Aura Kingdom Tyr’s Q&A


What's your favorite quote?
Do you have a motto?
  • …Have you heard of “curiosity killed the cat”?
  • Well, I don’t have that kind of stuff! Strength and consistent practice are what really matter.
  • If I do say so myself… “Being better than yesterday” makes a lot of sense.
  • If you have the time for this, why don’t you continue training? Your own strength is much more reliable than some wise man’s motto.


Do you have any strengths?
Special research?
  • Isnt’t it just combat? What… Combat Maniac! How rude! I am the One-Handed God of War, Tyr!
  • Listen, I’m the One-Handed God of War, Tyr. I represent power. Then you must be good in combat?
  • Well, I occasionally work on recipes … After all, Fenrir… What’s that look? Is it so strange that the God of War can cook?
  • Silly! There’s nothing else worth the time to study except combat. Forget about it. I got some new recipes. I need to read them.


Is there someone you like?
Types of people that you like?
  • I believe I have the physical strength and the courageous heart, necessary of a hero. What? Didn’t I answer your question? I’m confused…
  • Powerful people are very attractive! Isn’t that what you asked? Wouldn’t you like to have the appearance you want?
  • For romantic purposes? Well, the One-Handed God of War stands for power. Nothing else is as important.
  • Romantic, well… I haven’t thought about it… But… isn’t it easier than being alone…?


Really cute!
Tyr is so cute!
  • How rude! I am the One-Handed God of War Tyr! The name is a symbol of power. Don’t call me cute!
  • Hei…Height doesn’t mean anything! I am the one-handed War of God! This is the strongest name that symbolizes power! That is to say, power is the most important quality!
  • …Height doesn’t matter at all! Not cute! Well…Everyone wants to be taller…
  • …You can keep your compliment. What… what? What? Do I have something on my face?


What are your thoughts on family?
What does family mean to you?
  • …You! Can’t you come up with a better question?
  • Cherish your family. Families support you no matter what.
  • …For me, there is only “Clan”, which is a looser association. If the Clan thinks it’s good, then everyone thinks it’s good. I suppose if you follow the will of the Clan, everyone will be satisfied.
  • I heard men are very weak when they’re born. They need to be protected by parents. But I was born with enough power to be independent, so… that’s probably why I don’t exactly have any family.


There have been a lot of demons turning up recently.
Demons attacking the human world...
  • Huh, those little demons… Allow me, the One-Handed God of War Tyr, to get rid of them!
  • Huh, I think of them as the quite powerful. You are not afraid of those inferior demons, are you?
  • Pathetic demons with no self-consciousness. They are merely the pawns of the Demon King. No need to worry about them.
  • What? Are you worried? Didn’t you bring everyone together? Then trust your friend. Huh? This is not to comfort you. You did well.


Do you want to go somewhere?
Let's hang out!
  • What are you talking about? I don’t have time to hang out! In order to live up to my name, I have to practice in every free moment.
  • Huh? Hang out? …How does such an idle guy have such impressive power…
  • Places to go… well… I heard Triatio Highlands is quite a tough place, with giants and birdmen… Maybe it’s a good place to practice… Hey, hey, where are you going?
  • Great! I heard Ventos Prairie has fierce lions. Let’s go fight them! In the name of the One-Handed God of War, I will bring glorious victory in the name of my family!


Have you heard of the Ministry of Magic?
Rumor says The Church runs the Ministry of Magic!
  • Oh, any special research in your Ministry? Huh? Is it strange that I study magic? Being the One-Handed God of War, I must train both physically and spiritually to reach excellence.
  • Do humans practice physical and spiritual training separately? Well, there aren’t many elites that can master both like I do.
  • Practicing magic rather than training your physique doesn’t make you truly strong! You are not weak, are you?
  • But….


About leveling...
If you want to level...
  • If you want information, ask the casting expert. I’m not interested. I am the One-Handed God of War. I don’t need tricks like this.
  • Collect the same weapon and armor sets and you will increase your level. The higher the levels are, the more powerful the result is. Well… You people have invented many ways of being stronger.
  • Remeber, if leveling with ratings, the weapons acting as the materials will disappear. How do I know this? Well, nothing in the world can beat the One-Handed God of War!
  • Leveling weapons can increase attack. Leveling armor can increase XP… Want to give it a try? I believe you are the strong one. You can’t lose.


Method to enhance strength?
I really want to become stronger...
  • If you see a blue exclamation mark on the map, it means there is a request from the residents. If you have the time to talk nonsense, why don’t you work on yourself and help others?
  • Walk around and see if anyone needs help. If you talk to the locals, they will have requests for you.
  • You are growing by helping others, aren’t you? Instead of wasting time here, go and see if anyone needs help.
  • I have been training alone. As for you, people will be delighted to have you helping them, right? Why are you still here? Go to confirm the blue exclamation marks on the map!


I heard you are named One-Handed God of War?
What's the One-Handed God of War?
  • It’s not just me. The One-Handed God of War is a title passed down from generation to generation within the family. The title represents power incarnate. It is only given to the strongest fighter. I inherited the title. So I must be the strongest.
  • Ok, listen, One-Handed God of War is power, is the strongest fighter! If I deem you to be strong, you can’t be too weak, understand?
  • Well, One-Handed God of War represents the absolute power. Huh? Why does “one-handed” God of War have two hands? Ignorant! This is a title passed down from my elders. It is only given to the strongest fighter.
  • One-Handed God of War represents power. This is a title passed down from my elders. Each God of War is a respectable fighter… I want to be one of them.


What's the matter between you and Fenrir?
Do you know Fenrir?
  • …Where is this coming from? If you haveso much time to ask questions, why don’t you go train?
  • Where did you get that idea? Fenrir… I have nothing to do with him! I just happen to know him! Nothing more! Listen, I have nothing to do with him!
  • … It’s just unfortunate coincidence! That’s just the family order. We grew up together… Anyway, we don’t have a close connection. Don’t get it twisted!
  • It’s just that he’s a biter. No one else dares to get close except me… Then why do you look like you’re full of expectation?


Is something the matter with the bandage on your arm?
Is there something special about it?
  • …Mind your own business. My hands are fine.
  • What? Are you going to bite me?
  • Huh, if some day I release my power completely, I won’t be needing this.
  • …This is a barrier. Power from the family… I will be able to handle it one day.


You talk about your family a lot.
Tell me something about your family.
  • Well, I’m from a noble family. You are all peasants to me! Fen…Fenrir… He is different.
  • My familiy is the top influence in my world. Being a member of the family is a glorious honor.
  • My family has produced rulers and brave fighters from far and wide. Granted with the title of the one-handed War of God, I cannot be a disgrace.
  • I come from a long line of rulers. Noble blood runs through my veins. Maintaining justice and order is the family’s responsibility. That’s why I’m working so hard!


I would like to know the secrets of other Eidolon.
Tell me some interesting gossip about Eidolons.
  • Not gonna happen. I’m not interested in other Eidolons. No one can outclass the nobility and power of the One-Handed God of War!
  • You… probably haven’t seen Fenrir angry. I have seen it once when I almost died from a heart attack… … Anyway, I don’t want to see him angry again…
  • Huh! Bealdor is not worthy of being You know the Bringer of Light! Being dumped by a woman, how ridiculous! Wow, I look so handsome after my power is released… …Well, not to me! I’m not jealous!
  • So, the so-called “Eidolons” are from different worlds? Some of whom are strong, like the Fallen Angel, the Dragon… If we have the chance to compete, they will know who is stronger!


What's your weapon?
What a special weapon!
  • Oh? You are quite right. I built it myself! …What are you looking at? I’m not building one for you!
  • # 822 $ # This is the weapon for the God of War. Most people can’t handle it. … Want to take a look? Well… Fenrir is the only one who has touched it before… If you want to, it’s not impossible… What’s that look? Stop looking at me like that or I’m not loaning it to you!
  • Oh, you noticed! You can switch it for a sword and a gun to deal with both close and long distance combat… How’s that? Pretty badass, huh?
  • Well, don’t be jealous. Everyone has his own attack mode. I know someone who’s great with bare hands… man, he can bite!


How do you enhance your strength?
  • No one has the magic pill for you. You can only depend on yourself.
  • Constant training, of course. Hard? What are you talking about? Training is a must! The one who inherits the title of One-Handed God of War must possess the equivalent power.
  • Unlike humans, I have been able to run and wield weapons since the moment I was born. From then until today I have been training.
  • I’ve done it alone. But combat experience from fighting with others can also be very helpful. … I’m not thankful for Fenrir practicing with me.


Hair color ...
When fighting ...?
  • Huh? My hair will change color? What are you talking about? You must be mistaken!
  • Eh… My hair changes color when I fight? You are not the first who has said that… No! It can’t be true…
  • Speaking of which, when I concentrate during battle, I can feel it happening… But hair color variation is the power of the legendary first God of War, why would I…
  • My hair changes color during combat? How come Fenrir never mentioned it before? Not fighting hard enough? What are you talking about! It is even an insult to your opponent if you are not fighting hard enough during the battle! Afraid to hurt him… What are you talking about? How… I…


Did you smell it?
It smells great...
  • Wow! You surprised me… with this smell you keep talking about… For a second I thought Fenrir is coming…
  • … Did Fenrir do something to you? I don’t smell! For Christ’s sake, it’s an insult to my name!
  • … The biscuit in the pocket is not for you. Why do you have this? No, it’s not specially prepared! Stop asking… Here, have one! Stop asking!
  • Huh? Probably biscuits. Where’s it from? Well, I don’t know! You can have it if you want.


If we have to say goodbye some day.
What's your plan afterwards?
  • Huh? Are you kidding? I am the One-Handed God of War! Me wanting to stay with you is the best thing that could happen to you! What’s bothering you? Cut to the chase if there are any problems!
  • Think about why I’m staying here. Do you really want to leave me? If you didn’t mean that, I’m not saying I will leave. Stop saying stupid things!
  • … I won’t stop fighting anyway. If you want, it’s up to you. However, don’t forget that I think of you as the strong one.
  • Where are all those silly things coming from? Have I ever disappointed you? I don’t think so. I heard it’s the thing for other Eidolons. Is this what he’s worrying about? My… My Lord! All right!

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