Aura Kingdom Tsubaki’s Q&A


What would you do if you did something wrong?
If you did something wrong, what would you do?
  • I’d apologize of course, if I did something wrong! I know my manners… One time I accidentally seduced Zaahir, I actually went to him with a gift to apologize! However, Zaahir came to me with a gift to apologize after that, strange…
  • Why? Did you do something wrong? I think that if I did something wrong, I should apologize… And if I bring a gift that’s even better!
  • Hmmph… You think too little of me, if you question my manners like that! You definitely have to apologize, if you do something wrong – how would I not understand something like that!
  • I know my manners best – I always bring a gift with me to apologize! But it’s really strange; everyone seems to be afraid of me going to say sorry to them? Do you know why?


If you quarrel with your friends, what would you do?
What would you do if you got into a quarrel with your friends?
  • What quarrel? I would not quarrel with Nalani! Mmm… However, it would be hard for Nalani to get into a quarrel even if she wants to, no?
  • Mmm…. I don’t know… Because I’ve never quarreled with Nalani… I get along really really well with her!
  • Mmm… I’ve never quarreled with friends before, to be honest. However, if I really did, I’ll go apologize! It’s a small thing, and it helps to start get things settled.
  • Huh? Did you quarrel with your friends? Mmm… I don’t know who’s in the wrong, but I think it’s better for you to reach out first! You don’t want to lose friends… Right?


How good a cook are you?
Do you know how to cook?
  • Hmmph… My cooking skills are the best! I’ll cook for you, if there’s a chance!
  • I love to cook most! It’s fun, cooking for everyone… However, people don’t seem to like that I’m cooking, why’s that?
  • I cook REALLY well! When I cooked for Zaahir the other time, it was so good that he fainted!
  • Eh? Are you interested in cooking? If you want to learn cooking, I can teach you!


What do you do when you aren't in a good mood?
When you're in a horrible mood, what do you do?
  • Mmm… I’d go look for Nalani for a chat! As long as I see her smiling, I’ll feel really really good…
  • Mmm… Cook for everyone? When I watch everyone’s faces while they eat, I find it very interesting!
  • Everytime I feel really, really lousy, I’ll go look for Zaahir! What do I do with Zaahir? That’s our secret…
  • When I’m in a terrible mood, I’ll sometimes visit Abraxas. Why? Because I hate him so much, a bad mood doesn’t feel wrong around him!


Is there anything you dislike?
What do you dislike?
  • Things I dislike? Mmm… let me think… It would be Abraxas, Abraxas and Abraxas!
  • I hate people who look down on women – Zaahir was like that, in the past! Luckily, after my efforts, Zaahir will never look down on women again… Now Zaahir is my good friend!
  • Well, I simply hate young people who think they’re Gaia’s gift to the world! Eh? No, I’m not speaking of anyone specific. You’re thinking too much…
  • Mmm… There are many things that I dislike, too many to list. What about you? Do you have things that you dislike?


Let's talk about some of the different races in this world.
What do you know about some of the world's races?
  • Hmm… There are these little people that live in Cactakara Forest. I believe they call themselves Dwarves. They care for the forest, and build magnificent robots! I don’t quite know how they make robots. Do you know?
  • Races? There are many of them! I know of the Dwarf, the Avian, the Giant, the Sarpa… Who do you want to know about?
  • I’ve always wondered… Why do Avians not fly about? Are they unable to fly?
  • Giants are very very tall! Almost twice as tall as me! Be very careful if you encounter one!


What do you know of the Aura Kingdom?
What's the Aura Kingdom like?
  • I heard that the Aura Kingdom is a place far more beautiful than Terra. All things that reside there are filled with joy and laughter.
  • Supposedly, residents of Aura Kingdom sport white wings. Perhaps they are an offshoot of the Avian race?
  • Hmm… I’ve heard about Aura Kingdom, but I’ve never actually been there. Please don’t forget me, if you go there someday!
  • I don’t really know much about the Aura Kingdom… Perhaps you should ask someone else?


How do you keep life interesting?
What sorts of interesting things in life have you discovered?
  • Travelling with you keeps life interesting!
  • I’m so glad you asked me this question! Sometimes it’s important to chat with someone while travelling. You gain so much knowledge that way.
  • Life is all about the details. Pay attention to what you see around you. You never know what could happen, if you miss something important!
  • You’ll have to discover that for yourself! Hmmm… I will support you on this.


What is the purpose of the social function?
What tips do you know about the social function?
  • The social function can inform you when your friends are online. I think this is amazing! But how does it work? Perhaps there’s someone constantly watching us from the shadows?
  • I recall that you can contact your friends directly this way. You can even obtain Loyalty Points by using it! I wonder what a Loyalty is, however… Must be an Envoy thing.
  • You can easily contact your friends with this system! I wish I could use it, too. Then I could contact Nalani…
  • Well, friends are quite important while adventuring. So, make as many friends as you can!


Do you know of the local specialties of certain places?
Is it true that each village has its own unique product?
  • Oh, you’re hungry! I shall cook for you! O-oh, no need…? But I thought you were hungry! Don’t worry, I am a very good cook!
  • Hmm… I would love to try whatever is out there! Don’t forget to save some of what you try for me!
  • I have a fantastic memory; I can identify a dish with only one bite! Which village’s local specialty do you like? I can make it for you!
  • There are so many excellent chefs around the world; there are so many delicious specialties! This inspires me to become an even better cook! One day, you will taste my best dish!


Why do you always wear a mask?
Why are you always wearing a mask?
  • Mask? This is because… It’s a secret! Hee hee hee I could tell you, but…
  • That’s because if someone sees my face, I will have to marry that person! Hee! I’m just kidding! I’d actually have to kill them… Hee hee…
  • Huh… I have been wearing this mask since the day I became a ninja. As for the reason, I remember it being… Wanting to be more mysterious?
  • Oh my… That’s because I’m shy… If someone saw my face, I’d be very, very, very, very shy…


What are the requirements to be a ninja?
What kind of people can be ninja?
  • A ninja must be able to tolerate what cannot be tolerated! Mmmm? Of course I’m not talking about you. Oh my, I’m just kidding, of course! Hee hee…
  • Huh? How to become a ninja? I think that, as long as one puts one’s heart into it, anyone can be a ninja!
  • Do you want to be a ninja, too? I think that if you were a ninja, you would be the best ninja ever!
  • A ninja must be quick and silent and strong!


What did you tie on your thigh?
What is that weapon do you have tied on your thigh?
  • This? It’s a Kunai – a ninja’s must-have weapon!
  • Eh… Don’t you know? I can’t believe that you don’t know about this!
  • These? These are kunai! Kunais are very sharp. Do you want to try it? Hee hee…
  • The one on the left is the Kunai, the one on the right is the Kunei. What’s the difference, you say? I figured you’d be smart enough to know by now! The one of the left is actually the same as the one on the right, haha!


Your hairband is so special!
The hairband that you use to tie your hair is very special!
  • Oh my… This isn’t a hairband, it’s a Shuriken!
  • Hmmph… Of course it’s special! I made this Shuriken myself!
  • Eh… Don’t you know that this is a Shuriken? How could you not know… You’re supposed to be intelligent, right?
  • Hehe… It looks very good, doesn’t it? Only I have this!


I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons.
Tell me some interesting tidbits about Eidolons.
  • I haven’t met anyone as detestable as Abraxas! That narcissistic sham! He thinks that every woman in this world likes him!
  • Nalani is very cute! I love Nalani’s blushing face most – it’s so cute that I’d like to take a bite!
  • Mmm…. I think that Zaahir is very strange! When I gave him a gift the other time, he came to apologize to me instead. Why would anyone say “sorry” when they receive a gift? Don’t you think that’s very strange?
  • Mmm… I must say, I don’t know what kind of tidbit you wants to hear. Do you want to hear things like “Abraxas doesn’t wear underwear at all?” Or things like “Zaahir has always been running naked?”


Your thighs seem to be a bit thick!
Your thighs look muscular!
  • Wait… What? Hey, you’re really rude! I can’t be bothered with stuff like this! Hmmph!
  • You’ve got a way with words. A really bad way! Humph! My thighs are not too thick. They’re just the right size for kicking annoying people!
  • Perhaps you should find Eidolons with thinner legs, then! I don’t see why it matters to you, anyway! Hmph!
  • Utter nonsense! There’s nothing wrong with my thighs! You’re the one with a thick problem! You’re thick in the head!


What do ninja do?
What do ninja need to do?
  • Ninja need to learn many things! Ninjutsu alone is already a lot to learn!
  • Other than Ninjutsu, ninja also need to learn magic, athletics, and more! People without determination can’t be ninja!
  • Eh? Do you want to be a ninja too? Mmm… The thing is, a ninja needs to learn a lot! Is there anything wrong? Tired of being an Envoy?
  • Oh… I didn’t think I was that good at invisibility! Don’t you notice what I’ve been doing, at all? Mmm… I’m angry!


What do you do when you're not adventuring?
Do you have things you like to do in your free time?
  • Nothing much. Life is boring when I’m not with you.
  • I like to spend time with Nalani, when I can! She’s my favorite friend.
  • I spend a lot of time practicing my technique. Being this graceful isn’t easy!
  • I have so much to do, it feels like I’ll never get caught up! If only I could be two places at once, I could get it all done and never have to leave your side!


Doesn't your scarf interfere in battle?
Does your scarf get in the way when you're fighting?
  • Of course not! I’m very good at what I do!
  • Mmm… You must not think very well of me, at all! Clothes will not hinder my performance!
  • My scarf has a purpose! Only my enemies will be hurt by it.
  • Of course not! A scarf can come in handy, lots of different ways!


Have you thought about your life after we part ways?
What's your plan after we separate?
  • Mmm… I don’t know… Do you have any suggestions?
  • Eh… Do you want to leave me? Then… then I don’t want you around, either, hmmph!
  • Mmm… I would go hang out with Nalani! Nalani is my very best friend!
  • Mmm… I hadn’t thought so far ahead….. Let’s talk about it when the time comes! It’s years away, anyway….

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