Aura Kingdom Ghodroon’s Q&A


What are your thoughts on the battle?
What does a battle mean to you?
  • That’s simple. Squash the enemies! Where did you get so many points of view?
  • Total commitment and the honor of crossing swords with a worthy opponent. Such is battle. If not for that, wouldn’t it just be ordinary fighting? Haha!
  • Instead of talking about it, why not just have a quick battle? Let’s get right down to it. Battle me now! I’m sure you would soon understand. Haha!
  • What kind of question is that? I want something, you want something else. So we battle. It’s as simple as that!


What about shopping?
Do you like to shop?
  • I’m not a shopaholic or anything, but if there’s something that catches my attention, I’ll definitely buy it! But of course, if you have something that you have your eye on, you can always tell me.
  • Are you asking me to go shopping with you? I’m alright with that, But don’t think I’m gonna carry your stuff!
  • And if Tsubaki and the girls are coming, count me out. No… not because they will ask me to pay. I’m fine with spotting anyone a little cash. it’s because they always give me their stuff to carry! Plus they have horribly tacky taste. I can’t be seen around them in public!
  • Haha. Of course I will go with you, Buy whatever you want, don’t worry about money.


What are your weaknesses?
Is there anything you aren't good at?
  • I have no idea how to deal with plants. I like them, but no matter how hard I try not to, I end up burning them up. It’s my fault, I know. I’m just totally inept.
  • Haha! Can’t figure out a way to beat me, can you? Haha! Better fight me a few more times and maybe you’ll find a weakness, if I have one that is.
  • I have no weaknesses! Does it look like I have any weaknesses? Just look at me!
  • Weakness is a fallacy. Self actualize and you’ll soon overcome any obstacle! See it, then be it! Haha!


What about if there's someone that needs help?
What do you think about helping those in need?
  • If I see there’s someone that needs my help, I will definitely help them without any hesitation! Such is the responsibility of the strong and the powerful.
  • We should always help those who are in need! What’s the point in being strong or having riches if we can’t help those who need it? If everyone bands together, there’s no problem we can’t solve! Haha!
  • Why do you ask? Do you feel weak? Haha! Stop lying to yourself! You’re stronger than most people I know.
  • A strong person who ignores those in need is not strong at all. To have weak morals is much worse than being physically weak. Don’t you think?


What are your thoughts on family?
What does family mean to you?
  • Family… when you are in the darkest of times, you know you can always count on your family.
  • Your family will always be honest with you. They’ll give you advice when you make mistakes, as well as unconditional trust and confidence till the very end… Haha! That’s dampened the mood. Let’s talk about something else!
  • Haha! You want to meet my family? Perhaps, one day.
  • Sometimes family disagreements are the most difficult ones to work out… Yes? Aelius and I have shared similar experiences, do you suggest I should talk to him? Yeah, that sounds quite useful. Thanks!


Do you know the Viridian Steppe?
Please tell me about the Viridian Steppe.
  • Oh? So you want to go to places outside of Midgard? It’s good to embark on a new adventure. Let me know when you go! I’d love to tag along.
  • I hear they have special minerals in that place… Why don’t we go there and have a look! Don’t worry about the journey expenses. I got it covered! Haha!
  • You actually want to explore other continents? The Viridian Steppe’s quite an interesting place to visit, so I hear… I’d suggest that you go there and see for yourself.
  • It’s on the Continent of Principia! It’s a very different sort of place than Midgard, you’ll have to experience it for yourself to find out more.


Do you know what the centaurs are?
What do you think of the centaurs?
  • As far as I know they’re a tribe that can predict the future by observing the stars, I have no idea how they can do that. What’s so special about stars?
  • Their tribe lives on the Continent of Principia. I’ve heard they are experts in the ancient art of astrology. I’m interested in finding out more about how they make their predictions. Does fate really have something to do with the movement of the stars?
  • Centaurs? That’s the tribe that protects the Life Tree. Though I don’t quite understand why they need to protect a tree… Either way, they seem to have a unique way with plants!
  • Haha! They are a tree-loving tribe! I wish I could take a look at that Life Tree, of theirs, But I’m so bad around plants, I’d be worried I might just burn down the tree… I’m a menace! Not fit for polite society. Haha!


What's the Mirabelle Group?
Have you heard of the Mirabelle Group?
  • From what I’ve heard, they’re experts in doing odd jobs! They receive requests from all over of the world… You could probably have some fun working with them.
  • I’ve heard that they are a group that specializes in handling various requests from all over of the world. Maybe you could try it out for yourself if you’re interested. Of course, remember to take me with you!
  • Each region has its own bulletin board so you can check out quests that interest you. And, of course, you will get a reward for any quest you manage to complete.
  • Seems to be some organization that helps people publicize their requests, I don’t really know. You could go give it a try? Haha!


What's the Azuria Popularity Ranking?
Have you heard of the Azuria Popularity Ranking?
  • It appears to show who’s the most popular. Take a look, you can even use it to send some flowers.
  • It’s something about who’s the most popular! Like some kind of idol contest? Haha! Yes, a bit. Imagine how you would feel if you got first prize!
  • It’s a contest that shows how popular you are! You can also send some flowers to your friends. It’s a great way to show your generosity! Haha!
  • It’s is a contest to see who gets sent the most flowers! You seem to be quite popular. You must have received quite a few, don’t you think?


How do I make my equipment sparkle?
How do you make things all glittery?
  • Enhance your equipment enough, and it will glitter after some time!
  • Oh? I didn’t know that you were trying to bedazzle your items. It’s simple, actually. Enhance the equipment to its highest level to get that sparkling shine!
  • Tear up all your spare equipment into Gaia Fragments, then use them to enhance your favorite equipment. Once it’s at its highest level, step back and watch the sparkle! But what if it fails? Try and try again! It’ll work eventually! Might take a while, though… Haha!
  • Put some gold plating on the equipment and it will glitter… Haha! Just kidding. You look so annoyed! Okay, I’ll tell you the secret. Just enhance your equipment to the highest level to get it to glitter.


I've heard that you have a huge pile of treasure?
You always seem to have lots and lots of treasure.
  • I do keep lots of treasure. What did you expect? I’m a dragon. It’s kinda our thing. But I’m not telling you where I keep it! Maybe one day… If you’re nice. But don’t count on it. Haha!
  • So, you want to know my secrets do you? Are you jealous of my treasure? Let me just warn you, these treasures have been cursed, so you will die if you touch them… You really believe that? Would I be standing here if that was true?
  • Oh? You want some treasure too, do you? I can give you some. If you say the magic word, that is! Haha!
  • I just like shiny things, really. Haha! It’s not even all very valuable. Some if it’s just stuff I found that I thought looked pretty. Maybe one day I’ll show you my stash!


Do you have any treasure that has been cursed?
I heard some treasure was protected by dangerous curses!
  • These treasures are alright. What’s scarier is the bunch of people always trying to steal them. I think they would do anything to get their hands on a bit of treasure. Even hurt their friends! That’s why the treasures have earned a reputation as being under some type of curse.
  • Honestly, sometimes keeping all that treasure is more trouble than it’s worth, I tell ya. People come so often trying to steal them in the middle of the night, I can barely get a good night’s sleep. Tell me, isn’t that a curse too?
  • It’s all just rumors created by a bunch of jealous people. The treasure itself is under no curse. It’s the greedy treasure hunters who are cursed.
  • Actually, once all the magma in my body cools down, it will also turn into treasure. And because of this power, even my own father tried to kill me. So you could say it’s actually me who has been cursed, not the treasure.


I've heard that your heart contains some magical power?
Is it true what I've heard about your heart?
  • Haha! I’ve heard that rumor too! The rumor is that those who eat my heart can gain wisdom.
  • My heart actually contains a special magma, and legend has it that ingesting it will let you live forever… But, it’s basically the same as drinking hot lava. So, do you really want to take that chance?
  • My heart produces the magma you see all over my body! I’ve heard that it functions the same way as a human heart, just that instead of blood I’ve got hot magma inside my veins. Haha!
  • Do you want me to take out my heart and let you see it? I could show you it, there’s just one problem… the whole place will then turn into a raging sea of fire. And everything you see will be burnt up in a hellish inferno… Magma heart, you see…


Has anyone managed to make off with any of your treasure?
Treasure theft?
  • Haha! Who’s been telling you stories? My treasure is locked up tight! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.
  • You want some treasure, huh? Okay, let’s have a thumb wrestle. If you win, I’ll give you all the treasure. but if you lose, you have to give me all your money. Got it? You don’t want to? Why not? Ya scared?
  • No, my treasures haven’t been stolen, but I did once give some to a human. I heard that afterwards, his life took a turn for the worse. I was thinking, do all humans really change once they have money?
  • Some treasure thieves are excellent fighters, but I’m more than a match for most of them. Anyone who tries to steal my treasure usually ends up regretting their decision. Haha!


Do you have any siblings?
Do you have any siblings?
  • I don’t like talking about my family. Can we move on to another question?
  • A long time ago, my old man tried to kill me to try to get my heart power. I had no choice but to tell my younger brother to leave the house, and then do away with the crazy old man… I always felt there must have been some misunderstanding, but it was too late. There was no going back.
  • I do have a younger brother. But, I don’t really like to talk about family stuff… Maybe another time, okay? Let’s just pretend you never asked that question.
  • Yes, but I think he doesn’t want to see me! We’ve had our differences, let’s just say that. I just hope that he’s doing well, wherever he is…


Someone told me that you are greedy.
Are you as greedy as they say?
  • That depends on what the item is, if it’s a large, freshly caught lobster… Yes, I will be greedy. Those things are delish. Haha!
  • Just cause I’ve got a big pile of treasure doesn’t mean I’m greedy! I’m pretty generous with it, I like to think!
  • It’s not greed that makes me collect treasure. Not at all! It’s just that I see how much trouble is caused by treasure in the hands of men. So I figured everyone would be better off if I just guard it myself. Maybe I’m just crazy though. Haha!
  • Yes, everyone loves to call a dragon greedy. It’s just laziness! It’s quite rude. People should try to get to know someone before they make those kinds of comments.


What are you wearing?
Your body always seems to be covered in flowing magma?
  • Haha! I call it the “Melting Flame”. You’re right. It is formed by concentrated magma flowing all over my body, but as it doesn’t entirely solidify, you can still see the magma flowing in some parts.
  • Haha! I wouldn’t touch it if I were you. The surface is so hot that it is semi molten at all times, and ordinary weapons melt just from being left too close.
  • It’s not clothes. What you’re seeing is the flame formed by the magma flowing all over my body. The high temperature of the magma always singes the surrounding grasses. I’m a pretty bad house guest, let’s just say that.
  • It is the same as the lava flowing inside my body, the difference is that on the outside it cools down into a rock hard armor. Don’t I wear it well, though? Haha!


Do you have any juicy gossip about the other Eidolons?
Hmmm, Eidolon gossip?
  • Well, Quelkulan and Nazrudin look the same, but ask them, and they will tell you that they’re not at all related… But I’m not sure I believe them!
  • Kaiser Zeta is usually very active and full of vigor, but he will get cagey when it comes to answering important questions. It’s like he’s got two constantly alternating temperaments… Tell me, isn’t that a dual personality?
  • Zaahir had planned to build a greenhouse, and he even put some plants in a pot and brought the pot back. He said he wanted to grow his own garden… And guess what happened after? He totally forgot about his molten breath, so he ended up burning up all his plants! Haha!
  • Diao Chan seems to be some eastern beauty… She’s super talented in all types of arts. The only problem is how selfish she is, it’s shocking… She really seems to stress out the others as well.


Someone said you used to be another species before you turned into a dragon.
Were you always a dragon?
  • Let me guess. You heard that from the dwarves, didn’t you? Dwarves like to think they have a special relationship with us dragons, but let me tell you, there’s no way to transform a dwarf into a dragon. Of course I was born a dragon!
  • What an insulting question. I never expected you to be a truther. I have always been a dragon, from the moment I was born.
  • Haha! What kind of question is that? I was born a dragon, and grew up as a dragon. Or do you know a way to transform other species into dragons?
  • Haha! Tell me, what do you think I used to be? A lizard? A slug? A fly? Rather a slug than a human at least. Haha!


What do you plan to do once our adventures together come to an end?
What would you do if we separated?
  • Haha! Why are you thinking so much about what might happen in the future? Isn’t it better to just focus on the present?
  • You mean you don’t want me on your next journey? That’s pretty hurtful. I guess I’ll just go back to that uncomfortable treasure pile and go to sleep on it!
  • Don’t think about that too much. I promise, you will be alright as long as I’m here. You trust me, don’t you?
  • Hmm? Why think about things that will not happen? I’d never leave you, ol’ buddy!

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