Aura Kingdom Kaiser Zeta’s Q&A


What is your dream?
Do you have a dream?
  • Don’t be afraid if I tell you… My dream is to fly to the sun, and get as close as I can to the Aura Kingdom!
  • Of course I have dreams! People have to have dreams!
  • My dream almost came true once. I was so close to the sun I could almost touch it… But then I heard an alarm: “Warning! System Overheating! Catastrophic Failure!” The sun’s heat nearly destroyed me, and my former master fell and died.
  • Flying! I want to soar through the sky, and feel the unbearable heat of the sun!


Who do you have feelings for?
Who do you like?
  • That kind of pointless thing means nothing to me. My dream trumps all!
  • Is this more important than my dream? If not, why are we still talking about it?
  • I like you! You’re my companion, so of course I like you!
  • Until my dream comes true, I’d rather not talk about it.


What is your favorite food?
What do you normally eat?
  • C’mon! Use your brain! Look at me! Do you really think I still need to eat?
  • Before I became like this, I liked Crispy Roasted Chicken and Flavorful Herbal Tea! Sadly, if I eat those now, my robot body will be damaged. But hey, even if I’m just a robot, it’s still good to be alive.
  • In my current state, I can only eat things like Eidolon XP Crystals. If I eat anything else, I might end up in a repair shop. Maybe someday I can be made into a robot that can eat real food…
  • My favorite food is… people! Ha! Relax, I’m just messing with you. Why would I eat people? You should have seen how scared you looked!


What's your favorite season?
Which season do you like best?
  • They’re pretty much the same to me, though I do hate rain. It’s not that big of a deal, but until I get more waterproof parts, I may get rusty if I get too wet. I might as well be dead if I’m too rusty to move!
  • Real men don’t care what season it is.
  • I can’t feel heat or cold, so the seasons are all pretty much the same to me.
  • Why should I care what season it is? I just live my life. I spend every day working toward my dreams!


Do you have a favorite animal?
What do you think of animals?
  • I like hawks. The way they soar through the sky is a sight to behold!
  • Promise you won’t laugh… I kinda like little birds. Though it does bother me a bit when they build their nests on my body…
  • I like strong animals! Why? Because strong means more meat! I was kidding. You should’ve seen the look on your face!
  • I used to keep small animals, like squirrels and foxes, as pets… But I don’t keep pets anymore – it’s too hard to wash their hair.


Have you heard of the Aura Kingdom?
What's the Aura Kingdom like?
  • I’ve heard the Aura Kingdom is different from Terra. For one thing, it’s unrestrained by the shackles of time. The angels don’t get old – they look the same forever.
  • The Aura Kingdom… That’s somewhere humans can never go. My dream is to fly to the sun, and get as close as I can to the Aura Kingdom!
  • No one from Terra has ever been to the Aura Kingdom. Even angels who come to Terra by mistake can’t go back. You shouldn’t have such unrealistic dreams, they’ll only make you sad.
  • The Aura Kingdom is said to be beautiful. The trees stay green forever, and the flowers never die. Wait, trees that stay green? Those sound like artificial trees! My old man used to make those!


What can you tell me about the Avians?
I'd like to know more about the Avians.
  • A foolish race that gave up flying!
  • They could’ve flown, but they chose to walk on their feet! Stupid, stupid! They don’t deserve their wings!
  • Sad creatures… they have wings, but have forgotten how to fly.
  • Avians? They can’t fly and have bad tempers. What are you asking about them for?


What do you think the Cube of Gaia is?
Tell me about the Cube of Gaia.
  • Everyone says the Cube of Gaia created the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium, but who was the first to say it? Don’t you think people’s beliefs about the Cube of Gaia are a bit strange?
  • It’s just a cube, yet it creates life. Don’t you find that magical?
  • The Cube of Gaia saved my life once. I don’t remember it, but my dad told me that, when I was young, I was gravely injured in an accident. He used the cube’s energy and his mechanical skills to save me. That’s how I became what I am today.
  • The Cube of Gaia created the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium, as well as all the creatures living in those realms. But where did this all-powerful cube come from? No one knows.


What's the point of joining a guild?
What are your thoughts on guilds?
  • Well, you get to to fight alongside like-minded people. Just thinking about it makes me excited!
  • Each guild has its own Hall, where you can find various merchants. Also, strangely, various Eidolons will appear frequently in the Guild Halls. I don’t get it, showing up just to be beaten. Who knows what those Eidolons are thinking?
  • There’s also a Guild Warehouse in each Guild Hall. You can use it as a trash can. If someone has a problem with that, just tell them I told you it was okay to throw trash there. Haha!
  • Traveling alone is boring. If you join a guild, you’ll have more friends.


I'd like to know more about Dragon Points.
What can you tell me about Dragon Points?
  • Well, it’s just another name for the energy of the Cube of Gaia.
  • How could you not know about that? Go bother someone else with these dumb questions!
  • Once you collect enough Dragon Points, you can create certain items. Creating something from nothing – ain’t that amazing!
  • Stronger creatures have the Cube of Gaia’s energy in them. And this type of energy is called Dragon Points.


You weren't always a robot. What happened?
How did you become a robot?
  • Well, this is my dad’s greatest creation! He built me like this with help from the Power of Gaia. But why a robot? You’ll have to ask my dad about that. After all, I was dying when it happened, so I didn’t have much of a say in the matter.
  • The last thing that I do remember is the system warning: “System Overheating! Catastrophic Failure!” After my master died, I was so sad. I gave up on life, and nearly died too. But with help from the Power of Gaia, my master’s memories and behavior patterns were cloned, and I regained the will to live.
  • Well… it was an accident. I don’t remember it, I’ve only heard about it from my dad. He told me that I was dying. My injury was so severe that it couldn’t be cured. He used the cube’s energy and his mechanical skill to build this body for me.
  • Long story short… there was an accident.


Do you ever need to rest?
Do you ever need to sleep?
  • Not really – but out of habit, I still take a nap every day.
  • I suppose I could live without sleeping, but it would be very strange.
  • C’mon! Use your brain! Look at me! Do you really think I still need to sleep?
  • Have you ever seen a sleeping robot? What a dumb question! Haha!


Daedalus is a famous architect!
Daedalus is a famous inventor!
  • My old man is amazing! Have you heard of Minotaurus’s labyrinth? My dad built it!
  • Of course he is! He also built my robot body. A perfect combination of the Power of Gaia and mechanical skill saved my life. How many people could do what my dad did?
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. …He has a wealth of knowledge, innovative ideas, and the ability to put those ideas into action. I was created to help my master achieve his dreams.
  • It’s true! Thanks for speaking highly of my dad.


What do you think of Minotaurus?
Do you know Minotaurus?
  • Before I met him, I thought he was just a weirdo with horns. But later I found out he and I actually have a lot in common. Hahaha!
  • You mean the guy who paid my dad a fortune to build a labyrinth? I don’t get it. Who’d want to live in a labyrinth? Isn’t he afraid he’ll get lost in his own home? After all, my dad built that labyrinth, and even he almost got lost in there!
  • I heard that Minotaurus doesn’t allow anyone to ride on his back… which really makes me want to try it.
  • Word has it that Minotaurus has his own army inside the labyrinth… I wonder if they ever get lost in there. That would be funny!


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Can you dish up some great gossip about the Eidolons?
  • Don’t underestimate Alucard just because he looks frail. He’s actually a dragon! I once saw him turn into a dragon and take flight – that was truly amazing!
  • Aelius is the God of the Sun… But since Aelius is here with us, who’s the sun in the sky?
  • Bealdor is the God of Light and Aelius is the God of the Sun… Doesn’t the sun bring the light? What exactly is the difference between them?
  • I heard that Shirayuki lives in the Winter Lands, where it’s always snowing. I’ve never seen snow before. I hope I can see it someday!


Do you miss Daedalus?
I heard Daedalus misses you a lot.
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. …Even though I contain my master’s memories and behavior patterns human feelings are foreign to me. Missing someone… I could never understand this feeling, nor have I ever felt it.
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. …Missing someone? I’m afraid I do not know this feeling. But I do sometimes replay Daedalus’s videos. Is that what you’d call “missing?”
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. …Daedalus misses my master’s memories and behavior patterns, not me… Am I sad? I think you misinterpret – these aren’t tears, it’s just machine oil…
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. … My chip seems to be partially damaged, so the videos of Daedalus sometimes play automatically even when I don’t want to. You call this “missing”? I don’t think so. It’s just a damaged chip. I’d never have human’s feelings.


Do you cry?
Have you ever cried?
  • Real men don’t cry. I wouldn’t mind bleeding, but I’ll never cry!
  • These aren’t tears. They’re… what do you call it… cleaning fluid?
  • I was a very bad kid. And I used to cry my eyes out when my dad yelled at me! But now? I’m a man, for god’s sake! And even if I did cry I’d never tell anyone – it would be so humiliating.
  • Speaking of which, the only time I saw my dad cry was when I nearly died. When I woke up, he didn’t know how to react, but soon he started crying. Maybe those were happy tears? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling they were.


Why were you created?
Why did Daedalus create you?
  • Create? Oh, you mean my body. To save my life! My old body was destroyed; only my brain was intact. I gotta hand it to my dad – saving me when I was in that condition. Haha!
  • Beep! Key words detected. Switching to Automatic Mode. …My former master’s dream was to fly to the sun and get as close as possible to the Aura Kingdom! Daedalus created me to help my master achieve his dreams.
  • Haha! That’s an interesting way to put it. But you may be right – I was basically “created” by my dad.
  • You’re right! Giving birth is also a kind of creation.


What type of energy do you run on?
Do you need to recharge your energy?
  • Must you ask? The Cube of Gaia’s energy, of course!
  • You forgot what my dad used to make me? It was the Cube of Gaia!
  • Haha! Don’t underestimate me – I have the Cube of Gaia’s energy inside me! If the Cube’s energy runs out, I’m afraid I’ll shut down permanently.
  • You’ve gotta hand it to my dad – not everyone could have harnessed the Cube of Gaia’s energy. The Cube created the Aura Kingdom, Terra, and Pandemonium, so imagine how powerful it is! I’m pretty sure you don’t need to worry about my energy running out.


What would you do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we separated?
  • Haha! Don’t you worry… Even if we part ways, I’m sure we’ll meet again someday!
  • To pursue my dream! That’s the whole point of living!
  • Have you heard the saying “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”? Let’s not worry about that yet, it won’t do us any good.
  • I’d love to visit my dad… I wonder if his hair has turned grey.

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