Aura Kingdom Moonlight Rabbit Guide

Aura Kingdom Moonlight Rabbit Guide will help you finding Missing Moonlight Rabbits Aimee, Layla and Shara. In addition, you can also find out how to help the Moonlight Rabbit Tribe to distribute Moonlight Rice Cakes. Help them out, and you will be rewarded greatly!


Moonlight Rabbit Retrieval


You are asked by the Moonlight Rabbit Elder, Immanuel to help him finding a missing rabbit from his tribe. The elder and his tribe are located in Crescent Hill.

immanuel location


Missing Rabbits

There are three Missing Moonlight Rabbits in Crescent Hill altogether. However, Immanuel will only ask you to find one of them, so you will need to read the quest description carefully to find out which one you are supposed to find! All their locations are listed below, so you just need to find the respective Missing Rabbit.



Layla is hiding near the entrance of Alabastren Temple (X:863, Y:724).

layla location



Aimee is hiding near the Moonlight Altar (X:508, Y:464).

aimee location



Shara is hiding around the Lunarin Village, near the Teleport Gate (X:850, Y:276).

shara location



A video guide, on finding Aimee in this case, is also available on YouTube!



After you have completed this quest, you are rewarded a Moonlight Rabbit’s Treasure. Armor Box

This Treasure includes various items, including:

  • Rabbit Ear Headband Lucky Pack. Rabbit Ear Headband Lucky Pack
  • Soft Rabbit Ear Headband. Rabbit Ear Headband
  • Delicate Rabbit Ear Headband. Rabbit Ear Headband
  • Moonlight Ring. Moonlight Ring
  • Moonlight Ring. Moonlight Ring



Distribute Moonlight Rice Cakes

Tribe Salvador

You are asked by the Moonlight Rabbit Tribe, Salvador to help distributing Moonlight Rice Cakes. Salvador is located in Crescent Hill, standing right beside the elder, Immanuel.

salvador location


Even though in the dialog it says that this is a Daily event, it’s in fact only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

quest from salvador



Upon receiving his request, you will receive five Moonlight Rick Cakes. You can find five NPC are named in the detailed description, and they are the ones you are supposed to deliver the Cakes; all of them are located in Navea.

moonlight rice cake


Baker Laura

She is located at  (X:739, Y:369).

baker laura location


Craftsman Karn

He is located at (X:835, Y:436).

craftsman karn location


Little Girl Jill

She is located at (X:840, Y:432), standing right beside Karn.

little girl jill location


Little Boy

He is located at (X:741, Y:451), the one standing in the middle.

little boy location


Navea Priest

She is located at (X:480, Y:604).

navea priest location



A video guide is also available on YouTube!



You do not have to distribute all five Cakes if you don’t want to, but for the best reward, it is advisable that you do so. It doesn’t take a lot of time and is a piece of cake anyways nosebleed!

After you are done, head back to Salvador and report back your progress. Choose the respective option according to how many Cakes you have distributed.

report to salvador


Upon completion, Salvador will cast a spell on you, a Moonlight Care buff that increases your character stats, and it lasts for 3 hours. Depending on how many Cakes you have distributed, the more you have delivered, the better buff you will receive, of course.


And that is all! That was how you find the missing Rabbits and help distributing their Rice Cakes!

Have fun, and good luck on getting your pets and costumes!

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