Aura Kingdom Gold Farming Guide [Outdated]

Aura Kingdom Gold Farming Guide will show you how fill up your wallet and get rich! Here you can find various methods to earn and farm gold. However, this is not to say becoming a millionaire overnight, it's rather about getting gold efficiently, and even inefficiently. A penny is a penny, after all!

There are suggestions on various items that are easy to sell and respective price range, it is to give you a basic idea and get you started. The estimated price range you see below can be lower or higher than the actual value in game at certain time!

Please also note that these are personal past experience and it can be limited or I may be overlooking things. So feel free to share any insights and suggestions with the community!



To maximize your earning, it is important to evaluate items’ price. This is related to the¬†item’s popularity, rarity and demand, it can be hard learn because these factors change from time to time.¬†It is also important to know what to sell, because selling items that are unwanted is just wasting your time and energy.

Before we get into any of that, let’s begin with how you can sell and trade items in game, feel free to skip this part if you have been around for some time!

  • Sell to Merchants directly. This is usually the case with¬†Non-tier items (with grey name), and sometimes others.
  • Trading and selling to other players. There are 3¬†ways you can choose from:
    1. Auction: Costs a small amount of fee, up to maximum 10 gold. Items that are put up will last for 24 hours.
    2. Stall: Requires no fee, but you need to leave your game on. Suitable while you are AFK for a long time.
    3. Chat channel: Link your item manually and post it in chat, usually the Trade channel, and hopefully someone will whisper you. Then it may be a meet-up trade or a Cash on Delivery (CoD) by mail.


Some items’ price are more stable, while some can vary a lot. This can depend on recent events, offers, update patch and such, so you will have to learn to sell certain items during certain periods. If you are new to the market, it can take you a few weeks up to a few months to get familiar with all sort of item price ranges. However, you are not just going to sit there, cross your fingers and watch the market. No, at the meantime, you will save up your gold slowly and steadily through the¬†methods in this guide.

So without further ado, let’s find out how!



Level 1 to 60

These are the basic methods intended for players who are at early stage of the game. However, they are also applicable after you have reached level 60 and above, so you can still earn gold by doing these!



Main Quest, Side Quest and Daily Quest: Upon quest completion, you are awarded a small amount of gold. If you are a beginner, you should focus more on leveling and complete quests. As you level up, you will unlock more in-game functions and get to explore higher level areas that has better loots. There is nothing negative with completing all sort of quests!



Weapon and Equipment

Magic tier weapons and equipment are scarified during the crafting process, thus they are usually easy to sell. You should prioritize on selling equipment with good ATK/DEF Bonus percentage; usually at and above 118% is considered as decent. However, if a player is trying to increase craft rating, then the percentage does not matter; in that case, you will be able to sell equipment with any percentages!

You should also pay attention to the element, as some classes prefer certain elements over the others. So for example, a great sword with 120% ATK Bonus that has holy element can be sold at a much higher price.

Some Normal and Relic tier weapon with Nocturnal prefix can sometimes be sold for a surprisingly decent amount of gold, despite that they may be low level; because some players choose to use any Nocturnal sub-weapon at early stage. However, the price can vary and it depends on the class, as some classes are more popular as subclass.



Certain Normal and¬†Relic tier accessories are wanted despite their low levels. Most of the time players¬†aim for the extra buff that increases skill’s level, which usually to be the party skills. The extra buff that increases party skill’s level +3 is often easy to be sold. Increase in certain party buff can be sold for a higher price, this can depend on the party buff’s popularity.

Rare tier accessories are also great for beginner if they can’t craft their own, so there are also some demands on those!



Magic tier trophy are scarified during the crafting process, thus they are usually easy to sell. This applies only to certain trophies, as there are only two placements for trophies, so the choices are rather narrow. Therefore, the price can differ a lot from one type of trophy to another.



Crafted equipment are Non-Tradable, so people will have to learn the recipes if they want an item. There¬†can be¬†various reasons why people need to craft certain items even if they are not going to equip them; this can be that they are working on Achievements or Eidolon’s Wish. So you can try to sell any recipes you have found.

Alabastren Temple is the earliest dungeon that drops recipes.



Ore materials are required when crafting, so there will¬†always be demand, and often¬†the price is stable. Occasionally, when several players try to increase their equipment’s Star Level, or simply trying to craft a piece with decent Bonus percentage at the same time, the demand will go up, and so does the price! Additionally, certain materials have higher drop rate and are easier obtain, therefore their price will be much lower.

Alabastren Temple is the earliest dungeon that drops crafting materials.


Mastery Box

The chance of dropping these is tiny, but if you are lucky enough, you might just get one! These boxes contain Magic tier Masteries, and they must¬†be learned in order to learn higher tier Masteries, so they often can be sold for a decent price. Certain¬†Masteries can be easier to sell and can be sold for a higher price, this can depend on the majority players’ builds.

Alabastren Temple is the earliest dungeon that drops mastery boxes.



AFK fishing: At early stage you will be taught how to fish if you have followed along all the quests. At this time, there is no point doing manual fishing, as you should be spending time focusing on leveling and completing quests. However, while you are AFK, you could leave your game on and let you character fish automatically. It will not gain you a lot of gold, but it can give your wallet a little boost on the side. You basically start the fishing event with your character and let it alone; when you are back, open the fish and sell everything you get. If you are lucky, you may also receive Secret tier costumes.

The higher level map you fish, the better selling value items you will receive. Port Skandia is the earliest map that has School of Fish.



Food Ingredient:¬†As you are leveling and working on your quests, you may have encountered some trees and plants that can be gathered, and you would be wise to do so! Certain food materials are wanted even if they are low level, this can be that some players are working on their Achievements, Eidolon’s Wish, or simply just want to cook a certain type of food because of the buffs that food offer.

Helonia Coast is the earliest map that has food material.


Collector Token: You gain a small amount of Collector Tokens (CT) each time you gather. You can in turn exchange these Tokens for Ore Materials or Food Ingredients, and sell them to other players!

plants to gather

material from collector


World Boss

Scheduled spawn: Don’t be scared by the title “World Boss”, there are often enough players to hunt them down, so you should take the chance to be a part of it! As long as you hit the boss once, you will receive loots. ¬†So if you are afraid of getting killed by the boss, just make sure you hit it at least once and stay out of its attack range, but not out of sight! They drop various costumes and mount, which can be sold for a decent amount of gold.

It is a custom that players start at channel 1 to 8. Helonia Coast is the earliest map that has World Boss spawn.


Infernal Abyss

A new dungeon Infernal Abyss becomes available at level 55. Here you can farm specific materials that are needed to craft level 60 Rare weapons, along with other items which can be sold for a decent amount of gold.



Level 60 and above

After reaching level 60, you will find more options to your gold farming in addition to the previous methods.


Sky Tower

The first thing you will notice is that you have unlocked a Raid function, which allows you to enter Sky Tower. If you are not familiar with the Sky Tower raid, in short, it is a raid intended for up to maximum 40 players. Now it is a good time for you to find and join and decent Guild that arrange and organize raid. There you will find various valuable items that can be sold for a lot of gold. So don’t miss this chance!


Whirlpool Abyss

A new dungeon Whirlpool Abyss becomes available at level 65. Here you can farm specific materials that are needed to craft level 65 Rare weapons. Additionally, there are accessories and Eidolon Two-star Suit which can be sold for a decent amount of gold.


End-game Dungeon

After you have reached level 60, you will unlock a number of new dungeons, and there you will find better selling items, so try to run as frequent as possible!


General¬†dungeon: Most of the dungeons are introduced as you follow along your Main Quests. Some offer both solo and party modes, while some don’t and have a longer cooldown timer. Loots you find here are mostly wanted by high level players who are willing to spend! Just to name a few, there are¬†Frozenlea Plains,¬†Twilight Forest,¬†Pyroclastic Purgatory and such.

Otherworld dungeon: These are basically the harder version of the dungeons you have been running, with higher level monster, higher difficulty and better loot drops. Just to name a few, there are¬†Otherworld: Alabastren Temple,¬†Otherworld: Gydaie Glen,¬†Otherworld: Deep’s Cavern and such.

Dragon dungeon: These are known for their high difficulty, and it often requires a party with well-geared players. So if you are well-prepared, you should definitely work on these, as the loots are very valuable! There are only 3 of them, namely Lament of The Thunder-Dragon King, Landing of the Sky Dragon King and Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen.


Otherworld town: These dungeons are inside a town filled with a specific type of monster. They mostly drop Secret Stone and a few other Non-Tradable items. Just to name a few, there are Otherworld: Port Skandia, Otherworld: Helonia Coast, Otherworld: Crescent Hill and such.

VV/BB World Boss

Scheduled RNG spawn: There are two new World Bosses at¬†Vulture’s Vale (VV) and¬†Blizzard Berg (BB) that spawn every 4 hours. Unlike the previous World Bosses, these two are not guaranteed to spawn in every channel. There are public timer service made by players to help the community to keep track of these spawns. You may receive certain equipment and costumes that can be sold for a decent amount of gold, but this is mostly a great way to¬†farming LP and DP rather than gold.



Beside selling food materials, you can also choose to use the materials yourself to cook food, and sell the food instead. The better quality and higher level food can usually be solder for a higher price, this results a better profit but of course takes more time and patient. So it is up to you if you want to spend time doing the work or not.



If you are not familiar with the Archaeology system, here is a guide that will get you started! In short, you can get certain Rare tier equipment and Mysterious Treasure Map Fragments which can be exchanged for Mysterious Treasure Map Scroll. Equipment are usually wanted by players who have reached level 60 recently, they are usually easy to be sold. Map Scroll are often wanted, this can be some players who are after certain Mastery, Eidolon or exclusive mounts. You can of course use the maps yourself, and if you are lucky, you may also get Mastery or exclusive mount which can be sold for a decent amount of gold!



Manual fishing: If you like the fishing mini-game, then this is definitely something for you. Players who are lazy or don’t know how the Fishing system work, usually end up buying recipes from other players.¬†So¬†if you have the patient to track down Fish Kings’ spawn timers and have the decency to build yourself a good fishing set, you¬†will definitely make a profit from this!


Last but not least, probably the method that can get you the most gold! At the same time, it requires patience and a decent amount of fund for investment, which you should have by now if you have followed this guide so far! Simply put, you buy items with low price and sell it for a higher price.

How does this work? Let’s walk¬†through the¬†steps:

  1. Watch:¬†Basically, you need to estimate roughly an item’s price.¬†To do that, you will have to check that specific item on Auction, and on other players’ stalls; not just for one or a few days, but periodically and frequently. That’s how you can get a basic idea¬†of how much an item is worth and its price range.
  2. Note and Learn: During the above process, you will find¬†some items’ is sometimes expensive and sometimes cheap;¬†and the difference is significantly large. Why? There could be a few reasons: most likely to be recent events such as Paragon Table changes, Tier Spender program, increase of drop rate event¬†and such. You also see that some items have rather stable price, and you don’t need to bother with those.
  3. Decide and buy: Now the question is, one doesn’t really know what exactly which items will be put up on the next Paragon Table or Tier Spender reward, even if Aeria hosts a “Paragon of¬†Choice” event once a month, you still can’t be 100% certain. However, what you can almost assure is that some¬†items’¬†price will¬†most likely to¬†go¬†up again; this may take a long time or even not fail occasionally, but that is the¬†risk you will always have.
  4. Wait and resell: After you have purchased a big quantity of items, now you will just have to sit and¬†wait until the “wave” is over, when¬†the price goes back up, that is your time to resell. Depending on the item quantity being released to market and how big the impact was, sometimes you can make double or triple the profit very quickly; while other time it can also happen that the price stay low or gets¬†cheaper due to the big quantity, and you will have to wait for a long time. This wait can take from a few days up to months, so make sure you are ready, it is always not a bad idea to have some budget left in case of other items’ price-drop!


To simplify your learning step, I will name a few example items that are easy to study to begin with, so you can start applying the steps above. Please note that the examples below may or may not apply in the future, depending on the changes made to the game!


200 Ruby Coins Ruby Coins

One of the easiest item and most profitable amount out of other quantities of Ruby Coins. A single item is affordable, suitable for players who are new to the market!

Ruby Coins are easy to make a profit in general, because when the Paragon Table is not very attractive, few players will spend their precious Ruby Coins on useless items. However, there are still paid-players who are willing to sell their cash shop items, including Ruby Coins, to other players to make some quick and easy gold. Since few play the Paragon Table, the price of Ruby Coins is lowered; and that is the time when you want to buy in a lot of them! After that, it is just a matter of time to wait until a good Paragon Table is put up, resell your Ruby Coins with a doubled or higher price.

The risk here is that it is unknown¬†when the Paragon Table will be refreshed, and even when it does, it is uncertain that the items will be attractive. If that is the case, you will have to continue waiting. One thing you can check is when they host the “Paragon of Choice” event, then you can be certain that the price is definitely going up.

From my past experience, there were times when the 200 Ruby Coins were as cheap as around 100 gold, and one could make double or triple the profit after just a few weeks.

sold ruby coins


Backpack & Backpack Fusion Scroll Backpack Fusion Scroll

These are and mostly affected by the Paragon Table and Tier Spender program. A single item is rather affordable, suitable for players who have been on the market for some time!

Their price drop to the ground when they appear on the Paragon Table with high rate, and goes back up gradually when the Table is over. The Scrolls were also affected by the game patch, which got them removed from the Loyalty Shop, thus causing their price up; but these are the things which you can’t predict.

From my past experience, there were times when the 10-Slot Backpack Fusion Scrolls were as cheap as 30 gold. I managed to resell them for between 100 to 150 gold.


XP Crystal & Card XP Crystal XP Card

These are mostly affected by the Paragon Table. A single item is affordable, suitable for players who are new to the market!

Same reasoning, price drops when the rate is high, and goes back up after the “wave” is over.

From my past experience, there were times when the 24 Hour XP Crystal were as cheap as 50 gold, and Advanced XP Card as cheap as 10 gold. I managed to resell all of them for double even tripled the price.


Costume & Enchantment Card Enchantment Card

These are mostly¬†affected by the Paragon Table, and of course depends on the costumes’ popularity! A single item can be a bit expensive, more suitable for players who have good budgets.

Just apply the given steps above, and you will be making a lot of gold, eventually and hopefully! I managed to get all the costumes sold out for about double the price after more than six months, that is not trying everyday but putting a few up from time to time.

Resell Item Example


Fishing Equipment Recipe Formula

These can be more practical for players who are new to the market, as their price change rather frequent. a single item is rather affordable, although risk is also higher than, say Ruby Coins.

Since certain Fish King spawn only during certain day of the week, you will find that a recipe is rather cheap when the Fish King is recently spawned, and gets more expensive after a few days. It is better if you could catch Fish King yourself instead of doing the market in this area, but you are free to give it a try, of course! The risk here is that the Fishing system is not very popular, and the majority usually don’t care enough to gather materials to craft fishing equipment.


And that brings us to an¬†end. The items listed in this guide are only examples and my personal suggestions. Price may be different from server to server and time to time. It¬†is important is to learn the market’s pattern and demand, and bear in mind that there is always a risk when you trade! Always remember that no matter how much or little gold you earn, as long as you are making progress, then it is gold! Meanwhile, play it for the fun! And good luck!

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Hi! Do you know how much gold can you keep? (In your inventory)

Le Pei

Might have been 99,999 but I don’t know for sure, never reached that amount before. („Éé_<„ÄĀ)

Julius Yap

where can you buy those tradable ruby Coins? i can only buy from item mall and it’s not tradable

Le Pei

Did you buy with AP or LP? I think the ones bought with LP are not tradable.


Yep, as Le Pei said, LP ones are not tradeable you can get RC at AH and also paragon table sometimes


Cool i did it and just got 4000Gold for only a few weeks !
Bydaway is there a free gold when i buy a Aeria Points to Steam?


It looks like AH market is going to crash burn soon, so I’m searching for a way to make money, besides fishing for Diamond Fish all day. Is there another item that an NPC will pay a somewhat high amount of money for?

Evan Hong

well… the obobo quests give you dictionaries that sell for a decent price (at least for what NPC’s sell anyways)


How many time do you spend for archeology to get at least 35 gold? Thanks. ^^


I want to reset all of my STATs and ENVOY’s Path, but when i level up, they cost more money. WHAT SHOULD I DO?, pls answer me :3


how do I know what to price the skill masteries, i have some that are not for my class but I have yet to find a define answer and i don’t wanna price them too low, thanks!

Shunjie zhou zheng

fish king also helps alot, selling fishing equip recipes


How do I “throw an item to a NPC”?

Edwardes JR

lol I guess he was talking about selling the item, as you said in the topic – Just throw them to the NPC –

Yue Ai

Can afk fishing? how to do it?


Can u get Fishing XP while AFK fishing??


might want to add the fact that golden lobsters have the best rates for golden platinum and diamond fish

Victor Kostiono

its more from personal experience before the last patch at least where I would net around 6-800+G for 1k 100% orange baits vs VV 1k 100% baits would get me 3-500g

Victor Kostiono

this is mainly because there are many more types of things the crabs drop incomparison to the lobsters. eg crabs drops claws etc so thats why rng is better for lobsters

Victor Kostiono

acutally seems like they changed the rates again with this patch so that VV 100% baits are better again

serperior master

Were do you fish for golden lobsters?


Masteries are very hard to get from monsters i spent an entire day killing monsters in Rainmist reach just to get one. I was wondering if there might be a trick or something that can increase drope rate of rare item such as masteries?


I made my 1st 1000g the other day. What do you suggest i do with it to make it more? congrats on the costumes i see the prices have went up


Meanwhile i am just fishing and struggeling to get 100 gold. Even though i am lvl 63, i cant do ST and other things coz of times. D:


I already got a little bit in Archaeology (Thx to your guide/video). I haven’t gotten a map yet though, i might get that after i am done with my fishing streak of 1000 orange fish :3 Also there is a update in the Angler Medal, there is now a gold one, so maybe you should have a lil update on that page idk. ūüėõ