Aura Kingdom Dante’s Q&A


How do you define strength?
What are your thoughts about strength?
  • Only one who is weak would ask this sort of question… Think about that, little human.
  • What a meaningless question… You’d never be happy with my answer. Compared to the rest of the pitiful human race, I’ll admit you’re pretty strong.
  • I, Dante, am the answer to that question. I am strength personified.
  • The answer is right in front of you.


Let's conquer the world!
Conquer the world!
  • The world? You have no vision.
  • I really wonder… Human, have you never thought overthrowing the Grand Bishop and claiming his throne? You could become ruler of the land… of the world!
  • The dumb look on your face reminds me of what that queen said… what was it…? “Behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman pulling the strings.” Haha… What a joke!
  • Wow! Finally a human with a little backbone! It reminds me of a time when I was so eager for greatness!


Do you have any regrets?
Have you ever regretted anything?
  • I’ve done what I’ve done. What is there to regret? Believe me, even if you could go back in time, you wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Regret is the most useless emotion in the world.
  • What? What’s so confusing? Humans are so weird…
  • Don’t you think that the here and now is more important than the past?


Have you ever met your match in battle?
If you ran into a monster that was stronger than you, what would you do?
  • I have no idea. I’ve never encountered an opponent who was stronger than me.
  • Hahaha! A strong enemy?! I have searched my entire life for a worthy opponent!
  • Don’t you have any confidence in yourself? Hmph… I wouldn’t think that this type of thing would bother you.
  • Can you explain more? What do you consider a strong enemy?


What's your most memorable experience?
Do you have an unforgettable memory?
  • It was… the first time that I was humiliated… Oh it was terrible!
  • When the name Sariel appeared in my quest objective… It really… No… Human, forget what I just said.
  • Once, there were quite a few people who doubted my abilities. In the end… I took them all and… Haha, they were so overconfident. It was their downfall in the end.
  • The look on your face when I first showed up was, unforgettable… Hahaha!


Let's talk about some of the different races in this world.
What do you know about some of the world's races?
  • It’s astounding how many different races inhabit the world. The arrogance of the Makar is admirable.
  • What’s that dwarvish race called… the Dwarves? How original… I’m really curious what lies behind that mask…
  • The Butterfly Fairies have such a reverence for nature. I admire their culture. Hmph… But they’re such a pretentious, foolish race.
  • Since you asked, weren’t you born on this land too?


Heard any good gossip lately?
Have the spirits said anything about what's happening elsewhere?
  • About that… You probably know more than me, no?
  • I heard the Mirabelle Association gives quests to adventurers. I don’t know what they’re end goal is, but it’s always simple tasks. Why don’t you go take a look if you’re interested? I’m not actually interested.
  • To this day, I can’t figure out what the Templars actually believe… The Cube of Gaia? Really?
  • There so many different types of organizations… Humans really like to band together. I mean… there are even organizations for archaeology and fishing. How frivolous can you get.


Can you tell me anything about the Sky Tower?
Please tell me about the Sky Tower.
  • It’s easy to climb up to the top. It shouldn’t pose any difficulty for you.
  • The Sky Tower is a pretty amazing building in terms of human technology… Human, have you ever wondered why they hide things in the tower? Are they trying to lead you to your death?
  • You can’t go there by yourself. You need to find some people to go with you! Don’t humans have some kind of battle organization called… a guild or something?
  • Of course, I could easily climb up to the top… You, on the other hand, should probably form a team… Don’t forget that you humans are pretty fragile.


Can you tell me a bit about the Auction House?
What's the Auction House for?
  • Human… you’re a bit much. You don’t have to ask me about everything.
  • You aren’t as knowledgeable as I had originally imagined. Go do your own homework!
  • If you’ve got some useless junk lying around, you can pawn it off onto some other hapless fool. But if you don’t want it, I don’t think anyone else will either!
  • “Money is freedom that you create.” What? Are you chasing freedom too?


Can you explain the classes?
What do you think about classes?
  • This tachi that I use is called “Darkflame.” Do you know what the most powerful weapon is?
  • The impressive shinobi clans… Although it seems like they just hide in the dark, you have to admit that they have many skilled members…
  • Pick one that you like. It’s all the same to me. Maybe… Do you prefer a more hands-on approach? You can bash monsters with your fists! Just something to consider.
  • What’s there to talk about?.. Boring.


Can I sell my soul to you?
Do you really reap souls?
  • What?.. Where exactly did that rumor start? You’re not the first human to ask me this.
  • … Do you want your soul engulfed in an abyss of eternal night? Does that sound FUN to you?! … Why are you so excited by this? I really don’t understand what goes on in the minds of humans.
  • Have you been brainwashed by those boring rumors as well? … It makes no difference to me what kind of special hobbies you have. I don’t want to know.
  • So boring.


Are you lord of the underworld?
I heard that you're king of the demons...
  • … What do you think?
  • You did your homework? I’m surprised! I don’t know where you heard that, but you should forget it ASAP.
  • #8231$#Hahaha! What did Sariel say to you?
  • Mere humans think they can just reach across the heavens and meddle with the underworld…? It’s a shame… the demons who have invaded Terra have no connection to me. My underworld kingdom is… No, pretend I didn’t say anything.


How come you don't spread your wings in battle?
Where are your wings?
  • Ants in the human realm, demons in the underworld, angels in heaven… I don’t need to control everyone, do I?
  • … Why don’t YOU spread YOUR wings? You don’t have any? Really? That’s a pity.
  • My wings… They are proof that I was once an angel. Hahaha, I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to use them to fly.
  • They’re more than enough to deal with these ants.


You seem so arrogant...
You have a bad attitude.
  • To have the guts to talk to me like that… You must have come to some sort of realization.
  • Arrogant… That old man said the same thing to me… Human, what do you think it means to be an angel? To conform to what the universe expects from you? Hmph… it’s all a joke.
  • … Unsheathe your weapon. I won’t kill a defenseless person.
  • The strong have the right to be arrogant.


I want to know some more Eidolon secrets.
Tell me something interesting about the other Eidolons.
  • You want to hear about the other Eidolons? Hmm… Gossip, that’s just like you. … Have you ever heard about Kusanagi? He’s always looking for a fight, but he’s never come to me! The reason? I’m sure he’s afraid he’ll lose! Hahaha!
  • Are humans so bored that they have to gossip about other people?
  • Yes… Let me think. You know about the wings that Uzuriel used to have, right? It’s such a pity… Her pure white wings gradually turned black. It was quite the sight…
  • Zephyrine’s taste in music… Hmph, it’s ridiculous! Do you always have to sing hymns?


You were once an angel?
Are you a devil?
  • Haha, did Sariel tell you that?… No… now he’s called Uriel. I cherish the days when I was in paradise…
  • #8231$#Haha, I’ve forgotten whether it is or it isn’t…
  • Hmph, it doesn’t matter what I am. I’m still powerful! That opinionated old man dared to cast me out… He’ll pay for that!
  • I’m neither angel nor devil… What do you think I am?


I heard that you started a war?
A war among the gods...
  • A mere human dares ask about the matters of the gods? Watch your tone!
  • That wasn’t just a war… It affected a great many things! Solomon gave me a large, surprising gift… Who would leave that place after a gift like that?
  • Haha, why are you trying to kick up such a fuss in Terra?
  • … I don’t want to talk about that. Human, don’t you have any other questions?


How about The Organization?
Do you know about The Organization?
  • Oh? That name takes me back… Where did you hear it? Is the person who mentioned it… still alive? It seems like The Organization has disbanded. Now, might be a good opportunity…
  • Hahaha, the most intolerable thing about humans is their curiosity! It’s nothing special. Sooner or later, I will annihilate it.
  • Angel’s Paradise… Ha! Ridiculous!
  • Such a brazen question. You’ve got guts.


What are your thoughts on angels?
Do you like angels?
  • Angels… make me think about things from long ago… Yes? Why are you staring at me like that? You think I’m going to tell you about them?
  • The burden of so-called “justice” is its killing tool… That’s what an angel really is. It’s fascinating. Fascinating, I tell you!
  • Angels? Of course! They’re all blind hypocrites! I couldn’t care less about angels.
  • Angels are detestable. They are a divine annoyance.


Have you thought about your life after we part ways?
What's your plan after we part ways?
  • What? Are you one to die so easily? Haha… No, I don’t think so…
  • I’ll just find another human who can replace you. … Even if I have to search for a lifetime…
  • You’ve got some guts, human… Don’t even think about leaving until I say you can!
  • Hahaha, where did you think you could escape to?

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