Aura Kingdom Guild Emblem Guide

Aura Kingdom Guild Emblem Guide will help you to create an insignia, to make your guild more stylish, stand out and more recognizable!

Whether you use Photoshop or any other software, the principle would still apply. Here we will go through the making of your guild emblem using Photoshop; if you don't own this software, worry not! We are going to use Paint as well!


Adobe Photoshop


If you are using Photoshop, it’s expected that you have at least some basic knowledge about the software. If you feel this is too difficult to follow along, skip to the next section where Microsoft Paint is used.

The version we are using today is Adobe Photoshop CC. If you have an older version, the process should still be similar. Although buttons and some shortcuts may not be the same as mentioned in this article. Anyways, without future due, let’s get started!


First thing after you have opened up Photoshop, create a new file and set both its Width and Height to 32 pixels. Set the Background Contents from white (by default) to magenta, by clicking on the little square, a Color Picker will show up, there you simply change the G (Green) value from 255 to 0. Alternatively, change the color code (#) to ff00ff. And you will get a magenta color as background.

new image

set magenta


Now you should have a small magenta 30 pixel by 30 pixel square to work with!

Search for an image that you want to use. Here we will be using an emoticon nosebleed from Aura Kingdom as an example. It’s recommended to use a transparent image, usually in .png format.



Drag and drop your image onto the magenta square. The image should automatically adjust its size to fit the square. Press Enter to confirm import.

Optionally, adjust your image size by scaling up or down until you are happy with the result.

fine adjustment


Now save the file using Save As… (Shift + Ctrl + S), give it a name and choose the format BMP.

save as bmp format


And that’s last step we have to do inside Photoshop. If you are all set, jump ahead to Set Emblem section to see how to upload your image!



Microsoft Paint

microsoft paint

If you aren’t familiar with Photoshop, or don’t have access to this software, fear not! Here is how you can achieve the same result using Microsoft Paint! It’s also expected that you know how Paint work to some certain extend.

The operating system we are using today is Windows 10. If you have an older version, the process should still be similar.


First, open up your image with Paint. You will need to use the Resize option to rescale the image to 32 pixels by 32 pixels, so it’s easier if your image is square. Go for the Pixels option if you don’t know the percentage values. If you need to crop, uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio option.

resize paint


Here your customization on the emblem is less efficient compare to using Photoshop, but still can be done. You just need to select your image and adjust its scale to your liking; just make sure that you don’t accidentally increase or decrease the canvas’ size!

Finally, to change the background color, first select Fill with color, then Edit colors. A color palette should pop up.

select color


In the Edit Colors window, choose the magenta color. Alternatively, you can manually edit the RGB values to 255, 0 and 255.

select magenta


Fill the background with this magenta color, save your image as a BMP picture, and get ready to set your Guild’s emblem!

save as bmp



Set Emblem

After you have prepared your image, it’s time you go back to Aura Kingdom and upload it!

Open up your Guild window, and you should see a Set Emblem button.

set emblem


Only the Guild Leader gets to set the Guild emblem.


Choose the .bmp file you have just created, and it will be uploaded and saved as your Guild’s emblem. It should be displayed immediately!

guild emblem set




It’s unlikely that you use a software other than the two mentioned above. However, if that’s the case, here are a 3 things to remember when creating an insignia for Aura Kingdom:

  1. Size: your image has to be 32 pixels by 32 pixels in width and height!
  2. Format: save your image as a .bmp file format; any other formats will be rejected!
  3. Transparency (optional): if you want transparency, make sure to fill the background with a solid magenta color. It has RGB value (255,0,255), or Hex color code #ff00ff.


And that’s it!

That’s how you can customize and create a Guild emblem.

Feel free to ask if there’s anything unclear. And if you need help with creating one, upload your image in the comment section, and I will help you out if time allows!

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