Aura Kingdom Shirayuki’s Q&A


How do you like to spend your leisure time?
What do you do when you have free time?
  • Oho, are you implying we ought to spend more time together? I shall be content as long as you appreciate a good song and story.
  • I… prefer not to be left alone with my thoughts. Idling away in the cold robs one of warmth.
  • When you’re resting, I often compose new poems and songs. I’m thinking of writing a ballad based on our piraresque adventures.
  • In order to keep my panoply of skills honed, I often practice them when I have no other pressing matters.


What's your favorite season?
Which season do you like best?
  • When winter’s chill has run its course, the winds of spring paint the land with color. I look forward to that season each year.
  • I hail from the northerly realms, where winter’s grip seldom fades. That is why experiencing spring, summer, and autumn here is quite inspiring.
  • Despite the frozen nature of my powers, I do not particularly like the winter. Standing in the snow, looking ever to the gray horizon…it is a lonesome existence.
  • There is something about the vivacity of spring that has always held my fancy. And what of you? Which season do you favor?


So...what's your type?
What kind of person do you find attractive?
  • Ara ara~ Looking at brave wanderers has sometimes filled my mind with improper notions.
  • One who will keep the vows they have made; one who will look into your eyes and not turn away. From a person of that steadfastness I shall not turn away.
  • At times, I ponder whether I have lingered so long in the cold that my heart has frozen over. Perhaps that is why I eagerly await the thaw of spring.
  • Ara ara~ It seems you’re interested in more than simply poetry and song. But now I am curious – what manner of person do YOU favor?


What do you think it means to have tenderness?
What is tenderness to you?
  • Tenderness encompasses being receptive to the feelings of one’s partner. Of course, allowing enemies to die a cold, peaceful death could also be said to be tender…
  • Be mindful – those that treat you with greatest tenderness and gentleness are not necessarily those with your best interest at heart. Tenderness can be used subversively, to weaken one or cause one to lower one’s guard.
  • Tenderness is more often found in deed than in appearance. A woman with a visage frosty as snow may have a tender heart, just as a man who burns with outward zeal may be cold as ice within.
  • The way you go out of your way to help others, even when it inconveniences you… There is certinly something of tenderness in you, no?


What do you think about traveling?
Care to share your thoughts on traveling?
  • Traveling with you, I have met a colorful array of people in the mortal world. It has been quite the educational experience – and of course, an amusing one.
  • When traveling, having companions is best. To travel alone is a tiring affair.
  • Some who chase dreams head away to the frontiers in search of adventure, but most return to their hometown from time to time. It gives me cause to wonder if you’ll one day return, or if you’ll live your life as a wanderer.
  • Though traveling alone can be tiring, it allows one the opportunity to truly know themselves. Being alone in an unfamiliar environment will quickly show your strengths and weaknesses both.


What's special about the Oblitus Wood?
Could you tell me something about the Oblitus Wood?
  • Walking through those enchanted woods can make one forget their melancholy. If you have any cares that rest greatly on your shoulders, perhaps you, too, can visit there.
  • I’ve heard that some traveler saw the silhouette of a demon deep within the woods. Perhaps that is the cause of the forest’s current condition…
  • The Oblitus Wood… I wonder if, perhaps, I have forgotten something within its depths…
  • I had heard tell from other spirits about the beauty those woods once possessed. One day, when that forest returns to its former self, perhaps we may tarry in its shade.


Have you heard of the "Otherworld" Dungeons?
What do you know about these "Otherworld" places?
  • I have heard that some Eidolons hide themselves within these Otherworlds. If you strike down the bosses within, perhaps you’ll receive a challenge from an Eidolon.
  • The Otherworld is not unlike a separate dimension mirroring your own. But where this world’s energy is positive, the Otherworld’s is negative. If you explore there, be wary.
  • The enemies who reside in the Otherworld are more difficult than you might think based on their appearances. However, the rewards for defeating them are also proportionally greater. To the victor, the spoils, as they say.
  • The rhythm of the Otherworld is fixed, like the ticking of a clock. If you can calculate when the dimension resets itself, you can challenge it when it is more convenient for you.


Tell me about Quests.
Do you have any info about Quests?
  • I’ve heard of an organization called the Mirabelle Group, which specializes in helping people in need. As you may know, their clients pay well for the services of adventurers such as yourself.
  • If experience is what you seek, you will find quests well worth your time. Many give notable rewards that would be of use on your journey.
  • I see you have no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to completing them, that is certain.
  • Some areas possess special “Daily Quests” for you to do. Some are straightforward, some not, but most seem worth your while.


What do you think of Terra?
What can you tell me about Terra?
  • I have spent my life in the winter lands, so my knowledge of Terra is, unfortunately, limited.
  • It is said in the spirit realm that Terra was brought into being fully-formed by the Cube of Gaia. To paint such varied landscapes, such diverse people – the Cube truly has a power beyond compare.
  • Most of Terra’s races seem to have seen the benefits of peace, but as always, some warmongers yet remain. These warlike tribes have been quite active as of late. One cannot help but feel that a greater conflict is inevitable.
  • Terra is a world unto itself, but it sits within the mortal realm. The Aura Kingdom and Pandemonium likewise sit as antipodes in the realm of spirits.


I'd like to know about Dragon Points!
What can you tell me about Dragon Points?
  • The strong beasts of this world have within them the energy of Gaia. If you strike them down, you will be able to accumulate this energy. “Points” are the traditional measurement for those who harvest this energy. And when you’ve gathered enough energy, you can convert it into interesting items.
  • It is said that by defeating certain powerful monsters, the energy of Gaia within them will flow to you. If you collect enough of this energy – these “points” – you can convert it into items.
  • Ah, those. They can be acquired by besting monsters in combat. Fishermen have also said that defeating the Fish Kings around the world bestows such points.
  • I am given to wonder what kinds of rewards these points may be redeemed for. ‘Tis a bit exciting to guess at!


Wow, your pet is really cute!
Is that your pet?
  • Oh, you noticed? Yes, this is my Pipe Fox, Momiji. I brought him with me from the spirit realm’s winter lands to keep me company in my travels.
  • Come on out, you naughty little thing. Don’t be shy.
  • Ah, you must be referring to Momiji. He’s a small pipe fox – they’re a rather shy sort around strangers. Normally, he stays curled up in my sleeves.
  • Momiji is a small pipe fox who accompanied me from the spirit realm. He’s rather shy, so you don’t see him poke his head out that often.


What special skills do you have?
What would you say is your best talent?
  • Of talents I have many – dancing, poetry, calligraphy, ice magic, singing, and I am often told I am quite the shamisen player. Remind me later and I shall favor you with a fine folk-tune.
  • I know a dance, called “Cherry Blossoms Scattering Upon the Snowdrifts”, that can entomb all those before me in solid ice. ‘Tis quite the sight!
  • I have picked up a few skills here and there – being multifaceted is the hallmark of a good entertainer. What would you say? Are you not entertained?
  • When one is snowed in by the storms of midwinter, one quickly learns how to spin an engaging tale. With a fine story and a song, the hours can fly by, so I have found.


Wow, your skin is really pale.
Do you have to keep out of the sun to stay so pale?
  • Oh? Do you think the pallor of my skin draws attention? Though you are far from the first to admire my complexion, I am pleased you seem to find it appealing.
  • I grew up amidst the ice and snow – naturally, I tend toward being pale. Don’t be too passionate, or I just might melt away! Ahaha, is that a blush I see?
  • In truth, I would like to enjoy the warmth of the sun. However, when one produces one’s own snowstorms, that prospect becomes difficult…
  • Snow-white skin to tanned bronze – there are many shades, and people who delight in each. So have we all our tastes.


Could you sing a song for me?
I'd like to hear you sing.
  • Ara ara~ Quite the affectionate request today, no? What would happen if you were moved to tears by my song?
  • Gladly would I oblige, but I am…hesitant. At times my song is as a siren’s, lulling people to a final, quiet rest upon the snow.
  • When I play my shamisen and sing, wind and snow oft accompany the performance. As such, most of my entertaining is done out of doors. Be sure to dress warmly!
  • When I sing, I sometimes think of those who loved my songs in times past, who are now gone. It is a melancholy reflection, as you might expect.


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Can you dish up some great gossip about the Eidolons?
  • Do you know of Kaiser Zeta? The spirits say his soul is full of burning justice. Quite a passionate individual, it would seem – apparently, he tries to teach energetic youths the power of ‘combining’.
  • Vermilion makes her dwelling far in the southerly lands of the spirit realm. She seems an erudite soul – I would like to take tea with her someday.
  • It’s said that in her mortal life, Cleopawtra ruled over an expansive desert kingdom. Do you think the traces of that empire can still be found somewhere in this world?
  • Tsubaki just exudes style and flair with her choice of outfit! I wish I could try on her garments someday…


What's your hometown like?
Tell me a bit about where you're from.
  • I hail from the Winter Lands, in the northerly reaches of the spirit realm. All year long, the snow does not depart from them.
  • As you can tell, I am from the far north. When I first appeared in your world, every type of weather felt hot – I was sweating even on nice days!
  • I and my pet Momiji came from a land of ice and snow. Yet, oddly enough, he still dislikes the cold. I think he has grown attached to these balmier climes.
  • Although my homeland is ever-blanketed in white, I pray for the kiss of spring to alight upon it one day…


You sure do like that umbrella, huh?
What's so special about your umbrella?
  • I promised someone dear to me that, when he returned from his wandering, I would welcome him under this same umbrella.
  • This umbrella is one of my most treasured belongings. Wherever I travel, I always take it with me.
  • When one lives in a land of year-round winter, one quickly comes to appreciate a quality umbrella. It would not do to have my clothes dampened by snow, would it?
  • The cherry blossoms on my umbrella serve as a reminder. They remind me of my desire to see the cherry trees in my hometown blossom one day.


Sometimes it looks like something's got you down...
Did something sad happen in your past?
  • I do appreciate your concern for my well-being. Right now, I am doing fine.
  • Oh? It must just be the paleness of my face. Do not be worried for my sake.
  • I was thinking of how I once made a promise… A promise that could only be fulfilled when spring comes to my homeland.
  • I…do not feel like discussing the past right now. Perhaps at a later time…


Do you have friends you really trust?
Who's your best friend?
  • Where I come from, I have fans of my music, and many admirers besides, but sadly, none I can call a friend…
  • Other than Momiji here…just you, I suppose. At least one of you doesn’t constantly crawl around inside my clothes.
  • I was closest to my pipe fox, Momiji – so I brought him with me when I came here. See? He seems quite pleased with your realm.
  • Acquaintences without number, yes, but there are few I would call “friends”. And yourself? I would like to meet your friends someday.


What would you do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we separated?
  • I have always known that one day we would have to say goodbye, but I will not forget your many kindnesses to me. I would hope that you, too, keep a warm memory of me in your heart, in spite of my cold.
  • When we must say our last goodbyes, I will dance an ancient dance of prayer for you, so that the will of the spirits might always look kindly upon your path.
  • Even if we are separated, I will think of you whenever I sing the ballad I wrote chronicling our adventures.
  • I will wait for the day when warm breezes bring the touch of spring to my homeland. Such a day will be a day of rejoicing for me.

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