Aura Kingdom Cleopawtra’s Q&A


What do you desire most?
Do you have a dream?
  • Don’t worry about me for once, let’s talk about your dreams! I’m really curious.
  • Don’t compare me with any ordinary woman; as the great pharaoh of my nation, I, personally, can grant any wish.
  • Aspirations…? No one has asked me such a thing in ages; they all seem to think that women like me have no ambitions, and I will not abide it!
  • I’m no plain girl, only seeking to find her true love. My dream is even more ambitious – I will rule and have the love of an entire people.


Do you have a favorite animal?
What do you think of animals?
  • Wild pheasant is rather delicious, although they do have quite a bit too many feathers… Oh, you didn’t mean it that way? What was the question, then?
  • Animals? Hmm, I bet you like little fuzzy animals. Are you wondering how I know? Hehe… Well, let’s just say that you aren’t the first to be captivated by my beautiful fur.
  • Since we’re on this subject, can you tell me why so many humans wear delicious tanukis on their heads? Could it be that….they want to seduce me? Ugh! I will not fall for such a thing!
  • I like animals that are a bit plump, with a lot of meat and not too many feathers or thick fur. What? You’re not talking about food? Are you not going to assist me in preparing a lovely meal?


What kind of person are you interested in?
What kind of personality is important to you?
  • I prefer mature men who are independent and possess great ambitions. They are the most charming, no?
  • Huh? Why do you suddenly ask this? Has Tigerius put you up to this? Sigh, he just won’t give up…
  • As the queen, do you think I should be afraid of not finding the perfect one for me? I am looking for an equal who can stand at my side always.
  • Before replying, I’d like to hear your response first. Certainly you don’t like those humans who look great but have no brains, right?


What's your favorite weather?
Do you have a favorite weather?
  • I love bright, sunny days the best.
  • Even though the rain moisturizes the earth, I still don’t like like it. I really hate it when my fur is all wet.
  • My kingdom doesn’t have much rain in a year. What I’m most accustomed to are bright sunny days.
  • Naturally, I love a bright and sunny day. When the weather’s good, the most comfortable thing is to lie flat on the rooftop, basking in the sun.


Do you have any wisdom to share about art?
To you, what do you think is the most beautiful?
  • Huh? Don’t you already have the answer after seeing me?
  • I…can’t seem to put it into words. You’ll understand more the longer we spend time together.
  • Beauty is rather subjective, don’t you think? If you don’t think I’m beautiful, then that’s ok – your sense of beauty is just different from everyone else.
  • Beautiful things always make people happy. Very few people remain unhappy after seeing me!


Let's talk about the races of Azuria.
Can you tell me about other races?
  • Most of the Dwarves live in Cactakara Forest. They are enthusiastic about studying strange machines and devices that I can’t understand at all.
  • Sarpa are not friendly towards humans at all, so don’t you go provoking them! I…am a bit curious as to how they might taste, though…
  • The giants live in Triatio Highlands. Even though they’re incredibly slow, their strength should not be ignored. If you don’t have the agility I do, you had better avoid getting too close to them.
  • The Makar who rule over the Ventos Prairie are very prideful and their strength is incredible. I sometimes think that Makar a bit similar to someone I know… However, he doesn’t have a mane like the Makar do.


What's unique about the Star Sand Desert?
Can you tell me all about the Star Sand Desert?
  • Everytime I see Star Sand Desert, I long to see my own kingdom. The wide desert sands and brilliant shining sun remind me of home…
  • Star Sand Desert is bright and sunny nearly every day. I would love to relax in the sun some time.
  • There are some gigantic skeletons in the Star Sand Desert that are quite amazing to behold. Oh, how I wish to see what those people were like when they were still alive…
  • The grand Ozymand Temple of the Star Sand Desert has a very long history. It seems to be home to creatures that do not belong in the realm of Terra…


What's special about the Sky Tower?
Can you tell me anything about the Sky Tower?
  • I have heard that there’s a mystical potion at the very top of the tower than can return the dead to life. While I am interested in reincarnation, I’m not so sure about this…
  • Many different kinds of strong, magical weapons can be found on every level of the Sky Tower. As long as you can pass every checkpoint, you’ll be able to get the weapons you long for.
  • Many dangerous traps lay in wait within the Sky Tower. If you plan to traverse its dangerous halls, you should take a cunning lady like me along.
  • You can only enter the Sky Tower at specific times, and if you miss the opening, you won’t be able to enter.


I'd like to have some information about Stat Points.
Do you have any tips on Stat Points?
  • When you have earned enough experience, you will receive stat points that you can allocate. You can assign the points to wherever you think is best for your role.
  • If you want to be swift and agile as I am, you should try allocating your points into speed. This will speed up your attacks!
  • Hmm, looking at your fragile frame and broken armor, I would suggest that you allocate some more points into defense in order to increase your chance of survival…
  • If you’re not satisfied with how you’ve spent your Stat Points, you can spend some coin to reallocate them. However, you have better have your finances in check beforehand – I definitely won’t lend you any money!


What are the benefits of salvaging equipment?
Do you have any information about salvaging?
  • When you salvage equipment you don’t want, you’ll obtain fragments. These fragments can be use to fortify your own equipment.
  • If you find yourself running out of space, you can simply salvage the equipment that you don’t want.
  • When you salvage fragments from gold quality equipment that’s above level 50, you will have a chance of finding items that can altar your equipment. You can use these items on your own equipment and tailor them to fit your needs.
  • Be absolutely sure that you want to salvage the equipment before you do it! There’s no reversing the process.


Can you tell me about your kingdom?
What's unique about your kingdom?
  • My kingdom is very, very far from here… Hopefully, someday, I’ll be able to show you around.
  • My kingdom is a very hot land with no winters, only endless summers! It’s pretty similar to Star Sand Desert, actually.
  • There’s a river in my kingdom that people call the Mother River. Everyone depends on it for survival. Every time the river overflows, we hold a great ceremony. We celebrate the generosity and kindness of the Mother River, as well as the upcoming harvest year.
  • When the Mother River overflows, it covers a huge are with nutrient rich water – it looks really beautiful. I’ve been gone for so long… I really do miss seeing that impressive sight.


Do you know Tigerius Caesar?
What kind of Eidolon is Tigerius Caesar?
  • Tigerius Caesar is a very brave fighter. He’s incredibly courageous and actually very charismatic. It’s a pity that… Sigh, I think I’d better hold my tongue for now.
  • Handsome and dashing, whenever Tigerius wins a glorious battle he is always surrounded by adoring women. How can anyone ignore such a charismatic person?
  • Everyone knows of the great Tigerius Caesar! Does he really need an introduction?
  • Tigerius? I kind of miss the time we spent together. Everytime he flies off the handle, I chuckle for the entire day.


Can I pat your head?
Do you like people patting you on the head?
  • What? How could I just let people go around touching my elegant head as they please?
  • I am very picky about the select few who I will allow to pet my majestic head. Do you think you are qualified to do so?
  • Don’t compare me to those lowly cats you keep as pets – not just anyone can touch my head!
  • Want to pet me on the head, do you? Then you will have to pay the price!


How do you maintain your soft fur?
What do you do to keep your fur soft and smooth?
  • When I wake up in the mornings I brush my fur very carefully.
  • I frequently brush my fur so that it always looks perfectly soft and smooth.
  • Why do you ask? You don’t have fur, so I don’t see why… Ah! Is Tigerius trying to get my secret again?!
  • I’m naturally beautiful! My fur is soft and smooth almost without any maintenance at all.


I wanna know if other Eidolons keep secrets.
Do you know any interesting Eidolon gossip?
  • Tsubaki always keeps her face hidden. No one has ever seen what she really looks like. Aelius also uses a scarf to obscure his face, nobody knows what he looks like either… I wonder if these two are related somehow?
  • Endora is always a bother to me! Every time she sees me, she runs up and tries to pet my head!
  • Serena is young and cute – she looks like she might be delicious… Ah! Errr, I didn’t say anything! Definitely nothing about eating someone!
  • Everytime I see Kotonoha, my claws somehow feel itchy… I’m really not sure why!


Why did you want to rule?
How did you end up as queen?
  • I feel as if I was born to rule, so it is just natural…
  • Why is it that people think a woman can’t rule just as well as a man? I make it clear to all that I am just as good, if not better, than any other ruler I know.
  • It’s rule or be ruled, don’t you think? Such a simple question that was. Do you have any other inquiries?
  • To survive in my world, to be at the top is the best way.


You're very fond of Tigerius Caesar, aren't you?
Do you like Tigerius Caesar or not?
  • Tigerius? I don’t remember mentioning him to you before – have I?
  • What does it matter if I like or dislike him? Tigerius will do what he wants, regardless of anyone else’s opinion on him.
  • Ah… You know, Tigerius Caesar is handsome, dashing, and a gentleman with women. Who wouldn’t like a man like that?
  • Why do you bring him up all of a sudden? Do you have some news? Oooh, did he send you to ask these questions? Haha!


What's it like to conquer a kingdom?
Can you tell me what it's like to rule?
  • Ah…That’s a tricky one to explain. It’s definitely no small feat to conquer a realm. The hard part is how to rule with kindness and caring.
  • The conqueror and the conquered need not be at odds. I find it is best to rule benevolently.
  • When you rule a kingdom, you have to remember that it is your responsibility for the happiness, health, and comfort of your people. What’s the point of ruling if everyone hates you?
  • If your people love you, then you can claim that you can rule them. If the people don’t love you, then sooner or later you will be overthrown. And if your people really despise you…it can be even worse.


Your eyes seem very different from the other Eidolons.
Your eyes are mesmerizing...
  • Don’t stare into my eyes too long, or you might become charmed… I can’t follow you if you’re trying to be my follower!
  • Ah, yes. Many people fall at my feet when they look into my beautiful eyes.
  • Not many people in the world have eyes like mine. I can bewitch someone with a single glance.
  • It’s true, isn’t it? Once upon a time, because of these entrancing eyes, Tigerius also…hehehe…


Have you ever thought about what you'd do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we had to say goodbye?
  • If we do part, I will finally return to my kingdom. I will stretch out in the hot sun and watch the Mother River flow across my lands.
  • Do you dare to cast me aside? Are you somehow not satisfied with me?
  • This is not for you to worry about. With my cunning capabilities, is there any place I could not go? Any thing I could not do?
  • Ha, maybe I’ll go catch up with Tigerius… Just kidding!

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