Aura Kingdom Uzuriel’s Q&A


What kind of flowers do you appreciate the most?
What kind of flowers do you like the most?
  • Hee hee. Of course, my favorite is the lily, which symbolizes purity.
  • The fragrant and elegant lily is the most suitable symbol of divine purity. I hope to plant a few, as I travel this world with you.
  • Every flower has its own beauty, as every person has his or her own strength. But my favorite is the lily, for it brings me great calm.
  • The lily is my favorite flower. What about yours?


Do you know how to cook?
How are your cooking skills?
  • Actually, I’m pretty confident about my cooking, especially when it comes to desserts. I will make some for you next time, so you can try them.
  • Cooking is one of my hobbies.
  • Though I know how to make all kinds of food, I’m best at making dessert.
  • Wow, how did you know that I like cooking? Just how much attention are you paying to me?


What do you think death is?
What is death to you?
  • Death is one part of the process of reincarnation. It’s only a short section of the cycle of life. After the soul is separated from the body, the next chapter of life begins.
  • Death is not the end, only a new beginning.
  • Sometimes death is not a state, but rather a process. Purifying the soul through death. Yes, that was once my duty…
  • To humans in Terra, there are so many unsolvable mysteries about death. That’s not the case in other worlds. In other worlds, the concept of death doesn’t even exist.


What's your favorite color?
What color best symbolizes you?
  • Just look at the clothes I’m wearing. My favorite color is white. What about yours?
  • Pure white is my symbol.
  • Of course my favorite color is white. Watching blooming lilies calms me down.
  • I think of my work in this world as scraping dirt from a white stone. It’s a process of removing the impurities and revealing the world’s light…


What do you think peace is?
What does peace mean to you?
  • Peace is being able to drink and talk with the person you love, with no fear. The faces and hearts of both filled with peace and harmony.
  • Peace is the world filled with laughter and warmth.
  • Each and every battle you and I have fought, we fought to protect peace in the world.
  • Peace was once what I tried my best to protect, but I lost my way… Peace! Peace! Numerous sins have been committed in the name of peace!


What's special about Cactakara Forest?
Could you tell me something about Cactakara Forest?
  • Cactakara Forest? The forest is beautiful. A river formed by two waterfalls of different sizes flows through the forest. It’s a magical place.
  • In the Cactakara Forest there is a small tribe of dwarves. Ah, that is, the tribe is small. Not the dwarves. Well, not any smaller than normal dwarves.
  • A group of Centaurs is living in the ruins in Cactakara Forest. They don’t much like outsiders.
  • Cactakara Forest is a quiet place, very restful. It’s said that an Eidolon who likes to meditate shows up there on occasion.


What are those secret altars that appear in odd places?
I wanna know about the Eidolon Altars.
  • The Eidolon Altars are broken now, but if many people work together, they can be restored. When a portal is opened, one can communicate with the Eidolons on the other side.
  • Though Eidolon Energy for the altar is difficult to collect, it’s not impossible. I’m sure sufficient quantities can be collected, with help.
  • All we must do is offer the Eidolon Energy to the broken altar, and, gradually, it will be restored.
  • The altars have the power to send telepathic messages from people to Eidolons. Be respectful. The Eidolons will be unhappy about being summoned. They want to make contact with Envoys, but who likes to be woken up by a stranger?


Please tell me about Eidolon Skills.
What do you use Eidolon Skills for?
  • With the skill Taunting Eidolon, the Eidolon taunts the enemy, drawing the enemy’s attacks.
  • The power of the Ultimate Strikes you and your Eidolon can work together is astonishing. Don’t wait, use the Ultimate Strike immediately!
  • Each of us has different origins and strengths, so the skills we have are also different. Carefully picking an Eidolon who complements your own strengths can make your adventure easier.
  • Eidolons can do more than fight. Some can even serve as their Envoy’s mount!


Please tell me something about Party Search.
I want information about the Party Search.
  • Party Search allows you to recruit party members quickly, to get into a dungeon faster.
  • Using the Party Search System greatly reduces the amount of running around involved in recruiting adventurers. It’s very convenient!
  • After forming a party, you must try to get along with the others. They’re protecting your back, treat them with respect.
  • When you need to enter a dungeon in Multiplayer Mode, you can look for party members with the Party Search System.


What is the Envoy's Path?
How should I choose my way on the Envoy's Path?
  • You will get one Envoy’s Path Point every three levels. You must spend it wisely.
  • Don’t lose heart if you encounter difficulties when you attack a dungeon; try reallocating your Envoy’s Path Points.
  • You can even get new Combination Skills, based on which paths you choose.
  • Choosing different ways on your Envoy’s Path will lead to different Skill Points.


How do you train yourself in unarmed combat?
Who taught you unarmed combat?
  • To maintain quick reactions, I spend a lot of time reviewing the basics every day. It’s been my habit since I started in the martial arts.
  • Though I’d like to answer your question, I can’t tell you who taught me. You’re safer not knowing.
  • There’s nothing particularly worthy of mention. Long story short, hard training. If you want to learn to fight like me, I’m more than happy to give you some guidance.
  • I’ve been away from my organization for so long… The only thing that hasn’t changed might be my martial arts skills.


How do you get such a healthy skin color?
How do you get so tan?
  • Hee hee, this looks pretty natural, doesn’t it? I spent a long time living in a sunny place. The tan has stayed with me ever since!
  • I didn’t go sunbathing, not on purpose. My skin color comes naturally.
  • I don’t think about my skin, beyond basic hygiene. It doesn’t really matter.
  • If you get out in the sun more often, you can have a tan of your own, too.


Do you often recall your past?
Do you think about the past a lot?
  • My past… That was a dark time in history… Even if the whole world has forgotten, I’ll always remember…
  • The past isn’t gone; it is just underneath the present. So even if the past has been forgotten, it doesn’t mean things never happened… And, no, I haven’t forgotten.
  • Of course I think about the past occasionally. Don’t we all?
  • Talking about my past dredges up some rather unpalatable memories. Let’s change the topic.


Have you ever faced multiple enemies alone?
Have you ever been surrounded by enemies before?
  • Of course I have. It’s a common thing to be surrounded by enemies in battle. Use terrain to your advantage, and you can separate your enemies and fight them one by one.
  • As long as you can find a way to defeat your enemies one by one, you don’t have to worry even if you are surrounded.
  • I once went to Pandemonium, alone, and was surrounded by numerous demons there. But I’m standing right in front you, in one piece, talking and smiling, aren’t I?
  • Being surrounded by enemies is nothing, compared to being betrayed by former comrades-in-arms…


Tell me a little bit about the other Eidolons.
I want to know the gossip of the Eidolons.
  • Bahadur seems to have a very mysterious past… Maybe you can get some information from him. Ah… On the other hand, don’t try. Please just forget about what I said.
  • Tigerius Caesar is suave, and thus very popular among women wherever he goes. But I did hear that he keeps someone very special in his heart, and is a surprisingly nice guy.
  • Heh heh, Gigas is a big automaton, and his burly body often scares kids. At times like these, he never knows what to do. He’s actually rather shy, under his bluster.
  • Quelkulan is not only good at healing, he also has profound knowledge in other areas. He’s also said to have invested a lot of effort in defending the wilderness.


Which is your dominant hand?
Which of your hands is more dextrous?
  • My dominant hand is my right hand, though I wouldn’t say I like my right hand better.
  • In battles and in daily life, I use my right hand more often.
  • If the right hand represents benevolence, the left hand represents justice. Which hand do you think better of?
  • As a whole, I’m more like the left hand. The left hand represents necessary evil.


Why do you look sad sometimes?
Is there something on your mind?
  • Really? Do I look too serious? I was thinking. That’s my thinking face.
  • No, I’m ok, but thanks for asking.
  • If I told you I was once an assassin, would you believe it? Wow, the look on your face. Like I expected, you don’t believe it, do you?
  • The way I did it… Can’t be wrong…


Where do you get your clothes?
Does your outfit have a special meaning?
  • This is my battle suit; I have been wearing it for a long time. It fits me well, doesn’t it?
  • There’s a very special circle pattern on my skirt. Can you guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint. This pattern has something to do with my origin.
  • This outfit suits me, doesn’t it? It helped me a lot when I was working… in the past. But let’s not delve too much into that…
  • If I keep wearing this outfit, I’m afraid that sooner or later, I’ll be found by some…less-than noble past connections.


Do you have important partners?
Do you have trusted friends?
  • Of course I do. All people who are willing to trust me are my partners.
  • Establishing such a deep friendship is not easy, especially when it requires complete trust in others. But in order to protect the world, I’m willing to trust wholeheartedly.
  • Now, you’re my most important partner!
  • I had a close friend, but something happened between us… Ah, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t bother you with old news. Let’s not talk about my past.


If the time to say goodbye has arrived, what would you do next?
If the time to say goodbye has arrived, what plans do you have after that?
  • Even if the parting day finally comes, I’m still willing to be there for you. Whenever you call my name, holding lilies, I’ll come to you immediately.
  • If such a day truly comes, I guess that would be fate, you can’t fight it. And I will give you my best wishes and leave you with a smile…
  • Even if we part one day, I’ll never forget these days of our adventure together. I also hope that you can think of our time, when you see blooming white lilies on the roadside.
  • I believe that even if one day we disagree with each other, you still wouldn’t betray me… Right?

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