Aura Kingdom Eligos’ Q&A


What do you think defines a friend?
What does being a friend mean to you?
  • I cultivate satisfaction within my own sphere, so that the quality of my life does not depend on what others think of me.
  • Friends…? Long ago, I had many friends, and my halls were filled with feasting. Now, I have many servants, but few friends.
  • Friends are helpful, but ultimately, you are the only person you can count on. And me, of course.
  • A friend? Perhaps one who shares in the joys and pains of the battlefield; someone who understands the fragility of life. I suppose you may be considered a friend, if we fight alongside each other.


How would you handle an encounter with a powerful enemy?
What would you do against a powerful foe?
  • I would employ all means to exploit their weaknesses, devious or no. I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t have some trait that could be capitalized on.
  • Are you worried? You have no reason to be fearful so long as I’m here.
  • A ‘powerful’ enemy, you say? I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that could be considered ‘powerful’.
  • A ‘powerful’ enemy? This is amusing! Someone with power comparable to yours is nothing to me.


If you could make one wish come true, what would it be?
What is your greatest wish?
  • Wishes don’t come true, everyone knows this. Such a pointless question.
  • I’ve never seen the point in making wishes. If it can happen naturally, I can do it. If I can’t do it, no one else can either.
  • The death of my best friend was one of the saddest moments of my life. If I could make any wish, I’d want my friend back. I’ve done so many things, accomplished so much, but I failed to protect my one and only friend. So, above all else, I’d wish for my best friend back.
  • Why bother asking such an unrealistic question? Wishes don’t come true like that.


How do you handle mistakes?
What would you do if you've done something wrong?
  • You are joking, right? I don’t make mistakes.
  • Everything I do is intended. If I do anything wrong, it’s your fault. I simply don’t make mistakes.
  • Are you trying to cover up your own mistakes by pinning them on me? Normally, I punish those who make mistakes. All I expect from you, though, is an apology.
  • Why do you dare question my decisions? It is impossible for me to make mistakes!


What are your weaknesses?
What problems do you have?
  • Weaknesses, you say? I’m essentially perfect. I don’t have any weakness that I can think of.
  • Weaknesses, is it? If you find one, let me know, so I can eliminate it straightaway.
  • Problems are for demons less dashing than I.
  • Weaknesses, you say? I suppose not having any weaknesses could be considered an issue…


What's it like in Navea?
What do you think of Navea?
  • Navea is to be praised for its cultural diversity. With such a blend, you’ll find things you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll learn a lot just by conversing with the residents there.
  • Navea is a grand city indeed. However, it pales in comparison to where I hail from!
  • Discussing Navea makes me think of the Templars. I could lay those shiny suits out with a single punch. The fracas could hardly be called a fight!
  • Many masters of combat make their home in Navea. You can find them in the west of the city, ready to take on worthy clients. Though, between you and me, human Mastery seems but a crude reflection of the mastery spirits possess.


Let's talk about the different races on Terra.
What do you know about the different races?
  • I don’t care much for Giants and Trolls. All brawn, no brain – where’s the fun in an opponent like that?
  • The wolfmen are quite insidious. What they set themselves to do, they do at any cost. Some might call such behavior…unhinged.
  • I consider the Sarpa a primitive and savage race. However, there are some intelligent ones among them. They have a delicious sort of feral cleverness – I’m eager to see more of them in the flesh.
  • Dwarves have a very unique sense of style. They always wear clothing that covers their faces. What have they to hide, it makes me wonder.


How do you use the Eidolon interface?
Tell me something about the Eidolon Interface.
  • In the Eidolon interface, you can learn ability information about each Eidolon as well as change the Eidolon’s gear or name. You better not give me some obscene name!
  • You can read a brief introduction about each Eidolon in the interface. I hope you have memorized my own introduction by heart!
  • If you have certain XP crystals, you can feed them to your Eidolon in the interface to enhance their ability. Don’t waste your XP crystals on weaker Eidolons! They are not worthy of such generosity.
  • You can rearrange the members of your Eidolon team in the interface. You can’t change your team during battles, so select your members carefully.


How can I improve in dungeons?
How should I prepare for a raid?
  • The most important thing to do is bring plenty of HP potions. If you find yourself in a bind with no other means of being healed, that could prevent you from dying!
  • This is a simple answer: You must have as much courage as me.
  • Raiding, correct? Have you fortified your equipment? That could make all the difference in an epic battle.
  • What kind of question is this? I am more than sufficient to raid with you. No dungeon is too daunting, no enemy too tough for me. Just supply me with plenty of XP crystals and I’ll get the job done.


How do you get rare gear?
Where can I get rare gear?
  • I’m glad you chose me to ask this question to. Defeating any rare elite monster will give you a chance to obtain rare gear.
  • I’ve heard that you can find high-quality gear at the armor shops. No, I won’t buy any for you.
  • The best way to get great gear is to raid with other players. When you get the gear you need, don’t forget to thank me for the advice!
  • I’ll be more than happy to offer advice. Pay attention when you kill monsters; you might see a Valuable Treasure Chest. The items in a Valuable Treasure Chest are all superior quality.


Has anyone ever questioned your character?
Has anyone ever complained about you?
  • Those people are morons. Mortals can never hope to understand me.
  • Are you jealous, perhaps? I will forgive you for that. I don’t expect anyone to be like me.
  • This isn’t backhanded criticism, is it? It is a good thing I am so open-minded. I will take this into consideration.
  • Those are just short-sighted views from ignorant people. I couldn’t be bothered with it all.


I've heard that you're the richest being in the world!
I've heard that the world's wealth belongs to you.
  • You are quite intuitive! I do, indeed, hold all the world’s wealth. How much that is, exactly, I’d… have to count…
  • Any treasure truly belongs to me.
  • And your point is…? My wealth cannot be coveted.
  • I don’t care about other forms of wealth, but the world’s treasures are mine.


Can you fly?
Are you able to fly?
  • Of course I can fly! There’s nothing I can’t do.
  • Flying is easy for me.
  • You dare question my abilities? It’s just flying; I don’t understand what the big deal is.
  • There’s nothing to flying; why are we even talking about something so trivial?


How did you get your armor?
Your armor looks really cool! How did you get it?
  • My armor is my greatest treasure. It doesn’t matter where it came from.
  • I have so much treasure that I don’t even remember where I got this armor from.
  • Oh? You want something like this? It’s a pity that I don’t share my wealth. Though, if I do manage to find a second set of armor like this, I could be persuaded to give it to you.
  • Mortals are unfit to use my treasure.


What do you know about some of the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about one of the other Eidolons!
  • Talking about the lesser beings is beneath me.
  • The flame that Aelius uses is rather unique because it heals mortals instead of harms them. He’s so flaky, though. I don’t like him much.
  • I recently learned something about Vayu. Supposedly, Vayu is the oldest of the Eidolons, over 10,000 years old! I don’t know how much merit there is to that rumor.
  • Why even bother with such trivial gossip? I’m sure I’m more than interesting enough on my own.


What made you become the Duke of Darkness?
How did you become the Duke of Darkness?
  • I was born into that position. I have no other explanation for it.
  • Why even bother asking? The answer should be simple. There is no one else more suitable for the title.
  • There is no point in asking. That position was made for me.
  • Only those at their prime, powerful above all else, can rule. How else would I have become Duke?


Do you have any friends?
Is there anybody who wants to be your friend?
  • I used to have a good friend. We ruled Pandemonium together. However, I somehow got him into serious trouble…
  • Hah, friends? Only one person qualifies to be a friend of mine!
  • Ignorant fools can never understand how to be friends with me.
  • I’ve only ever had one friend in my life. I can’t be bothered with anyone else.


Have you ever experienced failure?
Have you ever been defeated?
  • I sincerely hope you are not looking down on me. How could I ever be defeated?
  • What is this ‘failure’ you speak of?
  • I’ve never failed a match, but I have come to a tie with someone once. That person became my only friend.
  • What sort of being do you take me for? I’ve never failed in the past, nor will I fail in the future!


How do you govern Pandemonium?
What are your methods of rule?
  • This answer should be simple. I make all the decisions, of course.
  • The answer to this question should be obvious. I give out orders, those under me follow them. Simple as that.
  • I am the only ruler. No one questions my orders.
  • Ruling Pandemonium is actually quite easy to do. In fact, it can be rather boring at times. I’d rather be in a fierce battle with a worthy opponent!


If you and I were separated...
What would happen to you if we ever parted ways?
  • To keep myself occupied, I’d simply go in search for the strongest opponent and defeat them.
  • Don’t worry about me. I have a kingdom to return to.
  • You… you’d actually consider leaving me! How dare you! I forbid it! Who put you up to this idea? I’ll chew that person up and spit them out!
  • What would you do without me at your side? Perhaps you should worry more about what you would do rather than what I would do.

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