Aura Kingdom Zephyrine’s Q&A


Your favorite leisure activity
Ways to kill time
  • I like to play with Nakama. Did you know! Nakama is super-soft! I love to pinch him on the nose and watch him make cute little faces!
  • Sleep with Nakama? Well, now that you mention it, I am feeling a little sleepy… Why not jump up here on Nakama’s back and doze off with me?
  • What do you want to know? Maybe something about switching off Nakama’s music, or taking his earphones? Pretty awesome, right!
  • I’m a real bookworm. You can learn so much from books. Learn what? Well, for instance, did you know it’s impossible to lick your own elbow with your tongue? Does Master?


What's your favorite food?
What do I normally eat?
  • I have a real sweet tooth. Did you know that?
  • I’m also a bit of a carnivore… I love fresh fish and offal! I wonder what your internal organs would taste like? Just kidding!
  • Actually, I don’t eat that often… Why not? That’s a secret!
  • Nakama loves really spicy food. Huh? What does Nakama eat? You want to feed Nakama? Master, you’re really too much…


What are friends?
What does friendship mean to you?
  • What are friends? I don’t really understand the question… Well, my best friend is Nakama.
  • Friends? Who needs ’em? All I need is you and Nakama. I don’t need anyone else!
  • I guess, someone who’s close to me? Is that what you mean? Nakama’s the best friend in the world! Nakama and I are two of a kind!
  • Like two peas in a pod. Do you have a friend like Nakama too?


What's your favorite type of music?
What kind of music do you listen to?
  • I love Nakama’s music! Come, check it out!
  • Nakama is really into rap music… The first time I heard this song, I couldn’t get it of my head… I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. It’s a total earworm!
  • What about you? I’m sure we have the same taste in music!
  • I love listening to Aelius’s music. It just makes you want to get up and dance, don’t you think?


What do you think about art?
Tell me about aesthetics
  • What is art? That’s a tough one! Are you trying to put me on the spot? Art is just dots and lines joined together!
  • You mean pretty things, right? I love things that sparkle.
  • Art? All unique and wonderful objects count as art, don’t they? Like Nakama!
  • I’m just a theorist. I don’t understand aesthetics!


Do you know anything about Shuriken?
Tell me about Shuriken.
  • I hear a shuriken in flight is really something to behold! They making a loud whooping sound, right?
  • I know! It’s a kind of weapon! Do you want to learn how to use them? I can lend Nakama to you, that way we can all learn together.
  • As I recall, a handsome Shadow Warrior will appear. But he looks different each time I see him. Or do my eyes need testing?
  • It’s from the East. A type of throwing weapon with a unique shape. We should have a contest to see who’s the best. Want to learn? When you have some skill, we can have a little contest.


Do you know what the Cube of Gaia is?
What's the Cube of Gaia?
  • Cube of Gaia? Oh, yeah! I’ve heard of it. The force of the Cube of Gaia is what guided me here to you.
  • But I don’t know how… Do you know? I’d really love to know.
  • The entire world you live in was created by the Cube of Gaia. But where it came from, that I don’t know. But I do know, if it wasn’t for that cube, we would never have met.
  • I think… it’s like Nakama’s cloak, but with a few key differences… Know what I mean?


Do you have your own Guardian Knight?
Do you know of the Guardian Knights?
  • Guardian Knights? Are they the people that guard Nakama and me? That’s you, isn’t it Master? You’re our Guardian Knight, right?
  • You can have a closer relationship with a partner you can really trust! Now that I think of it, that’s just like our relationship! Huh? Because we really like you, we have undying faith that you’ll protect us.
  • My Knight… You must mean Nakama! He’s the best partner I could ever wish for!
  • Guardian Knights? Yeah, of course I know! It’s… It’s when two people wear each other’s rings, right? Am I right?


What is Eidolon purification?
I heard something about Eidolon purification. Do you know what it is?
  • It’s a system that allows us to change our abilities. Do you want to change us, Master?
  • Why you would want to purify me? If you really do want to give me a new ability, I guess I’ll cooperate…
  • But purification… it can be unstable. Why is it unstable? Because it’s a force that leaves so much to chance.
  • Are you displeased with me Master? I feel sad… Heehee, did I scare you? Don’t be angry, I was only pulling your leg.


Can you tell me about Housing?
What is the Housing System?
  • Well, uh, it’s your house. Surely you haven’t forgotten about your house…
  • It’s a place that belongs to you, the one place you’re free to decorate as you like. Not only that, it’s a good place for Nakama and I to play together.
  • You house is beautifully decorated… I want a house of my own… Somewhere just for you and me.
  • Have you hired a housekeeper yet? If not, then Nakama can manage the house for you. He can do lots of things… like become a bomb, or act as a sandbag… Don’t look at me like that, Nakama!


Do you like books?
What kind of books do you like to read?
  • Have you heard of the Book of the Dead? It’s my favorite book.
  • I love it, there’s so much you can learn from it!
  • How about you? Do you like to read? Do you like books too?
  • You don’t? You can pick up all sorts of interesting information from books. You should try reading sometime!


Tell me about Nakama.
What's your connection to Nakama?
  • You want to know about Nakama and me? Nakama IS me! I am Nakama! It’s a supernatural connection!
  • Why are you asking these questions? We’re just friends. Now leave me alone!
  • What relationship? I’m not sure what you’re asking…
  • It’s a very close relationship! Closer than you and I, that’s for sure. Because Nakama and I have been together since birth…


I hear that you're kind of a smartypants.
Do you know much trivia?
  • I know lots of pointless things! Like what? Like you. What’s the point of YOU? Heehee! Just kidding. I’m not that mean, really.
  • If there’s anything you want to know, just ask me! I’ll be able to answer any question!
  • The books say that if you’re attacked by a crocodile, you should give it a good poke in the eye and it will let you go… if you ever get a chance, you should try it!
  • Do you know which organ stays unchanged from birth? The pipe organ! Get it? Yeah, I’m thinking of a career in comedy. Pretty good, right?


That costume is too cute!
Can you tell me about it?
  • You like it? The decoration on the top, I made it myself!
  • Isn’t it pretty? The hat and the earphones are my favorite parts.
  • I like this costume too. It’s got lots of sparkly bits on the top. What do you think?
  • I put this little number together myself… It has some sparkly little bits on the top. Nakama helped out with a few ideas too.


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • Did you know that Yumikaze’s eagle is called Ruffles? It’s because Eidolons love to eat chips! They’re snacking addicts! They can’t help themselves!
  • I heard that one of the Eidolon has a huge library full of books… It’s so massive, you might get lost in there and starve to death! You’ll never find your way out!
  • Hel is very beautiful, and super down to earth… What? Hel has a terrible sense of direction. She goes out for five minutes and she gets lost. Someone needs to get her a map.
  • Have you heard of Cesela? The tambourine player doesn’t seem to know the first thing about music! Would you like to see Nakama play the tambourine?


What happens to dead souls?
Where do people go when they die?
  • Extinguished souls are reincarnated… The physical body is but a transient vessel. Even yours, Master, but when you die, I’m sure you’ll be reborn.
  • Do you believe me? Dead souls are reborn. As long as your soul stays as pure as it is now, I’m sure we’ll meet again in the next life.
  • Do you fear death? There’s no need to be scared. For a soul, death is just a change of state. Like water and ice. With luck, your soul will be reborn.
  • When the physical body dies, the soul floats away to accept judgment. Once the soul has been judged, it can sail on the wind and ride on the ship of eternal sunbeams.


What is the Book of the Dead?
Does the Book of the Dead have any interesting uses?
  • This book is a guide to the Book of the Dead… Study it and there will be no end to what you can do! Read and learn. You can achieve immortality!
  • It’s called the Book of the Dead, but it’s not written on paper. You look like you want to ask a question. Some chapters are carved on tombstones or into the walls of mausoleums.
  • The Book of the Dead isn’t actually a single book… Each person’s Book of the Dead is unique. I’d dearly love to see your Book of the Dead.
  • Did you know that each person has their own unique Book of the Dead? That’s because no two lives are the same. I’m sure yours must be chock full of beautiful illustrations and poems.


Where are you from?
Where do you come from?
  • I come from Nakama’s cloak, as does Nakama. What? How could Nakama appear from his own cloak? You’ll have to ask Nakama that. Nakama, don’t look at me like I’m an idiot!
  • Nakama and I are temple guardians. When you come to be judged at the temple, I’ll be there at the gates to welcome you. If you treat me well, I may help you get a favorable judgment! Don’t go tattling on me, Nakama!
  • I’m a temple guardian. If any enemies attack, I burn them to ash with my light rays.
  • Naturally, I appeared from Nakama’s cloak. Would you like to try appearing from Nakama’s cloak? Nakama’s looking at me like I’m an idiot again! You can’t scold me!


Do you like to exercise?
Are you an athlete?
  • What’s exercise? It’s when you get your body moving. Oh, in that case, yes! I love to exercise!
  • I’m no athlete, of course… I’m a temple guardian. I can’t leave my post.
  • I love to exercise with Nakama. Do you want to play with me? You can be the ball and I’ll kick you! Just kidding, heehee!
  • Do you want to exercise with me? Or you could try with Nakama!


Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?
What's your plan after we split up?
  • I haven’t really thought about it… We would hate to be separated from you, believe me! We’re not going anywhere!
  • Maybe we’d go back to the temple… Even though I’d hate to part with you, I’d just have to make the best of it!
  • Nakama and I would go back to the temple. And there we would wait for the day of judgment.
  • I don’t want to even think about it!

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