Aura Kingdom Nazrudin’s Q&A


Let's talk about feelings.
What are your thoughts on anger?
  • Emotions are like tides, they go either up or down. Like the surge of an ocean, you should release your anger every once in a while. If you let your anger build up inside you, it’ll become too much to handle one day and you might go out of control.
  • Heh, you’re in an interesting mood today! Let us discuss the mysteries of emotion together.
  • As long as there is light, there will be shadow. It is the same with moods. Anger is a negative mood and is the most easy to manipulate. Hah, I hope you’re not getting too bored with my musings.
  • … Sorry about that, my friend. When it comes to thinking about anger, I just can’t help thinking of a certain someone…


What's your favorite leisure activity?
What do you do in your spare time?
  • Oh, I actually do not require much leisure or rest, so don’t worry about me. No matter the case, providing you the best care imaginable is my most important duty.
  • I enjoy reading novels in my spare time. It’s excellent to feel immersed into a world of imagination, don’t you think?
  • When my service to you is not needed, I enjoy wandering alone through the deep sea currents. I enjoy to calmly listen to the symphony of the ocean’s currents – it is truly beautiful.
  • Hmm, sometimes I just like to be still when I want to relax. How do you like to relax, when you can spare the time?


What do you think about etiquette?
What is etiquette, to you?
  • Courtesy is a necessary element for harmony amongst people, just like water is essential for life. If proper etiquette is not observed, I believe people’s souls will shrivel like a plant without water.
  • Ah, courtesy is the basis to becoming a well respected individual in society. I believe that, if you follow my guidance, you will perform outstandingly well!
  • You should always be courteous and respectful, not only for others, but for yourself. Only people who know how to respect everyone can face the world with a positive outlook.
  • Ah, I do believe you are already an excellent Envoy of Gaia. If you were to somehow surpass your current level of etiquette, you will shine even brighter.


How do you keep yourself healthy?
Tell me the secret to maintaining good health.
  • If you want a healthy and strong body, I’d recommend swimming when you can spare the time. I find water sports to be a spiritual activity where you can easily release stress and strengthen the muscles.
  • Oh, don’t worry too much about your health as long as you have me around! Just follow my guidance and you’ll be happy and healthy for years to come!
  • Ah, about that… I have heard that some believe that the state of one’s mind can affect the body. Perhaps, if you want to be healthy, you should start with spiritual exercises.
  • A balanced diet is one good way to keep healthy. Taking up cooking is a good way to try new things and keep yourself in good health.


What do you look for in a person?
What qualities do you find attractive?
  • Erm, is this line of conversation appropriate to have? I wonder…
  • Hm, what’s got you wondering about such a question? Heh, perhaps you would enjoy trying to guess?
  • Well, since you asked nicely, I’ll level with you. I’m honestly not concerned with such base feelings as love and attraction. My only goals are to be honorable and well respected.
  • Ha… I’m flattered that you care about me so much. People who care about their team mates, like you do, are probably the best kind of people in the world.


What's special about the Whirlpool Abyss?
Can you tell me about the Whirlpool Abyss?
  • Ha… Actually, most of the time I enjoy sleeping in this oceanic trench surrounded by high-pressure water and whirlpools The Whirlpool Abyss is the only entrance to that area.
  • Ah, I have many disciples who journey to the Whirlpool Abyss in hopes of meeting me. Mortals must pass the test before they can finally meet with me, however.
  • The entrance to the Whirlpool Abyss is within a lake that has a giant whirlpool. Only those who dare to jump into the whirlpool can eventually make it to the Abyss.
  • I’ve heard that there is another place out there that is very similar to the Whirlpool Abyss. I’d like to pay it a visit, if I can only find the time.


What are some special sightseeing spots on the Helonia Coast?
Can you tell me something interesting about Helonia?
  • Aside from being excellent with business management, the residents of Helonia are all pro anglers. They are especially proficient at catching tuna, the fish for people who love a challenge.
  • Folks living along Helonia Coast flourish from the bounty of the sea and hold it in high regard. Their love for the sea is why I reside in that nearby whirlpool – I am drawn to their love for the mighty waters.
  • One of the most popular attractions of Helonia Coast is Windwhisper Meadow. Whenever a gentle breeze blows across the plains, the imagine of a great ocean appears in my mind. It’s beautiful!
  • There’s a notorious cave that lies in the north of Helonia Coast. I’ve heard tales of horrendous monsters dwelling there. Do be careful if your path leads you to that cave…


Tell me something about Adventurer Medals.
Do you have any information about Adventurer Medals?
  • Adventurer Medals are proof of a hard working Envoy of Gaia! If you continue to rack up points from these medals, it’ll reflect well on your character sheet.
  • I hear that if you can manage to obtain the highest level of Adventurer Medals you can get extremely rare rewards! I’ll give you my full support when you decide to take on these tasks, for sure!
  • To obtain Adventurer Medals you’ll have to work hard on a wide variety of achievements. If you want to try to collect them all, it’ll take a lot of work in many different fields of expertise!
  • There are two different types of Adventurer Medals: the easier regular Medals and then the Grand Achievements. If you keep completing the achievements to get the regular Medals, eventually you’ll work your way up to a Grand Achievement as well!


What can you tell me about swimming?
I wanna know more about swimming!
  • Ah, the joys of swimming! It is a great activity for strengthening the body and the mind. You can cultivate a strong physique while taking in the beautiful scenery. It’s a great way to relax.
  • There are a few hidden locations that can only be found by swimming to them. If you have some time, you should try to find those hidden places on your map. Doubtlessly it’ll be a great experience to discover something new!
  • Oh? Do you have an interest in swimming? Stick with my strict training regimen and you’ll be a pro swimmer in no time!
  • My best swimming tip is to properly regulate your breathing in a precise rhythm. Once you establish a set rhythm and stick to it while you swim, you’ll be able to efficiently use all your strength to the max!


Do you have any dungeon tips?
Let's discuss dungeon strategies.
  • You must be sure to prepare all your equipment and potions before tackling a dungeon. I find that it is absolutely necessary to be prepared for any kind of situation and react swiftly.
  • Before you even set foot in a dungeon you should do some research about the bosses you will encounter. Once you have pinpointed their weaknesses, you’ll be able to clear your way through the dungeon in no time flat!
  • When facing powerful enemies, it is important to equip gear with the correct kind of resistance. When you seem to be incapable of defeating your enemies, check your gear and make the necessary upgrades.
  • Bringing along potent potions created through alchemy will momentarily increase your strength substantially. If you use these items in battle, you’ll be a definite credit to the team.


Do you have any siblings?
Can you tell me something interesting about your family?
  • How kind of you to ask after my family! I do have two family members, but I haven’t seen them in a long time…
  • My eldest brother is rather cranky, yet he is an extremely brave warrior of high status. When he is angered, I’ve heard that he can destroy any mountain he comes across…
  • Ah, now that you mention it… I haven’t talked much about my family, have I? If we ever have a chance, I’d love to introduce you to my youngest sister.
  • Hmm, I, too, am interested in knowing more about your family. Let’s take some time to get to know each other better, shall we?


Why are you always smiling?
How do you manage to always be in such a good mood?
  • Ha… I’m a professional! I’m always supposed to have a smile on my face.
  • My best tip for a good mood is to face everything, good or bad, with a positive attitude. I fully believe that this is the path to leading a happy and stress-free life.
  • Just being with a great Envoy of Gaia such as you fills me with joy!
  • Ha… A smile on one’s face does not always mean happiness, don’t you agree?


Do you know of the Miasmic Serpent, Quelkulan?
What's your relationship with Quelkulan?
  • Hmm? Oh, there’s nothing particularly to mention about it. We’ve come across each other’s paths often is all.
  • Hah, can you believe that many people mistake me for Quelkulan? Once, even Gigas mistook me for him…and we almost got into a terrible fight over it!
  • Hmm, well… I don’t have the amazing poison techniques that Quelkulan has. So, I guess, in that area I may have a bit to learn.
  • Quelkulan and I do seem a little alike, it’s true… I expect that he tries to support you as well as I do, right?


Where do you live?
What kind of environment do you like to live in?
  • I prefer to dwell in the depths of the whirlpool, hidden in the ocean deep. I find it to be the best place to contemplate my existence…
  • Long, long ago, I lived in a place that I once called “Paradise.” But I ended up moving out – I much prefer my new home.
  • For me, being in the deepest ocean is the same as living on the ground as humans do. I know everything happening in the world through communicating with the ocean’s many creatures.
  • Sometimes, I’m not so sure if my current dwelling is as good as the Paradise I once lived. However, the quiet of the sea is an excellent place for thinking…


Do you know any Eidolon secrets?
Any interesting gossip going around about the Eidolons?
  • I used to see Uzuriel quite often, but she has become more secretive of late. I wonder how she is doing now…
  • Heh, well, Zaahir is a rude guy with an extremely high body temperature, you know? These attributes of his remind me of my elder brother every time I see him.
  • Sigrun is a reliable friend full of vim and vigor. The only problem I have with her is that she sometimes speaks a but too bluntly. As such, some people tend to keep their distance from her…
  • Hmm… Vermilion is a quiet girl. She’s very attached to that birt she keeps around. It’s as though the two have a spiritual connection.


Do you like cold weather?
You look so pale, are you cold?
  • Although I may look pale, the cold doesn’t really affect me at all. Rather, I actually enjoy the cold weather quite a bit!
  • The Whirlpool Abyss where I live is always under high pressure and extremely low temperatures. Once you live in a place such as that, you become accustomed to such cold climates.
  • Ah, do you dislike the cold? It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I rather love the cold weather!
  • Oh! This is actually the first time I’ve ever been asked this. See my scales? They actually cover me so perfectly that I retain all my body heat. Cold water is no threat to me as long as my scales are in good shape!


Do you have any hopes and dreams?
What wish would you love to come true?
  • I don’t want too much, really. As long as I keep fighting by your side, I think I’ll be happy!
  • Actually, I haven’t seen my family in thousands of years… I’d…really like to see them again if given the chance.
  • Hm? What’s got you asking these questions? Do you really care about me that much? Lately, with you, I’ve been pretty happy in my life. My main hope is for us to continue to succeed in all our goals.
  • Enough about me, how about I ask you a question? What are your hopes and dreams? It would make me happiest if I could help you attain all your goals!


How does it feel to control the tides?
Is it difficult to be master of the seas?
  • Hmm, it’s a bit hard to explain the feeling of becoming one with the raging seas… Please forgive me, I just have no idea how to explain this one right now!
  • I don’t know if humans have anything similar, but becoming one with the tide is the most amazing feeling in the world. Just imagine being one with one of the most powerful elements in our world… It is a truly marvelous feeling, indeed!
  • When I ride the tide, I feel as if I am the sea itself, as if we share a heartbeat… Perhaps, someday, you’ll be able to experience a feeling as great as this.
  • Sometimes I simply enjoy relaxing on top of the waves while I enjoy the rhythms of the ocean currents. I only remember where I am when I feel a wave crashing against a rock!


Do you like the ocean?
What makes the ocean so special to you?
  • I’m not sure I “like” the ocean…but I do feel deeply attached to it. After thousands of years, the sea is the only thing that stays with me and never changes.
  • Initially I had no particular interest in the ocean, I just came here out of obligation. After so much time has passed, however, I’ve grown to feel as one with the great oceans.
  • Hah! I reside in the deepest oceans, how could I dislike it? That’s enough about me, what about you? Do you enjoy the deep blue oceans too?
  • I believe that the ocean is critical for the life of all things on Terra. As someone who’s life is intertwined with the ocean, I have a deep sense of gratitude towards it.


If we ever had to part ways, what would your plans be?
What are your plans after we part ways?
  • If that day ever comes, I hope that I would have at least fulfilled all your wishes and served you well on this great land.
  • I have experienced such things before, as I have been alive for as long as the ocean’s current flows. The day will come, of course, but when it does we should not feel sad. Let us remember the good times.
  • If the day comes that we finally must part ways… Well, I’ll wish for the best for you in your future endeavors.
  • I will retire to the deepest abyss of the ocean. While there, I will continue carrying out my tasks as a dragon of the oceans, fulfilling my age old promises…

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