Aura Kingdom Catch All Eidolons Guide

Aura Kingdom Catch All Eidolons Guide will guide you to all Eidolons, catch them, and have them fighting by your side! Are you one of the collectors? Then you are in the right place!

There are 48 Eidolons in game altogether, some of which are not yet available in the English version.



We will first get an overview of how you can obtain Eidolons. Certain methods apply only to certain Eidolons, I will list all the Eidolons below, so you can go the the one you would like to obtain and see how you can work on it.

You can, or have a chance of obtain Eidolons through the following 14 methods:

# Method Mode
1 Character creation. FREE
2 Main Quest. FREE
3 Defeat Eidolon’s spawn. FREE/RNG
4 Ancient Eidolon Fragments fusion. FREE/WORK
5 Eidolon Energy Crystal fusion. FREE/WORK/RNG
6 Gaia connection. FREE
7 Archaeology. FREE/WORK
8 Adventurer Encyclopedia. FREE/WORK
9 Guild Instance. FREE/WORK
10 LP (Loyalty Points) Shop. FREE/WORK
11 Paragon Table. PAID/FREE/RNG
12 Mystery Box. PAID/RNG
13 Tier Spender program. PAID
14 Item Mall. PAID




Before you start looking for the Eidolons you would like to catch, it might be a good idea to take a look at these detailed explanation for the methods listed below.


Character Creation

These Eidolons are categorized as starter Eidolons. You get to choose one of them when you first create your character, and once chosen, it will stick with you forever! That being said, you will not be able to share or return a starter Eidolon; however, you can choose the same or a different starter Eidolon when you create another character.



As you level up, by completing certain Main Quests, you are awarded a Full Key to certain Eidolons.


Defeat Eidolon’s Spawn

There are a 3 types of Eidolon spawns: scheduled spawn, random spawn, summoned spawn. None are guaranteed to drop a Full Key or Key Fragments, so it is all up to your luck!



Dungeon type: In higher level dungeons you have a chance of encountering Eidolon spawns after you have defeated the final boss. For example, Lament of The Thunder-Dragon King and Otherworld: Alabastren Temple.

Town type: You may also encounter Eidolon spawns after you defeat General Monsters or Elite Monsters in a certain type of Otherworld dungeons. For exmaple, Otherworld: Port Skandia and Otherworld: Helonia Coast.

Abyss type: You will encounter Eidolon spawns after you have cleared a number of room or monster waves. For example, Whirlpool Abyss and Inferno Abyss.



The Temple of the Eidolons: You can find Dungeon Treasure Chests which contain one Unidentified Summoning Stone. Open it to randomly receive one of the 12 Eidolons’ Summoning Stones, use the Summoning Stone you received to summon that Eidolon and fight it.

Holy Land of Gaia (Solo) and Gaia’s Sanctuary (5 Players): You will find Eidolon spawns in these instances. Which Eidolons you will be facing depend on the Paths you choose inside these instances. There will also be Gaia’s Creation Treasure Boxes after you have cleared the whole instance, which contain certain Eidolons’ Key Fragments.

Gaia’s Sanctuary – Trial (Solo) and Gaia’s Sanctuary – Trial (Party): You will find certain Eidolons spawns in these instances. Defeat them and you have a chance of receiving Key Fragments.



Sky Tower and Sky Realm: You will find certain Eidolon spawns in these raids at certain floors.


Guild Hall

Guild Hall: There are 12 Eidolon spawns that are scheduled to appear during certain days of week in your Guild Hall.

guild hall eidolons



Guild Hall summon: You can exchange 100 Eidolon Energy Crystal for one Unidentified Summoning Stone, which contains one of the 12 Eidolons’ Summoning Stones (same as above). Summon it inside Guild Hall and fight it.

exchange 100 eidolon energy


Eidolon Altar summon: You can fuse 75 Eidolon Energy Crystal and 1 Hero’s Emblem into an Unidentified Summoning Device, which contains one of the 12 Eidolons’ Summoning Stones (same as above). Summon it at designated Eidolon Altar and fight it.


Ancient Eidolon Fragments

You can fuse 30 Ancient Eidolon Fragments and 1 Soul Box for a Key Fragment. This method only works for 5 Eidolons, a more detailed guide and be found here!


Eidolon Energy Crystal

These are used to summon certain Eidolons. For summoning and fusing details, see sub-section Summon above.


Gaia Connection

By linking your Eidolons to Gaia, you have a chance of receiving one of that linked Eidolon’s Key Fragment when that Eidolon returns. This applies to all Eidolon connections.

However, you will not receive Key Fragments from linking your starter Eidolons, you will instead receive Hero’s Emblem.

gaia connection



You can find Hidden Treasure Chests through Treasure Map, which contains a certain Eidolon’s Full Key and Key Fragments.


Adventurer Encyclopedia

You can obtain certain Eidolons’ Key Fragments by exchanging Dragon Points along with other specific items through Adventurer Encyclopedia.


Guild Instance

Run Guild Instance and accumulate 650 Guild Contribution Points and above to receive a certain Eidolon’s Key Fragment. Additionally, after you have accumulated 100 Guild Contribution Points, you are awarded a Gallant Crusader Treasure Chest, which contains this Eidolon’s Full Key and Key Fragments.


Gaia Chronicle

Certain chapters of Gaia Chronicle will reward you Key Fragments.

Some chapters also reward you Magic Chest, which contains the required item for exchanging Key Fragments in Adventure Encyclopedia.


Vault of Eternity – Great Hall


LP Shop

Certain Eidolons’ Key Fragments are available in the Loyalty Shop that you can buy with a some amount of Loyalty Points. The price varies depending on the rarity and popularity of that Eidolon. The available Eidolons can vary from time to time.

eidolons in lp shop


Paragon Table

Occasionally, some Eidolons’ Key Fragments are put up on the Paragon Table. You can try your luck to see if you land on one! To play Paragon Table, you will need Ruby Coins, which can be purchased by spending LP (Loyalty Points), AP (Aeria Points) or gold.


Mystery Box

Mystery Box for certain Eidolons is purchasable on Web Mall, usually cost 299 AP each unless there is a sale. You have a chance of obtaining a Full Key or Key Fragments of that Eidolon by opening up the Box. Mystery Boxes that are put up can vary from time to time.

eidolon mystery box


Tier Spender

By spending a certain amount of AP before the end of the month, you can redeem certain rewards, including certain Eidolons’ Full Key and Key Fragments. The available rewards can vary from time to time.

eidolons tier spender reward


Item Mall

You can spend AP directly for certain Eidolons’ Full Key and Key Fragments in Item Mall.

eidolon in item mall




Eidolons Difficulty Rarity


serif merrilee grimm alessa

None Common



Easy Common



Easy Common



Hard Rare






Hard Ultra Rare



Moderate Common



Easy Common






Moderate Common



Hard Rare



Hard Rare



Moderate Common



Moderate Common



Hard Uncommon



Moderate Common



Very Hard Ultra Rare



Moderate Common



Hard Uncommon



Hard Rare



Moderate Common

Tigerius Caesar

tigerius caesar

Moderate Common



Moderate Common



Hard Holofoil Rare



Very Hard Ultra Rare



Hard Rare



Hard Rare



Hard Rare



Very Hard Holofoil Rare

Kaiser Zeta

kaiser zeta

Very Hard Holofoil Rare



Extreme Holofoil Rare



Extreme Holofoil Rare



Extreme Holofoil Rare



Extreme Ultra Rare

Hansel and Gretel

hansel and gretel

Extreme Ultra Rare



Extreme Holofoil Rare



Very Hard Holofoil Rare

Diao Chan

diao chan

Impossible Secret Rare



Impossible Secret Rare



Impossible Secret Rare




Impossible Secret Rare




Impossible Secret Rare




Impossible Secret Rare



Extreme Secret Rare




Impossible Secret Rare



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    • Thanks for the updates! Is there a specific path that she spawns? I’m assuming dark path but I’m uncertain.

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        • When I check the Unidentified Radiant Summoning Stone (from the Lv.60 Dungeon Treasure Chest), it shows only 12 possible Eidolons spawns. Or do you mean the level 70’s Temple of the Eidolons?

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            It isn’t a summon from the stone, more like an event triggering.

            It goes more or less like this – You click at the chest and instead of having it giving you a Unidentified Radiant Summoning Stone you trigger an event with three black bunnies announcing the incoming of Cesela [they talk about a play, she being on stage and you interrupting it, something like that].

            Also, a curious fact about her – she doesn’t drop a Key, only a Key Fragment.

            And I’m talking about the Temple of Eidolons outside of Navea with the three chests [lv 35, lv50 and lv60].

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