Aura Kingdom Bealdor’s Q&A


What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite color?
  • Definitely the bright ones. Come on, I’m the God of Light!
  • I used to hate darkness, until I met her… She made me stop hating the darkness, and I even started liking it. But she never visits me anymore…
  • Color? I like your color. What? No, no! I just like it, it has nothing to do with you! I repeat, it’s not because of you!
  • Uh… I don’t really love or hate any color. How about you? Don’t get me wrong, I was just asking. Not… not because I care about you!


Do you like to travel?
What do you think about traveling?
  • If I didn’t like traveling, why would I be traveling with you…? I… I meant I like traveling for its own sake. No, not you! Only the traveling!
  • Traveling… I’ve promised someone I’ll travel the world with her. But it feels like that day may never come…
  • I always thought traveling was dangerous… My mother was so worried about me. Eventually, I came to realize that traveling isn’t as scary as my mother told me. My mother is always scared that bad things will happen to me… She worries too much.
  • Traveling is great, but my mother is always checking in on me, which can be annoying… Ah! Never repeat what I just said! Do you copy?


What is your favorite food?
Do you have a preference in food?
  • I’ve never eaten anything from Terra. My mother always worried about Terran food.
  • Hmm… I don’t really have a favorite food. I don’t really care what I eat.
  • That thing you’re always eating! It’s just a coincidence; it’s not… not because you like it…
  • Everything in Terra seems to be edible. The creatures of Terra are amazing!


What's your definition of a friend?
What makes a friend?
  • She taught me what friends are for. But maybe, now, she wishes she’d never known me…
  • Aren’t we friends? Or… you don’t consider me a friend? It’s fine if we’re not friends. I… I don’t care. I don’t care at all!
  • Well, I think it should be someone who can share the good times and the bad times with you. Why that look? Go an ask another Eidolon, then!
  • Friends… like Endora and Merrilee? Or are they not friends, but rivals? I see… it’s hard to define “friends.”


What sort of person interests you?
Who do you have feelings for?
  • I don’t know if you’d call it love, but there’s someone I think about all the time… But she… she doesn’t want to see me… ever since that day…
  • What? Why bother to ask? Aren’t I here, traveling with you? I just mean, because I like to travel, not… not because I like you…
  • Hmm… someone you always want to be with, to travel everywhere with… does that count? What you laughing at? I’m not talking about you! I’m not!
  • Her… but she doesn’t want to see me anymore. Unless he’s back… But he’ll never come back, ever…


What's so special about the Sky Tower?
What can you tell me about the Sky Tower?
  • It’s said that the holy medicine at the top of the Sky Tower can cure any disease. I didn’t expect such a thing in Terra. I wonder what it looks like…
  • The Sky Tower? It sounds interesting… No? Well, I don’t really want to go either. But if you insist, I… I can do that too.
  • The Sky Tower? I’ve heard it’s full of magical weapons. But the weapons of Terra… don’t they all break after a while? Or do I have it wrong?
  • It’s said that a lot of memories are stored in the Sky Tower. I wonder how that happened… I wonder if… if it knows the story of me and her…


Do you know Pandemonium?
What is Pandemonium like?
  • It’s full of revolting demons. There’s nothing to talk about!
  • It’s said that Pandemonium is a very dangerous place. Anything that could survive there must be pretty tough…
  • Pandemonium is different from Terra: it’s unconstrained by the shackles of time. The demons there never die naturally – they just get older and more powerful.
  • It’s a desolate place, where only cursed wretches live.


What do you think of Terra?
What can you tell me about Terra?
  • The creatures of Terra are fascinating! It doesn’t matter whether they’re Humans, Makar, or Dwarves. How can they do so many things with such short lives?
  • Terra? Well… not so bad! I like traveling it with you.
  • Terra is constrained by the shackles of time. Every living thing will eventually die… So, if… if you eventually go too, I won’t be sad. Maybe just… a bit lonely…
  • You must know Terra better than I do. You just wanted to hear me talk? Oh, wow… okay… What are you laughing at? That didn’t make me happy! Not at all!


What's "Tanuki Turmoil"?
Have you heard of "Tanuki Turmoil"?
  • It’s an epic battle between two groups of mice. What are you laughing at? Did I say something funny?
  • Humans are so strange. A battle between mice has nothing to do with you. Who cares which side wins, right? How could it possibly matter? Humans are so weird…
  • I believe it’s… a war between mice trying to get food for the winter? I just don’t get it. Why even bother getting involved in a mouse battle?
  • A mouse battle? Sounds interesting… What? No, I’m not interested. Well, maybe a little… just a little…


What's the Aura Kingdom Quiz?
What can you tell me about the Aura Kingdom Quiz?
  • How did you ever get by without me? The Aura Kingdom Quiz is an event in Navea, that’s all. Hey! Why are you looking at me like that? If you don’t believe me, go ask the other Eidolons!
  • It’s a competition held in the Garden of Revelations by Major Gerald. I’ve heard some special guests might participate… But I have no idea who they are.
  • It seems to be a competition made up of various kinds of questions. Sounds fun – why don’t you participate? Me? No, I don’t want to go! I do not want to go at all!
  • It sounds like… a competition! Why don’t you go and participate, and find out for yourself!


Do you know Hel?
Do you know the Netherworld Queen?
  • Ah, yes… the infamous Netherworld Queen. Is there anybody who hasn’t heard of her?
  • Hel… I wonder if she still remembers me… Well, I think it’s pretty hard for her to forget about you, since you took away the most important person in her life…
  • She may be beautiful, but her mind is broken. Try as she might, she can’t remember the way back to Hellheim. Every time Hel gets lost, Gram finds her. Gram… If not for me, Gram wouldn’t be…
  • Hel… I haven’t seen her in ages. I wonder how she’s doing…


Your hair is shimmering. You look gorgeous!
I love your hair!
  • I’m not happy just because you praised me. Not at all!
  • Hel said something similar once…
  • Thanks! Yours isn’t bad either… I did not get shy because you praised me! I didn’t!
  • Tell me about it! Come on, I’m the God of Light!


What is your mother like?
I've heard your mother is very beautiful.
  • My mother is the ruler of sky and land. Of all the goddesses, she is the greatest!
  • My mother loves me very much. She takes care of everything for me. If I have nightmares, she always makes me feel better…
  • My mother always treats me like a little kid. It can get pretty annoying… Wait! Don’t… don’t tell anyone what I just said!
  • What? You don’t know? Your lack of knowledge is surprising…


What are the duties of the God of Light?
What does the God of Light do?
  • To bring light to the world, so that all creatures can bask in its splendor.
  • To illuminate the paths of all creatures, so that they can travel in the light.
  • It’s very simple. You don’t know? Oh my… Why are you looking at me? I’m not gonna tell you! Even if you keep asking I’ll never tell you! No!
  • You really don’t know? Why am I traveling with you?


What do you know about the other Eidolons?
Can you dish up some great gossip about the Eidolons?
  • Everytime Alucard sees me, he laughs strangely… Do I look funny?
  • Hel… I’ve done something unforgivable to her. If I could choose again, maybe… perhaps it would have been better if we’d never met.
  • Supposedly, Aelius wronged Serena in some way, and is always asking her for forgiveness. I think I understand how Aelius feels.
  • Every time I talk to Eligos, he’s so arrogant. He’s just Eligos. Why is he so arrogant? Such overconfidence!


I heard that all living things have made a vow to not harm you.
I've heard that nothing on can hurt you.
  • I once dreamt about the death, and my mother became very worried. After that, my mother made every living thing vow not to hurt me – well, every living thing except mistletoe.
  • Even though I can’t be hurt physically, I can still be hurt mentally…
  • Even without the vow, I’m not sure what could hurt me!
  • Oh, I didn’t expect you to know that. Not bad!


What do you regret most?
What's the worst thing you've ever done?
  • My ignorance caused me to lose my friend… Hel…
  • Because of my ignorance, I… I took a life. It was someone very important to her…
  • Why would you ask that? It’s none of your business! Uhh… Are you angry? I… I’ll tell you next time. But not because you got angry…
  • Traveling with you! Hey, don’t… don’t cry! I was joking! Joking! You aren’t crying? I thought you were! I… I wasn’t worried! No!


Your scarf looks pretty good!
Your scarf looks very delicate!
  • This was made by my mother. It’s the only one in the world!
  • This scarf can not only keep you warm, it can also keep you cool. But I’m not afraid of cold or heat. My mother worries too much…
  • This is a gift from my mother. It seems to be windproof, rainproof and… dustproof? My mother is always worried about me. She tends to overthink about what might hurt me. It can get pretty annoying… Ah! Don’t… don’t repeat what I just said!
  • Of course! It was a gift from my mother. What are you laughing at? I didn’t… didn’t get happy just because you praised me!


Tell me about your sword!
Let's talk about your sword!
  • Don’t call him “your sword”! He’s my partner, Skee!
  • Skee is no ordinary sword. He’s made from the light of the first dawn!
  • This is Skee. He’s my best and only friend… Skee wil never leave or be harmed because of my ignorance. You… what are you looking at? I wasn’t crying! This is sweat! It’s sweat!
  • This is Skee. He’s accompanied me every since I was born, and always will.


What would you do if we had to part ways?
What would you do if we separated?
  • Even if we part, the light will still shine on you. Don’t… don’t get me wrong. I’d just be doing my duty, I wouldn’t be worried about you…
  • I… I would like to go back to Hellheim again. Maybe, just maybe, Hel will want to see me again… If she still doesn’t want to see me… At least I tried! At least, then, I might not feel so sad.
  • Say goodbye? You… you’re leaving me? If you want to go, just go! I… I won’t be sad! I won’t be sad… maybe just… a bit lonely…
  • I’d return to the skies, to perform the duties of God of Light.

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