Aura Kingdom Hansel and Gretel’s Q&A


Do you like to travel?
Let's go on a journey!
  • Want to go traveling with Gretel? No way! Besides, Gretel won’t want to.
  • Hansel is my best friend. We live together in the forest. If Master wants to travel somewhere, I’d most like to go to Rainmist Reach!
  • If you don’t want to take my brother along… then I’m not going anywhere! Me either! If Gretel’s not going, then neither am I!
  • I’ve been to more places with Gretel than I have with you. But every time we get lost, my brother always says… There’s… there’s no need to mention that!


What's your most memorable experience?
An unforgettable memory?
  • It’s enough to flush my cheeks and set my heart to racing! Hehe. Gretel’s talking about the first she met you, Master!
  • That time we fought the witch in the forest… I’ll never forget it! Ah! The time when Hansel got tossed sky-high? Hold up… “sky-high”?! Master, don’t listen to her!
  • I’ll give it some thought! It’s probably the day that we met you, our master. I think so too… I’ll never forget how surprised and happy you were. I’m so happy we can travel with you! We’re counting on you, Master!
  • Hmm…there was one time when we were lost deep in the woods… Gretel had left some stones behind to mark our way. Her prudence saved our life. Hehe. I’m pretty clever, aren’t I!?


What do you like to eat?
What kind of food do you like most?
  • My brother says I eat too much candy, but I can’t say no to sweets! Master, if you want some, I’d be happy to share with you…
  • I like to eat apples – nice and healthy! Huh? Candy? Who doesn’t love candy…but you have to be careful not to overdo it!
  • I’m not picky. I’ll eat anything! Apart from vegetables, of course.
  • Speaking of food, I’m hungry. Hansel, have an apple! Sorry, Master; we only have two. Maybe next time…


What's your favorite season?
Which season do you find most comfortable?
  • I prefer autumn. Weather that’s cool, but not too cold suits me the best. My favorite season is summer! Spring isn’t bad either…autumn… well! I’ll just say autumn like my brother then…
  • Gretel doesn’t like winter…
  • Each day’s weather is unique, don’t you think?
  • I don’t like winter. It’s so cold that you can’t go out to play. She’s on pretty good terms with Shirayuki, though. Shirayuki really comes alive during the winter.


Which animals do you like most?
Do you have a favorite animal?
  • I like sheep the most. They’re so cute and well behaved! Wild wolves are pretty cool, too.
  • My favorite animal is the wild wolf! They’re awesome! Gretel likes sheep, and so do I, of course.
  • I like all kinds of animals… Insects, however, are another story entirely. Yup…can’t stand bugs!
  • Why do you ask? Should I be expecting something? I want a little kitten doll! One that looks like Astraea!


Tell me something about Rainmist Reach.
What's special about Rainmist Reach?
  • It’s a forest of delicious mushrooms. Man, my stomach is growling already… Hansel, let’s have an apple!
  • A forest of mushrooms is a bit different from other forests! But I’ve heard that there are spores that can make you sick… As long as you stick with us, you’ll be fine!
  • If you’re going, I’d like to come with you to pick some mushrooms! No, Gretel; Rainmist Reach has been polluted… Then we should go and help the locals! And pick some mushrooms when we’re done!
  • I’ve heard there’s a monster there called the Snapping Sandworm that ambushes people from underground… You’ve really got to be careful! I’d be scared of being attacked from behind!


Have you been to Navea?
Heard of Navea?
  • Sure! Hansel and I have both been there. That place is crammed with people! A lot of adventurers hang out at the market stalls. If you’re interested, you can go and take a look. If you’re going, you should take us with you!
  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the scenery outside Navea is really beautiful! Gretel and I often picnic by the waterfall there. Will you come with us next time?
  • Of course I’ve heard of it. The Sky Tower is in Navea! But you knew that, didn’t you, Master?
  • On top of being bustling and beautiful, the food and drink in Navea is great! The frosted macaroons are delicious! I always go straight for the food.


Can you tell me a little about the Temple of the Eidolons?
The Temple of the Eidolons?
  • I’m not so clear on that…why don’t you tell me when you’ve found out?
  • I’ve heard it was built by the organization that conducts research on Eidolons. Though I’m a little fuzzy on the details…
  • I think it’s some kind of mysterious laboratory. You can summon and face off against part of an Eidolon’s will… That sounds exciting. I’m up for it! Master, will you lead us to this challenge?
  • I’m not so sure how it works, but I’ve heard that it can challenge the powerful Eidolons… Maybe this would be a good oportunity to win the favor of other Eidolons.


What's the Aura Kingdom Quiz?
What can you tell me about the Aura Kingdom Quiz?
  • I know! That’s it! It’s… now I’ve lost it. Sorry, Master. I’m going back to study!
  • That’s a good question! Do you know, Hansel? Of course I know. I’ve studied up on all this with Bealdor! Master, you’re the only one who doesn’t know.
  • Quiz? Why don’t you give it a practice run with me? Bro! Who’s the cutest girl alive? Gretel is the cutest girl alive, of course.


Can you tell me a bit about the Auction House?
What's the Auction House for?
  • A place where you can buy a load of candy? Master, you’ll buy me some, won’t you?
  • I want to open a candy shop at the Auction House! You’ll put up the capital, won’t you, Master?
  • Master, you’ll be able to find anything at the Auction House ! That’s what’s so special about it.


I've heard you have a way with witches!
Have you ever defeated a witch?
  • Bring it on, bi- err, witches!
  • They’re not your average witches – they’re evil! They worship an evil force… Gretel, don’t be afraid. Master and I will both protect you!
  • It was a really close shave. That witch was planning to scarf us down for din-din… Bro’s so stacked that the witch didn’t know what hit her! The witch had no chance against sis’s magic!
  • I can’t remember; if you really want to know, ask my brother.


Wow! A Shining Stone!
I've picked up a Shining Stone!
  • Wow! A Shining Stone. I want it! Hel used to have Shining Stones like this. I wonder if she picked them up because she was afraid she’d get lost…
  • Wow! These stones are particularly useful as path markers. With their help, you’ll be able to find a way out of the forest. Is picking up stones…a hobby of yours? Hmm…that’s a pretty unique hobby.
  • Wow! A Shining Stone!?
  • Hehe. Master, do you like these little things? I like bright little stones too!


Can you tell me something about your weapon?
What is your weapon?
  • My gloves are called Moonhowl Claws! Pretty cool, huh? With a swipe and a slash, I can whip up a tornado and blow the enemy halfway to Oz! I can tell you’re impressed.
  • I have the windshear horn, Kotonoha and Aelius. I also have an all-purpose picnic basket! It’s full of apples, lollipops, doughnuts…
  • The wind is our weapon! You’re such a stallion!
  • Mine isn’t just any picnic basket! Even if used as a weapon in battle, it won’t break! It’s a super picnic basket!


Would you ever consider spending some time apart?
Have you tried separating?
  • Master, how could you ask that? Now I’m angry!
  • Master, what are you playing at? Gretel, get behind me!
  • I’ve never even considered it…my brother can’t live without me! Don’t you mean the opposite?
  • We’ve always been together. We’ve never thought of separating… Master, are you asking because you’ve been through a painful breakup…? Master, don’t be sad. Gretel and I will always be there for you!


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about other Eidolons.
  • I’ll let you in on a secret: Grandpa Vayu and Vermilion are a couple! Gretel, don’t spout rubbish; Master will fall for it… Hehe. I was just joking…
  • Huh…Bealdor and Hel weren’t getting on… Astraea had to intervene. Hey! Enough joking around, Master will believe it!!!
  • Shirayuki comes from a very far-off place. I’ve heard that it’s always winter there… I hate winter. But I like Shirayuki. She’s so kind to me, and always gives me candy. That’s right! Shirayuki is the best!
  • I’ve heard that Astraea is Aelius and Serena’s sister. But they don’t look that alike…


Have you heard of Candy Cottage?
Are you from Candy Cottage?
  • Master, where did you hear about that?
  • Candy is my favorite! So, someone has written about Candy Cottage! If you’re interested, Master, you can come and take a look!
  • That’s what it’s called, but not everything there is candy… As much as I’d like it to be.
  • A cottage made of candy…sounds tasty! But you must be talking about our home. Eh? Our home is called Candy Cottage, but it’s not made of candy.


Could you tell me a little about those two puppets?
What puppet is that?
  • This is Kotonoha and Aelius. Master, you may not believe it, but these two puppets were made by my brother!
  • Those are Gretel’s, but they’re not just simple puppets! They can store huge amounts of magic and release a ton of power!
  • I made them for Gretel when she was small and had trouble sleeping.
  • Hehe – they’re cute, aren’t they? But I can’t give them to you; they’re Gretel’s.


What do you do to wind down?
What do you normally get up to?
  • I like to go on picnics with Gretel. Master, maybe next time you’ll come along!
  • I usually see Kaiser Zeta about learning new fighting skills! But… I still haven’t figured out how to shoot out beams of destruction…
  • I usually take Gretel shopping…Girls really know how to spend these days. Master, why don’t you come with me next time?
  • Hmm, nothing all that special. Why don’t you come hang out with us, Master? Yeah, come along – it’ll be fun!


Both of you are really cute!
You're cute.
  • Thank you, Master! You’ve made Gretel happy, and you’re cute too!
  • Hmm! Don’t you think I look more impressive while fighting? I’m not that keen on being called “cute”. But if it’s you who’s saying it, Master, then I don’t mind…
  • Master, do you think Gretel’s puppets are cute?
  • Thanks… Hansel is embarrassed because you said he was cute. That’s not it! I’d just prefer that you think of me as handsome and cool…


Have you ever thought about what you'd do if we had to part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • I don’t want to…Wherever Master goes, I want to go with him.
  • Eh? Master, are you going somewhere where we can’t follow?
  • I…I’d never thought that… Let’s head into the woods and wait for Master to return!
  • I don’t want to part with you, Master! I don’t want to leave Hansel either… I won’t leave Gretel! Master, where are you planning to go?

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