Aura Kingdom Yumikaze’s Q&A


What's your favorite leisure activity?
What do you do to kill time?
  • Well, I practice my fighting skills a lot. Me ‘n Ruffles here always need to be ready for battle!
  • Sometimes I go shopping with Diao Chan… But that can be tough. Diao Chan doesn’t have very good taste… I can’t go out in the stuff she picks out! I’d be way too embarrassed! So I usually just stay home and play sudoku or something.
  • Well, normally I just keep watch on you to make sure everything’s going okay. Yes, even while you’re sleeping! No, that’s not creepy! That’s when you’re the most vulnerable! I am just worried about your safety!
  • Free time? What a novel concept! That would be great if you gave me a break now and again.


What do you do to prepare for battle?
Do you have any training tips?
  • I live for battles. Obviously, protecting you is my first priority, but that doesn’t mean the thrill of smashing a few heads together doesn’t get my heart pumping!
  • Of course, I had to train a lot to get to my level of fitness and combat skill. I don’t know if there’s much you can learn from me. You’re already at quite a high level yourself!
  • I don’t know if I should give away my secrets. What if you use them against me? You never know, one day we may be enemies! And if that happens, you can bet I’m gonna have to school you!
  • Ruffles has had plenty of training too! You don’t wanna get hit with the power of the Ruffles!


Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  • Eh? Uh, what kind of question is that? Let’s try to keep things professional, shall we? I don’t need a boyfriend! I’ve got you! And we’re going to stay together forever! I just know it!
  • No… I’ve always been saving myself for someone who could beat me in battle. Til I find one, I won’t accept any suitors. But I’ll admit, it’s not easy. Nobody is at my level.
  • Love? That’s not really my thing.
  • I just like battling and spending time with you and Ruffles.


Do you like animals?
What's your favorite animal?
  • Well, that’s an easy one. My little Ruffles!
  • Do you like eagles? They are so regal. They fly, they fight, they’re strong and fast and they’re beautiful. I love them, but Ruffles is scared of them. What a little scaredy-fluff!
  • I have respect for any animal that can hunt and fight.
  • I love any animal that flies. They look so majestic, soaring in the air.


Is there anyone that you have a crush on?
Is there anyone you have feelings for?
  • Why do you ask? Are you interested in someone? Do you need a wingman? Who is it? Tell me!
  • Well there is someone… I think she is very beautiful… But it’s not a crush! Their name? Um… Never mind, I don’t want to tell you.
  • No, there isn’t. And quite frankly, it’s none of your business! Now leave me alone! I said GOOD DAY, sir.
  • I don’t need a crush, I’ve got Ruffles! Ruffles ‘n me, we make a great team. Oh, and you too, I guess… But mostly me and Ruffles.


What's a Quest?
Can you give me any information on Quests?
  • A quest is like a mission. My mission is to help you as much as I can!
  • Your mission is to do Quests! You don’t have to accept every quest you’re offered. But you can get some pretty neat rewards out of them!
  • What, you have a request for me? But I’m not a DJ! Oh, I see! That kind of request. Sorry, I misunderstood. No, I will definitely complete your request, just tell me!
  • Quests are a great way to get rewards. Sometimes you can get money. Other times it’s items you’ll win! But the most precious rewards are the unique experiences you’ll have. The new friends, the memories… Just kidding, it’s definitely the money. Let’s go make us some money!


Do you know anything about Shuriken?
I'm curious about Shuriken. Do you know how to use them?
  • Shurik-what now? Nope, sorry, can’t help you. I don’t really go in for that kinda ninja stuff.
  • Yeah… Shuriken. Not really “sure-I-can” help you there, pal. Do you get it? Huh, do ya? Good pun, right? Anyways, sorry, but no. But if you ever need any archery tips I’ll be glad to help out.
  • All those Ninjutsu and special ninja throwing type weapons are super cool. But in terms of pure efficacy, I still think bow and arrow are better.
  • Are you interested in mastering them? I think Tsubaki would probably know more… Want me to check?


Can you tell me about profession levels?
What's the deal with these professions?
  • Do you like fishing? I find it relaxing from time to time, though I’m no expert.
  • I don’t think I’m the right person to answer this question. My talents are archery and animal training…
  • My only advice for you is, practice makes perfect. That goes for everything, from fishing, archaeology, cooking, or even other activities. The more you practice, the more upgrades you’ll get. Level up and you’ll see better results before you know it!
  • Sorry, that’s not really my wheelhouse. Next question!


Can you tell me about Housing?
What is the Housing System?
  • Exactly what it sounds like! You get a house! You can decorate it however you like! It’s swell. I hope you’ll invite me over! I promise I’m house trained!
  • A house is a space where you can decorate, a personal space that belongs to you and you alone. You can invite your friends over and have tea together.
  • I’d love to come visit, but I’ll probably make a huge mess. Maybe I can help decorate…
  • I think you should devote the outside to an archery range, that would be perfect… What do you think?


What is the Envoy's Path?
What can you tell me about the Envoy's Path?
  • It’s important to choose your Envoy’s Path wisely according to your needs! If you ask me, I would choose skills that increase your attacking prowess. Attack is the best defense! Ain’t that right, Ruffles?
  • The Envoy’s Path is where you can make good use of all that XP you’ve collected, and increase your abilities so you can get even more XP! Most of the skills are for increasing your battle skills, but I have heard that some of them might give you a little boost in your chances of getting treasure.
  • Envoy’s Path? Yeah, you can use it to level up your skills! But you need to choose which ones you want.
  • Don’t ask me to choose for you. Just choose yourself!


How'd you pick a name for your lil' pet there?
How did you come up with your eagle's name?
  • Who? Oh, you mean Ruffles? I mean, just look at him. His feathers!
  • You don’t like the name? I think it’s really cute! Ruffles is a cute name, he’s a cute lil’ guy! What’s wrong with the name?
  • Do you have a better suggestion? No? I thought not. Cause Ruffles is the best.
  • What? You got something to say about my bird’s name? Say it to his face! That’s right. I thought not.


Wow, you're an amazing archer!
I'm so impressed with your archery skills! And that bow is magnificent...
  • You like it? It’s a gift from the gods. That’s why I have such good aim. It’s got special powers!
  • Plus all the training I do also helps a lot. That’s why I’m the best archer around!
  • When it comes to archery, I’m the best in the land! No one can touch me. You? Haha. You probably couldn’t even pull back the bowstring!
  • Do you have any good ideas for a name for my bow? I had a few ideas, but since you didn’t like Ruffles, I figured I should ask your opinion. What about “Tae Bow”? Or “Bow-Tie”?


So, how are the other Eidolons getting along these days?
Any new Eidolon gossip?
  • I don’t really keep up with the other Eidolons. You and Ruffles are enough for me!
  • To be honest, I don’t really like mingling with the other Eidolons too much. Ayako’s always trying to eat poor Ruffles.
  • I like spending time with Kusanagi, I can always learn something new from her. Her attack is so impressive. Maybe I could learn it if I practiced hard enough.
  • Serena has good style. But I could never pull off that look. Sp she’d never want to hang out with me. Oh well…


So is your name really Yumikaze?
That's an interesting name!
  • Thank you!
  • Actually, Yumikaze isn’t my real name. But… Everyone has been calling me that for so long that I’ve forgotten my real name.
  • What? You don’t like my name?
  • I don’t really like my name. I always wanted a more original name. Like Mumbleton. Or Palloolla. Do you have a better idea? Oh, then I guess you can just call me Yumikaze.


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
So... Any juicy Eidolon gossip?
  • What? Did no one ever tell you that it’s not really very nice to spread gossip behind people’s backs?
  • I don’t really go in for gossip. But Eternia is always up with all the knowledge. You should ask her instead. Personally, if you ask me, I think it’s kind of rude to spread gossip. Why should I tell rumors around about my friends?
  • Diao Chan is a total babe. But we aren’t into the same things at all. Our tastes are completely different!
  • Is there anything specific you want to know? Just tell me what you want to know, and I’ll try to find out for you.


What a handsome eagle!
Is that your pet?
  • Ruffles is more than a pet, he’s a friend! Wait… What’s that face? You didn’t know he was called Ruffles? Cause of his feathers, get it? Ruffles!
  • Ruffles? He’s been around for a long time. He’s a big help in battles!
  • Plus, he’s pretty much my best friend too.
  • Isn’t he handsome? Such nice plumage… I love to show him off to the other Eidolons. Except Ayako! That glutton just wants to eat him. I can’t ever leave her alone with him.


Where are you from?
Can you tell me about your hometown?
  • My hometown…? I don’t have a hometown anymore. That part of my life is over.
  • I don’t like to talk about my past. You know that.
  • I’m here now. That’s all you need to know.
  • Aww, are you thinking about home? Sounds like you’re homesick. Maybe you should go home and leave the adventuring to a real hero!


Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?
Your sense of style and elan is really inspiring.
  • Why, thank you!
  • Go on… I love receiving compliments! It’s so rare that anyone ever says anything nice to me. I need to cherish these rare moments.
  • Are you being sarcastic? That’s so mean! I understand that maybe my style isn’t up to your high standards. But that doesn’t mean you should tease me!
  • Ahaha! I bet you say that to everyone, don’t you? Trying to butter me up, are you? That’s okay. I like compliments anyway. Even if I know they’re not real.


Are you good at anything else besides archery?
Do you know how to use other weapons?
  • Of course! I am good with all weapons. I just love archery. It’s so graceful. And I like using ranged attacks. That way I can stay far back and not mess up my hair.
  • Ruffles likes to attack from distance, too. Plus, I have such a pretty bow, it would be a waste not to use it!
  • I used to use other weapons sometimes, likes knives. But I always came back to my bow!
  • Whatever weapon I use, you can be sure I will use it to the best of my ability to protect you!


Have you thought about how your life will be after we've parted ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • I’m not going anywhere. I will not leave before finishing my mission.
  • Future? I live in the present. Why plan now for what might happen in the future?
  • Why do you ask? Are you planning to leave me soon? I guess I should start making plans too then?
  • Why are you asking? What did I do? Did I do something to upset you? Tell me! Now I’m all nervous!

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