 6AM server time.

For future usage, simply use Ctrl + D to bookmark this page for faster access! Hope you dig the new implemented functions here! (。◕‿◕。) 


Locations & Schedule



Map NPC Type
Port Skandia Kip (X: 302, Y: 684) Energized Crystal
Crescent Hill Renee (X: 278, Y: 802) Handcrafted Relic
Cactakara Forest Josiah (X: 586, Y: 534) Chinaware
Candeo Marsh Vin (X: 338, Y: 214) Treasure
Blizzard Berg Don (X: 675, Y: 420) Animal Bones
Emerald Marsh Odan (X: 424, Y: 315) Mutant Remains
Starstruck Plateau Ian (X: 492, Y: 515) Primitive Tool
Port Morton Athos (X: 318, Y: 302) Sea Monster Limb
Desolate Valley Anisa (X: 395, Y: 608) Magic Orb
Tempest Desert Monika (X: 516, Y: 157) Pagoda



Map NPC Type
Helonia Coast Sasha (X: 656, Y: 307) Animal Bones
Demarech Mines Zod (X: 258, Y: 685) Pottery Shard
Triatio Highlands Lou (X: 186, Y: 737) Rare Mineral
Star Sand Desert Rayfield (X: 443, Y: 671)  Marine Fossil
Vulture’s Vale Vik (X: 533, Y: 196) Wisp
Rainmist Reach Arsene (X: 451, Y: 406) Phosphorus Crystal
Starstruck Plateau Sennena (X: 242, Y: 351) Corroded Relic
Candetonn Hill Krul (X: 204, Y: 453) Charred Wood
Tanglevine Cascades Wallis (X: 397, Y: 378) Bone Club
Chronology Forest Roy (X: 519, Y: 174) Weathered Rune



Map NPC Type
Helonia Coast Karden (X: 380, Y: 575) Marine Fossils
Cactakara Forest Raymer (X: 524, Y: 207) Treasure
Candeo Marsh Gary (X: 301, Y: 781) Stone Tablet
Ventos Prairie Cassandra (X: 775, Y: 823) Chinaware
Oblitus Wood Lisa (X: 753, Y: 472) Rare Mineral
Rainmist Reach Sarius (X: 687, Y: 684) Corroded Ore
Silent Ice Field Anton (X: 618, Y: 693) Frozen Remains
Viridian Steppe Leroy (X: 375, Y: 243) Ancient Beast Claw
Sunhunter’s Vale Brendan (X: 532, Y: 679) Stone Jar
Tempest Desert Lyle Harlow (X: 543, Y: 470) Pegasus Statue



Map NPC Type
Port Skandia Ragou (X: 245, Y: 453) Chinaware
Crescent Hill Olaf (X: 769, Y: 601) Treasure
Ventos Prairie Kelly (X: 539, Y: 620) Handcrafted Relic
Star Sand Desert Lita (X: 248, Y: 673) Energized Crystal
Vulture’s Vale Shanna (X: 726, Y: 187) Treasure
Emerald Marsh Ellen (X: 712, Y: 382) Mana Parasite
Port Morton Herzog (X: 393, Y: 640) Extinct Shellfish
Desolate Valley Winfield (X: 133, Y: 559) Magic Runestone
Tanglevine Cascades Osmar (X: 173, Y: 612) Alchemy Stone
Chronology Forest Harris (X: 164, Y: 729) Oxidized Spar



Map NPC Type
Helonia Coast Clarke (X: 355, Y: 282) Stone Tablet
Demarech Mines Mikey (X: 395, Y: 406) Stone Tablet
Triatio Highlands Hans (X: 219, Y: 134) Cultural Relic
Oblitus Wood Chenoweth (X:519, Y:464) Marine Fossil
Blizzard Berg  Anne-Marie (X: 437, Y: 295) Cultural Relic
Rainmist Reach Sirius (X: 367, Y: 133) Radioactive Stone
Silent Ice Field Della (X: 208, Y: 496) Frozen Ore
Candetonn Hill Marge (X: 428, Y: 630) Dried Plant
Viridian Steppe Thomas (X: 288, Y: 516) Ancient Beast Remains
Sunhunter’s Vale Legalos (X: 152, Y: 288) Ancestral Idol



Map NPC Type
Cactakara Forest Heather (X: 158, Y: 622) Wisp
Triatio Highlands Lufia (X: 628, Y: 534)  Cultural Relic
Ventos Prairie Nash (X: 865, Y: 563) Energized Crystal
Oblitus Wood Devi (X: 685, Y: 219) Rare Mineral
Vulture’s Vale Gloria (X: 591, Y: 462) Handcrafted Relic
Emerald Marsh Ryan (X: 249, Y: 689) Fallenwisp
Starstruck Plateau Ralos (X: 629, Y: 468) Crumbling Tablet
Port Morton Schumann (X: 547, Y: 225) Ancient Shipwreck
Viridian Steppe Grant (X: 174, Y: 167) Aged Giant Bone
Tanglevine Cascades Alfredo (X: 681, Y: 233) Magimagnet
Tempest Desert Murat (X: 449, Y: 843) Aged Cheese



Map NPC Type
Port Skandia Slim (X: 561, Y: 579) Wisp
Crescent Hill Nadine (X: 430, Y: 475) Pottery Shard
Demarech Mines Tellus (X: 834, Y: 459) Animal Bones
Candeo Marsh Philo (X: 706, Y: 717) Pottery Shard
Star Sand Desert Jake (X: 322, Y: 543) Animal Bones
Blizzard Berg Nancy (X: 140, Y: 511) Wisp
Silent Ice Field Sketh (X: 527, Y: 264) Frosted Handcrafted Relic
Candetonn Hill Khan (X: 359, Y: 176) Prehistoric Amber
Desolate Valley Seb (X: 745, Y: 220) Magic Crystal
Sunhunter’s Vale Aubree (X: 434, Y: 396) Scarlet Utensil
Chronology Forest Cagalli (X: 609, Y: 421) Gapped Talisman


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The Wednesday map for helonia coast doesn’t work. ;a;

Allaiyah Weyn
Allaiyah Weyn

Wednesday Helonia Coast map is missing.


Any clue how it works? 😮

Le Pei

You can find a detailed guide here!