Aura Kingdom Endora’s Q&A


What sort of person interests you?
What do you look for in a partner?
  • Ha! As if I’d tell you! Just having to ask shows you’re not qualified for the job.
  • I don’t understand why guys go for girls with ridiculous pink pigtails. Ugh! It just makes me want to yank on them! And yank, and yank, and keep on yanking…
  • (Sigh…) My heart belongs to a young boy who doesn’t know I exist. To make up for it, I just play dumb around all of my fans who adore me!
  • Arrogant people are the worst! How can they pretend to be the best when I’m obviously far better than they are at everything?


Do you have any weaknesses?
Is there anything you aren't good at?
  • What? How could you even say such a thing? Of course there isn’t anything I’m not perfect at! I’m offended that you’ve underestimated me!
  • It can be annoying dealing with people from… “The Organization.” What? Of course, yes, THAT “Organization.” Why do you even need to ask?
  • Ugh! This again? For your birthday, I’m going to buy you a dictionary. Look up the entry for “perfect” and you’ll find “Endora” written right there!
  • My only weakness is that I’m just TOO beautiful! That must by why the stupid boy always blushes and runs away… Hm? Oh, nothing. Didn’t say a thing. Nope.


What do you do when you're in a bad mood?
What cheers you up?
  • Of course I’m going to make a scene if I’m unhappy! But I have to be careful, otherwise “The Organization” will find out. Those people give me the creeps!
  • When I’m in a bad mood, I cheer myself up by punching Serif until he passes out. Why? Duh! Everyone says that if you like somebody, you should hit on him and take him out. Right?
  • My scythe always cheers me up when I’m unhappy! Only problem is it’s a bit on the small side… Don’t you think?
  • I didn’t realize you cared so much about me! Now that I know, I’ve designated you as my personal stress-reliving punching bag! Oh relax, I won’t hit too hard… It’ll be like a massage. We both win!


Do you have any amazing stories to tell?
What's the most amazing experience you've ever had?
  • Ha ha! I’ll share one story with you… But first you need to fall asleep! I love sneaking into people’s dreams at night!
  • Ugh! What amazes me is that the stupid boy sees anything at all in the little pink brat! This world is just too much sometimes…
  • A goody two-shoes like you could never appreciate my amazingnessitude! I sneak into people’s dreams and discover all of their dirty little secrets!
  • I know all kinds of juicy stuff! More than you could ever imagine! If you choose to serve me well… Maaaybe I’ll share some with you. Maybe. If I’m in a good mood.


Have you ever joined any groups or clubs?
Do you ever participate in group activities?
  • Hehe, well, if you really wanna know, I’ll tell you one… When I was in school… I was a cheerleader! That’s right, cheerleader.
  • Haven’t you noticed how absolutely perfect and wonderful I am in every single way? I am the most popular, fabulous, shining star that any Social Club could ever hope to have! I still can’t believe they never let me join!
  • When I was a cheerleader, I stole the hearts of millions and millions of cute boys! Some of them still don’t leave me alone, so I started transforming them into things. That’s where my little pumpkins come from!
  • Group activities? You mean, like, after-school stuff, right? Okay, phew. You had me worried there for a second.


What's so special about the Sky Tower?
What can you tell me about the Sky Tower?
  • The Sky Tower, huh? Supposedly it’s chock-full of fearsome baddies and fabulous treasure! What, are you scared? Hmph! Not me! I want to go check it out!
  • I wonder how tall the Sky Tower is… And I wonder how much damage a coin would do if I dropped it off the top?
  • The Sky Tower? The ol’ G.B. had it locked up a long time ago. I wonder why? What sort of freaky business is inside?
  • Guess what? I snuck into the Sky Tower once! I’ll bet you want to know what’s in there, don’tcha? You do? Haha! I’ll never tell!


What do you know about the Star Sand Desert?
Is there anything interesting in the Star Sand Desert?
  • Bleh! Why are you interested in that dull, dry place? Don’t you know that all that sun and sand is bad for your skin?
  • A little birdie told me that there are a lot of CRAAAZY treasures hidden in the Ozymand Temple. You want to get them, don’t you? I sure do! Get out the sunblock and let’s go-go-go!
  • There are a lot of mercenaries looking for work in the Star Sand Desert. Hmm, maybe if I hired some of them, they could knock some sense into that stupid boy…
  • There’s a camp built around an oasis in the Star Sand Desert. I guess water is pretty important when the sun threatens to melt your face off every day.


Can you tell me a little bit about Alchemy?
What do you know about Alchemy?
  • Alchemists can supposedly turn stone into gold, which seems kinda cool. But then they just sit around mixing potions and bottles and junk… Bo-oring! Who has time for that?
  • Pfft! I could never wrap my head around such a boring subject. The most fun I had in Alchemy class was dreaming up excuses to get out of tests…
  • (Yawn) You’ll put me to sleep if you keep talking about Alchemy. There are a bunch of Alchemist nerds hanging out in Navea; why don’t you go talk to them?
  • Alchemy, huh… I wonder if they can cook up a love potion… Uh… What? No, I didn’t say anything!


What's the deal with fishing?
What do you know about fishing?
  • Yeah, fishing can be interesting, I guess. If you’ve got nothing better to do with your time… I usually just wait for other people to catch something, then beat them up and take it from them!
  • Fishing? In school, the cool kids like me never had time for boring junk like fishing! But… Well… Actually… I kinda like fishing. Don’t you dare tell anyone! I’ll kick your butt!
  • Fish have all kinds of uses! You can fry them, poach them, sashimi them… There are even some that can give you XP bonuses! Neat!
  • If you think you’ve got good fishin’ chops, you can challenge those King Fish that rule each area. You’ll earn big, huge, stupefying rewards if you can bag them!


What do you know about monster conquests?
Do you have any tips on monster conquests?
  • Pfft! There are weak monsters, there are tough monsters, and then there’s me! If you can’t win by yourself, then just hide behind me and I’ll do all the work. Like always!
  • Every baddie has a weakness. Some don’t like fire. Some don’t like status effects. Others can’t handle criticism. Study your enemy until you know what makes them tick, and then CRUSH THEM!
  • What? It’s easy! Just avoid getting hit while doling out as much damage as you can. Even a noob like you can manage that, right?
  • Make sure you have a proper meal before going into battle! A lot of cuisine has beneficial effects that can help you win.


Where do you live?
Where did you live before now?
  • You see this? This is my annoyed face. I used to live in a crummy place. I’m never going back!
  • Stupid “Organization” and it’s stupid rules… There was never any fun to be had there, ever!
  • That place sucks! It’s hard to believe that amazing people like myself and Ser – I mean, that stupid boy – came from there! #822#Oh, and the pink brat is from there, too. But that’s about what I’d expect.
  • I hate that place! But the stupid boy seems to like it, so maybe I’ll try and find him there…


Would you like to introduce your weapon?
What makes your scythe special?
  • What, this old thing? It has served me well in many battles. But… Oh, I just don’t know… I think I might need something bigger, don’t you?
  • I got this scythe from the same place the pink brat got her silly little twig. I’d say I got a much better deal, wouldn’t you?
  • My scythe? I’ve named her Justine, and sometimes we have deep conversations. That’s not weird, is it?
  • Be careful what you say! Justine will kick your butt if you aren’t nice to her! Sometimes we’ll find someone who is sleeping and cut their dreams up into pieces, and then rearrange them!


Where did you get your kitty backpack?
Does your kitty backpack have a name?
  • He’s no ordinary backpack! His name is Serifinho! Oh, look, you’ve made him nervous. It’s okay, little Serifinho, they didn’t mean it…
  • A backpack? Can’t you use your eyes? How could you mistake my little kitty Serifinho for just a backpack?
  • Hmph! How rude! Asking me if Serifinho is a backpack… Look, you’ve gone and made him upset!
  • Serifinho, this silly Envoy thinks you’re just a backpack! Ha! I know! Don’t worry, Serifinho! Just ignore them like anyone else who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.


Do you think you're attractive?
Do you get compliments about your figure?
  • Took you long enough to notice! Face of an angel and the body of a devil! That’s Endora for ya!
  • Of course! I have the best figure out of all the Eidolons! And if we’re being honest here, I’m a little miffed that you even had to ask!
  • Of course! I’m cute and popular! Just look at all this fan mail I write to myself… I mean, that my adoring fans send me! Why would anyone want to hang out with those other dumpy Eidolons?
  • Ha! I knew this was coming. You, just like everyone else in the world, has fallen for me! It’s tough being super cute and popular, but somehow I manage to survive.


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Have any good rumors about other Eidolons?
  • Have you ever tried talking to Eligos? ZOMG! Such a bore! He’s always like ‘Oh, I’m rich and powerful, but I’m sad all the time.’ Gag me with a spoon!
  • Uzuriel is the highest ranking member of the Super-Hyper-Awesome Endora Fan Club. She’s the perfect Number Two; almost as skilled, but nowhere near as cute!
  • Nazrudin is SO annoying! He’s always like, ‘Sit up straight! Shoulders back! Your salad fork goes on the left!’ That eel drives me crazy! I’m glad he lives underwater so I don’t have to deal with him.
  • I like Alessa. You know why? We both share a deep hatred of the pink brat. Alessa plays a crucial role in my plan to get rid of the pink brat for good. Do you want in on it as well?


How well do you know Serif?
What do you think about Serif?
  • Serif? Ooooh, where is that stupid boy?
  • Just so you know, the stupid boy is mine. Got it? He’s off limits! Forbidden! Don’t even think about it!
  • OH MY GAWL! That stupid boy is obsessed with the awful pink brat! Outrageous, right? What can he possibly see in her?
  • Serif and I had a breakthrough today! At long last the stupid boy will be all mine! What? I did NOT drug him! How could you even think that? Although… it’s not a bad idea…


Do you know Merrilee?
Do you have a problem with Merrilee?
  • Barf! I hate the pink brat so much I can’t even think straight! And yet the stupid boy is obsessed with her! It just isn’t fair…
  • Have you ever tried to talk to her? She only knows three words: snakes, apples, and ‘loooooove.’ Blech! I’m a hundred times more interesting than she is! A thousand! A kajillion!
  • Merrilee? Just saying her name is enough to make my skin crawl! (Sigh…) I need some chocolate.
  • Seriously? You’re not comparing me to that pink brat, are you? No? Good. Trust me, you don’t want to be on my bad side.


What's your insight into fashion?
Do you get compliments on your outfit?
  • I was the most popular girl in school! The socialite, the trend-setter, Miss Popular; everyone copied my style.
  • You like my style, too, right? What am I saying… of course you do! I look great in everything! I could turn up in a garbage bag and still be Prom Queen! Or worse… denim!
  • The centerpiece of my ensemble is my adorable kitty… Serifinho is a hundred times better than any other cat in the world!
  • You bet! Everyone loves kickin’ it with Endora! …except the stupid boy. He runs away whenever he sees me. It makes me so mad!


Wow, that's a, uh, 'great' dance!
Where did you learn to dance like that?
  • Right? I’m the best dancer there ever was and ever will be! I used to be the captain and president and CEO of the cheerleading squad. I’ve got the moves!
  • There’s a song that goes along with this dance. Want me to sing it? …hey, wait! Where are you going?
  • Dancing is just one of my many amazing talents. That’s why everyone loves me! I’m just so talented, and popular, and beautiful, and awesome, and smart, and cool, and down-to-earth, and…
  • I got some hot moves, right? You want me to teach you how to dance? Of course, you’ll never be as good as me, but don’t let that get you down!


If we had to part ways, where would you go?
What would you do if we parted company?
  • Oh, I’ll totally be fine, I swear. I have all sorts of stuff to keep me busy. There is still a lot of stalking… uhm, I mean ‘quality time,’ with Serif to be had!
  • I’ll never forget you. I always remember each and every one of my fans! …just so long as you keep sending me fan mail.
  • Why are you asking me this all of a sudden? The pink brat put you up to it, didn’t she? Ooooh! I’m gonna throttle her!
  • As if I’d let one of my adoring fans leave me! Be careful if you do ever manage to slip away, though… I’ll sneak into your dreams at night and make mischief!

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