Aura Kingdom Maja’s Q&A


What are your thoughts on art?
What do you think of the laws of aesthetics?
  • Uh, why are you bringing this up now? Trying to feel a bit classier, are you?
  • I’m not really interested in that kind of thing, honestly. You sure do ask a lot of strange questions, don’t you? Are you trying to impress me?
  • Art can be something that people feel so closely, it’s almost like it’s a part of their body. Well, I think you have nice eyes. And maybe one day, I’ll take one of them if you don’t stop with all the questions, capiche? … Oh come on, I was only kidding! Did you really think I was serious?
  • That’s a rather broad question. There are many forms of art… The art of cursing, the art of rejuvenation… What’s that? Oh, you’re not feeling well? No worries, we can change the subject.


Do you have a favorite animal?
What do you think about animals in general?
  • Animals are lame and stupid. I don’t even like talking about them.
  • Animals? Yeah, they’re fine… I don’t pay much attention to them. But vultures seem to follow me around for some reason.
  • Dude, again with the questions? How about if instead of talking about brainless animals, you go train for once? Don’t try and act like you don’t need it, because we both know you are in terrible shape.
  • You humans keep animals that you like as pets. Kinda like how I keep you as MY little pet! What? Humans are too animals! Don’t be silly. That’s no fun.


Any pet peeves?
What do you hate the most?
  • I really don’t like it when people touch my wings. Unless it’s one of my kids. Then it’s okay.
  • My pet peeve is seeing anyone try to hurt you. That makes me so angry, I want to kill!
  • Thievery is a terrible act. It really disgusts me and gets my dander up when people try to take what isn’t theirs.
  • Arrogance and boastfulness are really unattractive qualities, I feel.


Do you have any amazing stories to tell?
What's the most amazing experience you've ever had?
  • Humans are some of the most single-minded creatures I’ve seen. Once they start something, they hate to give it up, even if it’s a futile quest. This determination is really something to admire.
  • If you ever save someone’s life, there’s this strange sense of calm that sets in. What’s wrong? What are you cowering over there for? You think my experiences are too awful to hear about? You need to learn some strength, kid. The world can be an unforgiving place.
  • Have you ever tried to track down someone who was lost, even after it seemed hopeless? There was this person who I finally managed to find after nearly giving up. That brief moment of joy is something I won’t quickly forget.
  • You’re the only person I’d ever want to track down, you lovely rascal, you! I never would have expected that I’d have such a close relationship with a human.


How would you handle an encounter with a powerful enemy?
What's the best strategy for dealing with a powerful enemy?
  • Look for your enemy’s weakness, then exploit that weakness. Be ruthless if you need to. This is a valuable experience for me. Can’t wait to put it all to good use on the battlefield! Got it?
  • Haha, enemies? What enemies? Why are you acting so scared?
  • Don’t you know you have nothing to fear? With me at your side, nobody’s going to hurt you!
  • You should get back to training instead of worrying about things like that.


Have you ever been to Port Morton?
What is Port Morton like?
  • I’ve heard it’s a very large port, full of all sorts of people who are involved in the trade business. We should go check it out!
  • Do all ports built by humans look the same? Ships, merchants, cities, and so forth. What? You just want to know how the seafood is there, don’t you? Me, I don’t like seafood too much. It’s so smelly. If you want to find out, you should just take a trip there on your own sometime.
  • What am I, a tour guide? Why don’t you just go there and find out?
  • I’m sure someone there would be happy to talk to you. You want to know how it compares to Port Skandia? They’re not really comparable… One is a fishing port and the other one is a trading port. Anyway, I have no time to answer such a trivial question! If you’re really interested, why don’t you go find on your own?


What's the Sky Tower like?
Can you tell me anything about the Sky Tower?
  • You mean the tower that is so tall it touches the sky? Well, it’s supposed to be chock full of marvelous treasure– the kind that enhances your powers.
  • I thought everyone knew that. You must be the only person in Terra who didn’t know!
  • There are many mysteries surrounding the tower, some of which even I have not been able to solve… Together, I’m sure we can get to the bottom of them! Whaddaya say?
  • You simpleton! Don’t you even know that? You know, sometimes I really worry about you. Were you dropped on your head or what?


Can you tell me anything regarding the creation legend?
I'm interested in the Cube of Gaia.
  • Well, the Cube of Gaia has legendary power. But I don’t know how it’s activated, if it needs to connect with a creature or if it’s just an energy cluster. If you find out, let me know.
  • You don’t know that either? I guess you’ve got a lot to learn. Okay, listen up.
  • It’s often said that the Cube of Gaia is what created the world. As for why it wanted to create the world, I am not sure, and honestly, I’m not really interested.
  • What? So you want to know about the Cube of Gaia, do you? I’d forget about it, if I were you. That sort of power isn’t something that you can control.


Have you heard of Rafiq's Court?
What can you tell me about Rafiq's Court?
  • It’s an ancient ruins site out in the Star Sand Desert. It’s full of the kinds of old junk that you humans consider to be valuable treasure.
  • I bet you didn’t know there’s also a hidden vault at the ruin site! There is much treasure inside. Perhaps some intrepid adventurer is already there searching for it… Wait, where are you running off to? Don’t tell me you’re trying to get there first! I wasn’t even done talking!
  • The ruins site is vast. Until recently it used to be very quiet. But recently there’s been a bunch of Goblins running around. It really makes me nervous! If you see any, please help me squash them!
  • The human exploration teams were always so noisy. They loved using strange weapons, too. They were so haphazard, they didn’t even do a sweep of the area before entering the site, that’s what caused the machine to go out of control. #824$It was so noisy that even I got irritated, and I’m usually very patient.


Can you tell me anything about the Aura Kingdom?
What's the Aura Kingdom Quiz?
  • It’s some kind of event where you can test your knowledge. If you ace the test, I guess I’ll have to stop making fun of you for being a dummy.
  • Rather than me explaining it, you should just take part in the contest. Just do me a favor and try not to embarrass me.
  • It’s just a question-and-answer event where you can get rewards. Why not give it a shot? Just try not to embarrass yourself. You don’t want the word to spread that you’re a fool, do you?
  • You’ve been asking so much, why don’t you just try it? I don’t like people who are indecisive.


I've heard that you are pretty good with curses...
Can you give me a lesson?
  • You’ve heard right! I’m the cursemaster. The spell caster. The Valedictorian Maledictorian. When I practice my Voodoo, it’s too true, you’re in the doodoo, crying boohoo. My rap game’s on point too.
  • Curses can be very effective against powerful enemies. It feels so good to look upon their agony as they suffer. It just makes me feel so warm and tingly inside. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you… For real though.
  • It’s not that easy to curse someone… First need to collect their saliva. Gross, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be hard to get some of YOUR saliva though, since you drool all the time.
  • Do you really want me to demonstrate? How about we put a curse on Tanith, that haughty woman? Haha! This is gonna be great! I’ve been waiting so long to do this. Don’t worry, I promise you she deserves what’s coming to her.


I've heard that having your friendship is like a blessing from the gods.
People say that having you on their side is like a guarantee of victory!
  • What? Where did you hear that? Yes, people used to say that about me a long time ago.
  • Yes, I can bestow great power upon those whom I favor. But I cannot teach them to use it. That knowledge can only come from within. And often, it doesn’t come at all.
  • Sure, I could make you a king. All we need is to find some abandoned desert island to call your kingdom. But, don’t you have anything better to do? Or did you forget about all that?
  • It’s just a ceremony, but being a king isn’t an easy task.


I've heard that you can resurrect the dead...
Is it true?
  • Haha! That’s just hearsay. Don’t believe everything you hear, kiddo. Nothing can resurrect the dead.
  • I have the power to direct a soul into a new body after it’s passed… Isn’t that resurrection? … Call it what you like. Resurrection, reincarnation… I can’t control what words you humans use, can I?
  • I have helped to revive people on a few special occasions… But, it comes at a heavy price… The entire process is so painful that I don’t even like thinking about it.
  • Please don’t ask me about it again! Don’t worry, as long I am here to protect you, that’s one thing you don’t need to worry about.


Do you know what Helheim is?
What do you think about Helheim?
  • Wouldn’t that little girl Hel be better able answer that question? … actually, maybe not. Listening to her rambling explanation would probably only confuse you even more.
  • If required, I would go to Helheim to guide the lost souls. Looking at some of these lost souls, I sometimes really wish I could make them whole and beautiful again.
  • A stark and quiet place, filled with dark spirits and the smell of cold air. It’s rather foreboding, but it does calm me down. I don’t know why… I suppose it is because there is no sign of life?
  • Making travel plans, are you? I can take you there, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll come back… You don’t want to visit? Oh, what a pity… I was hoping to show you some of the bloody— hey! Why are you covering your ears? Did I scare you again?


I want to hear some juicy Eidolon gossip.
What do you think about the rest of the Eidolon?
  • Don’t you feel like Tanith is super snobbish? I find her simply unbearable. She was probably deprived of attention as a kid.
  • Amaterasu is really smart, but she’s kinda antisocial. … have you asked Amaterasu if she has a sword you could use? Should I care about that question?
  • Tsubaki and Nalani have a complicated relationship. Oftentimes, the rivalry between two females overrides their friendship, But there’s no animosity at all between those two. It’s nice to see.
  • I’ve always respected Cleopawtra. She’s just got such a natural strength and winning mentality. She’s a great role model!


I heard that when you cry, your tears are like a flowing river!
Is that really true?
  • Hey, hey hey! Cool your jets. I don’t talk to just anyone about my private life.
  • A long time ago, I met someone who looked just like you. But in the end I couldn’t protect them… The only thing I could do was to fix their shattered body. I put the broken pieces back together, crying all the while… by the time I looked up, I realized that I had cried a whole river.
  • I have feelings, you know. It’s normal to cry about sad things, isn’t it?
  • One day, if you get that close to someone, maybe you’ll understand how I feel. My heart breaks when I imagine bidding you farewell… I don’t wanna talk about it, alright?


Do you like children?
Are you good with kids?
  • Kids are such a pain to deal with. They may look cute, but taking care of them is another story entirely. You mean, have I ever taken care of any children before? Yes, of course. Many people love raise kids and watch them grow up happily, but why?
  • I only like children who are cute but also know how to be quiet. I used to take care of this one child. He was usually pretty good, maybe just a bit naughty… You must know I’m talking about a child, not a pet. Pets can be naughty too!
  • Are you asking about kids like Hansel and Gretel, or more like Serena? Well first of all, Serena isn’t a real kid. Just looks that way.
  • Um, that’s a bit personal, don’t you think? Don’t you feel ashamed asking me that? What do you mean? You want to have my kids? Haha! The look on your face! Man, you’re easy to fool.


I heard that you used to take care of Anubis?
Is that right?
  • Huh? How did you know that? I didn’t really take care of him. He basically takes care of himself.
  • I let him stay at my place for a while. After all, I was asked by an important person if I’d take him in. I couldn’t very well say no! But I’d give him food whenever I could remember to, and he’s looking pretty good now. He was usually very obedient, but he ran away after seeing me sewing. Rather odd…
  • There were some unavoidable circumstances, and I was asked if I could take him in for a while. He was so small back then, and he looked so cute when he was gnawing on bones!
  • I did spend some time with him. He was very young then… No! I’m not his mother! Who told you that? Someone’s been passing you false information! You really should stop gossiping so much! Do you understand me?


I heard you are good at needlework?
Are you any good at sewing?
  • Of course. I love sewing all kinds of things in my spare time. I just love sewing. Herringbone, back stitch, satin stitch, embroidery, darning, the works! I could go on- have you ever tried unicorn thread? It holds so well. Hey, are you still listening? Hey, where are you going? I was talking! I’m not a fool, you know.
  • Sewing isn’t exactly difficult, all you need is a needle and thread. Hey, where are you going? So you want me to do your repair work, huh? Too cheap to bring it to a real craftsman? Jeez, some people! Why don’t you try fixing it yourself!
  • I’m okay at fixing stuff, but I don’t know about sewing new clothes from scratch. I’ve stitched a few wounds shut in my day. Human, animal… Ooh, and I’ve helped preserve some ancient mummies as well! Stitching them back together was quite the trial!
  • You want some lessons, do you? I can teach you, but you’ll need to focus! No halfhearted attempts!


If there comes a day where we have to part ways...
How would you cope?
  • What’s with you, anyway?
  • You’re gonna make me sad! Are you thinking of leaving me? Maybe I’ll make a voodoo doll of you so I can always have you near me.
  • Wow, awkward question! Uh, let’s talk about it another time?
  • Don’t worry, I’m never gonna give up on our team! Even if you get shattered into a million pieces, I’ll find a way to fix you! No matter how long it might take… I would stitch you back together, piece by piece… What, am I creeping you out? You me you wouldn’t do the same for me?

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