Aura Kingdom Nalani’s Q&A


What type of person are you into?
What type of person are you attracted to?
  • Sorry… I’ve been focusing on other things.
  • I don’t know. All are beautiful… But I don’t think that’s what you meant.
  • Actually, there was someone. But that was a long time ago…
  • I’ve haven’t thought about that kind of thing in a long time…


What is a friend, as far as you are concerned?
How do you define friendship, in your heart?
  • Friends are there for each other, In good times and bad. Friends are loyal to each other, and to remain true.
  • Are you telling me that you don’t have any friends? Don’t be upset. I’ll be your friend.
  • The only friend I want to spend my whole life with is Tsubaki…
  • I don’t worry about other people’s opinions. I know a friend when I see one.


What do you think it is to be gentle?
What seems gentle to you?
  • You chose me, and that was gentle.
  • Gentle? I think Tsubaki is gentle…
  • As far as I’m concerned, Tsubaki is a gentle person. I’m lucky to have met you.
  • I don’t know what gentle is… Would you like to help me with that?


If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
What's your dearest wish?
  • My wish? That my friends and I can be there for each other our whole lives.
  • I wish that you get your wish.
  • Wish… My wish? I’ll tell you the details when the time is right…
  • Wish… What about yours? Do you have a wish you want to come true?


Tell me about the dream you had, that stays with you the most.
What is your most memorable dream?
  • In the dream, I’m on a prairie, in the sunset, the beautiful smile on Tsubaki’s face. Oh god, her smile was so beautiful…
  • But a dream… Is just an illusion. I think the present is what matters.
  • Indeed to dream is nice, but a dream is out of reach. So make sure you are not obsessed with dreams and ignore reality.
  • I was walking on a long path, and Tsubaki was walking ahead of me. However, no matter how hard I tried to catch up with her, the distance between Tsubaki and I became greater and greater… Luckily… Luckily it was just a dream.


What's special about Cactakara Forest?
Could you tell me something about Cactakara Forest?
  • Two waterfalls run through the forest. That’s why it’s named Cactakara Forest. I love the beautiful scenery here. I don’t even want to leave everytime I cam here.
  • It is such a vigorous place, with many dwarfs living here. They have the most amazing craftsmanship.
  • Apart from the dwarfs, there are also strange creatures with ram heads and horse bodies. They are not inferior to other species in terms of wisdom and strength. They always keep a distance from other species, but I’m glad that I can be closer to them.
  • The forest is my favorite spot. Its aura calms me down. I love to go there on my spare time. If you are stressed, you can come with me. I’m sure you will find inner peace.


What are those secret altars that appear in odd places?
I wanna know about the Eidolon Altars.
  • This is the broken entrance of dimensions. If you can repair it, the spirits of land will be awakened.
  • It requires great power to fix it. It’d be unwise to try by yourself. Why don’t you go find people with kindred spirits and work on it together?
  • If you worship the Gafrit Power with a devout heart, you probably can repair it soon.
  • The Gafrits who rest here don’t want to be disturbed. If you wake them up, they may be furious. … Do you insist?


Please tell me about Eidolon Skills.
What do you use Eidolon Skills for?
  • This is what I can do to save the world. I will do all I can, for the sake of the common people.
  • I have my signature skill, which is very powerful, if use at the right moment, it is possible to turn the tables. If you are in great danger, do not hesitate to call me. I will fight by your side.
  • Gafrits created by their mother – Gaia’s Cube have their unique characters. You can choose the one that matches you the most. …Even if it’s not me, I wish you all the best with your journey.
  • Gafrits’ skills are not limited to causing damage on the target. Because of their unique characters, they can either heal you or cause greater damage to the enemies. They can even become your ride or be a part of you and fight with you.


Please tell me something about Party Search.
I want information about the Party Search.
  • Party search can speed up the formation of Instance Party. If you are looking for like-minded people, the system will fulfil your wishes.
  • The system can help your party reach the destination faster. If you know how the system works, it will be very convenient for you and me.
  • Though it helps you teaming up with like-minded people, don’t forget about the manners.
  • If you are looking for company, you can do it through the system.


What is the Envoy's Path?
How should I choose my way on the Envoy's Path?
  • Every three levels you upgrade, you will get one point. If you use it wisely, you will be stronger.
  • If you reach the bottleneck in your adventure, don’t be upset. Try to reset the points and you will have a clearer view.
  • Different choices may lead to different outcomes.
  • It may not be wrong to hold onto something, but if you can consider other possibilities, you may be more successful.


Your wings look nice.
Your wings are so beautiful.
  • Thank you for your compliment. I’m so glad.
  • Tsubaki also likes my wings very much…
  • The Cube of Gaia gave me my beautiful wings. I’m glad you like them.
  • What Tsubaki said is true! Humans do like wings.


You are very fond of lotus, aren't you?
You have a preference for the lotus, don't you?
  • The lotus is elegant and gorgeous. I do like them very much.
  • Actually, I have no preference for myself. It’s just that Tsubaki likes lotus very much…
  • I enjoy all things that grow from the earth. I like them all.
  • I do like the lotus very much. What about you? Do you also like lotus as much as I do?


Will your hands fall?
Have your hands ever fallen?
  • You don’t have to worry.
  • My hands will stay on my body until the moment I die.
  • Hee hee… It reminds me that the first time Tsubaki met me, she asked me the exact same question.
  • Where did you get that idea? Have your hands ever fallen off?


You and Tsubaki know each other very well, don't you?
You and Tsubaki are very close, aren't you?
  • Tsubaki… Is my first and best friend.
  • Tsubaki… Is my closest friend. I hope our friendship will last ’till the end of our lives…
  • I was once very quiet, so I didn’t have too many friends. Tsubaki was my only friend. The fact that I can talk to you like this now? I’ve got her to thank for that.
  • It might surprise you to know we’re very close. I would do anything for Tsubaki.


I wanna know the secrets of other Eidolons.
Tell me something interesting about the Eidolons.
  • I never dig into matters that are none of my business. Of course… most matters are my business.
  • Abraxas is as mighty a warrior as I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard he’s from the Aura Kingdom, but wherever he comes from, he is impressive, yes?
  • Zaahir’s whole body radiates an intense heat. Normal people can’t even approach him. I wonder how he spends time with his Envoy?
  • Tsubaki is an agile ninja, full of acrobatic maneuvers. We’ve been great friends for a long time.


Can you sit down?
You are unable to sit down, aren't you?
  • Sit down? I don’t need to sit.
  • The moment I fall from the sky is the moment I die.
  • I don’t need to care about such trivial matters.
  • You don’t have to worry. I have my own way to rest.


What are the Holy Books?
Could you tell me about the Holy Books?
  • The Holy Books contain much wisdom – a greater sum than all the libraries of this world.
  • The Holy Books enable me to communicate with all kinds of creatures, and guide their souls to the right path.
  • The Holy Books are the books of wisdom. You can obtain great knowledge from them.
  • I can’t explain them to you in detail. The only way to know is to read them yourself.


You have very unusual skin color. Were you born like this?
You have very unique skin color. Did you make it that way on purpose?
  • I am as I was formed – no more, no less.
  • The natural look is always best when it comes to appearance. There is no need for me to change.
  • Thank you for your compliment.
  • You’re not bad looking, yourself.


What's the blue ornament on your abdomen?
What's that on your belly?
  • One day, you’ll know.
  • It was given to me by the Cube of Gaia, and I will keep it with me until the day I die.
  • Well… I can’t really talk about it. One day you will find the answer yourself.
  • It was a gift from the mother of Eidolons, the Cube of Gaia. All Eidolons born of the Cube of Gaia have this.


Have you thought about your life after we separate?
What's your plan for after we part ways?
  • You don’t have to worry. I have places to go.
  • I have much to do in this world.
  • Do you want me to go? I think there is much more we have to do together…
  • Our separation now prepares us for our reunion later. You and I will surely meet again.

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