Aura Kingdom Kotonoha’s Q&A


Is there any food that you especially like?
What's your favorite food?
  • Mmm… I’ll never say no to inarizushi and fried tofu. Let’s have some!
  • And what better way to wash down my inarizushi than with a hot bottle of sake?
  • Well, you look like a pretty tasty meal yourself! Oh dear, did you just flinch? Haha, you’re so precious.
  • If it’s something you like, I can learn to like it too.


What's your favorite season?
Do like any particular season most?
  • I’ll tell you what I don’t like – summers! I get so hot and sweaty, I just want to stay indoors all day.
  • Winter is my favorite. On a cold winter day, I can snuggle up in a blanket with a bottle of boo- er, hot chocolate!
  • Well, as long as it’s not summer, I enjoy all the seasons. But being sweaty is really the worst.
  • Autumn has a certain elegance to it. Sometimes, it just seems like food tastes more flavorful in the fall.


Do you like animals?
What do you think of animals?
  • What could be more adorable than soft, furry fox kits?
  • Lamest animal? Dogs, of course. The way they fawn over humans; it’s so embarrassing. It’s hard to believe we noble foxes are distantly related to those canines!
  • I like foxes the most…but I may be biased. What about you? Are you a fox fancier like me?
  • Little fox kits are just the cutest! Their little soft, furry bodies all curled up in a den…it almost makes me want to have kits of my own someday.


What do I do when I run into a strong enemy?
Tell me the best strategy for facing a powerful enemy.
  • You will bravely face the enemy, while I go hide behind a rock! Oh, c’mon, I was only kidding! I’d never leave you behind, you know.
  • Hmm…that’s a toughie. What do you think? Maybe a dash of trickery?
  • I’m all in favor of a two-pronged attack. You hit ’em in the front, and I’ll zap ’em from behind!
  • What if I swooned during the fight? Would you dash in bravely to save me?


What kind of person do you like?
What kind of person would you want to date?
  • Oh gosh, way to ask something embarrassing! I thought you already knew. The kind of person I like is…well…someone like you.
  • Ohmygosh. My mind just went blank.
  • Why would you ask something like that? Don’t you realize? You’re the one I like most.
  • My ideal date would have awesome skills, good looks, and most importantly, they can’t let me go hungry. Haha, you say I’m being too picky and I’ll never find anyone like that? Don’t YOU meet all those conditions?


What's special about Port Skandia?
Can you tell me about Port Skandia?
  • Eh? Isn’t Port Skandia your hometown? What would I know about it that you don’t? Are you teasing me again?
  • It seems like a quiet little town, but Port Skandia must be a nice place. You grew up there, and you turned into a pretty good human, if I say so myself.
  • There’s a beautiful lighthouse in Port Skandia where you can look far off toward the horizon. Next time we’re there, let’s go see the sun setting on the sea.
  • How long has it been since you’ve been back to Port Skandia, anyway? Maybe you should go back more often, if you have to ask Eidolons what’s happening in your hometown.


What do you know of the Aura Kingdom?
What's the Aura Kingdom like?
  • The spirits who come from there say the Aura Kingdom’s beauty far outshines the most picturesque vistas of Terra. It’s known as a realm filled with unending joy and peace.
  • I’ve never been there myself, but I like to think you can take a little bit of heaven with you by keeping a positive attitude.
  • They say time functions much differently in the Aura Kingdom. It passes very slowly there, and nothing ages. It sounds pretty profound, like contemplating my rock garden!
  • Sometimes Uzuriel or Abraxas will tell me about the Aura Kingdom, but I’ve never been there before. If you go there someday, be sure to take me with you!


I want to know more about Masteries.
What do you know about Mastery?
  • Masteries strengthen skills you have, or give them additional abilities. They’re like the frosting on the cake of battle techniques!
  • In Navea, there’s a group who can teach Envoys the secrets of Mastery. If you can collect these special tokens, you can exchange them for advanced training in your Masteries.
  • Mastery? Boooo-ring. Let’s talk about how I can break into the Terran scene as an idol singer!
  • I’ve heard that only those people with an excellent command of the original skill can really grasp the key to Mastery. You’re a good fighter, right? It shouldn’t be any problem for you.


Is it true that every region has unique culinary specialties?
I heard that every region has its own famous dish.
  • We’re talking about food now? Are you hungry?
  • If you DO happen to take a world food tour, I’m the #1 choice to accompany you, right? I have hands that can hold tableware, and not every Eidolon can say that!
  • If you’re looking to try good regional cuisine, I recommend going to the street vendors. Or, I could prepare them for you personally! That kitchen fire last time was just a freak incident.
  • Can we go somewhere where the regional specialties include inarizushi and fried tofu? Next time we’re sightseeing, I’ll be on the lookout for those!


How can we find the magic in everyday life?
What's interesting out there in the world?
  • A…are you saying every day with me isn’t magical? *sniff* I’ve tried so hard…
  • I have no doubt that we’ll make something interesting happen wherever we turn up!
  • If we pay attention to others and help them out, the richness of their lives will enrich ours. Also, y’know, when we help people, that might be a quest! And quest-givers tend to give rewards.
  • It’s really interesting to listen to people’s conversations. You can feel like you’re experiencing a little sliver of their lives. Of course, if you dig up something really scandalous, be sure to tell me first!


Why do you like inarizushi and fried tofu so much?
Are inarizushi and fried tofu really that delicious?
  • Y’know…I don’t know why. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always thought they were delicious.
  • Don’t you like inarizushi and fried tofu? If you don’t like them…well, there’s no accounting for taste. You can eat your “ham bargars” and I’ll have my tofu.
  • I think it’s because people often made offerings of inarizushi and fried tofu to me when I was just a guardian spirit. I guess I got so used to eating them that now they’re like my comfort food.
  • They really are delicious – I’ll make you try them one of these days. …now that you got me talking about them, I’m totally hungry.


Your ears are so cute...can I touch them?
Can I...touch your ears?
  • I’ve never allowed anyone to touch my ears! It’s…it’s only because you’re my Envoy that I’ll allow you to touch them.
  • W-what kind of question is that?! Right here? Right out in the open? It’d be indecent.
  • Normally I’d shoot down anyone who asked, but for you…I guess I’ll acquiesce – but just this once!
  • If you really have your heart set on touching them, I suppose I’ll allow it. But you can only touch them for a moment! Any longer and I’d start to feel embarrassed.


Do you know Tsubaki?
I heard that you're related to Tsubaki.
  • Hmm? Who’s that? I have no idea what you’re talking about. *wink*
  • Ohhhhh, Tsubaki? Never heard of her… tee-hee…
  • Is she a new friend of yours? She sounds adorable…maybe second to me.
  • Welllll, the name sounds familiar, now that I think about it. I think I’ve heard of her somewhere before, but I just don’t know where. *snicker*


What's your real fox self like?
You're really a nine-tailed fox, right?
  • Why the sudden interest in foxes? Don’t you like the way I look now?
  • To tell the truth, no one alive has seen my fox form. Those who did kinda got turned into a little snack, you dig?
  • The number of tails a fox has represents the amount of magical power they possess. I have nine tails, and you’ve seen my magic!
  • My real form is an enormous, golden nine-tailed fox. Hee hee…is it hard to think of me like that?


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
Dish me up some real dirt on the other Eidolons!
  • I’ve heard Yarnaros can fly faster than the speed of sound. If he yells something as he flies, does it only catch up to him later?
  • Sigrun is really cool. Even on hot days, she’s never without her full suit of armor. That’s professional dedication right there!
  • Aelius has many talents you wouldn’t expect someone like him to have – like music! But he always gives me a weird vibe, covering up his face like that. What has he got to hide?
  • Bel-Chandra does a beautiful, mesmerizing dance that totally locks your eyes on her. Maybe I should get some tips from her, then try out my new dance on you.


Is nine tails the most a fox can have?
How many tails can you get?
  • Oh, looks like you’ve done your homework. I got all nine of my tails before I became an Eidolon.
  • You reeeeally want to know? Well…I’m not gonna tell you. We ladies have to keep a few good secrets, right?
  • Mmm, that’s right. Care to guess how many tails I have? This is to see if you’ve been paying attention!
  • Can a fox wear a fake tail? You can take a guess… …but if you’re wrong, I’ll zap you!


Where's your tail, anyway?
Why can't I see your tail?
  • Teehee… I’ve hidden it away. If I have it out, I feel like everyone just stares at my butt.
  • Oh? You want to see my tail? Well…I can’t let you see it right now. It might count as flashing if I showed you in public.
  • Only smart people can see my tail, mwahahaha!
  • A fox never exposes their tail when transformed. That would totally give us away when we play pranks on others.


Isn't it hard to walk in such high heels?
Do you get tired walking with those high heels?
  • No one said being a fashionable fighter is easy, you know. But if you think I look nice, I’ll take the compliment.
  • Haha! You should pay a little more attention. Most of the time, I’m floating, so it doesn’t bother me at all.
  • It doesn’t tire me out at all, but it’s sweet of you to be concerned.
  • Aren’t these shoes great? They’re my favorite pair.


What's the blue jewel around your neck?
Can you tell me about that blue ornament you wear?
  • I use this crystal to store energy. It helps me manifest easily in your realm.
  • Ahem…my eyes are up here.
  • This crystal was a gift from the Cube of Gaia. All Eidolons have something like this. Do you want a matching pendant?
  • Why don’t you make a guess as to what it does? If you’re right, I’ll give you a reward.


Have you thought about your life when we're no longer together?
What do you plan to do after we part ways?
  • When we go our separate ways? *sniff* Are…are you tired of me?
  • Part ways? What are you talking about? Haven’t I been your #1, best, prettiest Eidolon?
  • Until the day you say you don’t want me, I won’t leave your side. But that day will never come, right?
  • I don’t want to talk about that. Just thinking about it hits me with the depression stick.

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