Aura Kingdom Sigrun’s Q&A


What would you do if you encountered a powerful enemy?
How do you handle a strong opponent?
  • I handle them excellently, of course. I’m the Champion of the Slain, Sigrun!
  • Powerful enemies? Hmm… If you have the opportunity to wear them down at range, take it.
  • To me, fighting is like breathing. I don’t think about how I do it, I just do!
  • I do not consider an enemy’s power, just its weakness. Concentrate on your enemy’s weaknesses, and you will be victorious.


What do you think of fighting?
What do you normally fight for?
  • There are many forms of battle, not just on a battlefield! A good fight can be found anywhere – on the field or in your heart.
  • I am the Champion of the Slain! I was born to fight. I fight to test my heart and my will against all opposition.
  • So long as you take joy in your power and the proving of it, you will never fight an unworthy battle.
  • Pft! What a boring question! Warriors fight, they die… And then they are mine.


What kind of person do you like?
What sort of guy would you date?
  • Only the bravest warrior is deserving of the hand of Sigrun, Champion of the Slain!
  • Ugh! Why are we talking about this? Wait… you aren’t into me, are you?! That’s not the kind of relationship we have!
  • Do I look like some trembling maiden to you? I admire strength in battle, defiance in adversity. Only one who is truly powerful will attract my attention.
  • This question is strange. What are you really asking?


What kind of person would be your friend?
What does friendship mean to you?
  • My only friends are those I trust to have my back in a fight!
  • I have had human friends, but as time passed, each of them died. There’s just too big of a difference between Humans and Eidolons…
  • A friend is someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for you, even their life!
  • Why do you ask? Don’t you have friends? Don’t look at me like that! You’re the one looking for advice. Don’t worry, if you don’t have other friends, you’ll always have me!


What do you do when you're in a bad mood?
How do you overcome a bad mood?
  • With battle, of course… Friends will do, if there are no enemies handy! Hahaha, I was just kidding! Hey, why are you suddenly way over there?
  • Why? Are you in a bad mood? Tell me what’s bothering you. I’ll stab it, and things will be better. What? Why are you looking at me like that?
  • With glorious combat! Bleeding and sweating away your frustrations is the best remedy.
  • What does a mood matter? You do what you have to, when you have to.


Do you know of any places of interest in Helonia Coast?
Do you know anything interesting about Helonia Coast?
  • Helonia is a bustling town, with strong commercial activities. Despite the town’s economic strength, the people are too weak to protect themselves!
  • Helonia Coast often has pirate problems. Pirates aren’t much to fight, but better than nothing.
  • Silverash Shores got its name from its shimmering white sand. No, the shoreline is not actually covered in ash!
  • I’m sure you’ve noticed all the different windmills east of Helonia, right? I bet you’ve never counted how many there are!


What do you think about the Dwarves?
What do you know about the Dwarves?
  • Dwarves are a perfect example of why to not judge a book by its cover! They may be short and funny-looking, but their weapons are second to none!
  • Dwarves are skilled craftsmen. They make the most sophisticated machinery I’ve ever seen. You should see their fighting robots in action!
  • There is a Dwarf tribe at the Cactakara Forest. Visit them if you get the chance.
  • Some people can’t tell the difference between Dwarves and Gnomes. In reality, they are like night and day.


What are the benefits of joining a guild?
Tell me something about guilds.
  • When you reach level 10, you can create a guild. After all, even the strongest hero needs comrades to back them up!
  • After you meet certain requirements, you can open a shared space, designed exclusively for the guild. You and your guildmates should definitely strive for this!
  • Guild members can be a source of support during your adventures. It reminds me of glorious days of battle with my comrades! Eat together, sleep together, fight together!
  • To upgrade the guild’s level, just gather Guild Funds by completing certain quests. When you have accumulated sufficient Guild Funds, the Guild’s level will automatically upgrade. Simple!


I wanna know the secrets of Sword and Shield.
Please teach me skills for wielding a Sword and Shield.
  • You’ve come to the right person! I’m the Champion of the Slain, proficient with Sword and Shield! As long as you train hard, and follow my instructions, I guarantee that you will make progress.
  • The essence of using Sword and Shield is to switch between offensive and defensive stances swiftly. Try to use the shield in your hands to make all kinds of daring moves!
  • The brave warriors wielding Sword and Shield have a strong ability to control the flow of battle. They can use their shields to protect partners while using the sword to attack enemies. People using Sword and Shield are the most suitable to fight on the front line!
  • As well as attack and defense, the Sword and Shield combo can also impose special statuses on enemies. After certain masteries have been learned, the Sword and Shield combo can even stun all enemies within a certain range.


Do you know the use of Elemental Symbols?
Please inform me about Elemental Symbols.
  • Elemental Symbols carry eight different kinds of pure Elemental Energy from the Cube of Gaia. They are very rare. But if you let me connect to Gaia, then getting those Symbols is not impossible.
  • The Elemental Energy in the Symbols can resonate with an Eidolon’s own power. So if you give the Symbols to an Eidolon, the Eidolon’s strength can be increased.
  • Humph! I’m the Champion of the Slain, Sigrun! Even without the strength of Symbols, I will still be invincible!
  • All Eidolons will need certain kinds of Elemental Symbols for their evolution. If you ever get those Symbols, do not throw them away.


You are always wearing armor. Don't you feel feel encumbered?
Your armor looks very heavy!
  • Who do you think I am? I’m Sigrun, Champion of the Slain! My armor is no heavier than my skin.
  • This armor is a gift of Gaia! Under no circumstances would I take this armor off!
  • Humph! I’m the Champion of the Slain! Through long training, this armor and I have become one.
  • Maybe it would seem heavy to you, but not me. I’m an immortal Eidolon! Such limits mean nothing to me.


What are the qualities of a warrior, to your mind?
What kind of person can be called a warrior?
  • Someone who never backs down, who is not afraid of any difficulties, and shows courage at all times!
  • Why? You want to be known as a warrior? As long as you follow me and fight by my side, I’m sure you will become the bravest warrior!
  • Warrior?… Hmm… Well, I have been watching battles since the beginning. I know a warrior when I see one!
  • Well, you are in luck! What’s a warrior like? Just look at me!


What do Eidolons do in daily life?
What do Eidolons usually do?
  • We are beings of spirit. It’s hard to describe our lives in terms of beings of flesh…
  • Do? It seems that I don’t do anything worth mentioning. All I can recall is a vision of endless battlefields…
  • I watch over battles, and guide slain warriors into the land of the dead.
  • Well… I don’t know about the others. As for me… I just keep training, and keep an ear out for new wars!


Have you always had such long hair?
Does your hair get in your eyes in battle?
  • I’ve kept my hair this long for a while, now. My helmet keeps it out of the way.
  • Actually, I used to wear my hair very short. I felt like I needed a change. Being a spirit, it can be any length I imagine it to be.
  • Is that what’s really important to you? It’s just hair. As long as my helmet keeps it out of the way in a fight, what does it matter?
  • What’s wrong with long hair? I keep it out of the way, so I don’t have to worry about it getting in my face. Not to mention, my hair is so beautiful!


I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons.
Tell me some interesting gossip about the Eidolons.
  • Humph! Yarnaros is a womanizer! But… The speed and agility he shows in battle are worth watching.
  • Aelius’s flame is amazing! It’s flame, yet it can heal wounds. Isn’t that strange?
  • Bel-Chandra’s dance of destruction is the most beautiful dance I’ve ever seen! What’s more important is how deadly it is!
  • Kotonoha looks weak, but her strength can never be underestimated. Her unique sorcery can absorb enemies’ lives, which is truly scary!


I heard that you see things with your heart?
How did you learn to see things with your heart?
  • Not everybody can learn that. It requires purity and strength!
  • Do you want to learn to see things with your heart? The heart sees true, and truth isn’t always pretty. Are you sure?
  • How did I learn to see things with my heart? It’s different for Eidolons. We are our hearts, more than humans are.
  • If you wanna learn to see things with your heart, first you need to get that rib cage out of the way! Don’t worry, I’m just messing with you!


Is it true that Eidolons can live forever?
How long can Eidolons live?
  • I don’t know. Forever isn’t over yet. Once it does, I’ll let you know if we live forever.
  • I don’t know whether Eidolons really have eternal lives. But even if we fall in battle, we will return.
  • Well… I don’t know exactly how long Eidolons live. But I’ve lived through thousands of battles, so that must mean something.
  • Who wants to live forever? Who dares to love forever?


I heard that you kiss your chosen warriors?
Can the chosen warriors get your kiss?
  • I kiss the chosen warriors and lead them into the Aura Kingdom myself!
  • That’s right! Do you also want my kiss? You only have die once. I’m sure it’s worth it!
  • It’s true, my kiss can wake the dead. But first, you have to die…
  • That’s correct! But you forgot to mention the most important point. I’ll only kiss those warriors who die heroically on the battlefield.


How good of a cook are you?
Do you know how to cook?
  • I’m the Champion of the Slain, Sigrun! Cooking is not an important skill to me!
  • Have you ever seen any Eidolon cooking for themselves?
  • What about you? Just look at how skinny you are. I bet you can’t cook at all!
  • Cooking skill? Don’t think of me as some mortal servant! I protect the slain as they go into their afterlives! Cooking doesn’t come up often.


Have you thought about your life after we part ways?
What's your plan after we split up?
  • You mean after we separate? Why think beyond the next battle? You may not live past it. What matters is to live in the present!
  • I never expected that you would ask me such a question… Have you eaten something bad? Are you sick?
  • What are you asking me this for? Do you wish to be rid of me? Death is the easiest way to separate yourself from me!
  • Why would you think to ask me such a question!? Even if we part ways today… I’m sure I’ll see you, one last time… On your final battlefield.

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