Aura Kingdom World Boss Spawn Schedule

(Last updated on 2017-01-08)

Aura Kingdom World Boss Spawn Schedule helps you keep track of the World Boss spawns and make sure that you never miss one! Here you will find each boss' coordinates and location.

This schedule includes EST (Eastern Standard Time), PST (Pacific Standard Time) and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You should be able to calculate according to your own time zone easily. If you are uncertain, log into game and check the clock under your mini-map, that is the EST (server time).

Feel free to bookmark or favorite this sheet for future usage! (-’_’-)╭

For the two World Bosses located in Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg, please refer to public spreadsheet made by other players.
Chimera's spreadsheet can be found here.
Phoenix's spreadsheet can be found here.



The Enlarged Lavalord, Elbiolo appears in Port Morton (X:652, Y:138) on every Wednesday.




The Dominating Duskfall Dancer, Mechium appears in Candetonn Hill (X:544, Y:657) on every Friday.




Enormous Eclipse Rabbit King, Kalishia appears in Viridian Steppe (X:230, Y:301) on every Saturday.




Colossal Cult Leader, Abenthy appears in Desolate Valley (X:148, Y:589) on every Sunday.




The Pirate Leader, Mac spawns in Helonia Coast (X:462, Y:648).

mac location


Wednesday 20:00 Thursday 00:00 Thursday 04:00
Thursday 00:00 Thursday 04:00 Thursday 08:00
Thursday 04:00 Thursday 08:00 Thursday 12:00
Thursday 08:00 Thursday 12:00 Thursday 16:00
Thursday 12:00 Thursday 16:00 Thursday 20:00
Thursday 16:00 Thursday 20:00 Friday 00:00




The Jungle Panther, Banksy spawns in Candeo Marsh (X:675, Y:628).

banksy location


Thursday 20:00 Friday 00:00 Friday 04:00
Friday 00:00 Friday 04:00 Friday 08:00
Friday 04:00 Friday 08:00 Friday 12:00
Friday 08:00 Friday 12:00 Friday 16:00
Friday 12:00 Friday 16:00 Friday 20:00
Friday 16:00 Friday 20:00 Saturday 00:00




The Secluded Hunter, Daphne will spawn in Triatio Highlands (X:466, Y:308).

daphne location


Friday 20:00 Saturday 00:00 Saturday 04:00
Saturday 00:00 Saturday 04:00 Saturday 08:00
Saturday 04:00 Saturday 08:00 Saturday 12:00
Saturday 08:00 Saturday 12:00 Saturday 16:00
Saturday 12:00 Saturday 16:00 Saturday 20:00
Saturday 16:00 Saturday 20:00 Sunday 00:00




The Hermit, Mordecai will spawn in Crescent Hill (X: 523, Y:797).

mordecai location


Saturday 20:00 Sunday 00:00 Sunday 04:00
Sunday 00:00 Sunday 04:00 Sunday 08:00
Sunday 04:00 Sunday 08:00 Sunday 12:00
Sunday 08:00 Sunday 12:00 Sunday 16:00
Sunday 12:00 Sunday 14:00 Sunday 20:00
Sunday 16:00 Sunday 20:00 Monday 00:00



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Le Pei

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  • NatsuDragneel20

    HI Le Pei there are two more world bosses(from my point of view) one from the vulture’s vale and the other from the blizzard berg and u made a video about them but u didnt say any timers do you have any clue about that?(btw i play aura on the hydra server)

    • Hey there, those World Bosses spawn every 4 hours. The problem is that they may or may not spawn every time, and so causing the channel to be in a random order. Usually there are players who try to organize a schedule and record the spawn and death rate. I’m not in Hydra server, so I don’t know if there are any timers available.

      • NatsuDragneel20

        Didnt know that tnx btw i love your guides they r amazing 😀

        Now i know that this is a bit off topic but do u know how the alchemy thing works because im always seeing a msg saying that someone has produce an item through alchemy but i dont see that recipe on the list :S

        • Yeah, I have tried Alchemy but only for Achievements purpose. I haven’t gotten any extra rewards myself, so I’m not so sure how they got those items. Certain recipes can be unlocked by leveling the previous crafting geade to A. For example, level up Cyan Iron Ore to grade A, then you can unlock Cuprite, by leveling Cuprite to grade A, you get to unlock Purple Gold Ore.

        • Apple

          Thanks for the awesome guide Le Pei!
          Btw, that alchemy announcement is actually from the paragon table, where player use ruby coin to have a chance on those items. Press ‘I’ then click on the Paragon Table tab. 🙂

          • That would explain a lot! Those announcements were really confusing, especially the Alchemy and Paragon Table are totally two different things; very misleading. Thank you for pointing this out, saved a lot of people from crafting unnecessary items, while hoping to receive extra bonuses that don’t even exist!

          • NatsuDragneel20

            Yeah tnx a lot to both of you 😀

  • Lilith Demoness

    siren= vulture vale and blizzard world bosses