Aura Kingdom Kusanagi’s Q&A


Is there anyone that you have a crush on?
Is there someone that you care for?
  • I’m attracted to strong personalities who can meet me on an equal playing field. But you’re okay!
  • Hahaha! Is this a topic that interests you? It’s a shame I’m just a sword spirit. I can’t really understand what it means to have a so-called ‘crush’ on someone…
  • You could say that I care for that fellow Alucard… He’s a powerful character, after all… What’s more, he half-transformed himself into a weapon… almost like meeting me halfway! I’d love to have a proper fight with him!
  • What kind of a question is that? You, of course! Otherwise why would I have chosen to be with you?


What do you think of fighting?
Do you like to fight?
  • I love it, of course! That’s not even a real question!
  • Hey! Of course! How about a real question? Without regard for life or death, I’ll put everything I’ve learned into defeating the enemy! I love the fact that, in the end, one side must always lose!
  • It seems that you’re troubled by the idea of battle. Here! Let’s spar a little. Then you’ll see how exciting battle really is.
  • What a silly question! Don’t forget: I’m a supernatural weapon – the divine sword Kusanagi!


I wish I could have a Kusanagi of my own!
Are you willing to rest at my side?
  • Hahaha! What, you? When you grow strong enough, that day might arrive.
  • It’s still too early! You’re not strong enough yet. But I’m happy to train with you for awhile.
  • Why don’t we go a few rounds? If you beat me, I might just give it some thought.
  • Hahaha! Are you joking? Pretty funny!


Are you a good student?
Recommend a good book to me.
  • Hey! That doesn’t interest me much… Reading really isn’t my cup of tea, so don’t ask me that kind of question. After all, you don’t look so clever yourself. Hahaha!
  • Books aren’t my thing. But what if… By way of recompense, I shall accompany you to the Otherworld to practice your skills.
  • What? No way! When Amaterasu teaches, I always want to fall asleep. I’m not the least bit interested in studying or reading. But hey! That doesn’t mean I’m stupid.
  • What? Could you just stick to questions about weapons and battles? You could, however, ask Amaterasu. She’s always reading or studying something…


What should you do if you're feeling sad?
How do you improve your mood?
  • Perk up now, will you?
  • Haha. Laugh it off, or find someone to pick a fight with.
  • I find a tough fight and release all my pent-up woes in the heat of battle. That really perks me up! That’s what I do anyway, even when I’m in a good mood.
  • Although… Amaterasu always used to comfort me when I was sad. You also have someone who you can really talk to, right? You really don’t? Then I’ll be your first friend!


What do you know about the Quests?
Tell me about the Quests.
  • Helping others is what the strong ought to do! You must try harder to complete missions and prove yourself!
  • I once heard Amaterasu say that in Terra there is an organisation called the Mirabelle Group. They receive requests from people in trouble, from all around. You’ll help them, won’t you?
  • You’ve had a long day! Completing all those quests! If you keep on like this, you’ll be better compensated than you may think!
  • The humans are weak… They’re often unable to resolve problems on their own. So they’ve put together an organisation that appoints a capable person to deal with matters. Maybe you’ll consider helping out?


What's the Cube of Gaia?
Do you know what the Cube of Gaia is?
  • You really don’t know?
  • It’s the immense power that created the heavens and the earth, established the three realms, and nutured all life. Hahaha! Probably, anyway! That’s what Amaterasu told me. But I’ve been thinking… how does such a huge power not have conciousness?
  • That’s to say… such a mighty cube… Might one day magically transform into a human!
  • I don’t understand it so well myself. But I seem to remember Amaterasu talking about it.


Can you tell me about Blizzard Berg?
Have you been to Blizzard Berg?
  • Hasn’t that place been ravaged by war?
  • There’s not much to tell. Why don’t you just go and see for yourself! Fires and blood. The name brings up some bad memories…
  • It’s a freezing place. Haha!
  • I prefer hot to cold, so maybe you should to go Blizzard Berg on your own!


Can you fish?
Dou you know how to fish?
  • Hahaha! You really ask some strange questions! Why not go and try instead of asking?
  • Water makes me ill! I hope we don’t have to get too close to water… But Amaterasu did say that in Terra there are many experts in this field. Why not go and ask?
  • Hey… Are you just talking to hear your own voice? Isn’t fishing just a matter of dangling the rod over the water and waiting? No?
  • I’ll put it like this… Amaterasu did say that many precious things have been hidden in the waters of Terra. But I’m not interested. Why don’t you go and try?


Can you tell me something interesting?
Tell me about the Hidden Quests.
  • Hey! Don’t wait for me to tell you… Go and explore for yourself!
  • I’ve heard Amaterasu say that small quests are hidden in every region. Let me think… I’ve heard they are marked by green exclamation marks on the map.
  • Hmm… Amaterasu told me. Let me think… Sorry. I completely forgot…
  • Hahaha! Just be aware of your surroundings.


How is Amaterasu related to you?
Who is Amaterasu?
  • Haha. Are you curious? Amaterasu is the bearer of my original sword, and is also the only one who can defeat me! But if I keep on training with you… One day I’ll certainly be able to beat her.
  • Although I don’t care to admit it, Amaterasu is my master. She’s also the only one who can defeat me!
  • What a mood killer… Do we have to talk about her?
  • She’s my bearer, and my teacher… She taught me everything that I know about Terra, including you and your sacred mission.


From what were you created?
How was your body forged?
  • I was created through magic, from the body of a snake. Its blood enabled me to magically transform into a spirit sword. To use a human phrase… My last job was as a Demon Sword. Hahaha!
  • As for where I came from… well, the fires in Terra aren’t hot enough to forge a weapon like me!
  • Are all humans so nosy? I might as well tell you… the truth is… The bones of a demon formed my body. A demon’s blood forged my spirit.
  • It’s a long story… Let’s not go into it.


Are you really strong?
Can anyone defeat you?
  • Hahaha! I’m the divine sword Kusanagi! I’ve never met anyone able to withstand my attacks! Apart from Amaterasu… but strictly speaking, she’s a god.
  • Are you asking because you want to fight? Great! I’ve been hoping to spar from the first moment I set eyes on you! Eh? Where are you going? Don’t run off!
  • Humans are always asking questions! How many Eidolons have you asked the same thing?
  • I’ve never been beaten by anyone but Amaterasu! So you should have an idea of how strong I am! Warped self-confidence is a fine recipe for defeat – so we must always strive to improve ourselves. Right?


That armor looks really nice on you.
Tell me about your equipment!
  • This part was transformed from a scabbard! If you took away the scabbard, I would be completely naked… Haha, only joking! Wait… Does that excite you?
  • It looks good! Haha. You really know how to give a compliment!
  • While we’re on the topic, people have asked about my relationship to Kaiser Zeta. My equipment materialized when I transformed into a spirit sword. The origin of my costume? Honestly, this all stems from Amaterasu’s sartorial taste…
  • I’m the divine sword Kusanagi! Of course I need a handsome set of armor! What? Kaiser Zeta reminds you of me? He’s just a copycat!


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
Tell me some interesting tidbits about the other Eidolons.
  • Abraxas is always going around boasting that he’s an undefeated warrior. But he’s never willing to accept my challenge to fight, saying he doesn’t fight with women… I guess he’s scared of my laser cannons. Haha!
  • That said, Bealdor has a certain presence. His beaming radiance is similar to that of Amaterasu… No,no, what am I saying… Bealdor is nothing but a child in comparison with Amaterasu!
  • That girl Tsubaki isn’t the sharpest tool in the box… Recently, I saw her practicing a sleazy dance routine with Bel-Chandra. She really seems to worry about how big she is… I think that what is natural is beautiful. Don’t you think so?
  • Listen up: Kotonoha used to be a fox with nine tails! Eh? You didn’t know? I see… Now you tell me something. Nothing else comes to mind…


What kind of training exercises do you usually do?
How do you train yourself?
  • When I practiced with Amaterasu, I learned to meditate… You may not believe it, but through meditation I’ve learned a lot about my own shortcomings. Actually, while you’re resting, I meditate and reflect on our experiences together…
  • I fight relentlessly! Fight after fight! The principle is simple. If you neglect your practice, you will be easily beaten by your opponents.
  • Perhaps the fact that you’re asking means your skills aren’t up to scratch… Every strong warrior must find his or her own way to train. You, too, must find a path of your own.
  • Hahaha! I once asked Amaterasu the same question. She wanted me to ease off, because I was always rushing off to fight… Spend more time admiring the scenery!


Why did you come to Terra?
Do you have a specific purpose here?
  • To aid you in fulfilling your destiny! As to what that destiny is… The plans of the gods cannot be known! Isn’t that what you humans say?
  • Haven’t you noticed all the strange things happening on Terra? That’s right. You are human, after all!
  • I’m carrying out the orders of Amaterasu: to find a capable person, worthy of trust. That’s right. It’s you! I know you won’t let me down.
  • Haha. Do you need a reason for everything?


You're very pretty!
You've really kept in shape!
  • Huh? Really? I didn’t know you had such good taste. Usually I ask Amaterasu to help me with the polishing, and then I use a soft cloth to give myself a good shine. From time to time, she’ll use oil as well. What? Ridiculous! That can’t be what you mean!
  • Hahaha! Flattery will get you nowhere!
  • Huh? To be honest, Amaterasu wanted me this way. Sometimes I wish I could wear feathers like Vermilion – but after all, I am a spirit sword… This look suits me the best! Don’t you agree?
  • Eh? What’s with all the sweet talk? Are you up to something…?


What's with the Great Serpent?
Tell me about the eight-headed serpent.
  • I was created from the body of the eight-headed serpent, so I suppose you could say the serpent is my mother.
  • The serpent’s blood still runs through my veins. If it weren’t for Amaterasu, I’d still be a Demon Sword, slaughtering innocent people…
  • The eight-headed, eight-tailed Monster symbolizes destruction. But she’s also my mother… Maybe, one day, I’ll be unable to control the demon blood running through my veins.
  • A general, defeated at the hands of Amaterasu! He’s an opponent I’ve always wanted to challenge.


Have you ever thought about what you'd do if we had to part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • No way! Do you really think you could die so easily? I’ll protect you! Don’t worry, okay?
  • I’d never thought of that, let alone planned for it… Hahaha! After all, only the weak make plans for the future!
  • If you keep asking that kind of question, I’m going to thump someone on the head!
  • Perhaps I’ll head back to Amaterasu and see what arrangements have been made…

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