Aura Kingdom Zaahir’s Q&A


What's your favorite leisure activity?
How do you kill time?
  • I like to lie on the grass and bask in the sun, when I’ve nothing else to do. Unfortunately the grass always burns.
  • I train! Constant improvement can only come with persistent training!
  • What? I’m actually quite busy! With what, you ask? Ha ha ha… I can’t tell you.
  • Leisure activities? Hmm, well, I like bathing. I have to bathe quickly, as the water quickly turns to steam.


What is your favorite food?
Do you have a preference in food?
  • Strong as I am, I can eat anything, whatever it is! Most food is unsatisfying, though. It burns, even before I can put them into my mouth!
  • Hmm, well, I rather like the taste of lava! It’s both crunchy and chewy.
  • Aelius’s flames taste good, but the texture is a bit too soft. Oh my, I really miss it! Gotta visit Aelius again!
  • As long as it’s food that I can eat, I will eat it. It’s not good to be picky with food, don’t you think? Ha-ha!


What kind of weather do you like?
Any weather preferences?
  • Weather? For me, rainy and snowy weather are both quite troublesome! Rain and snow evaporate immediately, once they touch my skin. All the steam is irritating, but at least it gives me this mysterious look.
  • Do you really have to ask? My favorite weather is, of course, bright days where the sun is high and shining bright!
  • No matter what kind of weather it is, it’ll be great if it’s dry! Why? Steam is really very troubling….
  • Ha ha ha… Don’t worry, don’t worry. My fighting spirit will not diminish, just because of the weather!


What is a friend, as far as you are concerned?
What's the definition of friendship, in your heart?
  • A person who can share your joys and woes is a friend!
  • What? You have to ask something so obvious? Am I not your friend? Ha ha ha…
  • A friend is one who won’t abandon you, even though he is so ashamed of you! Who am I talking about? I can’t tell you, I’d be in so much trouble! Ha ha ha…
  • Whoever you think is your friend, is your friend! Friends are as simple as that, why over-think it?


What do you think about travelling?
Share your opinions on travelling with me?
  • I love to travel! Aside from making new friends, this way I can also try new food. Makes me hungry just talking about it! Ha-ha!
  • Are you going on a trip? How marvelous! It’s dangerous to go alone! Take me with you.
  • Travel? What’s to think about? It’s basically just going around, eating and drinking. Speaking of which, I remember this little volcano where I once spent the weekend…
  • Why are we talking about it, when we can just go! The best way to know what traveling is like is to experience the adventure! Well? What are you waiting for?


What's special about the Infernal Abyss?
What do you know about the Infernal Abyss?
  • Hmm… I would think, with you and I being friends, that you would know of it already. How can you have forgotten already?
  • To me, the Infernal Abyss is simply a game room, for killing… time. For some reason, however, many Envoys of Gaia are going there to test themselves. It certainly makes the place more interesting, ha ha!
  • Fine, fine… I’ll tell you, but don’t tell anyone else! The Infernal Abyss was an idea I had one day while I was bathing. Just a little thought, haha!
  • It’s satisfying to fight against those challengers. I still need to take care of the fallen, though. How terribly inconvenient!


What do you know about Pandemonium?
What is Pandemonium like?
  • Pandemonium? What makes you think I know anything about that place? I am Zaahir of the Infernal Abyss, not Zaahir of Pandemonium!
  • Pandemonium is a place of decay and destruction. Numerous demons and monsters live there, from what I’ve been told. Life itself would be a punishment, for you, in Pandemonium.
  • Some people say that there is a region of Pandemonium entirely engulfed in flames. It sounds delightful! I would love to visit there someday!
  • Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium are areas unaffected by time. Physical rules in these realms are very different than they are here.


What is the Envoy's Path?
How should I choose my abilities in the Envoy's Path?
  • As you grow more powerful, you are able to unlock more areas in the Envoy’s Path. Different paths will give you different abilities that will be useful in battle.
  • If you’re not sure where to go, try focusing on one area. You are sure to improve if you keep focus on one area.
  • Humans are so troublesome! You have to actually accumulate XP to grow stronger! I would die from boredom, if I had to do the same!
  • You seem so lost, so I’ll help you out. If you want to be good at PvP, learn skills which decrease your critical damage you take. Definitely a life-saver, ha-ha!


Let's talk about equipment fortification.
What do you know about equipment fortification?
  • Fortifying equipment is a bold move! Powerful equipment attracts attention, and challengers!
  • Equipment fortification can dramatically increase the existing attributes of your gear. You can become stronger still when your gear reaches certain fortification levels. Such important information – Don’t forget it!
  • Disassembling equipment can give you Fragments. You can use these to enhance the rest of your gear.
  • Your fortification failed? No worries! Keep at it – eventually you will get what you want!


What is the ranking system?
What do you know about the ranking system?
  • Placing well in a ranking list is a great honor for any Envoy of Gaia. Not only will you be noticed for your accomplishments, but you’ll also be rewarded for your hard work.
  • If there is ever a popularity ranking, I’ll definitely be in first place! Ha!
  • Want to place well in a ranking list? You’ve come to the right person! Keep collecting materials from instances, and you’ll definitely see yourself up there one day!
  • Keep in mind that the rankings will occasionally reset. So, if you don’t make the rankings this time around, don’t fret! There’s always next time.


How hot is your breath?
How hot can your breath get?
  • Well… I don’t know. Why don’t you come find out for yourself? Ha-ha, you look so scared! I’m only kidding, of course.
  • Who cares about the exact temperature? Being able to burn enemies to death is enough for me!
  • Hmm… Five or six thousand degrees? No, I think it’s seven or eight thousand? Anyway it’s around those temperatures! Hot enough, don’t you think?
  • Hmmm… I’m not really clear about the exact temperature of my breath. I am certain that there is nothing in this world can withstand my breath! So what do you say, how hot should it be?


What's the pearl on your tail?
What's that pearl on your tail?
  • Oh, this little thing? It’s nothing special. Heh-heh-heh…
  • This is a gift given to me by the Cube of Gaia! It is precious to me…
  • It’s a lovely decoration, isn’t it? I’m not sure I want to talk about it…
  • I’ve learned that some things are better as mysteries. Perhaps you’ll figure it out one day…


You look really like the Dragons, are you guys related?
Your appearance is very similar to the Dragons - are you one of them?
  • Ha ha ha… Foolish mortal, looking alike doesn’t mean that we’re related!
  • I’m probably more closely related to sprites than I am to dragons…
  • Oh? I don’t want to be associated with those greedy good-for-nothings.
  • No worries. I’m no relation to the Dragons. I was born of air and fire, not some mundane egg-hatching.


What's that on your back?
What's that behind your back?
  • This is my propeller! It looks good, right? Ha ha ha…
  • Oh, this? This is… uh… I’ll tell you later!
  • Eh? You don’t know? Well, it’s what it is. No more, no less!
  • This? It helps me to fly. Flying isn’t my strong suit, eh-heh…


I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons.
Tell me some interesting tidbits about Eidolons.
  • Oh! I know something juicy about…someone… Now, who was it…? Eh… Wait, let me think, who was it…?
  • Abraxas is a dashing young man with fine skills. But… He’s a bit self-centered. Don’t pick that up from him.
  • Nalani is very clever and kind – she’s a good girl. Too bad she’s so shy; to this day, I haven’t heard her speak at all!
  • Tsubaki… I’ve come to a deep understanding of these words, thanks to her. “Better to offend a villain than a woman”. When a woman takes revenge, she is far more formidable than a villain…..


Do you get hurt by your own breath?
Is your breath useful to you?
  • Hahaha! You amuse me, human. A warrior whose own techniques harmed them would be a chief among fools!
  • It is a useful attack precisely because it hurts others but is harmless to me.
  • Ghahaha…it is to me as your saliva is to you. Were it harmful, I would have burned my face off long ago.
  • Have you happened to look at the rest of my body? Fire is what I do, young one.


What's the purpose of the horns on your head?
How do you use the horns on your head?
  • Mmm… Yes, they are a symbol of my virility! Gyahaha…you really will believe about anything an Eidolon tells you. Perhaps later I’ll explain their cultural significance.
  • My horns are not just dashing! They make for a gruesome headbutt none would care to be on the receiving end of. That’s how you get a-head in life!
  • My horns can sense heat. Even in total darkness, they help me pinpoint an enemy’s location.
  • Their purpose? Do you question the purpose of your own hair? It is better to simply see me in action.


Is your body temperature always so high?
Does your body temperature ever drop?
  • A high body temperature is good – it means I am alive and well.
  • A high temperature is healthy for me. If my temperature makes a sudden drop, my death may be close at hand. On that day, I insist that you give me a spectacular funeral pyre.
  • Am I…too hot for you? Alas, I can do little about my hotness.
  • Too hot already? You’d better grab some water, because things have only just begun to heat up!


What's the purpose of your tail?
What is your tail for?
  • Functional purpose aside, it makes me look quite dignified. I am a handsome devil, am I not?
  • As you’ve seen, my weight is centered in my upper body. My tail is there to provide balance, allowing me to move this heft with ease.
  • It’s surprisingly long, which means I can crack it into enemies. There have been times, however. Times. In which I may have…hit myself…
  • It is a back scratcher unequaled in this realm or the spirit realm. Wait…you did not actually fall for my jape, did you?


Have you thought about your life, after we part ways?
What's your plan for after we part ways?
  • What is there to worry about? Wherever I go, I shall live well.
  • There are many things the future may hold; many desires. Tomorrow will worry about itself; I will focus on the present.
  • Hah! As though you would cast me away, with all the trouble you went through to make a pact with me. We are here together like this because we are conquerors, both of us.
  • Do not worry yourself for my sake. I have survived eons. I live well, and if not, I conquer until I do.

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