Aura Kingdom Lumikki’s Q&A


What's your favorite food?
What do you normally eat?
  • Everything! I’m not a picky eater. I eat anything as long as it tastes good! Bitter melon? I don’t like bitter food.
  • I used to like apples! And strawberries! Do you want to buy some for me?
  • Apples? Well, one time some old women offered me an apple. I took one bite out of it and immediately fell asleep. Then I had some of the best dreams of my life! I felt like I was floating between worlds. But after I woke up, my whole body hurt!
  • Apples, I guess! You can call me an apple expert! If you’re interested, just ask me!


Do you like animals?
What kind of animals do you like?
  • I like birds. Especially those small, adorable ones. Why? Because they can fly! I wish I could fly, too.
  • All furry animals adorable! For example? Hmm… like Mr. Bear! Don’t you think Mr. Bear is very lovely? I think he’s great.
  • I love small animals! Squirrels, sparrows, and lots of others! When I was taking care of my friends’ house, the animals often came to play with me!
  • I also like horses, particularly white ones. I guess it’s because I remember a prince on white horse from somewhere. Maybe a dream? Do you happen to have a white horse, Master? I would be thrilled if we could ride together!


Types of people that you like?
What qualities are you looking for in a partner?
  • Well! I’ve given LOTS of thought to that. Hmm… where to start? There’s just so much!
  • He should be gentle, kind, and a good cook who has a graduate degree in making apple pies. What else? He should be an excellent rider! That way we can talk long, horseback rides on the beach. Do you know how to ride a horse?
  • He must be someone gentle and handsome, who dresses immaculately—that is a must! Are you trying to set me up with someone? But I already have you!
  • Hmm? Why would you ask me something like that? Just go look into a mirror. You don’t get it? My prince… is you! You are the one that I like the most in this world!


What do you think is the most incredible thing in the world?
What's the most marvelous experience you've had?
  • Hmm… hmm… That’s a tough question! Hmmmmmm! I’m thinking! Hmmmm!
  • I love jogging through the forests. I used to do it all the time. Sometimes, as I passed by humid spots, the air would condense and freeze into small snow flakes! So if I ran around an area for a while, the whole place would become covered in snow! It’s as amazing as it sounds!
  • I often think it’s a miracle that I met you instead of someone else. Life is strange but also full of surprises!
  • Once I ate something that made me very tired and I fell asleep. I dreamt that I was wandering through the forest, making friends with the animals… I even stumbled upon a house made of candy! How awesome, right?


If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?
What is your greatest wish?
  • My greatest wish is to be with you forever, Master. Do you think it might come true?
  • I think most people wish for someone with whom they can spend their entire lives with. I’m just like them. That’s my greatest wish, too.
  • I wish I could get married with my prince charming and live a happy life.
  • My wish is to find my prince charming. Who will be my prince? Hmm… Well, I don’t know either. But he should be someone who treats me as gently and kindly as you do, Master.


Have there been any recent events?
Are there any special quests we can go on?
  • Have you seen those places marked with a star on your map? If we go check them out, we might find something interesting to do.
  • I love events! What kind of events we are going to participate in? No? Hmm… sorry, I misunderstood.
  • Hmm? What did you say, Master? I didn’t hear you!
  • I don’t know much about stuff like that. Why don’t you go ask a Mirabelle Association Clerk? They’ll certainly know more about that.


Have you been the City of Navea yet?
Heard of Navea?
  • I’m not so sure… Perhaps I was there once?
  • City of Navea? Is it a castle? It sounds like a scared fortress! I really want to go there with you, Master. What about it? Let’s pay Navea a visit right now! What do you think?
  • I’m not sure. But it seems to be a very lively place. Master! You’re willing to go there with me? Thank you, Master! I’m sure I’ll be able to buy some awesome presents for my friends!
  • I’ve never been there. But the animals in the forest have told me about it. They also told me that Navea is a city of delectable sweets like Floating White Stars and Frosted Macaroons. *Gulp* Master… I’m hungry. Could you make me an apple pie?


What do you think of Principia?
How do you like Principian culture?
  • Principia? Is that somewhere fun? Are you saying you’ll take me on a journey there? That makes me so happy!
  • I don’t have an impression of it. Is it somewhere well-known?
  • It sounds like somewhere far, far away. Do we need special transportation to get there? Like… maybe an airship?! I’ve been DYING to travel on an airship!
  • I’ve heard that they have a very individualist culture! If that’s the case, I don’t know if I’ll get along with them. I rely on my Master a lot! What about you, Master?


Do you have your own Guardian Knight?
Do you know of the Guardian Knights?
  • That’s a relationship only mortals can share. I wonder if that kind of bond can be established between a human and an Eidolon.
  • It links two hearts. Hearts belonging to people who have vowed to protect each other! As the relationship develops, they may even get married and host a magnificent wedding! I wish that you could also be my Guardian Knight, Master. I hope that we can stay together forever!
  • Of course, my Guardian Knight will and can only be you, Master!
  • It’s a strong bond between people, just like the one between us. Huh? Eidolons can’t become Guardian Knights? But… I want to be able to marry you, Master. We should fight for our rights!


I want to know more about archaeology.
What can you tell me about Archaeology?
  • Archaeology? Do you mean a Treasure Hunt? I’d like to dig up some treasures, too! The ancient must have left behind tons of treasure!
  • Eternia once mentioned the Relic Collectors in City of Navea. If you find rare relics, you can trade them with the Relic Collectors for a small fortune!
  • I’ve heard that you can trade the relics you’ve found for tokens that can be exchanged for other items. Such as… apple pies! You can’t? No way!
  • Archaeologists devote themselves to discovering traces of their ancestors. It’s a discipline where exploration and history intersect. But… I hated history when I was in school. I don’t even like reading.


Do you like books?
What kind of books do you like to read?
  • Hmm… I like neither books nor reading.
  • My nanny used to say that a princess must be educated, so I should read a lot. But all the books she gave me were filled with long paragraphs and my eyes hurt when I read too much.
  • But I love fairy tales! I love those! And picture books! What about you, Master? What kind of books do you read?
  • I like stories, fairy tales, and comics. I heard that in a remote land, there’s another kind of book called manga. I’d love to read one! I especially like stories with happy endings, like those where the beautiful maiden ends up with a dashing prince.


Who's your queen mother?
Can you tell me about your queen mother?
  • Sorry, Master. Could we not talk about her?
  • She used to be really good to me. But after she came to possess that magic mirror… well, she seemed to stop liking me. I don’t understand why.
  • I actually liked my queen mother a lot… really a lot.
  • Huh? What was your question, Master? I couldn’t hear you very well. Would you say it again, please?


Do you know about the magic mirror?
I heard that there's a magic mirror.
  • Magic mirror? My queen mother had one. But… But I hate it! There’s nothing I hate more!
  • Do you need a mirror? My mirror is in my room. I don’t think that’ll be very useful to you.
  • Magic mirror? Do you mean the one my queen mother possesses? But… It’s broken… Would another mirror do?
  • Huh? What did you say, Master? I’ve never heard of anything like that.


I heard that you're friends with the seven dwarves?
Have anything to share about the seven dwarves?
  • So, you know about them too, Master. They are all very kind and good friends of mine.
  • They’ve treated my gently, and never blamed me for my mistakes. Once I ate their dinner and slept in one of their beds, but they didn’t get mad at me.
  • They get up early every morning for work. Sometimes I would help them prepare breakfast. They always ate everything I made and told me it was delicious, even when I was pretty sure it wasn’t.
  • My dwarf friends like apple pies a lot, too. I remember the last time I baked them pies… They cried! It was so touching.


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • Did you know? Rumor has it that Muse already has someone she likes. I wonder what he’s like. Hmm… I have no idea… He’s probably a mysterious figure.
  • I was once invited to a secret band practice. Cesela had a beautiful voice and Uriel played the guitar in a way I had never heard before. However, Fenrir couldn’t really find the rhythm. Maybe she’s not so good at drums after all.
  • Although Alucard is much older than I am, we talk like equals. Why? Because he’s also looking for his destined one. I’d like to meet my destined one, too.
  • I heard that Harmonia has two cats, and they have beautiful names! They’re called… Hmm… I can’t remember… Right! Pookums and Snookums! They’re just the cutest! Aren’t their names amazing?


Tell me about that staff of yours.
Your staff looks special.
  • Hah! It’s a gift from my father. I polish it every day! It’s clean as a whistle.
  • What do you think about it? Isn’t it beautiful? I made the ornamentations myself!
  • The ruby atop the staff imitates the shape and color of an apple. If you sniff closely, you’ll even pick up an apple fragrance. Mmm! Isn’t that fantastic, Master?
  • The butterfly decoration duplicates the design of the wings on my back. They are made from a concentrated form of my magic. When the sun shines on them, they glimmer like a prism. If you would like to take a closer look, I can let you borrow it briefly.


I heard that people with a big forehead have good luck.
You have a big forehead.
  • But I don’t have one! You do! Booooo…
  • You’re so mean, Master. I hate when people point out my forehead… I don’t want to talk to you anymore!
  • Alice once said that a big forehead is a symbol of good luck. But I don’t actually believe in luck and fortune. I don’t need either! As long as I have you, I’m happy.
  • Huh? What did you say, Master? I don’t know anything special about foreheads.


Do you like to exercise?
Do you play any sports?
  • I don’t like sports… I get scared when I have to dodge and always end up running away…
  • I’m good at climbing trees! Especially apple trees. But… every time I got caught by nanny, she’d rebuke me… She said that it’s not something a princess should do. Why girls are not allowed to climb trees, Master?
  • Hmm… Does jogging or running count? I’m actually quite a good runner! Because… I had to run away from nanny all the time… Never mind! You didn’t hear anything! La la la la!
  • Tree climbing and jogging! I’m actually very flexible. Do not underestimate me, Master.


What is a kiss of true love?
What does a kiss of true love mean?
  • A kiss of true love means that two people care for each other more than themselves.
  • In every story I’ve read, a kiss of true love prevails over any challenge! I’d like to know how it feels to be kissed that way. What about you, Master? Do you know what it’s like?
  • It’s a kiss with the power to lift curses. You say it’s not true? Well, I believe in it! You should be more romantic, Master!
  • The kiss will only lift a curse when the two people truly like each other. I hope a person like that exists for me, too.


If there comes a day where we have to part ways...
What would you do with your life if you left?
  • I don’t want to talk about this…
  • I… I… *sniff*… I guess I would return to my father’s castle… And there I would wait for until the day you return for me , Master.
  • Master… Where would you go? Is it somewhere dangerous? If so, I would never leave you alone, Master. I would stay by your side for the rest of eternity.
  • I would first return to my father’s castle to see him. Then, I would visit my dwarf friends. I would be able to introduce you to them when you come pick me up! I’m sure you’ll all get along!

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