Aura Kingdom Bahadur’s Q&A


How do you manage your anger?
What do you do to resolve your anger?
  • Ha! There’s no need to manage anger. During times like this, it’s best to fight it out!
  • You have to find a way to vent your anger, of course. I think the best way to relax is to immerse yourself in combat.
  • When you’re angry, you must find a way to release it. You’ll become sick if you hold such strong emotion inside!
  • Even if you’re going to explode, you can’t vent your anger on just any person you find. Think carefully about the reasons for your anger, and its proper target.


What do you think discipline is?
According to you, what's discipline?
  • Discipline is necessary for the maintenance of any organization. Governed by steely discipline, the organization will definitely have great power!
  • Discipline protects the rights of the public. #822# The will of the people must be carried out smoothly. It’s sometimes necessary to make hard sacrifices!
  • Being able to accomplish any order of the leader! This is my ideal sort of discipline!
  • Ha ha ha, my orders define the only discipline!


What do you think a team is?
According to you, what makes a team?
  • What? Team? What you probably mean, is a group of my loyal subordinates. Ha!
  • I usually fight by myself. I don’t need a team.
  • Teams are just games for children. Capable people do not need teams at all!
  • With my invincible power, I’ll be able to defeat all enemies in my way. Things like teams will only slow me down.


Do you like to talk to people?
Do you usually chat with people?
  • I’m a lone wolf, I never talk to people!
  • Do I look like someone who likes to “chat?”
  • I don’t usually chat with people. Why waste time doing that, when I could be strengthening my skills?
  • I don’t need to talk to people; they should just follow my orders!


What's the thing that shocked you most?
What left you with the deepest impression?
  • When I led my troops galloping across the land for the first time, the mortals in the area were shocked to death. Heh, that was only one of the things in my life that worth bragging about!
  • I’ve been through so much that nothing surprises me anymore!
  • Not too many things have shocked me, in my long lifetime. However, when I first entered the Underground Labyrinth, its deep darkness really took me aback.
  • Ha! When I first saw you, you actually caught my attention. Looks like you are a diamond in the rough – fulfill your potential, and don’t disappoint me!


What's special about the Star Sand Desert?
Can you please give an overview of Star Sand Desert?
  • Star Sand Desert is full of dust and sand, and looks very wild. Every time I’m galloping in a wasteland, I’ll always think of this place.
  • The world’s biggest Trading Guild can be found in Star Sand Desert. It’s said, to make business travelling more convenient, they often pay high wages for mercenaries. Ha! This might be a great chance for you to make money!
  • Why? I’m a warrior, not a tour guide!
  • There are Ancient Ruins, sealed by a mysterious power, in the Star Sand Desert. It’s said that uncountable Secret Treasures are buried deep within the Ruins, and their value is enough to buy a whole kingdom.


What is Eidolon Energy?
What do you know about Eidolon Energy?
  • Eidolon Energy comes from the Cube of Gaia, and flows throughout the world.
  • How much must I teach you? Have you no general knowledge at all? Listen, Eidolon Energy is the same power that flows from the Cube of Gaia. After you’ve collected a certain amount, the altar will resonate with power, calling out to the Eidolons!
  • Eidolon Energy can be put into any of the ruined Eidolon Altars, awakening an Eidolon. Awakening Eidolons enables you to fight with them, as long as sufficient power is accumulated within a short time!
  • You can only get Eidolon Energy in a place where it’s been gathered, like a dungeon. Try to defeat the monsters in the dungeon – you will definitely not be disappointed!


I would like to know about skills.
Please tell me about skills.
  • Monsters will be temporarily resistant to the negative status inflicted by your skills, after recovering. For example, when a monster removes a Stunned Status, there will be a short time when you can’t stun them again. Keep this in mind!
  • Some monsters’ skills are limited in direction and scope. So if you take note of effects on the ground, and avoid accordingly, it will help you greatly in battle!
  • The strength of a skill and the skill’s level are directly related. Apart from that, the skill can also be strengthened through Masteries and adding magic effects to equipment. Spend more time studying this – it’ll make your fights easier.
  • If you want to know more about skills, you will definitely have to experience them for yourself! Do you think I achieved the skills I have today, just by sitting here and talking about it?


I wanna know about titles.
What are titles for?
  • Humph! I don’t care for worldly things like titles at all!
  • Even though titles are not attractive to me, personally… You do get bonuses after you’ve obtained a title. That is rather interesting!
  • It’s said, that if you continuously defeat enemies in the arena, you’ll get the Hit Man title. Heh, I’m actually itching to try because of this!
  • Hmmph, I don’t care at all for fame! The main thing is being able to test my skills!


Give me some tips about delving into dangerous dungeons!
I would like to know about your dungeon strategy.
  • Dungeon strategy is no worry for me at all; it’s even more relaxing than eating, for me. As for you, kid… You better find a group of skilful partners before taking on the challenge.
  • Being in a tough dungeon is not as convenient as being out in the world, where you can escape home to look for merchants and get supplies. If you take up the challenge rashly, without preparing yourself, you will have no one to blame but yourself!
  • Heh, if you really encounter a dungeon that you are unable to surpass, try fortifying your equipment. For mortal Humans like yourself, this can be pretty efficient.
  • If my Underground Labyrinth is also a dungeon to you, none of you will be able to get through, that’s for certain!


What is it like to lead an army?
How does it feel, being a leader?
  • Ha! That’s definitely the most wonderful feeling, other than battle!
  • As the leader of an army, apart from needing the ability to make the best decisions… One must also have the ability to any of one’s subodinates in battle.
  • The social characteristics of leadership are innate, hard to explain in words.
  • It’s rather difficult to lead an army. If you do not have real power over your subodinates, you’ll be replaced very fast!


Do you take a rest by sitting down?
Do you sit down when you are tired?
  • What a joke! How can I get tired? Ha! I will definitely not sit down, even when I’m taking a rest!
  • Why would I take a rest by sitting down? I’ll stand properly, and maintain vigilance at all times!
  • As long as I can find an opponent to fight, I won’t rest! I can’t say the same for those who are fighting me – most of the time, they rest forever. Ha!
  • Rest? It’s something that only the weak need! What I need is constant battle!


I hear that you live in the labyrinth?
I'd like to know about the labyrinth.
  • Ha! You may not know this, since you’re just an ordinary Envoy of Gaia. The place where I live is no ordinary labyrinth – it’s the command post of my Underground Army!
  • Who told you that I live in the labyrinth? That’s where the command post of my army is – don’t you let this secret out!
  • My Underground Command Post is built deep within the labyrinth. The passageways there are very complicated, and filled with deadly traps. Even if an enemy breaks in, they will never be able to get out!
  • That labyrinth was designed by a legendary architect. He used natural terrain, coupled with ingenious tricks, to make the place such that people who enter it will be trapped by the illusions. That labyrinth turned out to be so complicated, that after it was constructed, even he almost couldn’t get out of it!


Who designed your Battle Armor?
Where does your Battle Armor come from?
  • Hahaha, you’ve got taste, I made this Battle Armor myself. I made it especially tight-fitting, so as to maintain my mobility – and looks great, doesn’t it!
  • I made this Battle Armor when I was practising my battle skills in the labyrinth. It’s pretty durable. Therefore, even though it was made some time back, it still looks as good as new.
  • Why? You have something to say about my outfit? This is actually made with rare metals found in the underground labyrinth. It’s not available for sale!
  • Hmmph, this piece is desired by collectors, and only I have it. You have to wash it when it’s dirty, don’t be careless with it!


Tell me of other Eidolons.
I want to know the gossip of Eidolons.
  • At the moment, my most interesting opponent is Gigas. I hear that he’s very confident of his strength – I really wish to meet him and test his ability.
  • Even though Uzuriel speaks and moves like a gentle and graceful girl… She hasn’t fooled my sharp eyes. Judging from her skills and movements, she was definitely an assassin once.
  • Quelkulan’s venom is pretty hard to handle; it’s quite hard to escape unharmed, if you fight with him. Looks like I have to find a way to deal with his venom…
  • Even though I hate to admit this, Tigerius Caesar is an admirable opponent. His command strategy and talents in battle are almost second to none. I’d really like to drink and chat with him, if I have the chance!


Do you like to fight on your own?
You like to fight alone, right?
  • Hmmph, this isn’t just fighting single-handedly, it’s my fighting style!
  • Let me tell you, I’m definitely stronger when I fight alone, compared to having people like you tagging along, slowing me down. I would have trampled you long ago, if not for your potential!
  • Team battles build upon individual skills as their foundation. You must keep this in mind.
  • Even if you have thousands of soldiers on your side, you can’t rely on anyone on the battlefield. If you want to survive through every single battle, you can depend only on your own combat ability!


Have you participated in competitions before?
Have you competed against others before?
  • Ha! I wouldn’t call it competition, more like one-sided trampling and crushing.
  • I’m still alive today, due to my constant victories in battle. Maybe I don’t respect my opponents, but I certainly don’t take their skills lightly.
  • Hmm, competition? What a naive way of thinking. All battles require you to gamble with your life. You can only triumph if you think of it this way.
  • Hmmph, competitions are for children! I will only appear in life or death battles.


Have you carried other people before?
Do you let people ride on your back?
  • Can you please get this clear… Letting someone ride on your back is the biggest humiliation of all.
  • Even if it’s a wounded person, in need of help that we are talking about, I’ll still not let him ride on my back. The biggest exception I can make, is to hold him tightly in my strong arms.
  • As a warrior, it’s a taboo to have someone on your back. It might be fatal if someone takes that as an opportunity to sneak attack!
  • The back, which can’t be easily reached, is often the weakest point, as it’s the easiest part to attack. That’s why I’m very firm about not letting people ride on my back – it’s only reasonable!


How do you train in battle techniques?
How do you hone your combat skills?
  • I’ll put myself alone in an underground labyrinth to train my sixth sense. Fighting in the dark like that sharpens my combat intuition. is what wins you victory on the battlefield!
  • The only effective way to train up battle techniques is to take risks with your life. The immense will to live can stimulate your full potential!
  • Being familiar with your weapons is very important. I always keep my musket by my side, using it is as natural as breathing to me.
  • Someone like you wants to discuss battle skills with me? You should prove you’re worthy, first.


If the time to say goodbye has arrived, what would you do next?
If the time to say goodbye has arrived, what plans do you have after that?
  • Hmm, what kind of answer do you want? I won’t cry too hard.
  • Ha! I’ll continue to lead my underground army and fight wars everywhere of course! Of course, I’ll carry out these activities secretly… Forget it, I’ve already said too much…
  • Everything changes. After we part ways, we might next meet on the battlefield. If we meet again as enemies, you must definitely show your true strength. Do not disappoint me! Ha!
  • What’s the point of asking this? Just focus on facing the moment, together with me!

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