Aura Kingdom Harmonias Q&A


What's your favorite leisure activity?
What do you do to kill time?
  • I really like to sit in the palace atrium and play the harp. I love to lose myself in the beautiful music as it surrounds me…
  • I once received an invitation to dance at Master Odin’s party. Moonlight spilled gently into the room. The flower petals on me followed my movements and gracefully fluttered to the floor… It’s just… when I finished dancing… I was surrounded by people… The way they looked at me was very unsettling…
  • Do you like listening to music? If you do, perhaps next time I will sing a song for you… Even Master Odin himself has great admiration for my voice.
  • I think I’d like to hold my own solo concert soon… Do you like music too? Perhaps we can listen to the performance together in your room.


What's your favorite food?
What do you normally eat?
  • My favorite food? I think it must be a dessert… or something sweet… I also feel happy seeing other people eat delicious food.
  • Occasionally… I drink some morning rose dew when I wake up early… Does it taste good?.. That’s a tough question… Maybe I could put it like this… When I drink it, I feel as if it’s cleansing my mind and body.
  • All this talk about food reminds me of the spicy escargot skewers you brought me last time… Huh?… No, I didn’t hate them. It’s just… I don’t really know how to eat this type of food…
  • He once gave me a snow cake! Now that’s my kinda dessert! Ah! Of course I like what you brought me too! Haha… As long as we’re talking about it, the tastiness of the food isn’t important.


What is the meaning of life?
What is life's purpose, according to you?
  • Life, for me, is everything. Once… as long as he was by my side, I felt my life was complete. However, ever since I met you… I’ve felt that there’s been a gap… It doesn’t seem so complete anymore.
  • Once… he was the only person in my life, in my world… He was all I could see. As long as he was happy, I was happy… But you make me feel this way too…
  • Life is a representative of endless strife… No matter if it’s long or short, it’s always full of conflict… Like you, like us…
  • It represents new ideas. New life can bring hope to the world.


Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever been in a relationship?
  • Yes… I’m not sure what humans mean by “relationships”, however. Do you mean someone who is close to me? Haha, that would be you right now.
  • Well then… maybe not… How about you? Have you had a partner like this?
  • Are you vying for my affection now, too? … No, really? Yes… direct denial makes me feel a bit upset…
  • I just don’t understand what you mean by a “relationship.” How do you have one? In the past… I was just always with him, ever since I was little… If I am with you now, can we call it a relationship? You’re the only partner I’ve had like that…


What do you think about art?
Tell me about aesthetics.
  • Do you mean the contours of a sculpture or the brush strokes of a painting? When I visited the golden palace, the sculptures were amazing! Are you interested? Next time, I’ll take you along to have a look.
  • Once someone praised me as I sat playing music. I wanted to recreate a view of Valhalla. If I played a certain rhythm in just the right way, it would draw a large crowd… They would become lost in my music… Does that… answer your question? Hah…
  • I felt my heart shake when I first set foot in Tanglevine Cascades… The sky, the ground, the buildings even the air all had this feeling of beauty… That beauty… is perhaps the ultimate art…
  • In my eyes, your entire being is combination of art and aesthetics, a representation of the sublime. Of course, you’re good-looking on the outside. But it’s your soul, your heart, that makes me unable to take my eyes off of you.


Let's talk about some of the different races in this world.
What do you know about some of the world's races?
  • This world is vast. It’s natural that there would be so many species surviving and evolving throughout the land. They vary in style, dress, customs, and beliefs. We must be careful. We can’t just do whatever we want. We might violate one of their cultural taboos.
  • The Makar are a race with complex and delicate social morays. If you’re not very careful, it’s easy to break one of their taboos… … I don’t get it really. Why does petting their fur and telling them they’re cute make them angry?
  • Dwarves are master craftsmen. They have focus, a strong work ethic, and they put their hearts and souls into every one of their machines. Even if it’s just a polished gem, you can’t take your eyes off of it.
  • Do you know about the Centaurs? They’re masters of astrology. They can see events of the past and the future simply by watching the movements of the stars. Yes… I wonder if they’re willing to divine my fate with him…


Do you know anything about the Shuriken?
Tell me about the Shuriken.
  • It is a weapon that comes from the East… right? I’ve seen people use it as a hair accessory as well. If you wear it on your head, won’t it cut you? I wonder how that works…
  • Yes… it’s this weapon that is used by the so-called “Shinobi”… I’m sorry, I don’t really know what Ninjutsu is, actually…
  • Isn’t it a type of weapon that’s normally a crisscross shape? If you really want to know, maybe we can study it together. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m interested in it as well.
  • Ah! Is it the thing that Tsubaki threw last time? I think I heard that she was practicing! If you don’t need an answer right away… Please give me some time. Let me get to the bottom of it and get back to you later. Okay?


What can we do to help people in need?
To help the people in need...
  • I once heard that you humans formed a… yeah… it was called the Mirabelle Association, right? I think this association posts requests that come from people in need. Perhaps you’d be interested?
  • It’s very important to be willing to help others. I’m glad to see you so motivated. No matter what you encounter in the future, I hope you’ll never lose your kind heart.
  • You want to help people in need? That’s a great idea. Thoughtful ideas have a magic to them. They can affect people who are just around them. If everyone throughout the world held these ideas… War would be a thing of the past.
  • Did someone ask you for help? Then do everything you can to help that person. If someone came to you in need, then that proves that I was right about you.


Do you have your own Guardian Knight?
Do you know of the Guardian Knights?
  • Guardian Knights? Are you talking about the one that I like? Then it must be him… But then there’s you, too…
  • I’m not so sure… If we’re talking about the one who I’m closest with right now, that would be you… Well, are you willing to be my Guardian Knight? Ha!
  • If I say no, would you suggest yourself? Why do you look so surprised? That makes me a bit upset.
  • “As long as the guardian relationship has concluded, mutual bonds can be deepened by fishing or adventuring.” “As bonds strengthen, the love between the two will increase as well.” Do you know about this? What am I reading? This is information that I asked Eternia to write for me!


Can you tell me about the housing system?
What is the housing system?
  • That’s the place where you live… right? Do you not know how to get home? Hehe, it doesn’t matter. We can just head back to my palace. Brave warriors are always welcome there.
  • Everything from the furniture, to the colors, to the decorations say something about the owner. It’s a reflection of an individual’s personality. Entering another person’s house is like entering their heart.
  • It’s a place where you can do a lot of things. For example? Like fishing… or farming… If you’ve never tried it, then maybe we can learn more about it together!
  • You can hire a housekeeper for your house to take care of the housework. If you need a recommendation, there are several exemplary housekeepers at my palace. If you need to, I can introduce you to one.


Do you like music at all?
What kind of music do you normally like to listen to?
  • I quite like sweet, elegant music. Think classical… and other similar types. I can’t stand noise! Some music crosses that line.
  • I like all types of music! Are you asking about specific songs? I’m thrilled that you are interested in getting to know me better.
  • I once borrowed some headphones from Zephyrine and got some of her recommendations. … I’d like to at least understand what the singers are saying.
  • I once went to an underground concert. I was smitten by the guitarist! He looked so handsome, but he had a bad temper… He almost burned up my headband… Why? Near the end of the show, he used magic to create a pyrotechnic display! I’m just glad no one was seriously hurt.


It seems you really cherish this harp.
Do you like this harp?
  • This is my most valuable possession. Has its mysterious beauty bewitched you as well?
  • Do you like it too? It’s made from my gold necklace. It’s priceless. I paid dearly to get it.
  • I really like it. It’s the thing I care about most! It can bring a certain mystique to whomever carries it. Carry it? Haha, don’t you know that it’s actually a necklace?!
  • Even the word “love” doesn’t begin to express how much it means to me. It… may even be more important than my own life… When I have it… I feel as if I’m complete.


Tell me about your brother.
Who is your brother?
  • … La, la, la. Yes? Sorry, I zoned out while playing the piano… What did you say?
  • … Why are you asking that all of a sudden? I’m sorry, just thinking about him makes me feel very… agitated. I don’t think I can talk about him until my heart calms down…
  • My brother..? Why do you ask? I hope you can focus more on me…
  • … I once hoped my brother would stop battling humans. Why couldn’t he just stay with me? So, I took his sword and hid it. Even though my brother lost, he left me in the end.


Such beautiful clothes!
Tell me more about your outfit.
  • I’m happy that you like it, but I feel a little uncomfortable wearing it… I want to change… What’s that? I really suits me? Then… I’ll keep wearing it.
  • He once praised this outfit too… I didn’t expect that you two would have such similar taste. What an amazing discovery!
  • The ribbon on my head was a gift to me from my brother. He said it matched my outfit. That’s how he picked it out… At that time, I really felt really happy.
  • This outfit makes it easier for me to play the harp. That’s the only reason I had it designed. I added some of my own flower decorations to it. Do you like them?


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • … After a strange turn of events, I encountered Dante… His appearance and height looked familiar, but he had a completely different temperament. … When Sigrun told me they looked similar, I got kind of excited. I’m such a fool…
  • Ayako’s collar looks so uncomfortable! One time I tried to take it off, but Ayako said it was a gift from Master Odin… It can’t be taken off. Yes… Why is Master Odin so interested in it?
  • Even when Bealdor is silent, he has this air about him that makes me think about him. … As soon as he speaks, though, I instantly forget about him. Do you want to know who it is? It’s you! Haha, just kidding…
  • I once spent time with Faust. I felt such admiration for his wealth of knowledge… I felt as if our souls were connected. Yes. Perhaps it’s because I feel like he’s similar to my ideal partner.


I've heard that you're very popular.
I heard you have many suitors.
  • … Yes. I’m lucky to be loved by so many. If you feel this way too, I think… I’ll feel even happier! Why happier? B-because I like you a lot too!
  • … Being loved by so many is nice, but it’s also very troubling. Once there was this thief… He stole Snaipe’s hammer! What business is that of mine? Well that thief was one of my suitors!
  • … I just wanted him to pay attention to me. I hoped he would see only me…
  • But my heart already belongs to someone else. They all work so hard to please me, but in the end the only thing I can say is “I’m sorry”…


I heard you have many treasures.
What is your most valued treasure?
  • My most valued treasure is my gold necklace. It acts as jewelry, a musical instrument, and a weapon. Yes? How can a necklace be a musical instrument or a weapon? The harp that’s in front of you is just one of its many possible shapes. It’s form is malleable.
  • In addition to being a necklace, I also have an enchanted feather coat. I wear it when I want to soar through the skies. Want to try it on? How about next time? A friend already borrowed it a few days ago.
  • Treasure? I think my headband is my most treasured item… It was the first gift he gave me.
  • Oh, I have quite a bit! There’s the gold necklace, the chariot, the coat… But I really treasure my relationship with you as well!


Do you like animals?
What kind of animals do you like?
  • I like all animals, and they like me. When I sing, they’ll will surround me and listen to my music.
  • I think it must be a cat, because he… Once he gave me a cat as a gift.
  • Of all animals, cats are my favorite. I once raised two cats in my palace. Want to know their names? They were Pookums and Snookums! Cute names, right?
  • I actually really like Yumikaze’s pet, Ruffles. I feel like an eagle when I put on my feather coat. Hehe, Ruffles is a good friend of mine.


I heard that you once chose soldiers with Sigrun.
Then the soldiers who were chosen were qualified to enter your palace.
  • After the battle ended, Sigrun and I chose soldiers who we deemed worthy. The souls of the chosen soldiers received invitations to enter my palace. Why? Because their souls needed soothing in order to alleviate the pain that the war caused them…
  • Only a soldier who was truly fearless on the battlefield received a soul invitation. But if their lovers chose to follow them… I invited them as well. That way they could be reunited in the palace.
  • Since you asked… Do you want to go into my palace? Well then, can you die bravely? Ha!
  • Sigrun will kiss the chosen soldiers and split them into two groups. One group goes to Master Odin’s hero chamber. The other group comes to me.


Have you thought about your life after we part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • So far… I haven’t thought about this question…
  • If that day really does come, I’ll go back to the palace and wait for the day when I can see you again…
  • Perhaps I’ll lose myself in my music once more… It doesn’t matter. I won’t feel sorrowful leaving you. Even if we had to separate, you’re the most important person to me, aside from him.
  • Perhaps separation is a fate that can’t be avoided. I hope I can play a piece for you before we separate… You are very important to me, so I’d want you to leave with a blessing for the future. May it always be bright.

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