Aura Kingdom Eternia’s Q&A


What is time?
What is time to you?
  • Time is a series of paths and trapdoors. Once you open a door, you can never go back. You must always be certain which door you must open, and which you should leave untouched.
  • I am still curious…what is time to you? Be specific.
  • Time is the essence of my being. When you observe the passage of time, you realize the power you hold. I have seen birth and I have recorded destruction… With one simple decision, any of these events could have been changed.
  • Even in your short lifespan, you have the choice to drastically alter the course of history. But me, with my vast lifespan.. The passage of time unfurls before me like a blank canvas, waiting to be painted. But I am not one for intervention… I choose instead to observe, and to record… Do you fault me for this?


What are your thoughts on life?
What about death?
  • Everyone’s life is worth recording… even the most evil people.
  • Wow, getting really in to the deep philosophical questions now, aren’t we… Well, what do you think?
  • Death doesn’t have to be an ending, just as birth isn’t necessarily a beginning. I don’t know… Maybe I’ve just seen so much. Life, death, these are but footnotes in the index of a single book.
  • Look up, and you’ll see an entire library. That is the fascination of the infinite. Still, nothing will ever beat the moment when I met you… Hehehehe.


What's your favorite season?
Which season do you like best?
  • Recently, I’ve become quite enamored with Winter. Since meeting you, I’ve realized that the world is far more wondrous than I ever gave it credit for before.
  • … Oh…um… Sorry, I must have misheard. What was the question?
  • The seasons pass like an hourglass… Each year passes, you flip the glass and it all restarts. It comes and goes, each day but a grain of sand. I do love that moment when you finally get to flip the hourglass!
  • But enough about me! Tell me which season you like! Wait… Did I hear that right? You’re actually asking my opinion?


Is there anyone you have feelings for?
C'mon! Tell me who it is!
  • It was a serendipitous moment. Let’s just say, no matter how many millenia I live, I’ll never forget it. Are you curious about who it is?
  • Well, don’t bother! I’ll never tell. Now scram, I’m updating my databases. 13.5%… 13.6%… You’re the only person I really care for!
  • So, do you know anything about those angels? I hope they’ll stop their fighting soon and make up. But I hope you won’t tell them I said that! I don’t like it when people spread my opinions around.
  • What’s that? Think harder! You can probably answer your own question. Well… Did you come up with the same answer as me?


What's your most memorable experience?
Any unforgettable memories?
  • I never forget anything. All my memories are permanent. So I can’t really answer your question. But exploring and adventuring together, I feel we create many lasting and special moments!
  • When you have a memory as vast as mine, it takes something special to stand out. But you and me, we make such a good team, I think we might just go down in history! We could even write a book about our adventures! Or maybe not… whatever.
  • A while back… I had this amazing adventure with Alucard. He used to be a lot different in those days. Ah well, we all change over time, don’t we?
  • I can’t answer that question, it’s too personal. Ask me again when you’re a little older, haha.


Do you have your own Guardian Knight?
Do you know of the Guardian Knights?
  • Guardian Knights… What are those, again Interesting question. I’ve always found human relationships so bizarre. You fight, you make up, you love, you hate.
  • Two people who are willing to protect each other out of mutual love and respect. There is much to respect about such an arrangement.
  • ……Hm? Guardian Knight, did you say…? I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. I was studying up for the Aura Kingdom Quiz. Have you taken it before? Since you like asking questions so much, maybe you’d be interested.
  • My very own Guardian Knight.. Is that what you are?


Do you know anything about Shuriken?
What can you tell me about Shuriken?.
  • I am not an expert on weapons… But I’ll let you know if I hear anything. Shuriken? Those fancy star thingies? Is that what you mean?
  • I don’t really know. Maybe you should ask Tsubaki instead.
  • Sorry, I wasn’t listening. What did you ask? Oh, shuriken!
  • It’s a special Ninjutsu weapon. They’re pretty sweet. That’s about all I know, though. Although, if you are interested, I suppose I could collect some information…


Can you tell me anything about the Sky Tower?
Please tell me about the Sky Tower.
  • Ah, the Sky Tower… so majestic. It really is a miracle. Huh? Why do you want to know about that? Oh, I see. You’re interested in the treasure inside, aren’t you.. Yes, I’ve heard it’s a very precious treasure.
  • Ah yes, the Sky Tower. It’s a bit like my library, chock full of ancient historical accounts and records. Shall we go explore it together?
  • What? Sky Tower? Sorry, never heard of it.
  • Have you been there? Maybe you can tell me about it. Let me get a pen and paper! I want to record this.


What is this Housing I keep hearing about?
Can you tell me anything about Housing?
  • Let’s see… Housing… So, you have this house, okay? And you can decorate it, and–what? You knew already? Then why are you asking me?
  • Housing offers you a personal space. It’s a home away from home. Looking for beachfront property? You should try putting you house in Port Skandia!
  • Housing? Are you asking me to move in with you? Aren’t you moving a little fast? Maybe we should take things a bit slower. I like you, but I don’t LIKE you like you.
  • Your home is your castle, that’s what I always say! Although, knowing you, it’s a messy castle. You should definitely hire a Housekeeper, for all our sakes!


What is Eidolon purification?
I heard something about Eidolon purification. Do you know what it is?
  • It’s a way for me to share my power with you to exchange abilities. But the energy created is so unstable, a lot of the time it can’t be harnessed correctly.
  • I don’t understand why anyone would want to try this “purification” technique. It just sounds so weird. But if you say that the new ability could help you, I suppose I’d allow myself to be purified.
  • Through purification, we Eidolon can produce different abilities to help you. But since your energy is not stable enough… I don’t think you’re ready to try it out yet.
  • What? I’m not pure enough for you? Why don’t you go purify your face! Then we can talk about purification. Purification, indeed! The gall!


Why did you come to Terra?
What was your reason for coming here?
  • I have lived for so long., and seen so much. I needed a change. And with you, I think I’ve found what I was looking for!
  • Maybe that was fate… or maybe just a coincidence. Does it matter?
  • Poking into my past, are you? Who do you think you are, my psychologist? I do what I want! That’s all you need to know about it.
  • I came here because it was my fate. Destiny has brought us together. Can’t you feel it?


Could you introduce yourself?
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
  • I am Timekeeper, Eternia. Your ticking lord of time. Glad to meet you!
  • I am Eternia, master of time and knowledge. But that doesn’t mean I have the time to answer all of your questions, okay?
  • I’m Eternia! Don’t you even know that? Introduce myself? No thanks, intros are for suckers! If you really want to know, go read about me online, fool!
  • Exqueeze me? I have unlimited knowledge. You’re going to waste your question on asking me my NAME?


You know so much!
Is there anything you don't know?
  • I have a library full of tomes of all topics. If you are interested, I could show you around.
  • Honestly? Nope, I’m pretty much a walking encyclopedia. The only thing I don’t know a lot about… is you!
  • Yeah, there is one thing I’ve been wondering. Magnets! How do they work? It must be some kind of miracle!
  • You think I’m really a genius? Well, I guess maybe I am… At least compared to you!


I've been wondering about your relationship with Tanith.
Do you know Tanith?
  • Tanith? Yes, I know her. But it’s been a long time. How is she?
  • Tanith? Why do you ask? Did something happen to her?
  • Tanith? What Tanith? I know not this Tanith of whom you speak. Oh, that Tanith! Yes, I know who you mean now. I may have spoken to her once or twice.
  • Tanith and I knew each other long ago. I don’t know if she would still remember me.


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
So... Any juicy Eidolon gossip?
  • What is the relationship between Hel and Ayako? … I’m not really sure. I don’t really keep up with their lives on a daily basis, you know? They are family. You are nosier than I thought!
  • What about Uriel and Uzuriel? That’s none of your business! What a little gossip you are! You really think I’m going to tell you about that? Why don’t you ask them yourself, if you want to know so badly! Little twerp…
  • What about Alucard and Bealdor? I don’t know anything about that! As far as I know, they don’t have any sort of special relationship. You’re such a little conspiracy theorist! You always think everyone’s up to something, don’t you!
  • Did you know that Uriel used to be the guitarist in a famous Eidolon rock band? He used to travel far and wide. You should hear his stories! He had tons of groupies! But he doesn’t really talk about that anymore.


Are you short-sighted?
I see you wearing glasses sometimes.
  • I like wearing my glasses. Don’t you think they make me look sophisticated?
  • I feel like such an intellectual when I wear them. Like, ‘oh indeed! Indubitably! Let me fetch my spectacles!’ But the lenses are just transparent. There’s no prescription at all! Haha.
  • Are you calling me a four eyes? I might have glasses, but you must be blind going out dressed in that ridiculous get-up!
  • Oh, so I suppose you have 20/20 vision, do you? How many fingers am I holding up then? That’s right. One is correct.


That's a pretty neat weapon you've got there!
I've never seen a weapon like that before.
  • It’s magic. Don’t you have a grimoire? You know. Enchantments and spells ‘n stuff. You say some crazy words, and smoke and flames pop out. It’s magic!
  • You mean my Eternal Starstone?
  • Yeah, pretty, isn’t it? I love looking at it. Sometimes I have to remind myself its true purpose.
  • Oh, you like it? Here, take a look. The stone in the middle is a star fragment. It comes from an ancient world located thousands of light years away.


Are you a good fighter?
Show me some moves!
  • Am I a good fighter? Try the BEST fighter!
  • Well, I’m pretty good. I think I can make myself useful to you!
  • Well, I don’t like to rush headfirst into the fray. But I can definitely help you out! Give me a target, and I’ll smash ’em up for you!
  • You don’t think I’m tough? Maybe we should have a little duel… if you’re not chicken! Even Alucard’s no match for me.


You're a lot cuter than I was expecting.
You're actually kind of attractive, in your own special way.
  • Well, gee, thanks. It’s always nice to get a compliment!
  • I don’t even know what I look like, can you believe it? Is it true I look like a three-headed snake, with the heads of a human, a cow, and a lion? Or was that just a rumor someone spread? I never know what to believe. Please tell me!
  • Humph! You only compliment me when you want something. Out with it. Tell me what you really want…
  • Wow, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me! Thanks. You don’t look so bad, yourself.


Have you thought about how your life will be after we've parted ways?
What's your plan for the future?
  • I don’t think that day will come anytime soon, unless you decide you want it to. But, seeing as how I’m basically the master of time, I can be happy doing pretty much anything. I’m not going anywhere!
  • Haha, that question simply shows me your ignorance. Time is a great cycle! We’ve met before, in past lives, and we’ll meet again! Even if it takes a thousand years, I can wait. I am the Goddess of Time, after all!
  • I will go back to where I came from, and continue recording the events of the world… Don’t worry, I believe we will meet again.
  • Are you trying to get rid of me? If you have other plans, I won’t stand in your way. But please allow me to continue protecting you from afar.

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