Aura Kingdom Merrilee’s Q&A


What type of boys do you like?
Who would be your ideal boyfriend?
  • Oooh! You’re gonna make me blush! How can a lady like me answer such a bold question, hehe!
  • Hmmm, I…I think a dashing, tall gentleman would be right for me. I hope that’s not too cliche!
  • Hmm…My ideal boyfriend would be kind, gentle, thoughtful…and love snakes, just like me, hehe! I hope that’s not asking for too much…
  • Someone who’s even half as kind and generous as you would be perfect!


What should I do if I come across an incredibly powerful foe?
If I ever come up against an eneny stronger than I am, what's the best thing to do?
  • As long as we’re teamed up together, I bet we can take on even the toughest of opponents! When I call upon the Power of Love, your HP will regenerate. It’s a foolproof plan, no doubt about it!
  • With my icy attacks I’ll distract the enemy long enough for you to come up with a cunning plan! Once you’ve established your strategy, we’ll take ’em down together, I know it!
  • Don’t worry at all! Hehe! If we team up to use our ultimate combo, we’re nearly unstoppable! We can do anything together!
  • You keep a stock of HP potions on hand, don’t you? You should keep some just in case there is an emergency. I want you to be safe!


Is there anything I should know about your weapon?
Does your staff have any secret power?
  • My staff is critical to my abilities, I never leave home without it. You’ll never see me separated from my staff – it’s almost like it’s part of me!
  • My staff was created by the power of love that gathers in the Aura Kingdom. The more I use it, the more powerful it becomes! I hope to use it to spread love across all worlds.
  • Being straight from the Aura Kingdom, my staff greatly increases my magical capabilities. It’s especially attuned to my ice magic, making me even more powerful!
  • Do you see the head of the staff? It looks just like a snake, hehe! I love snakes, so it’s totally a great fit, don’t you think?


What kind of food do you like most?
What's your favorite food?
  • Hmm, that’s a tough one…I really do love sweet, red apples! I feel really healthy and rejuvenated when I bite into a crisp apple.
  • Most of all, I loooove fruits! Apples are my favorite!
  • My favorite is definitely apples – big, juicy, red apples! They’re so sweet, I can’t stop eating!Would you like one too? I’ll happily share!
  • Can you guess? It’s a fruit that’s as beautiful as a ruby and has the perfect crisp, sweet taste! Why, of course, it’s an apple!


Is there anything in particular that you just can't stand?
Is there anything you don't like?
  • One of the things I can’t stand is a bad hair day! If I see a split end…I get so mad for the rest of the day! I have to get a trim as soon as possible!
  • I really don’t like people who don’t take the time to wash their hair… It’s so gross! How can they stand that feeling?
  • Strong gusts of wind can be pretty bad. When it messes up my painstakingly styled hair, I could just scream!
  • Rainy days are the worst – I feel so grumpy when my hair gets soaked!


What type of animals do you like?
What's your favorite animal?
  • Maybe it’s weird but…I really like snakes! With their cute little eyes and flicking tongues… I just love them!
  • I actually really like snakes! I think they’re very graceful creatures…
  • In my opinion, snakes are some of the most beautiful creatures. I don’t understand why people say they’re evil – I’ve learned to appreciate all things in nature!
  • Slithering swiftly and flicking their tongues… I’d love to taste the air like a snake does! Hehe, I bet it would be fun to be a snake for a day!


What do you think of Terra?
Do you know any interesting things about Terra?
  • Avians have a thing for the mystery that dark gods tend to present. As a result, the other tribes tend not to trust the Avians.
  • Dwarvish craftsmen are the best machinists in the world! I’ve heard their work can rival even that of the greatest artists.
  • There are so many different races in Terra! The Dwarves, the Makar, the Gnomes… They’re all quite different, with their own beliefs and their own customs. Isn’t the world amazing?
  • I’ve heard that, sometimes, an angel or demon loses its way and arrives in Terra…


Tell me the legend of the Cube of Gaia.
I want to learn about the Cube of Gaia.
  • As the legend goes, the Cube of Gaia once held open the pathways between the three worlds. That’s part of why there are so many different cultures and beliefs.
  • All living things, good and evil alike, are connected to the Cube of Gaia.
  • Eidolons have a particularly strong link to the Cube of Gaia, allowing them to create new items. Given how powerful the Cube of Gaia is, it is no surprise these items are often powerful and rare!
  • It’s said that the Cube of Gaia is not just an energy source… It truly is an item of mystery that not even us Eidolons are sure about…


What's a HP Potion used for?
Please tell me about HP Potions.
  • HP Potions can restore your HP! They’re a necessity for any serious adventurer. Mhm!
  • Merchants in the various towns and cities sell HP Potions, but you’ll obviously need money if you want them. Let’s make money together!
  • HP Potions need time to work to their fullest, so it’s important to use them at the right moment! Don’t wait until it’s too late!
  • There are level restrictions to HP Potions, so don’t waste money buying HP Potions that don’t match your level!


Do you know what Experience Crystals are used for?
Please tell me about Experience Crystals.
  • You can obtain Experience Crystals by defeating monsters! They’re a great source of strength for Eidolons like me.
  • Be sure not to misplace all the Experience Crystals you find, ok? If you give them to your Eidolons, they’ll gain some XP!
  • High quality Experience Crystals give Eidolons even greater XP. I hope you can find some for me!
  • An Experience Crystal can be given to an Eidolon to increase that Eidolon’s XP.


Why do you manipulate ice?
Why specialize in Ice Magic?
  • I’m not really sure why I’m most skilled with ice magic… But, whatever works! It helps that my staff is perfect for boosting that type of power.
  • I was able to manipulate ice and cold soon after I was born. I guess… Maybe, this is fate? Hehe!
  • Well… I’ve tried to use other kinds, but my staff really only enhances Ice Magic, so I decided to stick with it!
  • An icy, adorable appearance and the freshness of youth… Isn’t that an irresistible combination for Humans? Hehe!


How do you care for your hair?
What are your hair care secrets?
  • The hair grows on the scalp, therefore you must start from the scalp if you want to have beautiful hair. As long as you massage your scalp daily, your hair will be beautiful!
  • The secret to hair care is, of course, regular brushing. Brushing the hair not only keeps it clean and neat, but it also strengthens the hair!
  • Keeping my hair moisturized is easy! Hehe! Not all my magic is battle oriented, you know.
  • Early to bed, early to rise, and a lot of work. There’s no other way to maintain my hair’s shine.


I want to know how it feels to fly.
What is it like to fly?
  • Flying is like being in love… It feels wild and free, yet wholly terrifying and… Oh gosh, I’m blushing!
  • The feeling of flight is like young love… Even when things are the same, they feel fresh and new!
  • The best moment is when you reach the peak of your flight and can see the world spread out below you. It is like you’ve abandoned all your problems on that tiny world beneath you…
  • Flying feels amazing, I wish I could fly together with you! It’d be so much fun!


Do you have a favorite hairstyle?
Why'd you choose this hairstyle?
  • I heard there’s a really good singer with this hairstyle. Maybe you’d like to hear me sing? I’m good, I promise!
  • Twintails are playful and cute! I think they suit an innocent maiden like me best, tee hee!
  • Hmm? Are you asking because you don’t like my hairstyle? Be honest!
  • Oh my gosh! You don’t like twintails, do you? Oooh! I knew it!


Do you know any secrets about the other Eidolons?
Got any juicy Eidolon gossip?
  • I think Serif has a fever. How do I know? Well, every time we talk, his face is always so red, and he’s sweating…
  • Serif’s nickname is “The Eternal Youth.” Don’t you think that name really suits him? It’s pretty cute!
  • Grimm might be a great conversationalist, but he’s also got quite a temper. I’m a little scared of him… Don’t tell him that I said that, eek!
  • The Regal Unicorn has an irresistible charm… I kind of want to ride Alessa and see what it’s like… Do you think she’d let me?


What kind of Eidolon is Serif?
What do you think of Serif?
  • Serif? I thought he’d be really witty and funny, but he’s always stammering every time we speak…Do you think I bother him?
  • Serif is really very sweet. I think he’s a great friend!
  • I’ve seen Serif fight – he looks like a skilled warrior!
  • Serif is one of my most reliable friends! I hope our friendship will last forever and ever and ever!


What do you think of love?
Do you have any insight on love?
  • To love another may seem easy in theory, but it’s hard in practice…
  • I believe true love is hard to find, so the happiest moment in your life will be meeting that special someone. If you’ve already met them, you should cherish them and the time you spend together.
  • Love is a medicine that nourishes one’s heart, and an essential element of life. You shouldn’t waste your time, have you found your one, true love?
  • Looking for love can help a person grow, but it can also break a person’s heart. Still, no matter what your opinion of love, you must hold on to hope! Stay positive!


Why do you carve ice roses?
Why do you like roses so much?
  • Well… because roses have a special meaning, you know?
  • Roses signify love, blue is the color of miracles… Love is filled with miracles! Isn’t that a romantic message? Hehe!
  • An ice rose says that no matter how icy cold someone’s heart is, a passionate love can melt it! Isn’t a flower with that message beautiful?
  • A rose can be used to say so many things without uttering a single word! What other flower has such an awesome power?


What secrets do your armbands hold?
Can you tell me about your armbands?
  • The Freezing Armbands change their rotation based on my mood, which, in turn, gives me power. When they’re spinning at top speed, I can even create a blizzard!
  • The Freezing Armbands help making controlling ice easier. Thanks to it, my Ice Magic is the most powerful!
  • The Freezing Armbands grow as my power does! Would you believe they were no bigger than a string when I first got them? Pretty impressive, huh? Hehe!
  • I don’t really know for sure where they came from, haha! I guess it must have come from the Cube of Gaia?


If we parted ways, what would you do next?
What would you do if we went our separate ways?
  • Ohh, can we not talk about such sad things…?
  • If we part, my magic and my willpower might vanish… I hope it never happens!
  • You don’t…hate me, do you? Why would you ask something like that!?
  • We’ve gotta stick together! I can’t imagine my life without you! Please, let’s be friends always!

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