Aura Kingdom Diao Chan’s Q&A


Do you gravitate toward a certain kind of person?
What's your type?
  • Why is master so interested in Diao Chan’s romantic relationships? Diao Chan’s crush should be common knowledge…
  • Love knows no bounds!
  • Diao Chan really admires people like master.
  • Is master trying to find a partner for Diao Chan?


Have you ever been in love?
Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  • For Diao Chan, love isn’t just about chasing guys… Diao Chan thinks master might have similar views on that.
  • Few things feel better than a warm hug. Has master found a partner?
  • Would master would believe that Diao Chan has never been in a relationship?
  • Well, Does master want to take a guess? If master guesses correctly, master will get a gift! What do you say?


Are you a good fighter?
Do you hesitate when the time comes to dive into combat?
  • Don’t underestimate Diao Chan. Master, don’t look at Diao Chan that way! Fighting is one of the three things that Diao Chan does best! What are the other two? Master will find out soon enough…
  • Fighting is easy when master is around! Master would never leave Diao Chan alone, right?
  • If master doesn’t protect Diao Chan, things are going to go downhill…
  • Don’t worry, Diao Chan will protect you!


Do you like to travel?
What are your opinions on traveling?
  • Diao Chan’s feet are so sore! Maybe master will carry her… What’s going on? Is master blushing?
  • Traveling gives you the chance to experience different cultures. Diao Chan really enjoys it!
  • Traveling with master is definitely a pleasure! Diao Chan wonders if master feels the same…
  • Diao Chan likes master. Um… Diao Chan likes doing things together with master. Master’s ears are turning red! What were you thinking about?


What do you usually do for fun?
Do you have a favorite hobby?
  • Actually, Diao Chan really likes to read books and play chess. Not to brag, but no one has ever beaten her at chess!
  • Don’t just ask about Diao Chan the whole time – tell me about master’s hobbies, too! Do master and Diao Chan have any hobbies in common?
  • Diao Chan usually reads books and plays chess with Vayu. Diao Chan always wins! Vayu said that Diao Chan is a very talented strategist. Does master agree?
  • Diao Chan likes drinking tea and chatting with friends. Oh! Will master accompany Diao Chan to the next tea party? Diao Chan hasn’t heard about Shirayuki’s hometown…


Tell me about the city of Navea.
What do you think of Navea?
  • Diao Chan has heard Navea is an important city in Midgard. Is that true? The Sky Tower is located there; it contains ancient treasures from all over the world!
  • It’s a beautiful place where adventurers from all walks of life gather. Diao Chan would like to visit as soon as her work here is done. Won’t that be great?
  • The place is a cultural melting pot with a long, rich history. It sounds wonderful! It’s completely normal to see Makar and dwarves in Navea.
  • There’s also supposed to be a shop in the city that sells delicious snacks! Diao Chan wonders if it’s true…


What do dwarves look like?
I'd like to know more about the dwarven race.
  • The dwarves are known for being masters of robotics and crafting. Their robots help them complete tasks which would require them to be a bit… taller. The dwarves are a powerful race, indeed!
  • There is supposed to be a dwarf tribe living in the Cactakara Forest. Do you think we could go visit them?
  • To be honest, sometimes Diao Chan can’t tell the difference between dwarves and goblins.
  • The dwarves seem to always hide their faces behind veils… Why do they do that? Diao Chan wants to see their faces!


Can you tell me about Silent Ice Field?
What's the Silent Ice Field like?
  • It’s a very, very cold place – it has a deep sense of sorrow that penetrates to your core.
  • It’s a land of eternal winter. Doesn’t Shirayuki’s hometown have similar weather patterns?
  • The monsters there are very strong. It would be dangerous to go without a guide!
  • A place completely consumed by snow and silence… It’s kind of romantic, doesn’t master agree?


How should I choose my path on the Envoy's Path?
What is the Envoy's Path?
  • The Envoy’s Path allows you to acquire new combat techniques… It seems like master hasn’t yet decided on a path to take. It’s makes Diao Chan a little nervous, but Diao Chan will support whatever decision master makes.
  • If master likes treasure, why not try walking down the Path of Greed?
  • Skills that master uses often are the best candidates for the upgrade path. Master thinks every skill should be improved to the highest level…
  • It’s important that you choose the path that fits you best. Don’t let others influence master’s decision!


I want to know about skill mastery!
Could you tell me more about skill mastery?
  • Master’s drive to improve is impressive! Let’s take a little breather before we head to the the Emerald Marsh. We’ll discuss skill mastery next time. Sound all right?
  • Skill mastery? That’s the way to go about perfecting master’s current skills. Master is already so powerful, even without having maxed everything out… Diao Chan bets master would be the best in the world if that were the case!
  • If master has tokens, maser can buy skill masteries in Navea. Master is the best – Diao Chan doesn’t even care about unmastered skills!
  • Ouch! There’s sand in Diao Chan’S eyes…


Where are you from?
Can you tell me about your hometown?
  • Diao Chan comes from an eastern land. Our culture is completely different from the one here. Diao Chan misses her home, but master is more than worth staying here for!
  • It’s been so long since she’s been home, she doesn’t think she can quite picture what it looks like.
  • Enough about Diao Chan – talk more about master!
  • Diao Chan comes from a far-off eastern land. She thinks master would like her hometown…


Do you know those two guys over there?
The ones who tried to talk to you?
  • They’re only interested in Diao Chan’s looks.
  • Master is so wise… Diao Chan has no particular relationship with them. Does master have a special relationship?
  • Master shouldn’t be fooled by beauty. That said, does the master still trust Diao Chan?
  • Master should not bring up ancient history…


You use a fan as a weapon?
Could you tell me more about your weapon?
  • This fan is has an ancient power within it. Diao Chan loves it and takes it everywhere she goes.
  • When she wields it, she can summon the wind to attack the enemy. Master should let Diao Chan do the dirty work!
  • Using a fan as a weapon is rare where Diao Chan comes from. Really, it’s not that hard to summon the wind. You just have to know how to handle a fan!
  • Haha! Let me fan you a bit.


Your clothes are very unique.
They look very good on you!
  • Ah! You do have a way with words, Master! I have to dress up because I am coming with you on your journey! Does that make you happy?
  • But… isn’t this style a bit too foreign for me?
  • Now, now… don’t just look at Diao Chan’s clothes! Try to focus on Diao Chan’s inner beauty! That is where her genuine beauty comes from.
  • Oh, really? It makes me happy that you like it! To think… Astraea tried to tell me that my skirt was too short.


What secrets can you tell me about the other Eidolons?
Tell me something interesting about other Eidolons.
  • Cesela and Serena look just alike. Some say that they are twins, but they’ve never confirmed it. Why not let me find out? I might be able to get some answers!
  • Alucard always speaks in the most refined tone… Even when he’s talking to me. Goodness, finding a man who can stay this calm when talking to me is… quite rare! Hey! Doesn’t look directly in my eyes like Bealdor does! Tee hee!
  • Cleopawtra is certainly a deadly character… And while you mention it… I bet her relationship with Tigerius Caesar is quite exciting, too! Master must be careful! Don’t get taken in by her charm… You already have me, you know.
  • Cyril is a very positive person… but somehow I always feel a bit tense when dealing with him. I think I would prefer someone less positive and more relaxed!


Do you have any wishes?
Will you make a wish if I let you?
  • Wishes… I think mine has already come true! Because I’ve found someone that I can rely on… Haven’t I?
  • Please don’t laugh at my answer, Master… I wish for peace and prosperity everywhere in the world! No more war…
  • I wish… I wish to be with you forever! To be in your service forever – that is Diao Chan’s dream…
  • This question… Does it mean that Master wants to help my dreams come true?


Tell me a story.
Do you think I should tell a story?
  • A long time ago, miracle child was born in a small fishing port. He was granted a mysterious power… As fate would have it, he went on a long journey, where he witnessed a great many things… And then… he met the woman of his dreams. And that… is Diao Chan.
  • Yes… A long time ago, there was a region that was ravaged by wars. Every single country wanted to be ruler of the region. And there was one… one incredibly evil power who had made only enemies for himself. But a lady came along and used her beauty to drive a wedge between him and his general. Master, do you know why she would have done that?
  • Haha… Master is like a child at times… But what type of story does Master like to hear?
  • Ah! Aren’t all of Master’s experiences legendary tales in their own right? How about it? Let me help Master collect these stories and make them into a memoir. What do you think? Don’t underestimate Diao Chan. She’s an awfully good writer… and her penmanship is excellent!


Do you know Kotonoha?
How is Kotonoha related to you?
  • Why do you ask? Diao Chan is not related to that fox!
  • Does my question… make you think of anything in particular? Ha! Looking at Master’s facial expression, Diao Chan seems to have hit the nail on the head!
  • She’s a nice, gentle young lady… We get along well! But… she’s also a love rival.
  • Boohooohooo… does master love Diao Chan or Kotonoha?


What do you think makes for a great outfit?
Any secrets to dressing well?
  • Ha! Master is still attractive, even without dressing up! But if you dress up nicely, won’t Diao Chan have even more rivals to compete with?
  • Eat well, get enough rest, and be sure to exercise. Those are the best ways to stay in shape! It will make you look good without doing anything more!
  • Why does Master want to dress up? Don’t tell me that you are in love with someone else! No! You wouldn’t do that to Diao Chan…
  • Actually, as long as you feel good, you will look good. The most important thing is to have self-confidence!


Have you thought about what your life will be like after we part ways?
What would you do if we had to say goodbye?
  • Why? Why would Master suddenly… Booo hoo hooo!!
  • Don’t underestimate Diao Chan. What makes you think I wait around here at your beck and call? Diao Chan will be with you until… until the end of Diao Chan’s life!!!
  • Yes! Even if it’s just a joke, you can’t just say it out loud whenever you want… But if that’s how it is… It’s time to go back to my hometown!
  • Don’t say that… Diao Chan can’t take a joke!

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