Aura Kingdom Vayu’s Q&A


What kind of weather do you like?
How do you feel about the weather?
  • I enjoy humidity. Gathering clouds and rain in the sky is my duty. Naturally, I favor overcast days, as well as a healthy downpour.
  • Sunny days always bring back so many memories. I have an old friend who loves to travel, but only on a sunny day. It’s been a long time since we’ve fought together, side by side…
  • The weather doesn’t affect my feelings overly much.
  • Ever-changing weather is simple one of the laws of nature. I gladly accept all kinds of weather.


Do you have any tips for getting along with people?
Do you have any advice on how to get along with others?
  • Uh… Does that mean you don’t have many friends? Don’t be upset. It’s their loss if they don’t appreciate you. Besides, the way I see it, a small group of true friends is best.
  • Well… I’ve lived alone for ages, and I haven’t talked to others like me for a very long time… I’m afraid I don’t know how to answer your question.
  • Well… I don’t know too much about it either. But the way I see it, tolerance and patience is key.
  • Are you kidding me? You are the only one I talk to every day. Have you ever seen me talking to others?


Does anything offend you?
What would make you angry?
  • For a man my age, there aren’t many things I haven’t experienced. Very few things anger me, but I do have one thing that I won’t tolerate. I have a tender scale under my jaw. I’ll kill anyone who touches it!
  • Heh. I had a short temper when I was young. The slightest thing would make me angry. Now that I’m old, I don’t often have the energy to pay that kind of thing any mind.
  • Why do you mention this all of a sudden? Could it be that you’ve offended someone? If that’s the case, I think you’d better go apologize. It’s best to avoid any chance of future problems.
  • Heh, in my eyes, you are still but a child. When a child makes mistakes, I don’t think adults should be too hard on them.


What are your opinions on death?
What is death to you?
  • All creatures grow and wither. To me, death is just a new beginning.
  • I’ve lived for so many years, I don’t think there’s anything I haven’t experienced. If my death were to come in the next second, I will face it calmly.
  • You are still very young and are living the dangerous life of an Envoy. You will certainly witness a lot of death. Creatures in the world live and die, and bring life from death. Everything is cyclic. Try to keep your cool about it and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Heh. You are still so young! Don’t waste your life worrying about these things. I’m the one who should give it some serious thought.


What's your favorite leisure activity?
How do you like to kill time?
  • Sometimes I take a nap, but not for more than a couple of decades. By the time I wake, everything has changed! The speed with which Terra changes leaves me with confused feelings…
  • I used to go visit my friends when the mood took me… However, the last time I’ve seen them was centuries ago…
  • I don’t have any hobbies, actually. How about you? Maybe we can do something together?
  • When I was young, I argued with others a lot. All it took was one wrong word and I’d get violent! Thinking about that now, heh, I was really ignorant then… Nowadays, I’ve embraced calmness and serenity. Why cause any more trouble if there’s a peaceful solution?


What's special about the Triatio Highlands?
Could you tell me something about the Triatio Highlands?
  • The Triatio Highlands are a barren plateau. There’s dust everywhere, and it’s difficult for plants to grow. All the birds, beasts and tribal people that live there are extremely ferocious!
  • Hmm… The Humans and Giants in Triatio Highlands have feuded for a long time. In my opinion… It’s impossible to avoid conflict when feeding your family is at stake.
  • Avians have lived here for generations, worshiping the Demon God Argus. They have fallen into darkness. If you need to deal with the Avians, be very careful.
  • About the Triatio Highlands… Well, there’s one thing that keeps bugging me. There are the remains of gigantic, mythical beasts everywhere, but no one has ever actually seen one alive. Could it be that all those mythical beasts have vanished and are hiding away in mountains and oceans?


Do you know how the world was created?
Can you tell me about the beginning of the world?
  • Oh, I don’t want to patronize you… When the sky formed, well, where did the earth come from? These kinds of questions are a mystery to me… You remind me of a young child when you ask such questions.
  • The Cube of Gaia is divine; the Cube of Gaia is god! That’s the first lesson of creation written in our historical texts. Can you truly comprehend its meaning?
  • I heard that the Cube of Gaia didn’t exist in Terra at first – it came from outer space! After Terra’s creation, the Cube of Gaia fell from the cosmos, no longer having the energy to keep itself up. 49 days later, the Cube of Gaia finally entered the world. Other than that, its origin is a complete mystery…
  • As the saying goes: “There are people beyond this person and skies beyond this sky.” There are probably other heavens and other earths aside from ours. I think you are clever enough to comprehend this idea.


I'd like to know about titles.
What are titles for?
  • Hmm? Does the fact that you are asking this mean that you are seeking fame and fortune?
  • You obtain Titles after you complete certain quests or defeat certain monsters. They are great proof to your heroic quests!
  • Well, as far as I know, different Titles can enhance different abilities. The effects of the Titlesvary wildly, so the more you collect, the better!
  • Rare Titles can be very hard to get, but offer excellent benefits. Don’t give up hope!


I wanna know about costumes.
What's so important about costumes?
  • Well, I don’t really know much about such things, so I can’t really offer any advice…
  • I’ve heard a human saying: “Clothes make the man.” Looking good gets you noticed and makes a statement! Though, at the same time… There is such a thing as taking that too far…
  • Costumes must be fun; a dragon such as I doesn’t know much about that though… If you’re curious, how about you talk about it with your friends? You’d be pleasantly surprised.
  • Well, I know there are five different categories of costumes; there are so many options with each type. I am so amazed by the diversity you humans come up with…


Tell me about Eidolon Teams.
What are the benefits of forming Eidolon Teams?
  • The Eidolon Team is composed of your most loyal Eidolons. They are at your service and will fight for you. Do remember that you cannot switch out team members during a battle, so plan wisely!
  • Heh, like the ancient saying goes – Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. As long as you’ve formed your team to strike at your enemy’s weakness, you’ll be invincible!
  • You are brimming with talent and potential. Sooner or later you’ll be famous and a favorite among all the world’s Eidolons. The thing is, when that day comes… I hope you won’t forget me and all the time we spent together!
  • You can have a maximum of three Eidolons in your team. Frankly, with how difficult your quests are, I’m not sure it’s enough! Fortunately, you have excellent skills… Heh, I’m sure you will be fine.


You seem to have lived a very long time. Is this true?
Could you tell me your age?
  • Well… I’m sorry, but I can’t give you an answer. It’s not like I don’t want to, it’s just that I… Well, I don’t know! Hah!
  • The King of the Triceragons is a 500-year-old dragon, but I’m sure I’ve lived longer… Maybe you can guess how old I am?
  • Heh. You are truly curious! Why not make a guess? Isn’t it more fun if you were to find the answer for yourself?
  • The strength of Dragons is proportional to their age. The older we are, the stronger we become. So why don’t you make a guess? Based on my strength, how old do you think I am? Pretty old, I suspect! Heh heh…


Do you have any relatives?
Do you have any siblings?
  • Ever since I could remember, I have always been alone. So… I’m really not sure if I have any actual relatives…
  • Dragons accept each other as one large family. So, in a way, all Dragons are my relatives.
  • Hrm… Let’s forget about me for a moment. How about you? Do you have any siblings?
  • As far as I can recall, I don’t have any siblings. But I consider all Dragons to be my relatives!


Western Dragons are a lot like you. Do you share any similarities?
What's the connection between you and Western Dragons?
  • I’m not sure if there is a connection, but I certainly hope not! I can’t bear the fact that they obsess over shiny things and gold so much….
  • Western Dragons… I just don’t understand how they think. Supposedly, they rest on a heap of gold coins! That kind of greed astounds me…
  • I’ve wondered the same thing myself. Perhaps Western Dragons are descendents of my kind… Hmmm
  • I… I have no idea. I hope you forgive me for providing no answer for you.


How do you take care of your scales?
Your scales are so beautiful! How do you take care of them?
  • Heh, kind of you to ask! I wash my scales every day with clean water to keep their luster.
  • You don’t have any scales on your body, do you? Are you just curious?
  • Well… Nothing too special, actually. I just make sure to wash them every day, that’s all!
  • I’ve had centuries of learning how to take good care of my scales. Even my diet contributes to their wonderful luster.


I wanna know some secrets about other Eidolons.
Tell me something interesting about Eidolons.
  • What? I am not the sort to talk about others behind their backs, so please don’t ask again.
  • Yarnaros and I are both Dragons, but we have very different specialties. Yarnaros is good at offense, while I excel at defense.
  • Sigrun is indeed worthy of the name “Champion of the Slain.” She is brave as well as graceful. She reminds me of an old friend…
  • Aelius’s flame is quite unique as it can heal wounds. I’ve never heard of a flame restoring life before – it’s quite impressive.


Can I pluck your scales?
Would you give me one of your scales?
  • Uh, no. Definitely not! My scales are linked to my strength. Without them, I won’t be able to protect you anymore.
  • Am I not by your side every day? If you want to see my scales, just look at me. Why would you need to collect them?
  • It’s not that I can’t give you one, I just don’t understand why you would want them. I’ve already sworn myself to be by your side. What more do you need of me?
  • A shed scale loses its luster and begins to crack, which is very unsightly. But, if you insist… Sigh…


Is the legend "Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gate" real?
Can a carp really transform to a dragon?
  • Heh. That’s just people talking nonsense and creating inspirational tales. If it’s that easy to become a dragon, how come dragons are so rare?
  • That is ridiculously impossible. Just because a carp can leap over the Dragon’s Gate doesn’t make it a dragon. The strongest carp in the world is still just a carp.
  • Hmm, you are ever the curious one. How about you journey to the Dragon’s Gate and see for yourself? As they say, “Seeing is believing”. I’m sure it would be more convincing than whatever I say.
  • Well… I have heard the tales before, of course… Having said that, I’ve never met a dragon that was once a carp. So I guess “Carp Leaping Over Dragon’s Gate” is just a tale for humans to strive for greatness.


What's your relationship with the Dragon Emperor?
You and the Dragon Emperor seem to be pretty close.
  • Heh. The Dragon Emperor and I used to go to battle together, so of course we become fast friends! We fought in wars that raged across many realms – those were chaotic times!
  • The Dragon Emperor and I are indeed very close. Back then… Cough! Hrm… It’s better if you don’t know about it.
  • Huh? Why do you mention the Dragon Emperor all of a sudden? Ah… My guess would be that you heard that the Emperor has lent me his power. Sigh… I miss those days when he and I fought side by side.
  • It’s not that easy to explain the relationship between the Dragon Emperor and me. Perhaps it is a tale I’ll tell at a later time…


Can all dragons fly?
Is there a kind of dragon that can't fly?
  • I’ve never heard of a dragon that can’t fly. I suppose, however, that such a creature is not beyond the realm of possibility…
  • Dragons fly as fish can swim, as beasts can walk; it is in our nature. Perhaps there are dragons that can’t fly very well, but to be unable to fly entirely? I think not.
  • Haha, this is a joke, yes? How is it possible for a dragon that doesn’t fly to exist?
  • Are you saying that you’ve actually met a dragon that cannot fly? Now I’m curious; could you please introduce me to this creature?


Have you thought about your life, after we part ways?
What's your plan if we ever get separated?
  • Isn’t it too soon to talk about parting ways? You are still very young. Living in the present should be most important to you.
  • Union begets separation, this is a rule of life. Meeting you made me very happy; but if our parting day comes, I will solemnly accept that, as well.
  • You are an excellent Envoy of Gaia. So even without me by your side, I believe you will still achieve greatness!
  • After our parting? Hmm… Perhaps I will go visit old friends I haven’t seen in quite some time.

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